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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
64,867 backers pledged $5,545,991 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Darryl Kang about 19 hours ago

      Hi, is it still possible to change my platform? Back when I select the platform, the game was available on Steam for Mac. Now that there's no Mac support, I won't be able to play it on Steam.

    2. Brent Taylor 4 days ago

      You can still update your address with your original survey. If you can't find that/the emails from Fangamer/the campaign, you can use this to re-send it.

    3. Missing avatar

      Zach Cox 4 days ago

      How and when will these be delivered to the backers? Do I need to give anyone my mailing address or set it in my profile anywhere?

    4. Tumor 5 days ago



    5. Tumor 5 days ago


      Also look at the normal comment section since people ask those questions there too.

      Angel has said that YES backers will be getting the "futurepak" but they are finalizing the details with fangamer. So the details haven't been put out yet.

    6. Michelle A. Truax 6 days ago

      Okay so my question is, will the backers get the steelbook case that several distributors are getting?

    7. Rafael Schmidt 7 days ago

      It's been a long time since the platform survey, will we be able to change it?

    8. Linford on

      Awesome, awesome, awesome news. Looking forward to this. I really hope this game will be as amazing as it looks.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mr. Matthews on

      6 weeks from today. I'm so excited. I got the Switch version with the GOG code. I've been waiting for this for years. More years than the 4 that it has been. I loved all of the 'Vania games that ever came out. Thank you 505, Fangamer, and Koji Igarashi - You are my hero!

    10. Missing avatar

      -DarkWing- on

      @Nicholas perry

      The game was going to be on vita and wii u that are way weaker, the reason of why those versions got cancelled had nothing to do with the power of said consoles. Yoshi's crafted world is made using UE4 as well, it has variable resolution, but it runs at 60fps, and the game looks visually more complex. Now the "less powerful" argument is a weird one, switch can run fp16 , unreal engine 4 supports fp16, perhaps as with linux and mac, they made a poor choice with middleware that forced them to continue on a path were they had to cancel stuff and basically cripple switch version due to their lame choices?>

    11. Scott Cameron on

      @Nicholas Perry:

      While I understand where you're coming from (UE4 games definitely *have* struggled to hit higher frame rates on the Nintendo Switch, that's true!), I'd like to defend why I choose the Switch version and expected it to run better:

      1) When we locked in our backer choice (18th May 2018), the Vita version was still, to our knowledge, coming out (it wasn't cancelled until 20th August 2018, months later). Based on this info, and given that the Switch is considerably more powerful than the Vita, it wasn't unreasonable to assume that the game could hit 60FPS docked, even if it was down at 720P or had visuals reduced in some aspects.

      2) Again, while I understand your point that the Switch is "underpowered" compared to the competition, many games in the library (some which, subjectively, look more technically complex than Ritual of the Night) run at 60FPS, even portably. I'll grant you that they might not be using UE4, but Digital Foundry's experiments with Mortal Kombat 11 recently revealed that the Switch has several different, much higher clock speed modes for its GPU and CPU (even beyond the recently-reported "Boost Mode"), which again makes me think that it's feasible.

      3) As recently as the gameplay trailer from the 13th February posted on Nintendo's own YouTube channel, "gameplay footage" of Ritual of the Night (we have to assume now that this was just footage taken from other platforms) ran at a silky smooth 60FPS. Maybe the devs thought they could optimise the Switch to hit 60FPS by launch, but that video should really show some actual Switch performance by now.

      Again, you definitely make valid points, but it's a little unfair to say that we were *completely* foolish to expect 60FPS on the Switch. We were given zero indication at the point we had to lock in our choice that the Switch version would run at half the framerate of all other versions. Given the above factors, all we're asking for is the option to change over to a digital PC code.

      I hope you get an update soon on the physical backer rewards! :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Perry on

      No offense, if you chose switch you should have known it would be a low res and low framerate game(As would the wiiu version would have). The game runs on UE4 and you somehow magically expect this to run at 60fps at a reasonable resolution? That's delusional. The platform is extremely underpowered. Even Nintendo's own UE4 first party game runs at a lower res and only 30fps. The only ones to Target 60 can't maintain it and are fixed arena fighting games.

      My only concern is when physical rewards ship. I just want to know. I don't care if it's months down the line either. It's done when it's done. I am excited for Iga and the team. Glad they were able to make what they wanted and finish without disaster. (And the ability to take all the toxic unconstructive criticism and put a positive spin on it. I'm sure 505 had to put additional money in to spend so much time reworking the visuals. My expectations for a crowdfunded game were realistic and thought the old graphics looked fine given this wasn't a high budget AAA game. )

    13. Missing avatar

      Cameron Cameron on

      This is the first time I've really looked at the game, just because it has a release date! The update in fidelity is nice, but character design was better before. It's just too much now.

    14. Classic on

      Honestly, I was happy before, but wow, this is really stunning. I appreciate the team taking their time to get things right, and I'm delighted we'll get to play Bloodstained soon.

