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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
64,867 backers pledged $5,545,991 to help bring this project to life.

Development Update - Crafting Shards and Squashing Bugs

Posted by Koji Igarashi (Creator)

January has almost come to a close, so it's time for an updated look at the team's progress! Here's the latest from IGA: 

Hello everyone! IGA here.

We would like to talk about the shard-crafting system. We’ve discussed the crafting element of Bloodstained in the past, and I’m sure everyone knows about item crafting and the shard rank-up system from the Beta Backer Demo. 

However, in addition to all those… you can actually create new shards from crafting! 

Let's begin with an example. Riga Storaema is a Conjure Shard — these were formerly known as Trigger Shards — that conjures fire columns. 

Rigo Storaema
Rigo Storaema

If you upgrade this shard, you’ll be able to create a new Directional Shard called Riga Dohin. 

Using an existing shard and materials to create a new shard. (You can keep your old one, too!)
Using an existing shard and materials to create a new shard. (You can keep your old one, too!)

(As a side note, the Riga Storaema shard you used as a base will not disappear after you’ve created a new shard; instead, the item used with the shard will disappear. In other words, the item acts as a catalyst to create a newly enhanced ability from the existing ability. So you get to use your favorite shard to create new ones without losing it. I think it's a pretty good deal!)

Voila! Riga Dohin.
Voila! Riga Dohin.

Our current phase of development has been fixing bugs, bugs, and bugs... There was a particular bug that caused lighting to weigh heavily on system resources which is now gone. With that solved, we can now be more flexible with lighting, which we’re improving on a daily basis. We’re all working hard to deliver a solid game to everyone.

We're still going strong. Thank you for your support!




















Have some fanart you'd like to see featured in a future Bloodstained backer update? Tag it #IGAVANIA or #bloodstained on your platform of choice and we'll do our best to find it! 

Rock Cr
Rock Cr

Hey, all!

We hope you are excited for this reveal of shard crafting. Being able to gather the materials and develop additional shards (without losing your existing ones) will add greatly to your arsenal.

Between item crafting, upgrading shards and now being able to craft new shards (and upgrading those too), you’ll be able to choose the loadout that is just right for you and the enemies you’ll be facing. Managing your weapons, items and shards will be important as you get deeper into the game.

The screenshots above are from the current build of the game. This is just a small taste of some of the visual work that has been happening behind the scenes over the last few months. We will delve into the visual changes in a future development update. 

We appreciate your patience as the teams from Artplay, WayForward and DICO are continuing their work on the game and we march towards our 2019 launch.

Jason Ryan, a.k.a. “Question”

Sr Community Manager – 505 Games












505 Games Sr コミュニティマネージャー

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    1. Angel Corlux_505 Games Collaborator on

      Hi Claudio, please reach out to with your question, they'll be able to check for you, thanks.

    2. Claudio Mengoli on

      Hello everyone, I had participated in the Kickstarter campaign by paying $ 150 - DARK GRIMOIRE - A softcover art book, plus everything included with the $ 100 tier Nintendo WiiU and then was canceled and I had made a request for the version Switch months ago.
      Could I please know, if my copy was converted or not?
      Thank you in advance for your reply.

    3. Seong on

      I misspoke; That's what I meant. Thanks for the correction. But I still stand by rest of my arguments

    4. Valeriy on

      Still want a refund. Otherwise it is a scam and I WILL make sure everyone knows about this "shrewd" move.

    5. Missing avatar

      Lilltiger on

      As yet another Linux backer I am not at all excited, I just want my money back.

    6. Silver Dragon on

      I still do not understand what prevents the release of the game for PS Vita through a digital store?
      Look, there are a lot of Linux users. I am surprised.

    7. Missing avatar

      Craig on

      Hey Bloodstained team, just wanted to remind you all of how disappointed in you I am. Can't wait to see what you muck up next.

    8. Missing avatar

      Mr-Sven on

      "Wii U: Because Switch is more popular "

      No. Because they were short-sighted and under-estimated how long this would take. That was *them*, not responding to market conditions. If you go back, they said the Wii U was popular when they launched this project and that was why it was listed as a platform. Don't even.

