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Posted by Illustrious Luminarians of NYC (Creator)

Dear Backer, and lover of The Illuminator,

The front suspension broke! That tie-rod thingy that holds it all together up there? It just broke and fell to the ground. Plunk! We're lucky we weren't actually driving when it actually happened. Phew!

But we're stuck now, high and dry, stranded, beached, idling, spinning our wheels.....

And we'd rather we were able to continue kicking ass like we've been doing for TWO YEARS now. If you follow us on The Book of Face or Twittling you'll know that we've kept at it, with some great results. Please check out our FB page, or our website (which we are in the process of re-doing, BTW).

And oh yeah, on that WEBSITE, there is a PAYPAL button, where you can go and DONATE money to us. We need an urgent influx of money- probably no more than 1,500 at this point- to pay to get the van fixed. WE DON'T HAVE THE DOUGH. No amount is too small, for real.

In all seriousness, we really really need your help. $20, $50, $100....anything you can spare. If you think we're a valuable movement resource- and you know we are- please kick down any amount.


The Illuminator Collective

Scotty needs your help!
Scotty needs your help!


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