    15. Angel Corlux Collaborator on

      Happy you approve Neil

    16. Missing avatar

      Neil Chatterjee on

      You know, it only just dawned on me because I never looked back at the the kickstarter campaign graphics concept art until now, but the new shaders make the game look almost identical to the concept art. That's extremely impressive.

    17. Question_505 Collaborator on

      @sean caylor

      Thanks! We want the wait to have been worth it.

    18. Sean Caylor on

      I’ve hit the point where if I get something from Kickstarter at all, I’m happy. I’m supporting the work, not preordering it.
      I’m glad y’all took the extra time to polish, the new trailer looks amazing. It’s been a long 4 years, and I’m certainly ready to play!

    19. Michael B. Landry on

      The love and dedication for the game (and fans) really shows in that trailer. My praise for the team cannot be any higher.

    20. Snycher on

      As long as I get this by launch day, I'm fine. I've backed many projects where I get my stuff after it's released at retail and it does make it feel a little worthless to back in a way. That said, I have faith we'll get it in time. They seem to be on top of things.

    21. Joe Martinez on


    22. Brent Taylor on

      Oh, well the comment I was quoting was in response to getting copies of the game earlier than retail, rather than Switch performance concerns. You definitely have that right to speak up, I don't mean to say otherwise. Quite different things.

    23. DN Mesias A on

      Thanks for the clarification Brent, it's good to know that some backers who helped fund the project in it's first weeks should just wait and watch, desrving less than regular costumers who can make informed decisions on which platform they want.

      To be clear, I think it's perfectly fine for other people to enjoy backer content and the game on the same day, but for backers to be locked on a platform with performance targets they don't like and LATE than others? I believe it's fair to be upset and voice opinions AND complaints, not to Craig's extent of course, but still.

    24. Brent Taylor on

      Ah, to be clear, the one that ends with "Kickstarter isn't a platform to make backers feel special. It's somewhere consumers get to put their money where their mouth is. You want igavania? You support it. You wait for it. You watch it grow. You voice your opinions as it develops.

      In the end, the Bloodstained in that trailer, the beautiful looking one, is your reward."

      It's a wonderful truth.

    25. Christian Coffield on

      Nice to have a pillar of the community call me out, thank you. I'm not sure which post you're referring to, but I don't think it would do much to change anyone's mind who's angry at 505 for whatever reason. Anger is anger and it spills out when people have too much of it to contain.

      Personally, as a backer, I'm happy with what I see. I feel that the team behind Bloodstained delivered very well on what they promised. I'm still crossing my fingers that some of the features (such as the 2P mode and the procedural generation modes) will come out okay, but on the whole, Bloodstained looks like everything that was promised.

    26. Passe Gaming on

      What's with this Creg guy? Chill dude. Take your grump elsewhere.

    27. Brent Taylor on

      Thanks for the kind words you guys. I just care about the project/game a lot and like to do everything I can for it :)

      Christian I think your comment in the main comment section would be a good thing to show Craig, too. I enjoyed seeing someone wording something that very oddly seems like more of a minority outlook than it should here (but I know it isn't - most are quietly waiting and very excited).

    28. Christian Coffield on

      "This pretty much guarantees that you'll be selling the backer exclusive content too."

      I'm a little saddened that you seem to think a purely digital good (downloadable content in the game) would lose value to you if other people get to enjoy it. There's no scarcity in the content. There's no inherent value. The only reason one would want it to be backer exclusive (as opposed to, say, free for backers) is to deprive others of it. Would your experience be cheapened if other people got to also experience it? Shame on you.

    29. Hugo Wong on

      @Brent Taylor

      That's nice to know! A lot of the games here in Asia don't ship with dual audio during release, and I am always torn between having to choose the right combinations! (ie: Ace Combat 7 Asia Edition only got English audio + Chinese subtitles for some weird reason) It's easier with PC given the almost unlimited storage space the HDD provides... but physical copies of the Switch cards... I am not so sure.

      Shipping can be a real pain in the butt in Hong Kong... especially when you don't have anyone in the house, one might be stuck with having to pick up the parcel at the post office which have really crappy service hours! Just really hope that they would reconsider shipping the game earlier for backers, even a week in advance would make everyone a whole lot happier.

    30. Angel Corlux Collaborator on

      Brent is a super friend of the community. Always helpful and nice. :)

    31. Super Soup on

      @Brent Taylor

      I just wanted to say thank you for always being the one to answer questions. Throughout this whole campaign I've been seeing questions that I know I could answer, only to see you already beat me to it! I wanted you to know that I and others appreciate you being so attentive and helpful. ^u^

    32. Zellox on

      @angel wouldn't it be a good idea to make a survey to see how many people want to change their platform and are willing to take the risk of having their codes/physical copy delivered late and if they are willing to take the risk only open it for those willing to take the risk to change their platform

    33. Brent Taylor on

      @Thessaly: You can still do that with your original survey. If you can't find that/the emails from Fangamer/the campaign, you can use this to re-send it.