    9. Missing avatar

      Chubango on

      As a Linux user, I'll be unable to play the game I backed. I want a refund. Weaseling your way out of this with vague assurances that you tried your best without actually providing details goes against Kickstarter's TOS.

    10. Missing avatar

      Christopher Florio on

      Well that one room looks pretty. I would love to see a video though. Also a good way to see who only wants a refund b/c of impatience or spite would be to check who claimed any of the windows betas or other codes. Well it has been almost 4 years and 200 dollars means allot less to me now so maybe i am just not the one to empathize. Anyway i hope to be playing a great game sometime this year.

    11. Stephan Sokolow on

      @Jimtendo32 You'll have to be more specific about what you're WTFing if you want a meaningful response.

    12. Jimtendo32 on

      @Stephan Sokolow -

    13. Jimtendo32 on

      BADASS! Team Iga ❤ and 505 ❤

    14. Stephan Sokolow on

      ...and yes, before anyone jumps on it, I am well aware of the difference between the various companies involved in this project.

      I give 505 as the company that I'm seeking to penaiize and which I'd take to court if I had the money, because they've been responsible for backer interaction since the problem started and the alternative would be to go to Japan and sue IGA and co., which is significantly less plausible than going to California to sue 505's nearest office.

    15. Stephan Sokolow on

      @Silver Dragon

      "Before you write something - think twice."

      That's a bit of a patronizing thing to say, to be honest. My position is *very* well-considered and the whole reason I'm willing to waste a ton of my time to penalize 505 Games and co. for breaking their promise is because I see it as my civic duty to ensure that companies will think twice before promising things, either in ignorance or in bad faith, and then not making good for their inability or refusal to deliver on them.

      "The fact that the game was canceled on Vita, Mac and Linux, I was also very upset. I perfectly understand those who donated their money for these versions and now - a refund at best. But the crowdfunding system is so arranged. Money passed - we sit and wait for the result. There is no guarantee that we will get anything at all."

      Kickstarter's Terms of Service specifically say that, if they cannot refund, they must explain IN DETAIL what went wrong and how they plan to salvage the situation. If Kickstarter hadn't made their own name mud by now by not bothering to do anything about ToS violations once they'd received their cut, this project would be in hot water with them.

      Vague "middleware problems" most definitely does not meet the detail requirement for what went wrong, let alone the detail requirement for how they plan to salvage things.

      Likewise, if I had the money to fly to a jursidiction where they have a business presence and make a superior court case of it, 505 would lose, because their claim is equivalent to "We've put all our liabilities in one entity (the Kickstarter campaign), which can't afford to refund you, and we've still got money to continue developing this project" which is an old trick to try to shirk one's debts that the courts don't look kindly on. (They'd be forced to either refund me out of whatever they're using to pay their employees, or by selling off the assets produced in the Bloodstained project and then refunding me from the proceeds of that.)

      I've already removed all 505-published things I had on my watchlists (eg. ABZÛ on GOG) and blacklisted them from future purchases.

    16. Missing avatar

      Onizuka E on

      Shard-crafting looks interesting. Also please continue improving on the game's visuals even if it takes a little longer. Still want this game to be the best it can be.

    17. Michael Stanley Clark on

      But when is the expected release window. I'm getting rather frustrated with these pointless updates. I want to know when I can expect to get my game. It seems more like you're adding too much stuff and eventually you're gonna have bitten off more than you can chew. Your eyes are getting bigger than your stomach here.

    18. Missing avatar

      Ian Nelson on

      At this point the only update I care about is a release date or at the very least a release window. I wasn't concerned about the initial delays, but the ongoing evasiveness to questions about the release date is getting old and frustrating

    19. Missing avatar

      Ian Nelson on

      At this point the only update I care about is a release date or at the very least a release window. I wasn't concerned about the initial delays, but the ongoing evasiveness to questions about the release date is getting old and frustrating

    20. Missing avatar

      Marc on

      I'm quite disapointed with the drop of Linux and Mac support. I won't be able to play the game as a result but I still want to support you guys.
      I hope that someday you'll realise it's easier than ever to compile UE games for Mac and Linux so please reconsider and feel free to ask for help in the Epic forum if needed.

