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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
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Surprise! Announcing Bloodstained's release window

Posted by Koji Igarashi (Creator)

The release window for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has been announced! Enjoy some brand-new footage and prepare for Summer 2019 in the Release Window Announce Trailer below:

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    1. Missing avatar

      Enigma_2099 just now

      What's your opinion of Konami suddenly announcing a new Castlevania collection to be released at about the same time? Ironic or spiteful? Feel free to choose both answers...

    2. LordKaiser on

      Hopefully all the problems where ironed out, including the whip don't hitting anything right in front unlike the other Castlevania games.

    3. Missing avatar

      Greg Guinard on

      Looks awesome. Cannot wait.

    4. Juan De Dios on

      Will we have more info about shipping packages soon?

    5. Missing avatar

      jph on


      When is the release date for the Mac and Linux versions? Are you still engaging in fraud by stealing your backers money under false pretenses? Thanks.

    6. Question_505 Collaborator on

      Please note that we have not provided any retailer with unit price or release date for the game. Sites such as Amazon will often put up a date and a price to try to capture presales and then figure out the price difference down the road. Any release date or price point should be taken with a lot of skepticism until confirmed from official channels.

    7. Missing avatar

      Kevin Morris on

      @ Revanity I was comparing the quality, not that the studio that was making it was a AAA studio. All I’m trying to convey is that this Kickstarter has turned me off of backing video games ever again. I may be in the minority here but I’m sure there are others like me that have been soured on Kickstarter through this experience. My minimum expectation was that backers would be taken care of first and best and they have dropped the ball since the release of Curse of the Moon. I know the game hasn’t been released yet but based on what has happened so far I have little hope that they can/will fulfill these expectations.

    8. Missing avatar

      Onizuka E on

      Agree with Brent that this won't be like MN9. The project has suffered some setbacks but IGA stepped up and did what he had to make this the best game possible. Bringing Way Forward on board is a great example.

      As far as treatment of backers goes, sure there's room for improvement but keep in mind that the game wasn't fully funded by the money they raised using this Kickstarter campaign so there's a lot riding on the commercial release of the game which means that pleasing backers isn't and can't be their only priority.

      My best advice is ignore the day to day noise on this board and replay some older CV titles instead. There's also lots of other great games to play. Looking forward to Sekiro myself which is coming out end of next month.

    9. Missing avatar

      revanity on

      @Kevin Morris
      Dude, I'm pretty sure you are using/understanding AAA/AA/Indie classifications wrong way. AAA simply means it's made by big ass developer/publisher with 100s employees and budget in tens of millions usd. Bloodstained was never gonna be AAA title and it was never going to sell for 60$ normal edition. That you expected that says quite a lot tbh.

    10. Brent Taylor on

      That Amazon listing is nothing official, and fairly obviously false from how the PS4 version costs $10 more than the others. The release date information also wouldn't be true.

      As far as value for price and content, we don't know what's in that retail copy of the game versus the backer copy yet. AAA quality also doesn't really denote good things to me, at least not by default. The largest budget games seem to have the largest problems.

      Anyway, no this won't be Mn9. The quality of even its demos were better, and it delivers all and more than I expected. I'd place bets with people if there was a metric to use.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kevin Morris on

      @ Onizuka E I am not just complaining about the price but the way the backers have been treated. When I invested my money in this game it showed them that I believed that they could produce a AAA quality game. I feel disrespected when people who didn’t give them money get the same treatment (or sometimes better in the case of Curse of the Moon) as someone who did. This price point thing was just one more to add to the pile. They could have released it at $60 and lowered it a month later and I wouldn’t have cared. That happens all the time. $40 makes me think it’s not going to be AAA. If this is how backers are treated I might as well not invest and just wait for the game to come out. Or not

    12. Missing avatar

      Onizuka E on

      @ Kevin Morris,

      That's certainly a possibility but what matters most, at least to me, is that the game we'll get will be fun to play for a long time to come. Unlike MN9, I think Bloodstained will be that type of game and judging from the marketing prowess put forward by 505 I think it's not unreasonable to assume we'll get a sequel.

