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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
64,867 backers pledged $5,545,991 to help bring this project to life.

Development Update - The Killer Barber and More Progress

Posted by Koji Igarashi (Creator)

We've got some development updates for you—along with an extremely mood-lit look at IGA's Halloween costume—so let's get right to it!

Happy Halloween! IGA here. I am delivering this message to you exactly as you see me here in the photo. 

By the way, I got all this in Akihabara.

This time we would like to introduce a new enemy. This is Killer Barber, the murderous hairdresser. Well... the name really speaks for itself. He uses his scissor arms to climb across the ceiling and swiftly attack towards the player. This character can also—well, I should leave it at that for now.

Our staff has been working on placing enemies based on difficulty level. 

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Replay with sound
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When I see the Nightmare Mode enemy placements, I always wonder if it's okay to make a game this difficult. I’ve worked on enemy placement in games before, so I understand that the person making those decisions becomes more and more immune to difficulty level over time. I think that’s what’s happening to the team now—they’re getting a little vicious with it…

We've also been working on the models—we've been meticulously adjusting each character. In particular, we're focused on facial features. Gebel is looking more and more handsome these days...

Before and After
Before and After

Every day we fight through the challenges of development, but we know we're working to create a game worthy of reaching everyone's hands. Thank you for your continued support. 

Been working diligently through Inktober? Hoping to find yourself in a future fanart spotlight? Tag your art #bloodstained or #igavania on your platform of choice and we'll find it! (If you need a prompt... check out that updated Gebel.) 


 Happy Halloween, Army of the Night!

We hope all of you have some fun Halloween plans for the coming weekend (because it’s weird to celebrate Halloween on the first weekend of November). As you can imagine, Halloween is one of our favorite times of year. I am getting out my own favorite costume for this year’s company Halloween party.

"You've got red on you."
"You've got red on you."

 We hope that today’s updates are as exciting for you as they are for us! The Killer Barber is a particularly nasty enemy. He doesn’t politely walk towards you, he quickly climbs around the walls and ceiling to attack from various angles. Weapon and shard choices really begin to matter when facing these more complex foes. I haven’t had the pleasure of fighting him in the game yet, but he’s going to be a fun one.

The before and after of Gebel is a small taste of the visual updates that have been happening behind the scenes.

We know everyone is waiting to see a more comprehensive view of the game’s visual improvements. A lot of that work is still in progress and not ready to be revealed. We are going to wait until the look of the game is mostly locked before we share.

The same applies for our release date. The number one question right now is “When?” and the second most popular is “approximately when?”. Until we hit certain internal development milestones we are not going to discuss the release date because there are still variables; we do not want to give out a date and then change it. Even saying Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter or 1st/2nd/3rd/4th quarter would result in confusion if we had to release slightly later or earlier than announced, or at the start or end of one of those cycles. We do have a target date internally that we feel confident about, but until we can nail it down, we will wait to reveal it.

I want to thank all of our backers and fans for your patience as work progresses on the game. The final game is going to be worth it.

Jason Ryan, a.k.a. “Question”

Sr Community Manager – 505 Games

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    1. Missing avatar

      Fred Sandoval on

      I sincerely hope that the team grasps what led to the evolution to this point.…

    2. Missing avatar

      Fred Sandoval on

      I sincerely hope that the team grasps what led to the evolution to this point.…

    3. Missing avatar

      Fred Sandoval on

      I sincerely hope that the team grasps what led to the evolution to this point.…

    4. Erick Noe Amezquita Lucio on

      I actually like you guys taking your time. But I certainly expect also that with more time more quality is put into it. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

    5. ARM X Author on

      Very nice! I like what I'm hearing in this update. I wasn't even expecting the change in character models, as I was more concerned with lighting/textures in places, but the model shown does indeed look a whole lot better. The barber design is very interesting and creative as well. It was also neat to see a behind-the-scenes look at some hands-on computer work. Keep up the great work. I appreciate the care you're all putting in!

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Wakefield on

      I absolutely LOVE the direction of the design of Gebel there. It's a lot more like Symnphony of the night in a way, and looks less janky and more artistically pleasing. Great job!!!

