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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
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Development Update - Lighting Optimization, GOG Demo, and More

Posted by Koji Igarashi (Creator)

As we creep into autumn we've got a new development update for you from IGA, filled with news about what the team's been working on. Let's get right to it:  

Hi everyone, IGA here.

We would like to give a report of our current development progress.

Lately, the team has been working on the lighting of the environment and the lip-sync of the characters.

We’re aiming for a 2D-style look and feel in this game, and we have special techniques in place to achieve it, but they also create additional developmental challenges for us. However, after a number of adjustments, as well as finding the right lighting angle and contrast, we finally feel that we’ve found the aesthetic we were searching for.

Recently we’ve also found a new method for the fog that is less computationally expensive for the environment. My slogan - always pursue more beautifully, and more lightly.

As for the lip-syncing, we’ve made adjustments to the height of the mouths, which were too large before. Right now we've only adjusted Miriam and Dominique, but it's looking good so far! We will continue to work on the rest of the characters the same way.

We’re also happy to announce the launch of the Beta Backer Demo for our GOG backers! We didn’t want to delay the launch of the demo while we completed preparations for its launch on GOG, but now we are able to distribute GOG versions of the demo to the people who chose it as their platform. We will continue to support the main game for GOG from here on, so please do not worry.

In addition to the adjustments I’ve told you about, we’re actually also working on the final boss right now. There were many issues and challenges that we are facing using the original design, but I guess that's pretty common for us. We have been developing new solutions each day and now we’re coming close to creating the final boss that everyone is hoping for. This will be the last time we talk about the final boss until the game's release—please look forward to it!

[Fangamer note: If you chose GOG for your Bloodstained final game platform, we'll be assigning GOG demo keys to your backer management page tonight. If you don't have that link handy, you can get it back on our survey resender page.]

Lots of great new stuff in the fanart feeds this month! If you'd like to be part of a future fanart spotlight, tag your work with #IGAVANIA or #bloodstained on your social media platform of choice and we'll find it. 


 Hello, everyone!

You may not have seen me around, so I’ll introduce myself. My name is Jason Ryan and I have the privilege to be a part of the Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night team as a Senior Community Manager from 505 games.

I’d like to thank everyone for their feedback on the recent Beta Backer Demo. We are excited to see the enthusiasm and excitement everyone has for the game and your willingness to let us know what we can do to make the game the best it can be before launch.

In the weeks following the new demo’s release we received hundreds of suggestions, feedback threads and bug reports on Reddit, the Forums and on Steam. All of these player-made posts were compiled and sent to both the 505 and Artplay production teams. From there the lists are prioritized and production needs and schedules established. Our goal is to make sure that when RotN ships, it’s worth the wait.

We appreciate all of the Backers and fans who have joined us along this journey with Bloodstained. If you’d like to keep up to date on everything that is going on, be sure to join the ever-excellent Bloodstained community on Discord, Facebook, Twitter, or the forums.

Thank you.

Jason Ryan, a.k.a. “Question”
Sr Community Manager – 505 Games

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    1. Ben Hawkes on

      When will the problem with redeeming Curse of the Moon codes on the Australian Switch eshop be resolved? I emailed Fangamer, who were very polite, but said it was an Inticreates issue. I emailed Inticreates and they didn't respond. I emailed Fangamer again a bit over a week ago, but no response this time. The region-switching workaround is not acceptable, as it will cause me to lose credit on the store. What is being done to sort this out? Is anything being done to ensure no repeat when Ritual of the Night is released? I appreciate that this is a small company, but I'm frustrated that it's been 5 months and this still isn't sorted

    2. AJ the Dragon of Dojima on

      As I said on the forums, make different poses during dialogue cutscenes. Rather than them simply having the same pose for all conversations, have one for "happy", "sad", "Lost in thought", "surprise", stuff like that. It would give the characters more character in the long run. Think Shantae, the 3D Layton games, or even recent Ace Attorney games to give an idea of what I mean.

    3. Lost on

      One thing that irked me about the last Steam demo I played: Are we going to get a bit of animation variation in the attacks?

      And perhaps a bit less in the way of "HA!"s and "HYAH!"s during said attacks?

      Other than that and some much needed graphical polish, I'm pretty excited.

    4. gunlocksp on

      @Pedro Elizondo Jr There won't be one, so go and ask for your refund.

    5. Brent Taylor on

      People having trouble downloading the GoG demo: I ran into the same thing, it seems that you have to use Galaxy for it. Didn't show up on Chrome for me at least.

