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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
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Development Update - Talking Beta Feedback and more

Posted by Koji Igarashi (Creator)

Your first month with the beta backer demo is in the books, and the team is already poring over the feedback all of you have provided. For this month's update IGA takes a look at some of the comments they've already begun to process and gives us a look at another new shard.

Hi everyone, IGA here.

Your feedback has begun to reach us, and it makes me very glad that the Beta Backer Demo has been delivered to the backers. While there were many positive comments, there were obviously many critical comments and suggestions about the current build as well. Being able to get all of that feedback is what's so great about a Kickstarter project. 

Although we will be working on a lot of different areas, we wanted to acknowledge some of the more common feedback we received. For example, we have received many comments regarding the environment lighting and the lip-sync animation. Lighting is being progressively adjusted and we are making sure to proceed carefully since it affects things like processing speed and storage significantly.

In regards to the lip-sync, the shape of the mouth and timing is most likely the problem, we will be polishing this. We have also noticed that the sounds were called out, such as the audio balance and repetitive shouts. We will take some time and do our best to improve that. And of course, since the Beta Backer Demo is at the work-in-progress stage, there are still a lot of bugs that we will be fixing along the way for the full game.

Although we won't be able to work on every piece of feedback, we are going to pick up as many as we can and continue forward. Especially that wicked crate boss! We definitely need to nerf it.

Finally, regarding some of the comparisons of current and past graphical quality, while much of that is due to shaders and lighting work not being fully implemented into the demo, we are aware of your feedback and will be keeping a special focus on making sure the graphical quality is as high as possible. We are anxious to report on fixes and improvements we make, so please look forward to it.

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We would also like to share a new shard with you, called "Heretical Grinder." This is a directional shard that summons a spinning blade from Miriam's hand, which you can move around with the right analog stick. Using it can be kind of addicting...

Thank you for your continued support and feedback. All of us will continue to work hard!

Now that you've seen some of the sights of the world of Bloodstained in the new demo we can't wait to see the new fanart! Remember to tag everything you make with #igavania or #bloodstained to help us find it! 

Enkeria Gin
Enkeria Gin

Speaking of the demo, ArtPlay's own Mana Ikeda took some time out of her busy schedule to imagine the scene at the "Crate Boss" some of you found yourselves matched up with while playing earlier this month. 

Please keep your cool, Miriam—there are still so many other bosses for you to face off against... 

The 505 team has been combing the forums, the Discord, and all the other channels to make sure IGA and the team are fully connected to your feedback. Here's Bloodstained's brand manager to fill you in on what they've been up to:

Hello everyone and thank you so much for the amazing avalanche of feedback for the Beta Backer Demo! As we’ve said in the past, we’re really listening closely and going over every single bug report and general request. 505 and ArtPlay have gone over the outpouring of info, images and more, and we’re going to be hard at work to make sure that we don’t ignore all the valuable insights gleaned from the community.

While this update is a bit lighter on the “new and sexy” stuff to reveal, we wanted to take a moment to absolutely let everyone know that the feedback you give us is not just for lip service. Also, look forward to next month’s Kickstarter update where we’ll be addressing several very important topics, including the release date for the game.

Roberto Piraino “Angel-Corlux”
Global Brand Manager
505 Games

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    1. Jose Theragood on

      I am glad I got the PS4 version, Steam and Win10 are having some kind of hissy fit with nvidia on my PC causing weird input lag. Other than that I love this game and it is not even finished yet. I could give two scoops of bat guano about the art style or people portraits (which are awesome by the way) or the lighting, the game plays the way I remember and enjoy, plus, all these things are currently being worked on. Just tighten up the responsiveness of the controls (I absolutely hate hitting the jump button and nothing happening) and keep on keeping on with what you are doing. Also place a badass statue of Michiru Yamane somewhere in the game world.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jerard on

      Definitely digging the current state of the game, feels like SotN and all the other 2d metroidvanias. Walking speed is the same, jump arcs, attack animations, 2 thumbs up.

      But i was spoiled by aria of sorrow and the DS games mobility ability that allowed the characters to move at 2x or 3x the speed.

      So yes I am happy with the speed and movement because this game is exactly like the castlevanias that I loved but I want there to be a black panther like ability you can get end game that gives miriam that speed type movement in the later 2D castlevanis.

      I am also a collector in game. Now here's my 2 cents I don't really care if there are a lot of useless weapons that I will probably never use in game because the older games had the same issues. What I want instead are probably 2-3 sentence descriptions that make that weapon unique. For instance the spear of longinus from aria of sorrow it was an awesome fun fact that that spear was the spear that pierced jesus christ in Catholicism, and it was rightfully a holy weapon.

