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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
64,867 backers pledged $5,545,991 to help bring this project to life.

Development Update - An important message from IGA

Posted by Koji Igarashi (Creator)

Hi everyone, IGA here.

There are two important announcements we would like to make in this month’s update.

Our first announcement is that the game will now launch in 2019. The most important reason for this is to raise the quality level, especially after all the very valuable feedback from the Beta Backer Demo.   

The second announcement is that the game will no longer launch on PlayStation Vita. This decision is largely due to Sony’s plans to discontinue the Vita console, ending production of physical copies and stopping certain online store support features.

It is extremely unfortunate, but as a result, we won’t be releasing the game on Vita. For the backers who have ordered the PS Vita version of the game, you will be able to choose another platform or request a refund.

This process should be expected through an email that will be sent by Fangamer. It may be troublesome, but please be sure to respond and make the changes. [Note: Vita backers will be receiving an e-mail with additional instructions soon. Vita backers who would like to change platforms can do so now on their survey pages. Vita backers who backed at an unlimited tier and can receive a refund over PayPal can submit a request before 9/20/18 to initiate a manual refund of the affected games.]

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment, but rest assured we are working harder than ever to deliver the game we all made happen together, please bear with us for a little longer and I thank you for your continued support.

Hey everyone, we’re sorry to make you wait a little longer for Bloodstained, but you can trust that this really is in the best interest of the game – and our players. We assure you we’re using the extra time to make Bloodstained even better, based on your input.

Being a huge PlayStation & Sony fan myself, I also know cancelling the Vita version of the game may be disappointing to some of you, but with Sony’s plans to discontinue the console and physical production of games, removing Vita titles from PS+ lineups etc., it was an unfortunate but necessary decision to make. We really hope you’ll continue to support us on one of the other platforms available.

If you have any concerns about these updates, please come talk to me and our great Sr. Community Manager, Jason Ryan, on Discord, Facebook, Twitter or our forums: We’re always happy to discuss and answer your questions.

Thank you again to everyone who continues to support us with your feedack and passion for Bloodstained. Stay tuned for more announcements as development progresses!

Roberto Piraino, a.k.a. “Angel-Corlux” 

Global Brand Manager – 505 Games

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    1. Emerosky on

      I bought a physical copy of them game.

      Well......In the last 2 years the currency of my country dropped like mad thanks to the shitty government.
      When Bloodstained comes out customs taxes will surely add up to x6 times the original cost. Doesnt look like much but believe me, in ARGENTINA the avarage salary NOW is about 350us.

      If this keeps up ill rather have my 125us back.
      Ill give it till christmas for news....and hope they are good ones....

    2. Missing avatar

      Simon Belmont on

      Roberto Carlos Araiza,

      I agree with you.

      Roberto Carlos Araiza
      I would have wished that the project looked the way it did when the campaign was launched, it featured beautiful handrawed 2d elements, which would have made sense in a Castlevania rebirth, now it´s just a 3d game with no life....let´s see if they improve this on later updates

    3. Missing avatar

      Pedro Elizondo Jr

      Please release on digital vita download

    4. Roberto Carlos Araiza on

      I would have wished that the project looked the way it did when the campaign was launched, it featured beautiful handrawed 2d elements, which would have made sense in a Castlevania rebirth, now it´s just a 3d game with no life....let´s see if they improve this on later updates

    5. James Sunderland on

      I'm glad that you're glad, but It sure would be swell if there was some actual signs of forward progress and a real release window.

    6. Missing avatar

      Craig on

      I'm glad they've delayed the game. Hopefully we'll see the improvement we should have seen in 2018 next year.

    7. James Sunderland on

      They can't/won't give a release date of less than year, and I frankly don't believe that they'll stick to that anyway.

    8. Missing avatar

      Simon Belmont on

      This kickstarter is a freaking disaster. Apology after apology after apology. Demo was absolutely horrible. I'm playing all three of the old GBA castlevania games right now and they are 10 times better than this game......heck I even like the GBA castlevania graphic style better than the backer beta demo which looked like crap in 2.5D. I learned my lesson and will NOT be backing Bloodstained 2 if Iga decides to do a sequel.

    9. Brent Taylor on

      Well is there a question/something they need to answer (that they haven't already)?

    10. James Sunderland on

      Still shit communication and a year long release window over a week later with no dev response, great communication.

    11. Jussi Myllyluoma

      Yet, Ash & Pliky. That is the highly unfortunate operative word: yet.

      By the time Bloodstained is released in next year, they will have.