    6. MDashK on

      When will the beta download from GOG be available?

    7. Missing avatar

      Dennis Fehr on

      2D style look? If you guys would do an orthographic camera view I would be one extremely HAPPY guy.

      When we do jumps and other movement in a 2.5D game, it's hard to gauge exactly where you're jumping or running up to, and just doesn't feel like a good platformer.. 2.5D in my opinion should've never been a thing.

      Either way though, I respect you guys, just miss those 2D days.

    8. Brian M

      I'm trying to download the GOG demo, and the GOG page shows titles for a bunch of downloads that all appear to be empty for a total download download size of 0 GB. Is this download actually working for anyone?

    9. Missing avatar

      Devin R. Lowe on

      *EDIT: Oh, lol. I meant to say $1.5 million in its first day.

      Too bad this website doesn't allow you to edit your comments after posting! What an oversight.

    10. Missing avatar

      Devin R. Lowe on

      Yeah, the moment that this Kickstarter campaign hit $5.5 million (in its first day), I never expected it to meet the supposed original "deadline" of March 2017. That's why the first "delay" [to 2018] wasn't a "delay" to me.

      This may be an indie game but, due to the surprising support it's received, development was never going to be finished in just a couple years.

      And so I remain patient. I've got an incredibly long backlog of games I've yet to finish or even play while I wait.

    11. Missing avatar

      Pedro Elizondo Jr

      i still want my vita version.....

    12. Missing avatar

      Simon Belmont on

      I really wish IGA could use a 2D syle graphics similar to this:

      This is the 2D graphics style that ALL Igavania games deserve.
      When IGA disappoints me with 2.5D graphics I turn to this game:

    13. vlahka on

      I'm starting to wonder how many people seem to think games can be finished in a couple years. This was made from scratch with a small team. Building a new engine takes quite a bit of time.If you're working for a publisher then you have time constraints and you end up doing a stupid amount of overtime and weekend shifts just to finish stuff. They dont need to run themselves into the ground for this game since they dont have a publisher breathing down their necks and forcing them to just finish it and forget whatever stuff they want to do extra, because time is money. Sit back and play 1 of the many dozens of games out there you probably havent touched yet but planned to.

    14. Missing avatar

      Nate Mc on

      The demo was great. It worked perfectly minus one thing for me, but I am pretty sure it was put in for demo's sake, and that was the ease of money cheese grinding with creating gear through alchemy. Make stuff, sell it for higher, buy the materials, make it again, rinse and repeat until you can afford everything with tons left over. I do hope that gets balanced out in the later versions so it can't be cheesed.

      As for controller only support, I use a Logitech F310 that I bought new for $15 USD. Not expensive, works perfectly for the game, but I can see why it would be an issue to some people who have sworn themselves to keyboards being an issue. I personally can't use a keyboard for gaming to save my life, but I can see it being an issue for some people.

      Also, while not everyone has the best PC builds to play the most high end games out there, you don't need a ton of power to just look at it on your PC unless you just don't have a computer at all, be it desktop or laptop. For the sake of arguing, let's say everyone that can't play the demo because it is PC only is using their phones or a tablet. If that true, then I can see PC only demo being a problem, HOWEVER - of all of the consoles out there and of all the ones this game is supposed to cover, PC is the easiest and broadest platform to release a demo.

      In short, the demo was amazing except for the ease of gold farming from alchemy, and everyone that wasn't able to play it for one reason or another, it really is coming along nicely and has made leaps and bounds from the first demo. It takes time and effort, but it is going in the right direction.

    15. Missing avatar

      Zachary Daringer on

      @Brent Taylor Yes, taking out the keyboard support between demos HAS prevented a good portion of the fan base from playing it. Keep in mind NOT EVERYONE HAS A CONTROLLER, nor can afford one at this time. If they're like me, their financial situation has changed since we backed the project and we couldn't get a controller if we wanted to right now. Also, the workarounds everyone was trying never worked for me, so I got left out in the cold. Still pissed about that.

    16. Brent Taylor on

      Hey, I wouldn't say the main points of things they got feedback on from the demo are "trivial things". How the game looks is one of the most pivotal things about it.

      The current demo doesn't have keyboard controls, but I'd hardly say that "prevents" somebody from playing it. If for instance it didn't have controller support, I'd still try to play it on keyboard.

