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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
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Development Update - New Shards and Graphical Updates

Posted by Koji Igarashi (Creator)

It's been an eventful month for Bloodstained, and for this month's update IGA Is here to provide some background on the trailers you saw during the release window announcement. IGA, take it away:

Hi everyone, IGA here.

How was the trailer? We were glad to see that it was generally well received. The Nintendo Direct trailer was different depending on the region, so there was a lot of new content shown this time around. While everything we show you are still work-in-progress, for this month's update we are going to recap and give some additional details about what you saw.

This time we were able to show the 3D stage map that goes through the outer wall of the tower. This is a boss that Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon was based on and a new boss for this game. There was also a sneak peek of the character customization system.

We would like to tell you a little more about the "Reflector Ray" shard and "Invert" shard you saw at work during the trailer. These two shards will be the core elements for maneuvering through the castle, and we've wanted to share them with you for a long time. 

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Reflector Ray is a Directional Shard that is a key feature specific to Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. By using the right analog stick, the player will be able to adjust the angle and move through areas as a light ray, enabling them to move through small spaces with ease.

While Miriam is moving as a light ray she becomes invincible, so there may also come a time where you need to use it while fighting enemies.

Next up is the Invert shard. This is a Skill Shard. The concept is to play the inverted castle wherever and whenever! Feels like being a ninja. Only Miriam is able to invert gravity. I hope everyone will enjoy the feeling of falling upwards.

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We also worked very hard to provide a feature to the game that many of you asked for. You can see it in action in these videos. Many of you have asked for this feature and something seems to be moving that wasn't moving before...

After seeing everyone's feedback on the Beta Backer Demo, we have been adjusting the graphics, as we mentioned in the previous update. As you have probably seen in the trailer, a lot has changed since the demo. Our main changes came from adding fixes to the current assets as well as revisiting our lighting methods to further improve the game's overall appearance. 

Did we do a good job?

We will continue to work hard until the completion of the game with our growing team. Thank you for your continued support and we will do all we can do to have the game reach and satisfy everyone.













ここまで公開したい気持ちを押さえてようやくお披露目です。リフレクションはBloodstained: Ritual of the Nightの特徴の一つでもあるディレクショナルシャードになります。














While the devs were overhauling the game's visuals, fans were continuing to create their own!  


If you'd like your work to be included in a future Fanart Spotlight, tag it #bloodstained or #igavania so we can find it!

Happy February, all!

The big news this month was the Release Window Trailer. It’s been fun to see the analysis of the various shots and speculation on the various shards, weapons and enemies.

The trailer also revealed more of the visual updates that have been happening since the backer beta. Not every shot had been overhauled in time for the trailer (or had all the textures in place as the eagle-eyed noticed), so expect more tweaking between now and launch.

Here are some notes from the trailer:

  • 00:22 – Chandeliers did not move when Miriam walked on them, now they swing and react to her weight and movement, after a fan asked for that on Twitter.
  • 00:25 – Tweaking and experimenting with lava lighting, glow and effects
  • 00:45 – Level background is missing. “Chic grey” is not our new color scheme…
  • 00:46 – We want to make foliage in the back and foreground move / react to the boss battle / wind etc. (no promises!)
  • 00:48 – We want to make general improvements to the demonic kitty. (again, no promises!)
  • 00:53 – Bloodless boss and level have already been completely redone and revisited, as mentioned in the KS update.
  • In case you didn’t discover the secret from Iga’s comment, Miriam’s hair now moves! Every hair option she can equip will now react with physics to her movement. We received a lot of feedback from fans pointing out that the “helmet hair” was jarring compared to how beautiful Miriam was, so after a lot of hard work from everyone on the team, it’s now a feature! We hope you enjoy this small but important detail.

While there’s still visual work to be done, we think you can get a pretty good idea of the look of the game.

Summer 2019. We had initially planned to wait until we had a specific date before making any launch announcements. Given the community desire to have at least a launch window and the opportunity to get the game featured on Nintendo Direct, we opted to change course a bit.

Being able to get Bloodstained in front of millions of Nintendo fans was a great opportunity for the game. While this is a Kickstarter project, it is also a retail product and we need to take advantage of any opportunity we can to ensure its success. If the game does well enough, the goal is to make Bloodstained into an ongoing series of games.

As we march towards launch, there will be a lot of new info coming out. We will continue to share development progress and updates and make reveals here for the KS community, but you’ll also see info in other places such as twitter or news articles. We will work to  do one-off updates when big announcements are made like with the Nintendo Direct, and the regular updates (last Thursday of the month) will serve as a monthly recap and update on dev progress & info so if you prefer to use only Kickstarter you don’t have to follow multiple sources to get all the most important news.