      Console hardware will be available on the Japanese market only, but that, too, will cease in the not-too-distant future. Even on the Japanese market though, as of Q1 2019, games will be available through the PS Store only; all support for distribution of Vita games in hardware cartridge format will be discontinued.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ash & Pilky <3 on

      Why not get in touch with East Asia Soft? They recently offered to make physical copies of Vita games (Sony haven't stopped production of them in Asia) :)

    13. Jussi Myllyluoma

      I myself am also more than a little peeved at Vita getting dropped — not because Team Bloodstained made the inevitable decision to drop it (they really, really, had no choice), but because of the underlying reason: that Sony has chosen to discontinue such an excellent platform!

      Sony has dropped physical support for Vita in some regions a long time ago already.
      For instance, you haven't been able to purchase a new Vita in retail anywhere in the EU for quite a while now.
      That Sony has chosen to follow through on that policy globally is deplorable, to say the least.

      Alas, this isn't the first time Sony does something similar. I'm afraid it won't be the last.

      N.B. that it isn't just the cartridges Sony stops making — they're stopping all production of the Vita gaming console!
      Some limited support of already existing consoles in the form of downloadable content through PS Store will continue for a limited time, but for all practical intents and purposes, Sony is killing off the Vita platform also for the remaining few regions in the world where they haven't already.

      So, as for the question at hand here — what possible rational reason would there be to release a game for a platform that no-one can buy?

      Sure, the subset of already existing Vita owners that is interested in Bloodstained may be happy, but once all hardware production has been discontinued, the platform as a market base is effectively dead — it will only shrink from that point on; it can never again grow. The money that would have been spent on a Vita release will therefore give infinitely better return of investment if spent e.g. on improving the game, which has a chance of improving sales.

      Much as it pains me to say it, because I myself thought — and still think — Vita is brilliant and Sony are complete and utter pillocks for snuffing it, releasing Bloodstained for Vita at this point would just be throwing good money after bad.

    14. James Sunderland on

      Again, having a window of an enitre year does not inspire confidence after multiple delays.

    15. Jonathan Robertson

      “...the Bloodstained...” (facepalm)

    16. Jonathan Robertson

      I think you guys are doing an incredible job. Negative news is always difficult to deliver and I appreciate you being honest and direct about it.

      Not everyone appears to agree with my point of view, but I also want to make sure this view is echoed once more: I’m looking forward to receiving this game at any time in the future and am happy to wait as long as necessary for you to polish the Bloodstained to the point where it’s a product you’re extremely proud of.

      I’ll enjoy it more as a result as well, after all :)

      I do also completely understand where others are coming from. Delays are never fun. On the other hand, my experience has been that if delays are happening, and it’s for reasons of polish or quality, the product really is much better off with the extra polish.

    17. Frikencio on

      I want refund since no Vita version.

    18. Efendy on

      Another delay...... was it 2 or 3 by now?
      well..... i'm not happy about this at all, i want a refund.

      "voyage of promises" ??? this is more like a sinking ship to me.

    19. Geoff Chauvin on

      @Darkwing I actually never said I bought the PS4 for Bloodstained, you made your own generalization with that comment. I just feel like the library on the PS4 is filled with too much crap and the quality releases are few and far between. I am not a multiplayer gamer, nor do I like the souls style of gameplay. I have some of the big titles, like the newest God of War, Horizon, the uncharted games, crash trilogy but a lot of the titles I have played have disappointed. I just feel like the delay is frustrating and the fact that the demos have been limited to PC only means I have been locked out of the feedback process despite pledging a higher tier than just the entry level. Also, they have shown so very little progress for the amount of money they received. The ghost ship and a small portion of the castle with three bosses has been it for going on four years development time. It should give people cause for alarm. I realize they won’t show off everything before release, that would just be stupid, and I am not naive to think a game takes no time to develop, but I have been playing games for over thirty years, and I do know this game should not be taking so long. Symphony of the night didn’t take this long to develop, nor did any of the Castlevania titles that followed it and they all had small development teams as they were not a Konami priority. The longer the game takes to release the smaller the actual amount of money they received becomes smaller and smaller as they have now paid salaries and expenses for three years plus now. A lot of things just set of alarm bells and by the time the game ever does release I feel like it’s going to be too little too late.

    20. Missing avatar

      John Michalski on

      I played the 2018 backer demo, gameplay was there but the graphics could use some polish. I'm ok with waiting. Even if they released it with the graphics as-is it'd still be a good game, but I'd rather wait for a great game.

    21. Gunnar Voss on

      Why are people acting like a (now) four year development cycle is unreasonably long.

      Like, do you people know how long it takes to make games? Especially since the game was announced with nothing but concept art and two music tracks.

    22. RaytheSodaGuy on

      Man, sure glad I had the foresight to not back a console that was obviously going to be dead by the time the game came out with all due "delays"(In quotes, given that I barely consider these delays).

    23. Steve on

      This is why every Kickstarter I back I only put the bare minimum required to get the game. See you guys in 2021, when the game has a release date of Feb 2022.

