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Fund this fact-gathering, media-collecting, networking research adventure to Denmark to help the publisher of an online memoir follow her bliss.

My name is Michelle. I'm known as mediaChick on the interwebs. I'm asking for your help to fund a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark for a media-collecting and fact-gathering adventure: "Destination Denmark."

The Miracle in July: A Digital Love Story

I'm the multimedia producer, writer and "media ecology" enthusiast who has committed her time, energy and heart to a ridiculously ambitious, multi-platform publishing experiment called The Miracle in July: a digital love story.

Since July 2009, I've been publishing this genre-bending multimedia tale about a profoundly romantic relationship that existed almost completely due to technology. It takes place in Portland, Oregon, and at various locations in the Kingdom of Denmark.

Transmedia Storytelling

As I publish chapters of my work-in-progress story, each chapter includes a music playlist and is embedded with poignant, user-generated content such as photos and videos. I am painting the portrait of an erotic digital love story. Media is crucial to my art, as I draw readers into the visceral experience of "following your bliss" and falling in love online. You can learn more about The Miracle in July here:

OMG, I'm Almost Done! (Sorta)

As of mid-May I have nearly 100,000 words of heartache and bliss, erotica and humor ready for future phases of development. I daydream about these draft words converging into many new formats, singular and bundled, each an opportunity for creative expression:
• Hardback book
• Downloadable soundtrack
• Music CDs
• Interactive DVDs
• Mobile augmented reality game
• Feature film
• Web series
• Multimedia ebook

Problem: I Need to Own the Embedded Media

One crippling problem with my plans to offer MIJ in multiple formats is that my online draft is embedded with lots of user-generated content freely available on the Internet. I need to own the digital content that I want to use in my future projects. The first time I went to Copenhagen I took a single photo. It was of the wall of windows outside my hotel room. (I was meeting my digital lover for the first time and was a tad...err...distracted.)

Solution: Destination Denmark

There's a long list of places featured in MIJ that must be digitally re-captured -- photos, sounds, video -- for future versions of the story. These are significant, picturesque places:
• The pub on the pedestrian street with the green walls and heavy, round tables • The spot under a skylight at the Copenhagen airport where the first kiss took place
• The foreboding birds chattering in the rafters of the Central train station

My collaborator in Denmark is Dr. Sarah Holloway, a professional wordsmith and grant writer, one of my MIJ editors, and a life-long friend who is featured as "Becca" in The Miracle in July. (Here's her impressive LinkedIn profile: Sarah will be my sounding board, research assistant, chronicler, stylist, photographer, and videographer during the trip.

Outright Bribery: What You Get In Return

My potential Investors of Bliss... you'll be forever immortalized in the pages of the next phase of development: a hardback book. Pledge $10 or more to get your name in the "Thank You" section of the first paper edition of The Miracle in July.

Destination Denmark backers can also get exclusive access to a travel blog chronicling the trip, a t-shirt and button flair, and get a signed and bound copy of the 2nd draft of The Miracle in July. I'm also offering aspiring and practicing transmedia storytellers who back this project special one-on-one consulting time with me and an ebook on what worked (and didn't work) in my publishing experiment MIJ.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about my totally ambitious publishing experiment and my Kickstarter project Destination Denmark. I hope you like what you see and decide to invest in the future of storytelling and my journey to follow my bliss :)

A Grateful Hug to All My Backers so Far

Posting intimate drafts of my first book online is scary business. I solicit readers' opinions and insights, and they oblige. Oh, how they oblige! I have absolutely fantastic and supportive fans (Hi guys!) thanks to a healthy Facebook fan page, sweet Twitter accolades, positive press, and a kick-ass social media press release. Their passion and energy has carried me through difficult passages, and I wouldn't dream of doing this without them.

♥ mediaChick


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    ***Your Name Here! I'll put your name in the "Thank You" pages of the hardback book version of The Miracle in July. I'll put your dog's name there, if you prefer, or your Ron Mexico name...whatever you questions asked.

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    ***Your Name Here! I'll put your name in the "Thank You" pages of the hardback book version of The Miracle in July. I'll put your dog's name there, if you prefer, or your Ron Mexico name...whatever you questions asked.***See where your money is going! Get exclusive access to my Destination Denmark travel blog, written by me and my editor-slash-assistant Dr. Sarah, as well as first peeks at raw media collected on the trip.***Feel perfectly innocent -- you're merely backing an awesome Kickstarter project, after all -- when you get this gorgeous anthology "Venice is for Lovers: Erotica from The Miracle in July - Act One" PDF download.

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    ***All of the above PLUS***Lessons learned must be shared, and you'll learn plenty in this exclusive ebook (currently in production) about my professional and personal experience writing and publishing MIJ. I'll spill the beans about what tactics worked -- and didn't work -- while writing and publishing my online, serial draft manuscript; best practices in social media marketing; general ebook publishing strategy; and what it was like to explore such a personal topic so publicly. Because I'm a media ecologist, I'll also throw my two-cents in there on the impact of technology on social and romantic relationships.

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    ***All of the above PLUS***Spend 2 hours picking my brain! I'll put on my Multimedia Pro hat and dispense advice on using technology for storytelling; digital writing tactics; multimedia options; social media marketing strategies, etc., all geared specifically to YOUR questions and interests. We'll chat via phone calls, video chats, instant messaging, whatever means of interaction you prefer.

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    ***All of the above PLUS***Serious about following your bliss? I've got 6 hours of one-on-one consulting time with your name on it! Phone calls, video chats, instant messaging, whatever means of interaction you prefer, I'm there for you.

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