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A gritty visual novel about an orphaned detective working for an organization that solves crimes labeled unsolvable by the police.
A gritty visual novel about an orphaned detective working for an organization that solves crimes labeled unsolvable by the police.
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Update of current situation

Posted by Igrasil Studio (Creator)

Ohayo Minna!  ٩̋(๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)💕💕💕

It's been a while since the last time we talked so first of all how you are?


Shortly after our last update, we finally got a reply from Steam, and they said one of our CGs was too hot for their new terms of service.

Was it a sex scene? Did it have nudity?

No! It was a picture of our hero Kazuki in speedos. From the back. [Lets us share that image with you.]

We rushed to make a censored version, and we sent it to Steam. They approved it, so we hoped they would greenlight our game soon.

A week passed... And another... More emails... No replies...

Then, a week before the Steam Summer Sale, they told us they would contact us soon!

But as you can see, we are still waiting...

It's really frustrating because our game is done and ready to sell, and we need the money to pay our bills and taxes so we can keep up working on our projects!

To make things worse, we had to deal with issues like the recent floods in Japan.

But we don't give up! Until Steam let us distribute Bloody Chronicles, we work hard every day on its bonus content.


Everyone loves chibi. We made a couple of chibi scenes for Bloody Chronicles but we always strive for better quality.

So in the last few weeks, one of our artists has been working on several chibi CG with outstanding results!


Working on the Beach Episode, we made a massive overhaul on our main cast's sprites. Here is a picture of Suzumi with her lovely bikini...

We are pleased so far with our characters' new look, and we will post more pictures of them in later updates!

And if you think Bloody Chronicles looks good, it sounds even better! Our new music composer Nishiki Haruka [ 錦 陽香] has been working on the Bloody Chronicles: Act 2 soundtrack. Here is an exclusive sample for you!

As you can see, we never stopped working since our previous update! We wish we could give you a release date now but, as usual, we are at Steam's mercy.

So please don't forget to wishlist Bloody Chronicles and talk on internet forums and social media about it, to help us raise awareness about our project and make Steam more willing to reply faster!

Like always if you guys has some question, please feel free to contact us at

We hope that soon we will have better news for all of us!

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    1. Missing avatar

      anthony on

      if it continues to be a problem just go a different release platform. Their are other places that won't be as fussy

    2. Missing avatar

      Laura on

      I'm glad to know that the project is still underway, and it's for a little time (I hope and pray for that) for its steam debut.
      When will the special chapter of the beach come out?
      And when the game comes out... Will you make any guides?
      I really want to play the game.
      <3 <3 <3 <3

    3. Missing avatar


      Steam is so disgusting. They LITERALLY - and I mean literally - allow the game "Bloody Boobs" to be on their platform for people to buy (Clearly a sexually themed game IN the title where practically naked women are killed by monsters, and the makers of that game are pretty upfront about it) and yet a man's backside in a speedo is too much. It seems that these policies are very specifically aimed at properties with an anime artstyle. But why? It doesn't make sense.

    4. Mark L

      Have you considered releasing on ? They are a lot less prudish/fussy than Steam. Several other Kickstarter campaigns I've backed released their games on instead of, or in addition to, Steam for this reason.

      Some have also done a censored version on Steam, and uncensored on - might be worth considering, especially if Steam continues to give you more grief.

    5. Missing avatar

      Daniel Emmons on

      Steam- Oh no, that guy isn't wearing a shirt, we must protect the children.

      Seriously that is so stupid.

    6. cabfe on

      So, even showing the back of a man is too much for Steam?
      I'm not even sure it's illegal in the most puritan countries...

      Anyway, this issue is solved, but they're still making you wait.

      Chibis are cute!
      I'm marathoning the Grisaia series and their use of chibi scenes from time to time was well balanced, adding a real plus where a more common CG wouldn't have had the same impact.

      Suzumi's bikini is... well, I wouldn't wear it if I were female. I'm too shy ^^;
      But I can't wait to see the girls' wearing yukata.

      Nice sound piece, by the way!

      As @Alexeron said, Shining Song Starnova is facing the same issues regarding Steam's new filters, with no more info than "soon".

      Let's hope it won't take too long now. Bills don't wait to be paid :(

    7. AidanAK47 on

      Not certain if this was brought up before but have you considered selling it on Mangagamers store? Based on the following link they say they are more than willing to allow other developers on their storefront:

      I believe they don't have any problems with adult content either and a good reputation within the VN community so they could prove to be a good alternative to steam.

    8. Missing avatar

      Linus Gustavsson

      I honestly don't know what Steam is up to.

      Their problem is theirs alone. Too many mass reports of anime games as illegal and offensive. So they have to investigate it and pull titles off Steam to comply with laws and rules. They don't want to do this, so they need a solution.

      But they are saying nothing about the solution. Just claiming that people who think a game is offensive or illegal, can filter the game out in a new update. My biggest worry is that they are probably implementing a brain-dead system where people can flag which country the games are illegal in, and then it will be blocked from those countries.

      So trolls will just check all countries, and then the game will be banned. After which publishers will have to deal with Steam support and ask them what was wrong, and they will be all "Oh, our new system isn't working very well, wait another 5 months while we build a new system for avoiding anime games".

    9. Douman on

      About steam current policies, there are no definite information.
      But you can find something like that

    10. Igrasil Studio Creator on

      @Daniel Núñez
      So true! We just hope we don't need to change our game too much

    11. Alexeron on

      Thank you for update. Everything looks awesome, too bad Valve decided to mess everything. Have you considered using other platforms to release the game? Like GOG, Nutaku, Denpasoft and etc.
      Love in Space and Sekai Project are in same situation with their newest VN, Shining Song Starnova, which was funded via Kickstarter as well, and it`s still not on Steam. So, while everyone is still waiting for Starnova`s Steam release, they have also managed to get it on GOG, so their backers can already play the game. And not only backers, everyone can buy it now. In fact GOG released this VN EARLIER than Steam, never thought that is even possible...

    12. Igrasil Studio Creator on

      Douman san, do you can share more information ・・・:(;゙゚'ω゚'):

    13. Daniel Núñez on

      I'm really worried about Steam's new policies. It forces creators to change their original vision or plan. I'm glad you are transparent and keep us updated.

    14. Douman on

      afaik Steam is waiting for implementation of their filters before proceeding allowing everything

      After all I think I liked old art style more than new one....

    15. Igrasil Studio Creator on

      @Nathan Lindsey
      We too...

    16. Nathan Lindsey on

      I thought Steam wasn't being so censor happy anymore.