    24. Brent Taylor on

      I concede that my point doesn't apply to you then, since you didn't have any inherent interest or investment in the game project itself. That strikes me as a strange ancillary motivation, but I know Vita has its cult followings.

    25. Missing avatar

      Phung V. on

      @Brent Taylor
      You are missing the point.
      Many supported this KS only because it was going to have a Vita release. The medium and not the contents was their motivation to join this Kickstarter. Remove the medium and this no longer any reason to keep going on.

      Personally like many others Vita founders, i only just wanted to get a Vita physical copy because i'm going for Vita physical full set.

    26. Chris Hinton on

      This is too bad. I got Curse of the Moon as a Vita reward, and it is amazing. I enjoy my Vita, and am sad to see developers not support it.

    27. Brent Taylor on

      I hope you refund guys consider changing your mind before 9/20. You may not have a shot at a backer edition again for something you once really cared to fund. Don't let anger or a stint of disappointment rob you of something you would otherwise enjoy. Just my .02 on that.

    28. Amir Paydar on

      This is BS. Going to cancel my 300 dollar signed collector's edition since you canned the vita version. This game is not worth the money or wait.

    29. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Michael Bobish
      I agree. They could still make the digital version, the ps vita store won't go away in the near future.
      They could also produce the physical edition using service like Limited Run Games but obviously it won't be as marketable as it would have been before.
      They clearly had to cut developement for something that won't bring them much money as they are already late into developement and the actual result is subpar.

    30. Missing avatar

      Michael Bobish on

      As a Vita backer, I'm disappointed in this decision. I find their claims about the lack of support from Sony dubious at best. (I can believe that making physical carts became impossible, but I'm sure a digital release would be feasible.) I threw money into this because I specifically wanted this game for a handheld system, and I don't currently own a Switch. I'll be applying for a refund and will put the money towards a Switch purpose. If this game comes out with a retail release in 2019 (or beyond), I'll consider buying it then if the reviews are good.

      I wish Iga and the team luck, but I'm obviously disappointed with how this all went down.

    31. James Sunderland on

      @Leo Lopes
      I'm 100% in agreement on refunds. They point to their survey, but let people talk with their wallets and get rid of negativity that comes with the devs appearing to be evasive weasels at the same time.

    32. Ian Vandalheart

      I'd rather have a good, polished game than a rushed one.

      Looking forward to the final result.

    33. James Sunderland on

      This update is just excuses and broken promises, the Devs don't have the deceny to respond to anything people are saying to boot. Screw this project.

    34. Leo Lopes on

      A full refund for those disappointed would save a lot of headache for all parts.

    35. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Bryce Lindsay
      Your story doesn't bode well to me as I will probably have a similar issue, though I didn't pledge as much as you.
      I pledged at 60$ with a 28$ addon because I wanted another copy. My goal was to have the main game and the retro mini game on the ps vita, as well on GOG. At the time we were rushed into compiling the survey because reasons (they clearly had not real plan). It turned out that the drm-free version wasn't available for the retro mini game because the conveniently forgot to mention that even to FanGamers that put that choice in the survey. Noone could have suspected that. But FanGamers told they couldn't issue refunds because the money was, again conveniently, in ArtPlay's hands. I tried to accomodate that and choose a different platform for the retro mini game (3ds this time) even if I was not happy about it.
      Now my main reason, the ps vita on the main game, has been cancelled, with guilty delay. The could have made that choice months ago, saving us the issue of changing again our pledge. But now is different. Now I won't have both games on the same platform as I wished. What's the point for me to have the mini game on the ps vita without the main game, I choose to have that there for a reason.
      So what I want now is a full refund for all the trouble a second rate choice I had to make. I don't want their game but I want my money back. I don't want to be forced again to choose among third rate choice this time. Should I expect to have to do that again in the future? Partial refund won't do, it's not my fault for those choice, what I pledged for is something else and I don't see them taking the toll for that.

      It's hard to believe we have five companies here (ArtPlay, Dico, IntiCreates, 505 Games and FanGamers), which claims to have veterans among their ranks, performing so poorly that even unknown indie developer do better than them.

      @The Campaign Authors
      You got more than 5,5 million dollars by deceiving people, ruining crowdfunding for everybody. We don't need so many companies for such a small game. I don't know were the money are going but clearly not in the product as it would seems. It would be probably good to disclose those information, you'll have to do that soon or later.

      You should refund the backers asking for it. If they are not many, you should be able to handle that. If they'll be too many, maybe you did something wrong. Either way there's no reason to keep people money hostages when you are not delivering what you promised. If those backers are not happy and you did not do what you pledged to do, you should accomodate they needs: that's what you signed for when using Kickstarter, they clearly state that.

      The remaining backers money should be enough if you are doing good, otherwise the project will fail like it should have if you were providing true information to the backers.

