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Hey Folks!

My hard work has finally paid off and I get to make a record with the amazingly gifted Roger Greenawalt (Rhett Miller, Rufus Wainwright, Nellie McKay, Ben Kweller)!  Roger and I met at a show in NYC, recorded THIS cover of the Beatles' "Hey Jude" in one unrehearsed take, and decided to make a full length record! 

What we've got:

-Roger Greenawalt and Shabby Road Studios

-me singing and playing 10 of my best songs from the last 20 months

-pieces of the west coast band: Matt Knapil (horns arrangements) and Noah Peller (bass)

-Chatterbox the cat

What we're gonna do:

-step into the studio to make 10 amazing sounding songs (August, 2012 in Brooklyn, NY)

 What we need:

-$1,000 for airfare and room and board

-$5,000 for NYC and beyond musicians, production costs, mixing and engineering and sonic-landscaping by Roger Greenawalt

Thank you for considering helping me record my 6th studio album! I can't wait to make it and share it with you!


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    Good Karma! If you have only a little to give, but want to share some love, do so and it will come back your way via your future!

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    Buy the pre-sale of the full album in mp3 format!

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    THE STUDIO PASS - live updates, emails, videos, pictures, sound files from the studio as it's happening (August 12-24)! This is for the folks who'd like to be involved in the process of the album making!

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    T-shirt made by Andress Yourself ( that reads, "I helped Johanna Chase make a record and all I got was this damn T-shirt!"

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    The final album in MP3 format with access to online media booklet and videos.

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    "AZUSA Revisited" (MP3 format). Johanna's 4th full-length album, "Azusa", was released towards the end of her studies at Azusa Pacific University and in the midst of her "coming-out" experience as a person of faith heavily engaged in conservative and progressive faith communities. "Azusa Revisited" is Johanna's revisit of this album, selecting songs and adding a few new songs to add to the conversation of equality and understanding for those involved or formerly involved in religious institutions.

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    A.Y. T-shirt and MP3 album with online media booklet/videos. (album not available until Spring 2013 release -- T-shirts will be shipped 10/2012)

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    Full band house show with Johanna's Los Angeles band anywhere in the state of California or Arizona!!

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    I will dedicate a song to you and will somehow creatively insert your names on the whisper them in the low sonic zone of the audio landscape...I'm sure Roger will like this task. You may have to play it backwards to hear will be a fun game for both of us.

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