      As far as pricing is concerned, we all know that most games will eventually go for $20 or less at some point. Buying a game on KS is not the way to go if your goal is to save money but it's a great way to support the game creators and snag some neat extras if you're willing to pay for them.

      And if for whatever reason I'm wrong and the game stinks, we still have Nier Automata to fall back to; which is essentially a current-gen version of SotN.

      Whether or not you view the glass as half full or half empty is essentially up to you to decide.

    13. Missing avatar

      Kevin Morris on

      With the recent announcement of the MSRP for this game, I think this Kickstarter is going to be comparable to the Mighty #9. I would not be surprised if you see this game on store shelves before backers get codes or physical deliveries.

    14. Brent Taylor on

      William, yeah as Angel says below, there was a window of time to update your platform choice when that happened and the window has now passed. There was indeed a survey, the same one you would have filled out originally in 2015 with Fangamer. Details on all that would have been in the relevant updates. Maybe you did change it and forgot?

      If you need a link to look at your survey, you can use this:

    15. Missing avatar

      William T Akers Jr on

      Since I backed for a Vita version and that got cancelled, It looks like it defaults that backing to PC? Is there a survey or soemthing for me to choose another console? I was under the impression we'de get to pick our replacements.

    16. BloodFrost on

      Damn, you want some cheese with all that whine @Simone Belmont?

      You sound like one of those bitter people that are never happy about anything unless you are bitching about something.

      Go back to playing on your Retro NES and SNES

    17. Angel Corlux_505 Games Collaborator on

      Brent's correct, thanks Brent! (been a long week...)

    18. Brent Taylor on

      I believe actually that Wii U orders automatically rolled over to the Switch version, but someone who never updated their survey at all (2015-2018) or initially chose the Vita version, those default to PC.

    19. Angel Corlux_505 Games Collaborator on

      Hi Seong,

      We did offer refunds and platform changes in the past, but we had to have specific windows of time for these offers which have now ended. If you were one of the backers on the affected platforms and did not request a refund or platform change, then your copy by default was changed to a PC version of the game.

    20. Seong on

      @Angel Corlux_505 Games
      On the previous update, there were lots of concerns regarding not getting the game on Wii U, Linux/Mac, and Vita. Now as I understand it, backers are allowed to still change the platform of their choosing(?), but there are also backers who probably chose the platforms mentioned above and they are in position where they can't really get another platform.

      Now I myself is not part of these backers, but I still would like to know how will you guys address these concerns? Can/Will you guys be offering possible refund for them?

    21. Angel Corlux_505 Games Collaborator on

      Hi Simon,

      I regret if your dissatisfied with what you see in the trailer, but I would recommend you try the game before judging it to not be to your liking.

      And we always listen to fan feedback and forward every single piece of feedback to Iga and the ArtPlay team, but at the end of the day, it's Iga and the dev team making the game, not any single individual backer. That just wouldn't be feasible.

      To not see the changes you requested being implemented and then taking that to mean we don't care about your opinion or we "took your money and ran with it" seems like a very unreasonable reaction. Hope you give the game a try and come around to enjoying the rest of the game even if your specific requests may or may not have made it in, thanks.

    22. Missing avatar

      Simon Belmont on

      Man this trailer has a lot of features that I hate from the demo. We get a release window instead of release date. The god-awful whip controls remain intact and unchanged. The uninspired shard ability (blowing flames from your hand angling it up and down)doesn't look like fun. Miriam's movement animation still looks like she is stuck in molasses. The backgrounds look dull (especially that lava stage). To be honest, I'm not looking forward to the release date based on this trailer. I guess this really isn't a surprise considering that I also did not like either demo released in the past. Looks like none of the changes I wanted made it into the game. Oh well, I guess my opinion doesn't mean jack to this project. They took my money and ran with it. I'll burn in hell before I'll back a Bloodstained 2 or equivalent project.