      Also, yassssssss on the nightmare mode stuff. I love me some vicious gameplay.

    7. Brent Taylor on

      Thanks Leon, but Don might be talking about Australia Switch codes, which have taken Inti Creates a long time to sort out for the backers. I'm not myself sure if those have finally gone out or not. It's regardless between Inti Creates and Nintendo, and contacting the former directly is the best way to check on status of it. They don't have a rep for posts here.

      If he just missed the earlier emails and can't find his code, then yeah, easily sorted.

    8. Leon (SHANTAE & MN9 Brought Me) on

      @Don please watch your choice of words...
      Brent has helped me in this matter if you would be so kind as to just read two post below this one..he makes it quite simple to retrieve your code

    9. Missing avatar

      Don Foster on

      Where the fuck are our download codes for curse of the moon?

    10. Leon (SHANTAE & MN9 Brought Me) on

      @Brent Taylor
      Thank you so much that was so easy to do! Not sure how you did it but your a magic worker ^^ yay can’t wait to play now -downloading now-

      Thank you as well for trying to help me ^^ u guys are the best two people beat the devs at responding is beyond cool to me love you guys stay awesome and can’t wait for our main game as well ^^

    11. Brent Taylor on

      @Leon, you can use this tool to have your survey link emailed to you which is where the download codes are for Curse of the Moon and the demo:

      No need to contact Fangamer about anything, and this is only if you can't find any of your other emails from them (any of the "Response Needed" or "Order Confirmation" emails from "Fangamer Mailroom" have this link in them).

    12. James Sunderland on


      Glad to see I'm not the only one without blinders on, pointing to some survey doesn't make getting an ETA any less valid or important, but their CM seems to disagree.

    13. Kaptastr0phe on

      Definitely my last kickstarter backing for anything. Zero transparency, non-answers about release. I understand delays, I understand wanting a better product. But pushing something back doesn't make it better, nor does polish always help. To everyone defending this with "I'd rather have a good but delayed game than a rushed turd, SOTN took 5 years to make!" Duke Nukem Forever took 13 years to make.....It was garbage. Give us a set date.

    14. Vito "Vitoner" Lanci on

      @Leon (SHANTAE & MN9 Brought Me)
      You should have received an email from fangamer with a link to the backer survey. In that same page you'll have access to your B:COTM code. You can't access that page without the link, so if you haven't received the email yet, contact fangamer using the address in this page:

    15. Leon (SHANTAE & MN9 Brought Me) on

      Can someone help me? I can’t dind my curse of the moon code did they email them or what? :) id really like to play before the main game comes out

    16. James Sunderland on


      You may be a zen monk who can wait another five years, but some people actually believe that there should be accountibility and clarity to backers. Give a date and I'll shut up unless they miss it, and even then, only if they don't correct with a reason why. Keep applauding their bullshit all you want though, and I'll keep calling them on it.

    17. Missing avatar

      Nate Mc on

      Everything you guys are doing is great! I'm sorry if not everyone is patient, but this isn't just some game made by some random person who is just starting out. This is Iga, and his dedication and expertise has shown quite a bit through the years with many games we know and love. None of those games were "made in a day" as some hurry rush job. They took time and care to make them into the amazing games they are.

      Being impatient is not going to make the project move faster. It doesn't help anyone by bad mouthing and yelling at the devs to hurry up. There are many many games out there that have taken much longer and more time than has been put into this that you had to wait for, so you can wait a little longer for this to be made correctly. I can wait another 5 years if need be, just so long as it is done right.

      The demo was good, the controls were good, the art and areas were fantastic, the balance does need some work (mostly in the alchemy department), but otherwise it is a great game that's still taking leaps and bounds with every step they take. Plus, we are given monthly updates so we aren't left in the dark about progress.

      So if no one else will agree with me, then I'll stand alone saying this project is doing just fine at the pace it is going, and keep up the great work!

    18. Missing avatar

      Simon Belmont on

      This entire project is in horrible condition (based on the most recent "demo" released to us). Iga needs approximately 5 more years to turn this into a great game. If this game is released in the year 2019 it will not be received well by video game journalists/critics/Igavania fans/etc......etc......