Thanks for your patience! It’s going to be an exciting year.

Jason Ryan

Sr Community Manager - 505 Games








00:22 - 以前はシャンデリアが動いていませんでした、ツイッターに要望もあり現在ミリアムの重さと合わせて動きがあります。

00:25 - 溶岩のライティング、輝きやエフェクト等の調整

00:45 - 背景が消えていますね。「シックなグレー」はテーマカラーに入っていませんね…

00:46 - お約束はできませんが、背景や手前にある植物を風で揺らしたいですね。

00:48 - こちらも約束はできませんが、可能であれば猫も調整もしたいですね。

00:53 - アップデート内容の通り、ブラッドレスは完全に調整をされて更新されています。

00:00~最後 - IGAのコメントから気づいていない人もいるかもしれませんので、実はミリアムの髪が動くようになりました!


















Jason Ryan

Sr. Community Manager - 505 Games

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ken 5 days ago

      I chose XB1 digital version of the game but that was back in May 2018 (10 months ago). Last Christmas I picked up a PS4 because my XB1 was broken... Is it possible to make a platform switch now? Thanks in advance.

    2. Angel Corlux_505 Games Collaborator 5 days ago

      Hi Josh, we're offering platform changes to Mac & Linux users and the option to change to a physical copy of the game. Please email '' to make the request and reference this message, thanks.

    3. Missing avatar

      Josh Simmons 5 days ago

      i don't suppose there are refunds in order yet for the Linux users?

    4. Angel Corlux_505 Games Collaborator on

      Hey Gibson, I can confirm that Bloodstained will not have Denuvo.

    5. Gibson "Gibby" Powell on

      I'm getting increasingly more scared that this game might have Denuvo on it when it releases...but I'm hoping that it'd be removed with time and not instantly, to keep people playing rather than not.

    6. Alberto Moreno Lemus on

      I’m very proud of progress shown. Can’t wait to play the final version, when it’s done.

    7. Leo Lopes on

      Great update! Keep'em coming... it's almost there.

    8. Jimtendo32 on

      I am so excited to play this! Month after month you've shown us amazing progress. I have so much love and respect for the whole team, thank you so much to you all for pouring your heart and souls into making something special. So proud to be a backer on this. Can't wait.

    9. Angel Corlux_505 Games Collaborator on

      @Christian - Thank you for the kind words, apologies for the delayed reply, I thought I had responded but remembered out of the blue today I didn't...

    10. Missing avatar

      Wondercrab on

      There's definitely been a visual improvement. I'm glad the devs have continued working on this even relatively close to release. I think the core problem, however (and this is something that at this stage can probably only be addressed in future games) is to do with the way the graphical engine puts a glossy shine on everything. It makes the entire game look like it's covered in a thin layer of water or plastic, most notably within the environments. As a result many things feel quite inorganic. It's hard to get immersed in an environment that has a plasticy, videogamey feel to it, and immersion was always a strong quality of the classic Igavania games due to their art styles.

      If we see more projects released after Bloodstained then I hope more of a focus is placed on nailing down a distinct, well-defined art style early on. Sprite work or hand drawn assets often work a lot better for platformers than 3D models. Even Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon benefited from dedicating itself to a strong NES-era aesthetic and embracing that art style.

    11. Patrick "Class 5 FRV" Reynolds on

      Those graphic updates are amazing. Thank you guys so much for all the work you're putting in on this game. I can't wait to finally get to play it ^^

    12. Brent Taylor on

      I would never stand for this game looking at simplistic as Hollow Knight does. Also, it was never changed from 2D to 3D. The concept art was concept art.

    13. Missing avatar

      Michael Wakefield on

      This is so awesome! I liked the art style before, but it's so much more refined now! I love it. I also really like that her hair moves now.

      Long live the Bloodstained series!

    14. Roberto Carlos Araiza on

      I am seing a great improvement on the graphical side, while I am dissapointed because when the game was announced, it was done with 2d drawn images, and later on changed to 2.5d (cg instead of 2d drawings). Everybody wanted a 2d game with a SOTN feel, and they told us 2d is expensive, then why do games like Hollow Knight and Cuphead exist? They are hand-drawn and Hollow Knight even made about 400k dollars and is a great 2d drawn game...

      anyways, i am at least happy the project is advancing and that we`re probably getting it this year

    15. Missing avatar


      I really wish the graphics had gone in another direction, but I see your team trying really hard to make what you have work in an interesting way. It's just that with games like SOTN and after there felt like a...story to the castle? It felt like you were getting to know the villain through the areas. I don't quite get that here. Or maybe that will be revealed during play? I wish I knew. It just feels very empty.