      @Hugo Wong:
      They will still ship the game far enough out to the best of their ability for you to get the game to as close to release as possible :D
      Also, all versions of the game have dual audio, and in the PC version at least and I assume for all of them, you can switch the audio language at any time during normal gameplay by pressing all four shoulder buttons. This can even be done while you're running around exploring whenever.

    34. Missing avatar

      Thessaly on

      I got some very unfortunate news. That is that I need to move, my landlord is selling the house. How can I update the shipping address?

    35. Hugo Wong on

      I am very glad that after 4 years, the game will finally be released! Let's just hope everything will go smoothly without problems like how it was with the demo codes... I do have two questions though...

      1) I don't live in the US, how am I suppose to get the game on day one if I live all the way in Hong Kong? It wouldn't make a whole lot of sense for us backers to get it any later than the normal retailers, right? It would be nice if us backers can get the game approximately one month early... (I hope anyways)

      2) I went for the Switch Japanese version. Now, although I can understand the languages with no problem, I do wish to get to choose between English and Japanese whenever I want. (ESPECIALLY the voices!) How will this particular part work out? I do prefer the English dialogues given that you guys hired David Hayter and the gang to do the voices... And I am plenty sure it's a little late to change my version request... What are my options here?

      Once again, thanks for the great work!

    36. Missing avatar

      ukshadow on

      Which delivery company, if any, is going to be used for the physical rewards? I ask because the local postal service is run by sociopaths, and I would like to avoid finding my package in a puddle of mud again.

    37. Missing avatar

      Pravus on

      I don't really mind the Switch version being a bit late, what with also getting a digital copy on PC at my backer tier, but it is kind of scummy to release the specs and then have no option for backers to change to a platform more capable of running the game.

      Even opting for the Switch version with my lowered expectations on performance, it is frankly disappointing to see that it can't reach even 60 FPS at 720p while docked. I'd, personally, rather get the game a month later and get a physical PS4 or GOG version that I know will run better.

    38. Darius F on

      It's been a long road, but here we are. Can't wait to finally get my hands on this.

    39. DB on

      I like the improvements.

    40. Desmond on

      it is already in my stream library?

    41. Petar Petrov on

      Okay, now I get it, but if you really cannot promise the early date for the Switch users, there're some options (often seen in various KS campaigns): a) delay the other platforms by a week; b) send complimentary Steam codes (timed ones are welcomed ,too); c) add something special for every Switch backer. If you are unable to fulfill any of the mentioned above, a sincere apology from Igarashi-san would be accepted, but I wonder what are his true feelings about all of this...

    42. Missing avatar

      John Lynch on

      When are we going to hear about shipping info for backers. I don’t want to wait months like I had to for Friday the 13th

    43. Tom Buff

      @ angel or question I've got two packages with a physical switch release and digital pc on one, and physical ps4 and digital switch on the other. Will they both just arrive on the 25th or would they ship them separately? Would it be easier to change both switch copies to one package and have the others on a different one?

    44. Jared H. on

      When do backers at the physical reward tiers get their surveys to pick things like t-shirt size and provide their shipping address?

    45. Missing avatar

      Pierre St-Michel on

      @Angel - What if I'd rather have my game late, on my console of choice? I've more or less abandonned my PC for gaming ever since I got my Switch. I know I'd get much more enjoyment out of this game on the Switch and I don't mind waiting some extra months for it. Is there something we can work out at all? I understand that this is a logistics rabbit hole, but I figure I'm better off asking at the very least.

    46. Missing avatar

      Robert R Leonardi on

      Sweet! Though I have to wonder, do the glasses IGA breaks count as part of our kickstarted funds lol

    47. Missing avatar

      Mr. Matthews on

      If all the stuttering or other issues are fixed in the Switch version, it won't bother me. In fact, I don't even own a Switch yet, but I've always played Castlevania games (GBA, others) on Nintendo, with the exception of SOTN. I've anticipated this for a long time, and I'm quite excited about it. Thank you.

    48. Missing avatar

      Leonard E. Norwood Jr. on

      With crowdfunded projects I do see a little of the pros and cons of it. I always noticed this much between the communication between the developers and the backers, the progress in development and the end result that determines whether or not people will continue to put their trust in said developer backing their project. Certain projects I have witnessed had gone from seemingly well to just plain bad nearing their release dates. It doesn't help that some projects turned out to be scams, and some aren't anything like how it seemed the start, being actually worse as the final version. With something like a bad or cancelled game(with no refunds, which is screwed), people definitely will make sure not to invest with the developers' projects again. I'm glad Bloodstained turned out more improved, although I'm looking forward to more that has improved due to the receptions of the E3 demo.

    49. Angel Corlux Collaborator on

      @ Doc - lol all good I didn't read it like that :)