    23. Angel Corlux_505 Games Collaborator on

      Hi CabbageSnake,

      There won't be official support for modding at launch, but modding has proven possible already by some creative and industrious fans.

      As a modder myself, I'm happy to say we will support the modding community as much as we can, unless it's something that poses a legal problem or damages the Bloodstained brand / community.

      If the game is as big of a success as we all hope, modding may even become a bigger focus for us ;)

    24. Missing avatar

      CabbageSnake on

      @Angel Corlux_505 Games

      Will the game be moddable? or at least having the ability to swap out textures and add/change lighting. While I like the look, I have to agree that textures, and some of the rendering pales in comparison to the artwork that was originally presented.

      While I get that the concept is just that, it would be nice to allow people who want to change it, to have the ability to do so.

    25. Angel Corlux_505 Games Collaborator on

      Hi Hitokiri - I've seen similar complaints from others as well, but the announcement here was posted immediately after the Nintendo Direct. Exclusivity for the announcement is a core condition of participating in such events, and they're very important opportunities that have a significant contribution to the success of the game.

      Now that the marketing campaign for the game has started, you should expect KS updates to serve as recaps of what happened during the month and updates on the dev team. There will be one-off updates like this one, but KS won't be the first place that new marketing materials or announcements will be released, although sometimes it will be simultaneous.

      We value our KS backers, but we also have a higher obligation to guarantee the game is as big of a success as possible, which in turn is in service of the backers as well, as more success means a higher chance of future Bloodstained content / sequels etc.

      Hopefully everyone agrees that is more important than everything being posted first to KS.

    26. Hitokiri_Ace on

      Boy was I confused.. seeing newer info on the Nintendo Direct than I'm privy to here as a backer.

      If that isn't a kick in the teeth, I don't know what is.
      Still looking forward to the game, but man.. that's just rude to the supporters here.

    27. Morgan Seaberg on

      @Radon I understand where you're coming from, but I think between the backer vote for the graphics and the devs' desire to keep the game looking similar between the Switch and PC and everything else, I'd say we might see some fine tuning, but otherwise this is probably the final look. I'd be willing to bet that the PC community will make some mod or tweak for the lighting though, they seem to do it for every other game.

    28. Missing avatar

      Craig on



    29. Radon on

      The very basic lighting (every aspect of a scene is nearly lit identically) and the low-res-textures are still something I clearly dislike; they aren´t on par with the artwork. If it doesn´t get an overhaul till release, I hope it get´s one afterwards.

    30. Missing avatar

      Craig on

      You know how this would have be actually surprising? If you told us, the people who made this game possible in the first place, before you told all the people who watch Nintendo Directs. But your priority is making money, not delivering on your promise to backers.

    31. Missing avatar

      Devin R. Lowe on

      @Kyle Who knows? Probably because it's NOT the biggest surprise?

    32. AnonTheMouse on

      So happy to see this trailer, if for no other reason than that it means all the naysayers who've been calling this project vaporware and making jokes about it releasing on the PS7, or in 2025, and other such nonsense...well, they're all going to have to shut up now.

      Congratulations on getting featured in a Nintendo Direct. That's HUGE!

    33. Brent Taylor on


      Hey I know what you mean man, I'm always nervous about seeing too much myself, but the way I see the "invert" ability, it isn't so bad. It's not really a reveal of "the inverted castle" so much as just a movement/progression ability she will have in the game, like Shanoa's Magnes. It's a great reference to SotN anyway and that itself can be a spoiler to many perhaps, but it's definitely not a reveal of like "another castle" or per se the big twist of the game - and to add to the whole thing, it's been said we don't know everything behind what it means/does yet.

      All that being said, it may be wise to shut yourself out now until the game arrives so that risk is minimized. I'd like to do that myself but I really can't and shouldn't because of how involved I am in the community of things lol. That said, still though, I really trust Iga to not show too much. That has been a big part of the reason for the trickle of information all along so far, and even to market the game I expect it won't be overmuch. They know and understand that the wonder of discovery is a huge part of the enjoyment in these games.