    36. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Bryce Lindsay
      Not to count the fact that you were forced to compile the survey because reasons (they had no clue what they were doing) and now you are stuck with the decision you had to make to accomodate their needs.
      They should begin to eats part of the costs of their bisbehavior instead of dropping them on their backers.

    37. Raynor Vliegendhart on

      @Sander Evers
      "yay another delay, this is what's wrong with Kickstarter games."

      No, this is what's "wrong" with software development when the scope changes. The Kickstarter shattered its initial goal and the idea for the game got expanded tremendously. A larger game takes more time to develop and you cannot speed up development by just throwing more money at it and hiring more staff (hello mythical man-month).

    38. Bryce Lindsay on

      Just a Public Service Announcement for those of you that backed the Bloodstained Kickstarter, more specifically for the Collector's Edition such as myself:

      You will potentially get screwed over.

      Yesterday upon hearing the news of the cancellation and the promise of a refund, I reached out to fangamer to claim my refund. To be clear: I paid $310 total to this kickstarter. I opted for the $250 Vita Collector's Edition (With a PS4 Digital copy), as well as $60 for the Standard version for the Nintendo Switch.

      I received a reply from Fangamer saying that I was eligible for a $60 partial refund. The email of course did not mention a "partial" refund, only a "refund." Confused, I sent an email back, then followed up with them on twitter.

      I started getting all kinds of different responses and stories from fangamer. Once it was all clarified, I was told that:

      If I had backed the game at $250 and chosen a VITA copy as my digital copy, I would have gotten a full refund.

      Since I chose "PS4" as my digital copy as part of the $250 Vita PHYSICAL CE, they would only be able to refund me $100, drop me down to the $150 tier, and force me to choose another platform for the $150 Reward.

      Alternatively, they could give me $60 back and change the platform of my CE the Switch version and cancel my standard edition.

      How on earth that makes sense is beyond me. Why should my choice of digital platform change the fact that I paid $250 for a Vita CE that isn't happening? Wouldn't a better compromise be to refund me the cost of the CE minus the digital copy?

      This whole thing has been a headache so far and I feel utterly betrayed and disgusted.

      Here's part of the exchange with fangamer.

    39. Jamie Davis on

      So how do i get a refund? I backed for Vita, when do those emails get sent out?

    40. Missing avatar

      Paolo Cumin on

      Canning the Vita version is a serious blow to me. Considering asking for a refund. The 2015 pledge DID not include a "we'll do it, unless the Vita is discontinued" clause. I'm sorry, this is not cool, at all.

    41. gunlocksp on

      Also, I won't be surprised if for some reason they won't release the full game on GoG too. LMAO. Nop I will not be surprised.

    42. gunlocksp on

      First, I couldn't play CotM because they wouldn't release it on GoG, same for BrotN demo and now the console I backed will no longer be released. I have half a mind to sue you idiots for not sticking to your words, but it will just be a waste of time and more money. Btw, I think I am going to ask for a refund.

    43. Missing avatar

      John Ellis on

      I backed 2 copies, the VIta version and the Wii U version. Both have been cancelled.

    44. Chris Boers on

      I understand the delay, I prefer "done when it's done" but the reasoning for dropping Vita is bogus. The digital Store for Vita will be available years in the future, and physical copies will be produced well into 2019, if not 2020, if you plan ahead and announce your schedule before feb 2019. So blaming Sony is a crap reasoning.
      You can drop Vita support, but be honest about it, and say you don't see it as a viable market any more.

      Now I have to decide whether I will dust off my Switch for this, play this on PS4 (probably not, this game needs handheld), or ask a refund. Probably the latter.

    45. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Silver Dragon
      Nothing, they can still do that. It's just an excuse to cut developement costs on a console that won't bring them much money even if that is irrelevant because they got money to produce that port regardless of how marketable the game would have been (that's one of the perks of crowdfunding, you can build things publishers usually don't invest into).

      Still they choose to make us make a decision upon incomplete information (the survey) and later change our decision to accomodate their needs leaving us with unsatisfying choices.

      It will be better to avoid all the involved party in this campaign in the future as they cannot be trusted.

    46. Nian on

      How about a version for the New Nintendo 3DS / 2DS XL?

    47. Tim Williams on

      I was initially ok with the delays but guys, the original delivery date was March 2017, now it’s ~ March 2019?

      One year is one thing, but come on I think you are making the game too complicated at this point. Keep it simple and launch our 2D side scroller. Save all these ideas behind the delays for a sequel.

    48. Missing avatar

      Pedro Elizondo Jr

      Really?:-/ I only backed it for the vita. Might get a refund....this is bs

    49. Silver Dragon on

      I didn't quite understand, but what prevents to sell on PS Vita only a digital copy of the game?