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Europe2020 reveals Europe's future vision by generation Y.
69 backers pledged £9,053 to help bring this project to life.

Honored to receive monthly ARFF JURY AWARD for MEGA (January 2019).

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Invitation to Helsinki premiere 1.10.2018 19:00

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News 09/5/14

Posted by Ilkka Tiainen (Creator)

Dear backers, 

We are in Hollywood now, progressing towards finding the money to complete the film. We feel very positive, as the feedback we have received so far was excellent. 

Our plans have developed. We realized that 3D is the right method to visually tell the story in a way not seen before.

New website is live where you can see 3D samples and keep up with the project. Please have a look and spread the word: 

We thank you for your support. We push everyday to have more positive news in the future. 

We are doing what we love, we hope you do too. 

Best regards, Ilkka&Olga 

Fantastic news! Milestone achieved THANKS TO YOU!

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"The first renaissance was about loss of belief in authority. Just so, our second renaissance will create a more participatory society and unleash an explosion of new ideas and creativity in arts, science and exploration" Rolf Jensen and Mika Aaltonen 'The Renaissance Society'


Dear backer,

Thanks to you we achieved an important milestone: we succeeded with our Kickstarter campaign!!! 

In the last three years we have pushed the limits in changing the reality around us. We have always strived to become better in everything we do. We have experienced a lot of drawbacks and pain, but we never ever thought of giving up!

Your support means a lot - we mean A LOT -  to us! Together we are building a new beautiful world with a limitless potential for growth where our dreams come true!

You are among the leaders of the modern renaissance.

Thank you so much for believing in us and yourself!  

More updates will follow.

Peace and love,


Nacha La Macha, teaser II episode III (raw edit).

Posted by Ilkka Tiainen (Creator)
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 In Spain we met artist: Nacha La Macha (Jose Ignacio Galan Ordonez)