    17. Djip Minderman on

      Yes, typically games do indeed take years to develop. But I get the nervousness, it's a kickstarter funded game and nobody likes delays. So far things have been handled pretty well though, steady updates and demos, so let's be patient, together! "Rushed games are bad forever" and all that.

    18. Missing avatar

      Darren Monroe on

      Will this ever be complete, and ready to play? PS4 released SOTN, the reason I backed. Wondering, do all games take this long to develop? Years?

    19. Ronald Ian Bantayan on

      I am very disappointed in how this game's development has lingered on, and each update is seemingly for trivial things. Let me know when the game hits gold copy.

    20. Missing avatar

      David Heremans on

      I'm really wondering how the development of this game is guided...

      The kickstarter promised a PC game for Linux/Mac/Windows and 4 other platforms.
      Then the first demo is windows only, the second still is windows only (more accurately Steam on windows only).
      But the second one had the main input method for most PC games removed.
      Yes, let's disable the keyboard code that was working in the first demo.
      Why not? Who will notice? Surely not the PC gamers that backed your project right?

      Now lets throw the crappy second demo to GOG. (I assume it is crappy since I can not play it, see keyboard remark above)
      Oh and lets still not fix that keyboard code. We will fix it for the final game (and of course miss any useful feedback about the keyboard handling, because that was the point of the demo's right? getting feedback?)

      Never mind that you need to spend (the same amount of) time on that code anyway. You just prefer to let your backers out in the cold.

      Did any of the devs actually compile the code for MAC and Linux yet? Or will this be an afterthought. If so, a lot of glitches and small bugs and coding errors will rear their ugly head late in the process and it will become a rushed job and quality will suffer (yet again).

    21. Valeriy on

      @Bloodstained: ROTN - Roberto Piraino:
      Sorry, I don't get it. Why is the Demo only for Windows™? Where is the Linux version? How is this "demo" connected with the final version of the game? Will it be Windows-only for the rest of the days? Will it evolve into the final product (at GOG)?

    22. Missing avatar

      Luca on

      This game will never be released. I lost all hopes.
      Sorry guys.

    23. vlahka on

      Nothing would be cooler than to play the final build and see how everything has improved from the demo, which was already great to begin with.

    24. Brent Taylor on

      Sounds great guys. The main thing I'm hoping for from my feedback is how the character models looked during dialogue and in the pause menu. They were noticeably higher quality/res in cutscenes (and Miriam's previous menu image) than in those spots, so hopefully the models can be brought up to that level when we're looking at them up-close in all instances.

    25. Angel Corlux_505 Games Collaborator on

      @Aeon - Thanks! We're keeping up the hard work for sure! :)

      @Steve - har har seriously though, Bloodstained's coming and it's going to be great. And as a backer of Star Citizen so is that game! (Don't know much about Bannerlord though) ;)

      @Thomas Happ - We're working on the lip syncing quality because there are fully voiced cut scenes between characters where you see them up close and personal. :)

      @Devin R. Lowe - For now all we're saying is that we will definitely show off all the great progress "when it's ready", so hang in there...

      @Foxspirit - Not yet, but we'll be showing off everything eventually!

      @smudboy - The demo (on either GoG or Steam) does not have full keyboard support, they are both the same exact Beta Backer Demo. However the final game will have full keyboard support.

    26. Thomas Happ on

      *I meant "two" and not "to"

    27. Thomas Happ on

      Do you ever see the characters close up enough for the lip sync to matter?
      To cases:

      Nier Automata, lip sync hardly animated (I think it's never animated outside cutscenes), nobody cared, game wins awards, everyone happy.

      Mass Effect Andromeda: Lip sync animated, but badly. Game was critical failure and studio closed, largely due to lip sync.

      Just makes me wonder if it's worth potential issues if the character's head is just a tiny little thing like in Nier. But I guess if you have close ups it's better to have it and do it well.

    28. Missing avatar

      Aeon on

      Awesome! Keep it up! Thanks for your diligence!

    29. Steve on

      zzz. Star Citizen, M&B Bannerlord, and now Bloodstained.

    30. Missing avatar

      Devin R. Lowe on

      I was extremely satisfied with the Beta Backer Demo, and I'm glad you guys made progress on the lighting and lip-sync.

      My only question now is; Does the team plan to show off all of the recent changes made in the very next update? (end of October?)

    31. FoxSpirit on

      A screenshot of this new lighting would be great!

    32. smudboy on

      Keyboard support...when?