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The wicked pack of cards meets the wonderful land of Oz in this gorgeous full-color deck. Art from today's top comic talents.
The wicked pack of cards meets the wonderful land of Oz in this gorgeous full-color deck. Art from today's top comic talents.
401 backers pledged $28,610 to help bring this project to life.

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The Wicked + The Wonderful

Posted by Illogical Associates (Creator)

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A Dirty Yellow Brick Road

Posted by Illogical Associates (Creator)
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There is one last Reward for The Shadow of Oz that took a loooong time to finish. Mark has acquiesced, after months of hemming, hawing and protesting (while Anna laughed and insisted), to release this obscenity-laced recording. And thus, we have The MGM Wizard of Oz Commentary: An NC-17 Commentary on your favorite G-rated Musical. Over 1 hour and 48 minutes of unmitigated silliness and filth.

You can buy it here. If you added it as a part of your Kickstarter pledge, check your Message Folder here on Kickstarter within the next couple hours for the 100% Off discount code.

Mark deeply apologizes. Anna is sure you'll all be equally horrified and completely amused. Be sure to watch the movie along with it for FULL enjoyment!

In other news, our American Bibliodeck, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Playing Card Kickstarter is at 30% funding, with 21 days left.

Be sure to check it out! If it successfully funds, we will have the playing cards with us at the International Wizard of Oz Convention, which takes place at the end of July in San Diego. Stop by for a day, or enjoy a weekend surrounded by the most passionate Wizard of Oz fans you'll ever meet. 

If you appreciate our Silliness, check the Updates on that project for the videos. Why take the show on the road, when we have the internet??

Skipping down our Yellow Brick Road,

Mark & Anna

The Illogical Associates

Let's Do It Again!

Posted by Illogical Associates (Creator)

After The Shadow

Hey there, Ozkateers! Mark and Anna of Illogical Associates here!

For the last while we've been pondering what our next project should be and stumbled upon it, which is the way we work. Stumbling to and fro and all...

Turns out: we're good at finding pairings between things we love. We love to read. We love classic literature. And we thought, "We have all of this experience making cards, how about making decks of playing cards using characters from some authors we love?"

American Bibliodeck, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Edition

So now, we embark on a new journey to create a series of Playing Card Decks based upon great books and authors. To keep our choice of material reasonably sane, the first line is all American works. If those succeed as well as we expect, then we'll turn our eyes to the rest of the world...

With the Bibliodeck series, we want to take the same passion and artistry that fueled the ambitious Shadow of Oz Tarot you funded last year, and use them to fire something simpler, more affordable, more accessible, and arguably easier to hold.

If Playing Cards aren't your thing, thank you for your time, and read no further! But maybe you can share the news with friends, family, geeks, stage magicians, cardsharps, hypnotists, carnival shootists, cartomancers, Bridge enthusiasts, Pinochle aficionados,  holders, folders, Fish Go-ers, and sundry in your life.

But hear us out, Shadow of Oz fans: we feel this is up your river. Why? For one thing, you own a river, and that means riverboats, and that means cards. Also, it's a story you love with art from two artists you love. We're using Ray Snyder, from such fine cards as The Seven of Swords and the Seven of Cups.

Combined with the delightful Jay Fabares, whose King of Bunnybury is one for the ages:

Our New Kickstarter runs from Tuesday, May 26th through Sunday, June 28th. 

We are using Make Playing Cards to print these decks in the US. Anna just used them for her recent Isle of Gamers Kickstarter, and the decks arrived within days of the order and are beautiful and great to play with!

We aim to have this project entirely ready by the time Oz Con International happens at the end of July.  We want Backers to know they can pick up this new project's rewards at that convention, if they happen to be attending. That way we can sign it, if you would like.

Decks will also be available for pick up at Illusive Comics & Games in Santa Clara, CA. And, of course, we'll be shipping them out to everyone who can't make it to San Diego or Santa Clara. 

As always, we are your

Illogical Associates

A Year and Change

Posted by Illogical Associates (Creator)
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Are You Sitting Comfortably?

March 17th marked the first anniversary of your amazing, jubilant, wild, successful funding of The Shadow of Oz tarot deck. Hurray! Don't think too much about being a year older, though.

The City of Trumps

This weekend, March 27-29, you can find the Illogical Associates at the Emerald City Comicon in lovely Seattle, Washington. We'll be hawking comics, tarot, and wisdom at Booth 210, alongside our good friends at NPC Comics. That's Booth 210, just across from Oni Press, or a little bit down and around the corner from Image Comics, should you find yourself over there. It's near the Sky Bridge. Look, do I have to draw you a map?

You can also look for our swell banner.
You can also look for our swell banner.

Darick Robertson's gonna be at the con, too, so you got that going for you.

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

We have a couple initial irons in the fire for our next series of projects. Once we have some designs hammered out and some ink at the bottom of contracts, we'll let you smart and attractive people know what's on the horizoon and how you can help steer us home.

Booth 210!

Anna and Mark

The Illogical Associates


Posted by Illogical Associates (Creator)

Ain't No Party Like A House Dropping Party

1. All orders have shipped! If you haven't received yours, please drop us a message so we can look up the tracking information. Seriously. They're all out the door. It's done. Almost a year to the day that this lovely venture was funded by you amazing folks.

2. Tell your friends! Tell your relatives! Tell random strangers who look interesting and financially solvent! You can always buy copies of The Shadow of Oz Tarot deck or exclusive cherry wood box from Illusive Comics & Games in Santa Clara or via our Illogical Website, where we also have Original Art for sale.

3. We finally recorded the final reward - an intimate feature-length commentary on 1939 Wizard of Oz film by the Illogical Associates. Unfortunately we recorded that at the Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles and there had already been some drinking and we were joined by instigators and - Let's just put it this way: it's an X-Rated commentary on your favorite G-Rated musical. As such, we don't think it's appropriate to share with our charming and classy backers who were probably expecting something a little less totally sweary. Our plan is to record a second commentary soon, something a little quieter and more appropriate. We may release the F-Word of Oz Commentary as a separate download at some point, probably after all our relatives have passed on.

That is, of course, unless you clamor for the X-rated version, in which case Anna will be so happy because she thinks it's perfect.

4. Anna's second storefront, Isle of Gamers, is having it's Grand Opening on Saturday, March 14! The Illogical Associates will be on hand to celebrate, so come on down to meet us, get things signed, and chat about cards, comics, and stories.

5. To find us at comic conventions up and down the West Coast, check out our Calendar of Events

We will post here to let you know when Our Next Illogical Project is at the Funding Stage. Right now we're quibbling over which artists to use.

'Till then,

Gratitudinally Yours,

Anna and Mark

The Illogical Associates