    19. James Sunderland on

      Let me translate that with the concrete info bacekers have. It's coming, but we can't say when, except that it's between January 1 2019 and December 30 2019 and we won't let you know any further even though the survey has a majority of respondants wanting a release window.

    20. Angel Corlux_505 Games Collaborator on

      @Ronald - haha now that's how you lament the game not being out, well done heh. Jokes aside though, I know it's hard to wait for something you're excited about, but it's coming! :)

    21. Ronald Ian Bantayan on

      Journal Entry #74. Bloodstained still not released. Tear off another leaf from bonsai. All leaves nearly gone.

    22. James Sunderland on

      Very, very unreasonable to get any kind of a release estimate. Same excuses every update.

    23. Angel Corlux_505 Games Collaborator on

      @Jerard - Thanks for your support and understanding. We definitely don't let unreasonable voices dictate what we do, we have a clear understanding of what the fans want and place great value on that.

      Feel free to take a look at this survey we did recently, and you'll see what I mean:

    24. josh_thomas on

      Characters & enemies are looking better the more stylized they are, lip syncing is bad. The background/enviroment looks bad and doesn't fit with the stylized characters. Shard aqcuiring animation & sound/voice is bad.

    25. James Sunderland on


      SotN took five years, but I didn't put my money into it 5 years before it came out. They could give the damned estimate so backers aren't looking a fecking year as an estimate (-1 day, December 31 release debunked :P). I for one would be far,far less upset knowing the estimate is off a month, rather than having to assume the game is coming out Q4 since 505 is being dickish about the date.

    26. Sean Trostle McCarter on

      Holy cow, the Gebel model looks really good now!

    27. Missing avatar

      Simon Belmont on

      The game should be finished by now so they can spend many months working on polishing it and finding/fixing bugs. I still think Iga slipped up in the beginning of this project by going the 2.5D route.

      Forget about lighting, the entire game controls like crap (obviously talking about the last Beta Demo). I wouldn't even care if this game's release date was pushed 5 years into the future from right now IF Iga changed it from 2.5d to 2d. This game would be incredible in 2d with a similar art style and responsive/snappy controls similar to the recently released Mega Man 11. When I used the whip in the demo I was very disappointed. The whip controls bad and looks bad as well, so bad that it actually reminds me of those horrible early generation 3D Castlevania games (N64). I appreciate Iga putting forth all of this effort to create a gothic style spiritual successor to Castlevania........but in it's current state this game is simply not for me. I'm going to play Castlevania Requiem right now and think about how wonderful Bloodstained RotN would be in 2d!

    28. Missing avatar

      Jerard on

      Hey you iga stick to your guns.

      Don't give an exact date like some people are complaining about because of it gets delayed that just shows you guys planned poorly. I want this game to be the best it can be I'll gladly wait another year, nothing more btw.

      Symphony took 5 years and other great games as well. You guys started from scratch so it's understandable.

      Don't let the impatient masses get to you guys. Make the game amazing and charming like you always do and I will forever support you and your team.

      The best of luck.

      PS curse of the moon is amazing so I am 100% confident you will put out a great game. Don't disappoint us

    29. Angel Corlux_505 Games Collaborator on

      @ 井沢寿昭 - あなたの信仰とサポートに感謝します!

      @Leo Lopes - I'm really looking forward to Nightmare Mode >:D

      @Mark Al Thompson - Thank you, we always pass along all the passionate support!

      @Kyle Pritchett - Wait 'till you see him in action, it's really creepy and unsettling haha

      @RaytheSodaGuy - Definitely not, thankfully we're not adopting 'mega evil-corp publisher' philosophies... no names...they know who they are >:|

      @Steve - I understand the frustration, I don't think your, but my overarching message to give you is that we're working really hard to deliver on a game that's way bigger than what the original KS campaign planned for. Try to hang in there and have faith, or even an open mind. I'm confident that when all is said and done you and everyone else is gonna be really happy. ;)

      @Ryan Sculley - All codes for CotM should be out by now, check again and if you don't have yours please email "" and they'll sort you out. :)

    30. 井澤寿昭 on


    31. Leo Lopes on

      Balancing the enemy placement must be a tough task. Good luck on giving us some smart challenge!

