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Time running out to get your rewards!

Posted by Illustrious Luminarians of NYC (Creator)


If you wish to receive the reward you signed up for during out Kickstarter campaign, please fill out the backer survey that went out a couple weeks ago.  We cannot re-send the surveys, you will have to find and fill out that survey.  We are preparing to make all the orders and ship everything out very soon.

Thanks for your support!



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    1. Missing avatar

      Joann Edmonds-Rodgers on

      For me, if I login to Kickstarter and go to:

      Then look under the pledge level I made on the right hand side, it tells me the date the survey was sent out for that pledge level and has a link called "Your response." When I click on that it shows me what I responded to the survey, i.e. my name and address. Hope that's helpful for those that don't know if they responded or not.

    2. Illustrious Luminarians of NYC Creator on

      No Paulette, you're not missing anything, and thank you. We were trying to get the last few surveys from the folks that didn't fill them out, so as to make sure that EVERYONE gets the reward they wanted, but the post went to ALL backers. SNAFU.

      Many apologies, many thanks...

    3. paulette osborne on

      It sounds like everyone is a little frustrated. So if I filled out the Survey as it says on 12/2/12 then why did i get another email today. and not much of a survey, just a request for addresses or am i missing something??

    4. Illustrious Luminarians of NYC Creator on

      Clearly my note touched a nerve, and I apologize to all of you. Kickstarter makes this process very very difficult and irritating, and its very difficult to get information or support from them. There is not way for you to verify that you filled out a survey, and they don't send you an email receipt for it, so you're in the dark, as are we. They terminate surveys without telling us, and don't give us options to extend them or set parameters for how long they last. Lindsay, your survey was completed, not to worry. Sorry for all the confusion and misunderstanding. We are all immensely grateful for your support, and I am truly sorry that I communicated anything but gratitude.

    5. Illustrious Luminarians of NYC Creator on

      Steve, you have filled out the survey, two weeks ago.
      As far as the tone, I'm not sure what to say. Email/the internet is pretty lousy at communicating tone, and misunderstandings frequently occur. I was trying to relay important information about how Kickstarter fulfillment works, not chastise anyone. I could go into a long explanation as to why people have to go dig up that survey and fill it out, which I agree is certainly annoying, but I don't want to bore everyone to tears or spend time complaining about Kickstarter. Thanks for filling out the survey.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ian McMahan on

      I just noticed that the survey is not in an email but on this webpage, in a link embedded in the level of pledge box. No wonder I coudn't find it in my Inbox!

    7. L. M. Freer on

      I don't get it. There's no way to access the survey at this point, you offer us no way to determine if you received our data the first time around, and you act as though that's not your problem? Decidedly unimpressed by your tone and attitude towards the people who have given you financial support. I filled out any and all surveys that came my way but genuinely cannot recall if one of them was yours. Here's hoping you communicate to your backers with greater respect in the future. Give us the tools to help you, rather than yell at kindhearted Internet strangers.

    8. Missing avatar

      Steven Vogel on

      I received no survey. I'm starting to get annoyed -- the tone of these last messages ("you will have to find and fill out that survey") is inappropriate, especially given what's said in the comments. Please send me the reward: Steve Vogel.

    9. Illustrious Luminarians of NYC Creator on

      Yes, this was sent out to all backers. An inelegant but necessary communication.

    10. Illustrious Luminarians of NYC Creator on

      Thanks for that info Mirza. We didn't know for sure because Kickstarter doesn't tell you, but I think Kickstarter kills the survey after two weeks, which means that the first ones that went out, for stickers, posters, DVDs... are all expired. The shirt surveys will expire today for the Dickies shirts, and tomorrow for the T-shirts.

      So, we'll do our best to get rewards to those that leave address information here, but unfortunately no gauruntees.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ian McMahan on

      Was this sent to everyone? I filled out the survey the same day I received it.

    12. Mirza Molberg on

      I don't think the survey works anymore. Is anyone else having that issue? When I click on the link from the email (…), it goes to this page:

    13. Illustrious Luminarians of NYC Creator on

      Just to clear up any confusion, replying or commenting on this post is not equivalent to filling out the survey. Please find and fill out the survey. All surveys were sent out between 12/02/12-12/08/12

    14. paulette osborne on

      Paulette Osborne
      325 W. 43rd. St. 1A
      New York, NY 10036