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Update #7

Posters, Poems...Facebook


It's go time.

We're getting into the final publication stretch and it is A LOT of work. But equally exciting! After winding down from the AAN convention in Detroit we began laying out pages for the book (pic #4), writing/illustrating new stories and planning our next moves. So, we'll be posting new updates on our site soon.

Another round of postcards will be going out this Thursday (pic #1) AND we recently got our posters in the mail (pics #2 and 3)! So, as soon as the book is closer to the big finale, we'll send out more requests for mailing info, etc. 

Lastly, we recently joined the world of Facebook and hope you'll all take a sec to join our page. We'll be posting updates on the book, general tidbits and other comics journalism news. Just another way to keep in touch with us.

And let us know when you get your postcards, por favor! It's been great to hear from everyone who's gotten their Kickstarter goodies so far.

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