    32. Missing avatar

      Mark AL Thompson on

      I am excited for this IGA keep at it!

    33. Lindsey Anne Hunter on

      You can't rush art and the game will be ready when it's ready. Take as much time as you need to tweak it; I can't wait to play the finished product but this is not something to be spat out and then patched up left and right, and you guys are professionals. The Killer Barber is looking awesome, and I can't wait to fight him! Take care of yourselves and I anticipate eagerly but with patience the next update. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

    34. Zane Dean on

      Thanks for communicating so often with us Jason, this game looks great and I've held a consistent level of excitement for it for a while now.

      I hope everyone there knows that they can take as long as they need to create a quality product, especially in the light of recent news that mean that the developers get a fair and humane set of hours every week lol

    35. Missing avatar

      Kyle Pritchett on

      Killer Barber is giving me Zephyr vibes. I'm diggin' it.

    36. Cyber Shantak on

      The new enemy does look interesting, and Adsouto's fan art is always great. Take your time to produce a quality game. I would rather wait more for something awesome, than get something quicker that would need patch after patch (like No Man's Sky).

      Kickstarter games often get delayed, for several reasons. I backed Timespinner (a metroidvania) in 2014, and it released just a month ago. That's over 4 years of development since the Kickstarter ended. If you're unhappy, you could ask for a refund. Or, you could continue to wait.

    37. Freddy Colindres on

      Take as much time as necessary.

    38. Nea Ouk on

      I’m in no real hurry to get try copy but when I do, I’d rather have a polished masterpiece than rushed garbage. Props to the developers for staying focused! After all, Symphony of the Night has set the standard pretty high.

    39. RaytheSodaGuy on

      "Hey, here's a better idea, let's shit out a game, and then maybe fix it with patches later if we feel like it" -Not 505 Games, thankfully.

    40. Missing avatar

      Enigma_2099 on

      This is the point where you stop backing it if you're tired of waiting for it.

    41. Missing avatar

      Immanuel on

      @Steve That's not how Kickstarter projects work... You're an investor in a company, and what you get at the end is a return on your investment. If a project does not get delivered, that's the risk you take for backing a Kickstarter.

      They brought in 5.5 million USD for the project. In 3 years + would all of that money have been spent? Probably not.

      They've released demos so far and the game looks promising. They've even delivered the retro game stretch goal. As long as they're not out of money and are working on the project, I don't really care when it comes. I've got plenty of other games to play.

    42. Steve on

      Also, to those calling others "entitled" or "you should be thankful" - yes we are entitled because everyone commenting here has given money to this project to play a game that is seeing infinite delays. We should not be thankful for anything as we paid money to be given a game. There is no reason to be thankful having given money to someone and forever being told "eventually."

      Tell me the next time you go to a diner, pay for your food at the counter, go sit down, and be told after 30 minutes your food is still coming. 60 minutes, we swear it's on the way. 120 minutes, we've decided to add some more ingredients, but it's still on the way. 3 weeks later, you still don't have the food you paid for, but you'll sit at the table and be thankful that you might get it someday, right?

    43. Steve on

      Oh look, it's still not done.

    44. Mark Daley on

      I rather you guys take your time and make a game you are 100% satisfied with then rushing it out.

    45. Missing avatar

      Philippe Siruno on

      I am thankful to patient unlike some of the people who have backed this. I hope IGA and the team take their time to make this game polished. I have other games to beat in the meantime. I can't wait!!

    46. Ryan Sculley on

      Where is my Curse Of The Moon code? I think I’ve waited long enough, surely you must have some information on why they still haven’t gone out to console users

    47. Missing avatar

      Devin R. Lowe on

      Looking better and better with each update.

    48. David Kennedy on

      Killer barber? Someone's been reading pact by wildbow

    49. Missing avatar

      MattSoko on

      Looking good Iga!