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Record important phone calls directly into your Mac and PC. No fees, no 3-way call, no big brother. Simple, secure and private.

Record important phone calls directly into your Mac and PC. No fees, no 3-way call, no big brother. Simple, secure and private. Read More
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More Info at:
More Info at:

At a Glance, RECAP:

  • Record both sides of the call. Both incoming and outgoing calls. 
  • Record calls or any audio (Skype, Vonage, voicemail, etc.) 
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android and most smartphones with a AHJ combo port. 
  • Record into Mac and PC computers using Garage Band, Audacity, or other recording software.

Some background

I'm an electronics engineer and the creator of the RECAP audio adapters. RECAP products are focus on getting people's phone calls recorded directly into another device. Our product line allows recording to devices such as PCs, voice recorder, iPod, iPad, tablet and Mac laptops. 

I have previously funded RECAP model S2 in Kickstarter. This model outputs audio in a stereo microphone port found in most PCs and digital voice recorders. This project is complete. All units were delivered to backers and it is now available for sale at

I have also funded in Kickstarter RECAP Model C. This model outputs audio in a combo port format. This project is also complete and all units delivered to backers.  Product is now for sale at


After launching these two products and I learned a lot about user's needs. Many users wanted to record calls into their Mac computers. However, many Macs do not have a combo or mic port, so RECAP S2 and C would not work right out-of-the-box in those systems. 

That is why I came up with a RECAP USB, the RECAP for Mac users. (it also works with Windows PCs). Now Mac uses have sure easy to use solution for recording without require additional adapters.

Diagram showing how to connect RECAP USB
Diagram showing how to connect RECAP USB

How does RECAP USB works?

When you connect RECAP USB to your computer, your computer will automatically detect it as a new audio input source.  You should then select it as your audio input.

RECAP USB shows as new input source
RECAP USB shows as new input source

Once you've done that, your're ready to record the calls. Just hit the record button in your favorite recording software. I recommend Audacity. It's a free & powerful software for recording. 

Select Mic in recording software
Select Mic in recording software

Sample call recording:

Here's a sample Skype call I placed on my iPhone 5 and recorded on my PC using Audacity software (free software). I'll be soon adding a sample recording to a MacBook... stay tuned!


Functional prototype

A lot of work went into taking the concept sketch in drawing below to the actual production intent unit shown on the right. Now, it's up to you to help taking this one unit into mass production! Support the project!

From concept to product! Next step: mass production!
From concept to product! Next step: mass production!

The final version of RECAP should look very similar to what you see in photo above.


RECAP USB is patent pending and it will retail for $99. 

Pledge at least $79 get a RECAP USB as reward. It includes cable. Free US shipping. 

Multiple rewards: if you double your pledge I'll send you two rewards, and so on...

Warranty: 90 days warranty against manufacturing defects.

Support: only via the website:

International: rewards are sent without tracking or insurance. Contact if you wish to arrange an alternate shipping method. 

Note:  final product appearance (such as product color and connector gender) in production may differ from photos. It might be white with a male USB connector. Ask if you have any question.

System requirements

Phone: Apple iPhone 4 or above, iPad, Android phone, tablet, or any device with a AHJ combination port (speaker + microphone)


  • Apple Computer Mac OS™ X 10.0 or later
  • Windows XP SP1, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Other systems: must support standard USB audio Codec

Drivers are already part of operating system. No need to install anything!

Technical Specs

  • On-Chip USB Interface: Fully Compliant with USB 2.0 Specification, Certified By USB-IF
  • Analog to Digital Converter: ADC Resolution: 16bit, Sampling Rate: 48kH, Input Channel: 1
  • Electrical Characteristics:Voltage: 5v, bus powered, active mode: 80mA typ max, suspend: 350uA

Production Plan

If the Kickstarter is funded, I'll create a revised version of the circuit board to fix some minor issues, such as component footprint. I'll then make a small batch of boards (hand assembled) so they can be fully tested before the go ahead for mass production. Then finally I'll send the design files to my manufacturer in China and we'll collaborate on the manufacturing details. 

The manufacturer will mass produce the circuit boards and mount all the components with automated processed. The finished boards will then be shipped to the US, where I'll coordinate their assembly into the enclosures, packing and shipping. All from Minnesota!

Enclosures will be manufactured using 3D printing technology. Material is ABS (Lego-like material) with Z resolution of 0.25mm or better.

Manufacturing RECAP enclosures. (model C shown)
Manufacturing RECAP enclosures. (model C shown)

 Alternate plan: I'll investigate two alternate processes for enclosure manufacturing. One is injection molding and another is SLS 3D printing. If price, volume and timing look good I'll move enclosures to one of those alternate solutions. 

Become a Reseller

We are currently looking for resellers to distribute our product around the world. If you would like to discuss becoming a reseller and getting a batch of RECAP at a wholesale price please contact us here

Important: check your local law to ensure you are complying with the applicable laws pertaining to phone call recording, copying of audio files and however you plan to use RECAP. 

Here's some relevant literature:

Risks and challenges

Project delays is something very common in hardware projects. There are many parties involved into creating the final product. Component sourcing, circuit board assembly, worldwide shipping, to name a few.

I have a good track record of timely delivering Kickstarter rewards. I plan to achieve similar results in this project by sticking to suppliers I worked with in the past and that I know are commitment with quality and on-time delivery.

I'll post regular (monthly) updates with the project status to keep you in the loop.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    Pledge $49 or more About $49 USD

    Get your RECAP USB so you can record your phone calls directly into your Mac or PC. Includes cable. FREE US Shipping

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    Pledge $79 or more About $79 USD

    Get your RECAP USB so you can record your phone calls directly into your Mac or PC. Includes cable. FREE US Shipping

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    Ships to Anywhere in the world
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