    21. James Sunderland on

      Unless they decide to drop M&K, but they're good boys who'd never betray backer trust by dumping Mac/Linux users without recompense... oh wait.

    22. Brent Taylor on

      David Heremans, the beta demo was hardly the reveal of the shard system. I think that's been known about for quite a long time now. The main game will support M&K.

      It was probably 1 or 0 platforms for that thing. Releasing it for all of them would have taken exponentially more time and made the collection and implementation of feedback very muddy.

    23. Seong on

      I kinda have to agree with everyone else here; If you aren't going to release a game on the platform of choosing, the least you could do is give refund. You guys are basically pulling Blizzard's "Do you guys not have phones?" right now. Everyone has a preferred platform they want to play on or can't afford to purchase another.

      You guys stated in the past that the reason why Vita, Wii U, and Linux support was
      Wii U: Because Switch is more popular
      Vita: Because Sony discontinued support for the Vita
      Mac/Linux: Because challenges of middleware

      1. Whose fault was it to market the game to be on those platform
      2. Whose fault is it when the game takes forever to make (which is natural) and Wii U/Vita are no longer popular?

      Especially for question 2, you guys should've never announced release for those platforms. I am not blaming you guys for taking time to make a game; However, if the game does take time to make, wouldn't been wise to market support for platforms that will last just as long? Correct me if I'm wrong, but by the time the KS campaign started, weren't those two already dying platforms?

      Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if you guys dropped support for PS4 and XBO in the next few years if/when new generation of consoles is brought to the world.

    24. Missing avatar

      Gooky on

      And still no word rectifying the non-working CotM codes...

    25. Silver Dragon on

      The fact that the game was canceled on Vita, Mac and Linux, I was also very upset. I perfectly understand those who donated their money for these versions and now - a refund at best. But the crowdfunding system is so arranged. Money passed - we sit and wait for the result. There is no guarantee that we will get anything at all. Mighty number 9 remember? What was promised at the fundraising stage? What was the result? And how many projects that raised money - in general, did not come out?

    26. Silver Dragon on

      @Stephan Sokolow
      You have a Russian surname, and I decided that you and I speak the same language.
      I was wrong.

    27. Silver Dragon on

      @David Heremans
      I didn't want to hurt or offend anyone. Just Stephan Sokolow is most likely a Russian speaker like me. I tried to explain to him in his accessible language that:
      "Before you write something - think twice."

    28. Missing avatar

      Lukas Daniel Klausner

      With all due respect (very little at this point), you promised Linux; I backed based on that promise. I want my money back now, thanks.

    29. Stephan Sokolow on

      Believe what you will. It's clear I won't be having a productive conversation with you.

      As I've said in previous comments:

      1. I backed this specifically to incentivize development of native Linux games. That they'd accept my money under those circumstances, then cancel the Linux offering without offering a refund option is an insult to put it politely. (And the associated lack of accountability is one of the reasons I don't back projects anymore.)

      2. The only supported platform I own is Linux. The newest Windows version I'm licensed to use is Windows XP, the newest consoles I have are an original Wii and an original/fat Nintendo DS, and I'm not going to pirate Windows or pay for a whole new platform for one game.

      @Silver Dragon
      Sorry, I don't read Cyrillic. It was my grandparents who came over to Canada from the Soviet Union.

    30. Missing avatar

      David Heremans on

      I like how Iga assumes that all the backers know about the shard system from the Beta Backer Demo. Simply ignoring the fact that only the Window users actually got to experience the demo. (Sorry original Linux/Mac/XB1/PS4/Wii U/Vita backers)
      And that is assuming of course that you are not one of the majority of PC players who use keyboard+mouse as input, because they sabotaged the second demo so that those PC owners couldn't play it anyway...
      (Valve claims to have 125 million accounts and 30 million of them registered a controller, so at max 24% of steam user could have played the demo)

    31. Missing avatar

      David Heremans on

      @Silver Dragon
      Het zou leuk zijn als je iets schrijft in een taal die iedereen op dit forum verstaat. Zoals, ik zeg maar iets, Engels of zo. Google translate inschakelen is is vervelend voor iedereen.