    34. Missing avatar

      Kyle Pritchett on

      Watching this trailer was bittersweet. It looks AMAZING -- and seeing Andrealphus (or his long lost twin?) in 3D was awesome!... but I must admit, I had one issue.

      Seeing Miriam use that gravity flip is a HUGE spoiler to me, as a long time Castlevania fan. It basically gave away that I'll be able to play the world a second time, upside-down. Why not leave what is likely the biggest surprise in the game a secret? Maybe no one else feels this way, but it actually left me more frustrated than excited. I'm just hopeful there's somehow something just as game-changing that I don't know about.

      Again, it looks incredible, and I'm happy it's coming in Summer. Keep up the good work.

    35. Angel Corlux_505 Games Collaborator on

      @John Michalski

      We still have a lot to show and reveal...




    36. Missing avatar

      John Michalski on

      I hope they fix the helmet hair because it's distracting.

    37. Brent Taylor on

      I'm impressed Valeriy is keeping with the Epic store thing. Kudos on sticking to your guns there.

    38. Daniel Jewell on

      Looking sweet, can't wait to sink my fangs into this one.

    39. Missing avatar

      Lilltiger on

      Give me my money back or provide what you promised, else you are committing fraud!

    40. BloodFrost on

      Lotta farking bitchers and whiners coming outa the woodwork. They need to go back to Fortnite and stay there methinks

    41. BloodFrost on

      Starcaft II soldier "Hell....its about god damn time"

    42. Valeriy on

      "Only On Epic Store"

    43. Emerosky on

      What can i not really happy with its result on the graphics department.
      Movements are fluid and looking great, but there is something on the way everything feels almost weightless.

      What really dont like are the backgrounds. idk....they look like the backgrounds you obtain after lowering your configuration setting to low so you dont have problems with the FPS.

      the nail on the coffin is that currency in my country dropped to 1/4th of its value in these 3 years, so after customs tax i spending almost 7000ars on this..... (thats an equivalent of almost three AAA games on steam for comparison puposes...)

    44. Missing avatar

      -DarkWing- on

      @Allan Meeks

      Yea i just said it was strange, anyway i do hope they give us more info this month. Anyway as i've said multiple times, i really hope the game is good.

    45. Allan Meeks on

      I kinda agree that not being updated before the ND was kinda a dick move, but that is kinda irrelevant at this point. I still say that I Love the art design for the game. It looks so crazy over the top.

    46. Angel Corlux_505 Games Collaborator on

      Bloodstained doesn't have a AAA budget.

    47. Missing avatar

      -DarkWing- on


      Um, well, that depends, i bet the budget was max 10 million (my reasoning for this is that iga was asking 10% of the amount that the publisher was going to put, but after smashing the original goal i bet they just gave them the same amount anyway with the extra funds going for the extra features). Yet the budget for AAA games depends on what you consider AAA, like bayonetta 2 needed 800k copies onf the wii u to be profitable, at 60 USD that's around 4.8kk USD, if you consider that 60 USD is pretty much retail price (with revenue for the retailer) and that it also had to cover the cost of porting bayonetta 1, I bet that the cost of making that one was below 3 million USD, bayonetta 2 is a AAA game. There is also more extreme cases (nintendo for instance) where ridiculously low amounts of copies were required to break even on some of their AAA titles. So while i'm not saying that this project had a budget a kin to that of games like destiny, it had a AAA budget.

    48. Claudio Mengoli on

      Hello everyone, I had participated in the Kickstarter campaign by paying $ 150 - DARK GRIMOIRE - A softcover art book, plus everything included with the $ 100 tier Nintendo WiiU and then was canceled and I had made a request for the version Switch months ago.
      Could I please know, if my copy was converted or not?
      Thank you in advance for your reply.

    49. Jussi Myllyluoma

      Let's not feed the troll..