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Update #19

Your iLID iPhone Wallet Has Been Shipped!!


We have officialy received word from our good friends at that they have begun shipping out their iLID iPhone Wallets!

Thank you for your patience, we'll be releasing a final update in the coming days, just couldn't wait to tell everyone!!

The iLID Team

Update #18

“iLIDs On A Plane” - iLIDs Dispatched From China!!!


Hi guys,

Thank you so much for your patience,

We are happy to announce the ilids have left the factory in china and are being sent to our fulfillment houses!!!

From fulfillment they will be shipped off individually to your personal address and you will receive a tracking number in your email from this point.

We’ll send out our next update when our fulfillment houses have acknowledged their arrival.


The iLID Team

Update #17 - For backers only

Shipping Details!!!!


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Update #16




We've finally got our photography back, (our project got pushed aside due to their commitments with larger clients). But not to worry we have great news!

As you can see the images below detail our final product, & its amazing!
We've also gone above and beyond here and secured a rubberised soft touch material, whilst adding significantly to our cost base, we believe it's well worth it!

We have had a number of emails asking us when we're finally going to ship & rightfully so. (it's killing us that it's taken soo long to get these crazy cases out! Just seems like one delay after another).
BUT Finally the day has come!

We have just received word from our manufacturer that our order is due for completion in 3-4 days. After a rocky start the manufacturer has managed to secure the correct plastic blend needed for production (took them longer than expected)
A set back that wasn't helped by a few public holidays thrown into the mix. But,

Good things come to those who wait

As it stands, once the iLID's have finished production over the next few days, they will then be packed up & transported to our fulfilment houses (takes a few days in transit). From there they will be dispatched from the fulfilment house in country to your door.

As you can see a lot of the above processes are not are not under our control & hence its been very difficult to grant a specific time frame to those of you who have requested it.

Whilst we probably don't have to remind 99% of you that we are not a big company, mealy two mates (a Chef & an Electrician) with no prior experience, trying to do our best, with the little resources that we have & make something we can be proud of).
Ultimately the buck stops with us, we know that. But please beware that the people we've contracted to make the iLIDs have run into numerous difficulties that we've fought hard to overcome. In the hope of giving you guys the best iphone case you ever own, something we can be proud of.

The iLID Team

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Update #15



To our dear & loyal supporters…

Latest iLIDs are AMAZING!!!

Production is LIVE

& We have signed off for an initial order of 40,000 units!!

Very exciting news!
Lead time is two weeks.

In the mean time we have sent our samples off to Professional photographers.
(We’ll post an update with the pics as soon as they arrive).

The shots will then be uploaded to our website, featuring in both the new product page & fresh slider images on the home page.

We’ll see you next time when our photography arrives!!

Take care,

The iLID Team

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