      If the weapon has a bland description at least make it look nice. like the Final sword in aria of sorrow.

    3. Missing avatar


      I played the demo for 10 minutes and stopped .. not up to the expectations at all. It needs a lot of polishing (graphics, motions, backgrounds, shadow/highlight, consistency, ..etc) except the amazing audio/music and some characters designs. if this game goes on sale .. I'm sure it will not be a hit.

    4. James Johnson on

      Where do I get the beta? I've been a bit lax checking updates and want to try the game out if possible. And isn't there a pixelated old school version too?

    5. Michael Stanley Clark on

      Are you doing anything to address the balance with attack speeds and mobility. So many weapons just feel worthless and slow. Not enough power to make the lack of mobility worth using.

      And are we stuck with that pitiful whip animation? I wanted a real whip, not what equates to some sorry excuse for curved sword with a horrible wind up and recovery time.

    6. Missing avatar

      Konadust on

      I hope when you're talking "release date" you actually share some acknowledgement of the Vita version. It would be nice seeing as some Kickstarters like those by Sekai Project seem to not be coming through with their ports.

    7. Jussi Myllyluoma

      I'm sure many of us would be interested in having your top ten, or even top five, issues listed and thoroughly explained in calm and dispassionate language, though.

    8. Missing avatar

      Simon Belmont on

      I played the beta backer demo through completion and do not like it at all. In fact there are so many things I dislike about this game that I’m going to abandon it. It simply is not possible to turn this game around based on the extremely high number of issues (personal preference on my end) that I dislike in this game. I love every single 2D Castlevania game ever made and even the worse one blows this game out of the water. It is a crime that Iga didn’t even acknowledge in this post how badly the whip is and the final boss battle. These are the 2 biggest issues for me but there are nearly 100 other issues that I dislike in this demo so I’m completely abandoning it. I’m extremely disappointed.

    9. Brian Burns on

      Is there any update for the Curse of the Moon console codes?

    10. JDEzekude on

      What a relief. I thought we were NEVER gonna get past that stubborn crate (which I sketched two weeks ago). It certainly was a frustratingly odd experience. =S

    11. Tibério Rigon on

      Did you already talked about the size of the castle?
      It was one of the stretch goals that his would be IGA's biggest castle, and would be nice to make a comparison of each 2D/3D castle being inside a bigger castle and a silhouette of B:ROTN one, just to see how big it really is.

    12. Jussi Myllyluoma

      @quinton Forbes —

      Yes, and no. There will naturally be differences between promotional/concept art and the final character model, as the character design will evolve during the process. However, since the promotional art is used to sell in and create interest in the project, the differences cannot be too pronounced — the delivered product cannot differ too much from the product that was promoted.

      But no, that is not my concern.

      What I am concerned about is the design aesthetic. From having been promoted as a very anime-style character, the way Miriam renders now comes across to me more like a Western comic style character, which isn't what I bought into.
      Essentially, from having been promoted as a game that easily could have been made by Bandai or Square Enix, I now feel parts of it come across more like it might have been made by Blizzard or Ubisoft. Still professional and high quality, but a different aesthetic style.

      It should be said however, that since I only have a PC with keyboard and mouse to play the demo with, I haven't been able to see if this seeming shift in aesthetic affects more characters than Miriam and Johannes.
      In the case of Johannes, it isn't as pronounced — but in the case of adult male faces, it wouldn't be, so it's a bit difficult to tell. I'd need to see more female faces ... and without a controller, I can't.

      Also, I am not saying that the aesthetic necessarily has been changed by conscious decision — in fact, I'd be greatly surprised if that was the case. As I noted earlier, the thumbnail in the corner of the game screen is still as anime-y as one might ever wish for.
      Instead, it is quite possible that what I am seeing is an artefact arising from issues with the shader and the lip animation, and might be remedied once these are properly tweaked into place.

    13. Missing avatar

      Duncan Jones on

      Still no word on implementing proper controls for PC, i.e. full Keyboard and Mouse support.

    14. Missing avatar

      brendan hamilton on

      Any update into the handling of the curse of the moon download codes specifically EU/Aus switch codes? Some of us are still waiting and dealing with fangamers support is being told it's someone else's fault and passing the buck. It's been months now.

    15. quinton Forbes on

      @Jussi Myllyluoma
      So your issue is about promotional Character art VS. In Game Character model.

