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Why I'm supporting Mayday, why you should too, and your gift gets matched 'til Friday.

Posted by Illustrious Luminarians of NYC (Creator)


To skip this message and go to the Mayday Kickstarter campaign click here. Below we're telling why you ought to at least consider kicking down some money.

It's that time of year when a hoard of people ask you for money. It's always a bit overwhelming, and it can be difficult to discern what's important, what's worthwhile, and what's crucial. We think Mayday is crucial, which is why we've given money to get it going, and why we're bothering you. The gist of why boils down to three simple statements.

1- Social movements need physical spaces in which to organize. 2- Space is very hard to get a hold of and hold onto in New York City. 3- We need vibrant and effective social movements more than ever if we hope to effectively meet the challenge of climate chaos, amongst other crises.

My friends Ana, Mcnair, Sandy, and Lucas (amongst many others that have been involved) are trying to crack this nut. I think they've come up with a viable plan, and I'm extraordinarily confident in their ability to execute that plan. This doesn't happen very often.

They have a 10 year lease on an entire new building in Bushwick, and they're constructing a bar to generate sufficient revenue to make the space sustainable. Here's how Lucas describes it:

"On the first floor, we're building out a bar, cafe and event spaces that will help subsidize the rest of our bold vision. On the 2nd floor, we're set to have a programming space, a social justice co-working studio, and a movement arts production hub (most of the banners and props for the People's Climate March were made at Mayday!). We'll even have a youth-led farm on the roof and NYC's largest immigrant-led organization, Make the Road New York, is opening a classroom space at Mayday too. Yeah, it's a lot."

Without us having officially opened our doors, we've already hosted amazing events, including a a two-day retreat of the Working Families Party, the soft-cover book launch of Jeremy Scahill's Dirty Wars (with special guests Glen Greenwald and Laura Poitras in the house!), a somatics training for organizers, solidarity fundraisers for frontline work in Ferguson, big ticket events with and Greenpeace, the Bushwick affordable housing taskforce and city-wide gatherings of families affected by police violence. It's been a really healthy mix and conversation between well-resourced groups that are winning real policy changes and more scrappy groups pushing for radical systemic change."

BEST OF ALL: YOUR DONATION WILL BE MATCHED BY A GENEROUS DONOR IF YOU GIVE BY DECEMBER 5TH. This donor will match up to $5,000 in donations, so we need to get that for that soon.



Happy Holidays, and thanks for listening,

The Illuminator Crew


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