    32. Silver Dragon on

      @Stephan Sokolow
      Прежде чем что-то написать - дважды подумай.

    33. Angel Corlux_505 Games Collaborator on

      @AJ the Dragon - No, Inti Creates has not been working on Bloodstained: ROTN for a while now. They were, however, responsible for developing and publishing Curse of the Moon.

    34. AJ the Dragon of Dojima on

      You said Artplay, Wayforward, and DICO. Are Inti Creates still involved with this game?

    35. Fire-Dragon-DoL on

      OMG forgive me, this comment was meant for another kickstarter campaign, please ignore it!

    36. Fire-Dragon-DoL on

      On the campaign, estimated delivery is April 2017.
      It's been funded at May 2016.

      I love your miniatures, but 2 years delay is a lot.

      And no one playtested the expansions, because if you did, you'd see how BROKEN the game becomes. To the point is unplayable and completely random.

      I "cheated" by doing various stuff, and I still keep losing, because of randomness. Completely out of control. It wasn't this bad without expansions.

    37. Missing avatar

      David Heremans on

      @enigma_2099, You mean that the affected people should simply fork out a few hundred dollars to get that other platform first so that they can switch over ?

      Stephan Sokolow and many more are upset because 505 now simply took the money and offers no refund nor anything in return that they can use. It is like a book shop that tells you that they can no longer offer the promised English book and will not refund you, but here is that same book in Chinese even while they know that you don't read Chinese...

    38. Missing avatar

      Enigma_2099 on

      @Stephan Sokolow
      I can't fault anyone for being upset over delays. It's a highly anticipated game. But to go out of your way to just be an annoyance to them because you can no longer get the game on your console of choice, despite the fact that it was made entirely possible to choose another platform to receive it on, therefore STILL being able to obtain the game... now that's an epic level of childish trolling, my dude.

    39. Logan on

      I feel as though lighting is going to be critical for this type of game. Definitely keep working towards perfecting that. I'd rather wait for a stellar game that actually competes with Castlevania than something rushed and unpolished

    40. Missing avatar

      AcidicReaver on

      Stephan Sokolow

      you're a fuckin idiot.

    41. Stephan Sokolow on

      The last few weeks have been a mess (I'm still getting over a nasty cold), but I still intend to blog a tutorial on how to report 505 Games and Kickstarter to the FTC, the Better Business Bureau, and any other organization I can think of which could pose an annoyance to them in exchange for conspiring to allow the breakage of the Kickstater "reward AS DESCRIBED or a DETAILED accounting of what went wrong" ToS.

      Even if we can't collect on it, it'd still be nice to get at least a small claims court ruling against 505 so it can be cited on Wikipedia to counterbalance that 2015 Best Indie Games Label award.

    42. Mercurius FM on

      Lighting looks much better. Excited to play. Thanks to all the staff involved.

    43. O.F. on

      I'm excited for the finished product, but I must say the lighting looks a bit strange on those screens, with all that blue around the orange fires and all that orange on the sides ...

    44. Valeriy on

      Merry Christmas, IGA!
      ArtPlay, 505 Games and you personally are scammers who stole backers' money.
      I will remember this.

    45. Andrew Easler on

      Thank you. This looks like it's coming along well. Keep up the good work.

    46. Eltanin on

      I can immediately notice the lighting improvements. I'm happy, it looks very good!

    47. Michael on

      Updates are great, keep it up! I truly cannot wait for this game, aim for a perfect release. Also a question 2019 is the release any other information on possibly which Quarter?

    48. James Sunderland on

      No Linux, no video no release date. Wow, they fixed a lighting bug with less than ten months out. Way to blow it out of the park.

    49. Missing avatar

      _ on

      @AnonTheMouse @ElOhTeeBee Mac & Linux backers should get refunds. Sure sometimes unexpected complications come up (although in this case "unexpected complications" is just poor planning since the Mac & Linux platforms have not substantially changed since the project started), but the developer should not expect to keep the money of people who now won't get to play the game.