    16. Missing avatar

      Zachary Daringer on

      @Bloodstained Team- We paid extra just to get the beta backer demo, it's only fair that we should be able to play it even if we don't have controllers. Please, it's not a big update, it doesn't take long, hell just bring back the controls of the original demo or even let us keybind and problem solved right there. The fact you've sat on your asses for a month now in regards to that just pisses me off- just make a small update so people without controllers can play. We paid for access to the demo, WE HAVE A RIGHT TO PLAY IT. All we want is to be able to play it, why is that so hard for you guys to get.

    17. SoulCaster on

      @Leon (SHANTAE & MN9 Brought Me) - Check your Fangamer survey page. To get access to it again go to:

    18. Jussi Myllyluoma

      @Roberto Piriano —

      Yes, I do believe there might be some confusion as to what I am referring to...

      While Japanese themes and design elements are welcome as far as I am concerned, that is not what my concern concerns, as it were. I am referring instead to the character design aesthetic.

      You will find that throughout art history that certain eras, regions, and/or movements tend to represent e.g. humans in a specific way.
      You can for instance easily tell a classical Greek vase painting apart from an ancient Egyptian mural, simply by how they drew things — the aesthetic.
      And the ethnicity of the person doesn't affect the aesthetic — just because the person on the vase is from Egypt, he isn't drawn the way Egyptians would have drawn him; he still follows the aesthetic of the Greek artwork.

      Likewise, modern Japanese popular culture (of which Bloodstained very much is a part) has a very distinct aesthetic regarding how characters are drawn, particularly their facial features. You see that aesthetic very clearly in Miriam as she is depicted in the image on the top of the main page of this Kickstarter.

      And that is the topic of my concern: I feel the way Miriam is drawn in the current demo deviates from the earlier imagery in a way I do not find altogether appealing.

      The thumbnail in the upper left corner is exactly as it should be in my opinion, but in close-ups, certain details — particularly her nose (which actually might be an artefact of something going on with the shader) and the way her lips are animated — strike me as ... off.

    19. quinton Forbes on

      "...including the release date for the game."

      Bait and set.

    20. Leon (SHANTAE & MN9 Brought Me) on

      How do I get my Curse Of The Moon I’m not sure was it given out?

    21. Missing avatar

      Joseph Picard on

      Sadly, my PC isn't that powerful, and as a result, the framerate and slowdown are terrible... making me all the more glad I opted for PS4. My mcahine isn't setup for games, and with the keyboard support being what it is... the demo was not so hot for me. I'm not mega picky on lighting... things were looking pretty good overall for what little I saw. (I never even found the attack button, so it was me and that first enemy dancing while I tried every key) BUT! I am still just as phyched for the final game...! I guess I'll just have to work on my Curse Of The Moon platinum...!

    22. Missing avatar

      Devin R. Lowe on

      In all seriousness, I expect a Cheat Code in the final game that treats the crate like it's a boss; just to keep the joke running.

    23. Missing avatar

      Damion on

      Hi, When will codes be coming for Curse if the Moon Xbox One for Australia and New Zealand?

    24. Lindsey Anne Hunter on

      Much appreciated to see this update and I needed to save those Crate Boss images; they are perfect! It's nice to know that the lack of shaders and lighting really was because it's only a demo and testing for bugs.
      Until the next night, everyone!

    25. Geoff Chauvin on

      When are we getting a release date? The backer demo feedback means nothing to me when I couldn’t even participate because it was pc only. This is getting ridiculous.

    26. Elliot Jenner on

      What about the controls complaints and weapon switching?

    27. Missing avatar

      José Tremblay Champagne on

      Personally, the lighting is the number one thing I want to see improved. The game needs a lot more atmosphere. But that’s just me.

    28. Aceearly1993 on

      Hope it won't be another thousand years of waiting. Just show us actual development stuff instead of boobs and tits here and there

    29. Missing avatar

      Ray Chan on

      Not addressing the Keyboard and Mouse issue is asinine. When people get a PC, they usually get a Keyboard and Mouse, not a controller. All of your previous Demos have had Keyboard and Mouse support, albeit funky and not intuitive (which brings me to question if that is why you guys removed it to either a: put a hood over your community [conspiracy theory], or b: you guys need to rework the whole scheme). Either way for it to not being addressed at all in this update until someone once again bring this issue up, despite it being a very very common theme throughout the comments regarding the beta, is definitely not cool in my book.

    30. Giovane Carreira Improta on

      Is there some news about the Nintendo Switch version?