    16. Camerun Grant on

      So excited for this game, the delays were worth it. So happy you guys did not rush it out.

      I knew Iga wouldn't let us down.

    17. Mark on

      I am pleased with the progress. I hope Switch version will also look and feel great. I don’t like to see naked boobs in games, I guess it is made so the targeted audience can be happy. I don’t find it tasteful to look at Miriam, Bloodless and Vepar’s huge and somewhat naked breasts..what’s up with all these women and boobs in games? I prefer a male badass protagonist.

    18. Brent Taylor on

      I pay everything up-front before it's shipped, you would just change your address in Fangamer's system to where it goes. That's how it's laid out in my head.

      If your key is only digital, 505 or whoever else can't stop you/me from doing a transaction, and as stated, I'm giving you the money up-front. If you run with my goodwill, that's fine, it's a risk I'm assuming. This whole situation is about trust and faith, and that's what I'm extending here of my own.

    19. Missing avatar

      jph on

      No, your position has an undertone. Like in this case, you're assertion is that we unreasonable because you offered to buy our copies but we didn't accept. You ignore the very real logistical problems of actually doing so. You don't just wave a wand and it's taken care of. Digital keys can't be sold, and if it's physical who pays for shipping? How do you propose to pay for them? How do we protect ourselves when you claim it didn't arrive and chargeback? If we put on ebay at least there is a TOS and feedback, ways to protect ourselves and our investment. You're just some guy on the internet, a guy who likes to talk nice on one side, but paint us as unreasonable troublemakers on the other.

    20. Brent Taylor on

      As a matter of fact, I was just standing up for you 30 minutes ago.

    21. Brent Taylor on

      I'm a very public figure in the Bloodstained community (an administrator at the forum and other places). If I wouldn't follow through, you and the rest of the Linux/Mac users would be free to shame me. It's disappointing to hear you feel that way re: the potshots thing because I've done my best to shelter and facilitate you all the best I could and offer solutions and ideas to 505 and directly to ArtPlay. Even faced with your venom, I'm still offering this help. What I have to gain are copies of this game for giveaways.

    22. Missing avatar

      jph on

      @Brent Taylor, I don't trust you and I wouldn't sell you anything. I would rather delete or burn my copy than give you the satisfaction. For two months all you've done is claim neutrality while coming in and taking pot shots at us at every opportunity.

    23. Missing avatar

      Craig on

      I'm stilling seeing no significant improvement to the graphics. It still looks terrible.

    24. Brent Taylor on

      No one taking me up on buying the game form them then? :( man so many people that missed out want this.

      Fine, then. Keep your secrets (and claims that no one wants it).

    25. Missing avatar

      Jacob on

      The game looks better and better every time! The new lightning seems much better. Enemies doesn't look out of the level anymore ! Good Job :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Lilltiger on

      Onizuka E: If you have a platform to play it on, just like it would feel for people that actually would own the right type of car.
      But the platform is the expensive piece a lot more expensive then the game.

      And no, there probably wont be anyone that would pay premium for it, 505 them self thinks the game will sell so badly that they are refusing the refund.

    27. Missing avatar

      Onizuka E on

      Lilltiger: Like the analogy you used but it doesn't hold true for everyone.

      To some of us Bloodstained is the car and the platform to play it on is just a means to an end (rims). You feel just the opposite and that's fine but don't expect that everyone else ought to feel the same way you do.

      On the up side, it isn't for certain that this game won't ever run on these platforms and even if it won't there will be people out there who will pay a premium for the Kickstarter exclusive physical editions.

    28. Missing avatar

      Lilltiger on

      Mattias Berntson: And if you back a Kickstarter that would make rim's for your tires.. They promise to make them fit your tire dimension. More then half way through they change that and say that they will not make them for tires that fit your car. But you will get them for another car, so you can resell them, at a higher price! Or just get a new car that the rim's will fit to.. Or at lest you could rent a car and use it on that car..

      Does that sound just fine and dandy to you? Because it's exactly this BS they are doing.

    29. Mattias Berntson on

      1) Game's looking great!

      2) People throwing around the word "scam" without a base understanding of what it actually means are pretty sad.

      3) You can install Windows 10 (dual boot!) on any Linux or Mac, and you can even use it without a license (on a limited basis) so you can play the game and get rid of the extra OS when you're done... at no charge.

    30. Missing avatar

      Mickael Leduque on

      If it's so easy to resell, maybe someone @505 could create a marketplace for this.
      Not that I expect it to sell for near close the sum I pledged.
      If the fact that they couldn't manage to make linux/mac version speaks about their competence, the result probably won't be worth much anyaway

    31. Missing avatar

      Lilltiger on

      And if would be so easy to sell and you would get a higher profit from it, then why do not @
      Angel Corlux_505 Games reimburse us all personally and take our copies and sell them for good profit..

