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A Year in the Life of The Illuminator!

Posted by Illustrious Luminarians of NYC (Creator)

Kickstarter Family,

We have been remiss.  Since you all supported us last year, we have not written a whole lot to you through this channel.  We have of course been active on Facebook, and Twitter, and our own website, but we haven't kept you, our backers, in the loop and told you what your support has made possible.  Our apologies.

FYI, your support has made a LOT of things possible.  Like, so much that we can hardly list all of the things we've been up to here, in one letter.  But here's a start:

We were able to purchase new projection equipment.  We bought a 7,000 lumen Sanyo projector with two zoom lenses, and have been using it since January.  It is AWESOME!

You enabled us to help get a group in San Francisco up and running with their own gear. They have taken to calling themselves the San Francisco Projection Department (SFPD. Get it?) and you can check them and the great stuff they're up to on Facebook here.

We were also able to help support our amazing counterparts in Baltimore, Luminous Interventions.  Check out their website, and their Facebook page.

All this and other vital networking with groups around the country that utilize light in their activist work came in handy around Tax Day, as we teamed up with our counterparts in these and other cities, as well as several chapters of The Overpass Light Brigades, to unleash the Tax Evaders video game onto unsuspecting corporate targets and into public spaces across the country.  Check out a video of our NYC action here.

And of course, shortly thereafter there was that horrific bombing in Boston during the marathon there, and so we went out and projected in solidarity with that city.  Images from that night went viral and landed on The Today Show and the Rachel Maddow Show.

Now, if you're wondering how we did that after The Illuminator van had been taken away from us, well.... it's a long story.  The short version is that the people that had taken over operation of the van (briefly called the "projecto-van") discovered that it was riskier and more of a headache than they'd bargained for, and so in March when they were looking to get rid of it, we were able to make arrangements so that we could maintain access to the van, and Lo and Behold, The Illuminator returned to us!

But that didn't stop us from wanting to execute on our scheme to make a bike-mounted projector system.  We've been scrimping and saving and scheming since January to make this thing happen (you're donations got us the projection gear, but we still had to get a hold of a pedicab, and then hack the thing), and after much sweat and tears and trial and error we FINALLY did it!

Behold!  The Green Lumen Cometh!  Check out that video and share it with your friends.  We are truly excited to have completed this project, and we're already putting it to good use.  

Without your support none of this (and a lot more) would have been possible.  For that we are eternally grateful, and now its time to CELEBRATE!

If you're in NYC this Friday, October 11th, please come to our party at The Commons Brooklyn!  That's at 388 Atlantic Avenue, and it kicks off at 7:00pm (early!).

It is a fundraiser, because we exhausted our resources putting together the Green Lumen and we want to continue to do amazing things in the coming year.  This is an amazingly productive and inspiring collective of activist-artists and we want to keep rocking it!

If you can't come to the party, but wish to support our work, there is a donate button on the website.  Please give what you can, no donation is too small.

But we hope to see you in person!  Come on out and dance with us, and toast to the power of the light!

Luminously yours,

-The Illuminator Collective

The Illuminator projecting solidarity with Boston after the bombing in April
The Illuminator projecting solidarity with Boston after the bombing in April
The Illuminator projects Tax Evaders video game on a Citibank branch, April 10, 2013
The Illuminator projects Tax Evaders video game on a Citibank branch, April 10, 2013


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