    31. Angel Corlux_505 Games Collaborator on

      @Darius F - Will talk about release date more in August Kickstarter update.

      @Simone Tomasina - The demo we released will only be on PC

      @Alexis Rousseau - Yeah seriously, tell me about it, she's amazing! And no, no teases...

      @kittylady - Not sure what you're talking about for the update? Do you mean the drawing by Enkeria? There's nothing NSFW in that art.

      We have no plans to reduce the amount of female characters in the game or change their body proportions.

      Also, I feel obliged to point out that Miriam and the other female characters are much more than just "tits and ass"...just like there's much more to Zangetsu than pecs and abs most of us can only dream of lol ;)

      @Jussi Myllyluoma - Not sure I see what you see, but regardless you can rest assured that there will be plenty of Japanese-themed and inspired elements to the game. Remember that Miriam is supposed to be English too, so it kinda makes sense if you think about it.

      @Visa Vang - Keyboard and Mouse controls will be in the final game, we just won't be updating the Beta Backer Demo to support K&M controls.

    32. Missing avatar

      Zakary Lorrain on

      I am very glad to hear that the team is looking into the feedback so thoroughly; I'm also reassured that the issues in the beta are being taken care of. I'm looking forward to seeing the full release and to seeing how you guys handle the issues that are coming up. Keep up the good work!

    33. Missing avatar

      Visa Vang on

      So, are keyboard controls being ignored? Why no mention of it?

    34. Jussi Myllyluoma

      Looking at Miriam's character design — I'm primarily referring to the facial features — and comparing the latest demo to the concept art on the main project page, there seems to have been some revisions. Personally, I must confess I'm not too wild about them...

      The original art seems to depict Miriam with a very clearly Japanese aesthetic that is readily recognisable from manga, anime, as well as JRPG's and other Japanese video games. This aesthetic, prominently displayed in the project's "cover picture", was what originally drew me into this project.

      Miriam as she comes across in the latest demo strikes me as a lot more ... well, western.

      Personally, I'd prefer that the Japanese aesthetic was kept.

    35. Jussi Myllyluoma

      ...or don't.

    36. Missing avatar


      Please don't include tits and ass in these updates, some of us read these at work. And, hey, maybe reduce the amount of them in the actual game, huh?

    37. Missing avatar

      Ben on

      I've asked this question in the Steam forums and on a previous update comment thread but, yet again, I have to ask: when will Linux support be coming? As this is listed as a Steam beta and Steam is listed in the campaign description as including Linux and MacI do not feel this is an unfair question. Furthermore, a large reason as to why this has been a large concern for others and I is due to the long history of poorly optimized game ports for the Mac and various Linux platforms. What better time is there than now to iron out any of these possible Linux launch day bugs? I know Linux users will make up a smaller community of the PC playerbase than Windows users but I among others did still contribute to this campaign. This lack of official discourse regarding Linux and Mac support is worrying. At least with the console releases there was transparency with regards to no beta access. I would assume that is also disappointing but it has at least been directly stated.

    38. Brandon on

      thank you for acknowledging the repetitive shouts lmao
      looking forward to the full release

    39. Missing avatar

      Devin R. Lowe on

      I'm looking forward to hearing boss music whenever we encounter that Crate in the final game. :D

    40. Alexis Rousseau on

      Holy crap, Mana Ikeda needs to, like, make her own action manga or something, that Crate Boss panel looks amazing. It almost kinda feels like something from Berserk.

      Can't wait for that hinted release date! Surely you wouldn't be teasing us like that if you didn't at least plan to announce a release window, riiiiight? :P

    41. Missing avatar

      Aeon on

      Can't wait to play the final release! Keep up the great work!

    42. Missing avatar

      Ariel Herrera Morera on

      After Curse of the Moon I really want to play this game, I hope do it very soon, thanks!!!

    43. Missing avatar

      AriesWarlock on

      Heretical Grinder, it's like taken from a death metal song, I like it!

      Hope we get the possessed and demon skins for Miriam.

    44. Missing avatar

      Zgrzendek Kévin on

      Very happy that you take the feedback into consideration. Especially reassured about the light and overall graphical quality. Keep the hard work guys, we're almost there! 👍

    45. DeadLinc on

      How about calling it a Windows Beta.

    46. Darius F on

      release date when

    47. Brent Taylor on

      looooool the crate boss stuff is awesome hahaha. In truth though it's like a stealth performance check, people who met the requirements generally didn't have a problem ;p