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Whoohoo! We made our baseline goal. Thank you! Let's keep going, let's beat our goal. More $ means brighter projectors!
Whoohoo! We made our baseline goal. Thank you! Let's keep going, let's beat our goal. More $ means brighter projectors!
583 backers pledged $24,546 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. FreidaPeople Stat on

      To Mark Read or Lucky Tran or Gan Golan:

      Please refund the $1,000 i donated to Kickstarter for an illumination against Police brutality/murder. You guys promised me you'd do something and now, nearly a year later, nothing. My people call that fraud. Give me a refund. Immediately.

    2. Joseph Nolan on

      March 2013 and still haven't received my package. What's up?

    3. John Merklinghaus on

      Got my buttons and stickers a while back, but forgot to say, "Thanks."
      Thank you, and I hope the project is doing well.

    4. Illustrious Luminarians of NYC Creator on

      Yep, Kickstarter is truly a pain in the butt. But Linda, you did fill out a survey, on December 2nd.

    5. Missing avatar

      Linda Busch Somach on

      Never found the suervery. Never saw an email. Catimagie WHY a survey should be REQUIRED for donors. WTG and piss off your support base. SHOW ME THE SURVEY or my $$ go elsewhere next time...not because I care so much about whatever gift I chose (can't recall) but becuase its the RIGHT thing to do. I

    6. Illustrious Luminarians of NYC Creator on

      Anne, we're ordering the crew shirts next week (couple days after Christmas). T-shirts too. We'll ship them out in January. Still committed to getting everything in everyone's hand by the end of January. Late, to be sure, for which we are sorry, but they will come.

      Thanks for your patience,

    7. Missing avatar

      Anne Mackinnon on

      Just got a message from you about the survey. I filled it out ages ago, and the information seems complete. Will you be sending out the crew shirts soon, or are you still working on the t-shirts?

    8. Alia Thabit on

      Hey congratulations! Stoked to see thing moving ahead. Stoked to soon be wearing my Illuminator T-shirt!

      Is there a size chart anywhere? Want to pick just right!

    9. George Chiesa on

      Congrats on getting funded!

    10. Illustrious Luminarians of NYC Creator on

      Leanna, thank you, we couldn't have done this without you. Yes, we've actually done some film and shorts screenings. Shorts work really well given the pedestrian passerby nature of the streets. We have always wanted to do "drive up" theater though where we come to people in a park rather than them "driving" to us. Someday.

    11. Leanna on

      Maybe one day you can play some really good eye-opening documentaries/movies and get some speakers or put up really meaningful quotes that could really help people think about the problems we are facing within this system. Like a movie screening? I really love the idea, proud to say I'm a backer :)

    12. Illustrious Luminarians of NYC Creator on

      Hey Joseph,

      Thanks for the support, and don't apologize for being pessimistic, we certainly have some climbing to do! Still hopeful that we will make it, but if we don't you will get an update from us towards the end letting you know how to contribute directly to The Illuminator fund. We may just set up a paypal account, and/or have you mail a check.

    13. Missing avatar

      Joseph C on

      Love this idea and love Occupy. Hate to be pessimistic but I do have to ask something: If the kickstarter fails no money is charged to the backers correct? If that is the case is there any way we can still get the donations to you guys? Because the Illuminations must go on!

    14. Illustrious Luminarians of NYC Creator on

      Thanks for the thoughts Spencer. We did entertain a crazy idea a few months ago of finding funds to rent a billboard and keep it blank white and not lit up at night so we could have an ongoing nightly "screen" to project on, but the costs are very high for high visibility places in NYC (a range between $3,000 and $20,000 per month) so instead we stuck to our core format of guerrilla mobile projections. In other cities "billboard screens" could be a more affordable tactic, we'd love to see that!

    15. Missing avatar

      Spencer on

      What if people bought a major NYC billboard? And the message was clear, like "Don't Talk to the FBI". Everyone would see, and that would be really something else, because it would stay there, day after day, and people would see it for however long billboard space is allotted by whomever does that. Think, if the right people signed on, a lot of money could be raised in a very short time and it would make a very resounding impact... Because it would still be up there, among the silly stupid movie ads and such, a day, weeks, months later....

      The illuminator project has the right idea; but it shouldn't be labelled as "art". Because it's not really art, and by saying that it is or even in the same vein belittles the cause. Jenny Holzer does something a little closer to "art". Even calling it "activism" belittles it.

      This could become even more than any of that - i.e. general consensus and ultimately consciousness.