    32. Missing avatar

      José Tremblay Champagne on

      The visual update is a *major* improvement. I'm glad you guys listened and you did a great job.

      With that said, this might just be a personal preference, but I would go even bolder with the lighting contrast and make everything darker.

      I'm really looking forward to this.

    33. gunlocksp on

      @jph Good, we need to teach these people that screwing with consumers is not the way to go. Since they didn't provide any refund, instead it's "here we will give you this physical copy, now go sell it yourself". Like, what the heck? Have anyone sold you something you don't want or does not conform to your expectations, but instead of providing refunds, tells you, "why don't you go sell the item we sold you yourself and keep the cash?" Do you know how retarded that line sound?

    34. Missing avatar


      Looking very nice!

    35. Missing avatar

      jph on

      @Seiya We saw update #76. We are looking for where an end date for the Mac and Linux platform exchange was communicated, or even a warning that it was a limited time window. Since "window closed" is a thing, there must be a date set. Yet there isn't. Like most things with 505, pure fantasy, as real as the setting and characters from the game we supposedly kickstarted.

    36. Valeriy on

      Merry Christmas, IGA!

      "Did we do a good job?"
      No. You've scammed backers and ran off with Linux users' money.
      The game is still "Not Better Than Nothing".

    37. Stéphane Lemay on

      That comparison video to show the visual improvements might be the best I've seen of this type yet, very effective!

    38. Warren Yuen on

      Highly anticipated. Big thanks to your team.

    39. Missing avatar

      Christopher Florio on

      the game is really shaping up nicely from what we have been shown. I am looking forward to jumping into a new Igavania this summer.

    40. Missing avatar

      Seiya on

      @jph Check you email on Dec 27, 2018. I got the email on that date. Here is the text of the email:

      "In this update, we have a very important announcement to make. Bloodstained will no longer be supported on Mac and Linux. We have made this tough decision due to challenges of supporting middleware and online feature support and making sure we deliver on the rest of the scope for the game. We will be offering backers who planned to play the game on Mac and Linux the option to change the platform of their order. If you would like to change your platform, please send an email with your new platform request from the email address associated with your Kickstarter pledge. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and we hope for your understanding. "

    41. Rigel on

      Now the game looks perfect! You have done an amazing job. Thank you guys!

    42. Missing avatar

      Alexandre on

      @jph I'm sorry to hear I'm the highlight of your day, I hope you get better. I was merely trying to drive the discussion away from the Linux Mac drama but it's seemingly impossible. In other news, Question answered you in the main comments section that your request with Fangamer is still in progress, you didn't miss the window for requests.

    43. Missing avatar

      jph on

      @Alexandre It wasn't my question, it was Zpcielite's assertion, and there is no evidence any date was ever announced by update, post, or email for Mac and Linux backers. If you find that relevant info let us know. Thanks for your subtle passive aggressive defense of 505 though, I always look forward to your failed attempts at excusing their behavior. It's the highlight of my day.

    44. Missing avatar

      Alexandre on

      @jph "I'll take your word for it just because it's completely irrelevant" Sorry for answering your irrelevant question then.
      In any case, it was stated in the December update to email fangamer about the Linux Mac drama, 2-3 months later is getting a bit late. They probably didn't send an email because that would've confused the other 98% where it is not relevant to their situation. Good luck in your crusade, keep us updated.

    45. Missing avatar

      jph on

      @Zpcielite the date was not available because they never sent it to Steam backers. Anyone, please jump in if you have such an email. It's not a "shitty situation" it's shitty people, doing shitty things. And it's amazing to me because there's been multiple opportunities at each stage of this dumpster fire for them to mitigate what has happened. Even earn back some good will. But they continue to ignore it and screw everyone over at each and every opportunity.

    46. Paradoxigent on

      Fantastic update. Seeing the game shaping up so well with clear focus on details has made me confident in its success. Super inspiring work and progress <3

    47. Zpcielite on

      @jph It means the date was available somewhere at the very least. But again I’m sorry about what happened to you, I can’t lie and say it isn’t a shitty situation. They gave people a chance to try to make it a bit better. I don’t know where else we would find info on the end date other than through them and or a comment on prior updates regarding this fiasco.

    48. Missing avatar

      jph on

      FYI I just checked and I have no such email from fangamer, and I've had two exchanges with them after the cancellation. If anyone can provide clarity, I'd love to see it. No one here chose steam version?

    49. Zak Adelman on

      I don’t really even care about the money I spent on this scam, I just don’t want them to have my $28. Switching to a physical copy doesn’t fix that.