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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Backer Beta Demo Release

Posted by Koji Igarashi (Creator)

Note: We've assigned download codes for the backer beta demo to everyone who backed at a $60 tier or higher. To get yours, click through to your survey—if you don't have your survey link handy, visit our survey support page and we'll resend it. - Fangamer

 Hi everyone, IGA here.

Every time I go to E3, I'm reminded that this is the biggest game show in the world. I had a valuable opportunity to meet other developers who I usually don't get to see.

This year, Bloodstained was exhibited in a closed space at 505 Games. The demo we showcased is actually the Beta Backer Demo that will be available today to all backers at the $60 tier and higher.

I explained the contents briefly in a previous update, but this morning I’ll provide an overview plus a bit more detail. In this demo we are heading to the castle by ship, passing through the ruined village and then through the castle entrance. 

Miriam: A girl who has the ability to link demon shards through her crystal-embedded body.

Johannes: An alchemist who grew up with Miriam and supports her.

Gebel: A Shardbinder with the same ability as Miriam, who caused the chaos.

Dominique: An exorcist dispatched from the church to quell the demons.

Zangetsu: A samurai who despises all things demonic who has made his way to the scene along with Dominique.

Alfred: an alchemist who was part of the demon ritual 10 years ago.

You will be able to experience a part of the storyline through these characters.

Regarding the gameplay—we’ve prepared a demo that I can proudly call an action game. Well, I guess that should be obvious... but hey! We also added special commands that were eagerly requested! It’s only a small portion of what's in the game, but try to find them and see what you think. There are also new enemies and shards introduced in this demo.

In addition to the combat, there is a shop to buy and sell items, and an alchemy room to craft new items, where you can also make food and upgrade shards. 

Johannes the alchemist performs item transmutation, but Miriam cooks her own food. Food heals health, but it can also permanently increase stat parameters.  In other words, you can become stronger by cooking and eating food, in addition to collecting experience points. It's time to collect lots of materials and eat a lot of food!

There are also two ways to strengthen shards: You can collect duplicates of the same shard to increase its overall strength, and you can evolve shards by combining materials in crafting. You will need certain materials in order to do this. Both methods are included in the Backer Beta Demo.

In the previously announced update, there are also quests. This time we have a villager named Lindsay, who has survived the attack.

She will ask Miriam to avenge those who have been killed by the demons. The first quest is to avenge her husband by hunting eight Mortes. Morte is an enemy that couldn’t become a full-fledged demon, so it takes on a form of other things. It doesn’t drop a shard, but you will get a reward for killing few of them in the area.

That's all I have to tell you about the demo! Please let us hear your thoughts and experience when you play it.

The Backer Beta Demo (BBD) has arrived! We can’t wait to hear your feedback, to that end, we’ve set up a few ways for you to talk to us directly:

First of all, everyone will have access to an exclusive Steam Forum via the app’s community hub, which you can post in only if you have installed the BBD. 

Secondly, we of course have our official forums with specific sections dedicated to feedback and bug reporting. Last but not least, you can visit our official 505 Games customer support portal to request urgent help with any technical support issues, submit bug reports, and give feedback as well.

In addition to the above, come join us on our official Discord server where we’ll be talking about the BBD in a more casual way. Phew, I think that’s it—hopefully with all these ways to talk to us you all know that we are *definitely* listening and eager to hear what you have to say, good or bad!

Thank you so much everyone, and have fun slaying some demons! >:D 

Roberto Piraino “Angel-Corlux” 
Global Brand Manager – 505 Games


今月はE3に行ってまいりました。 最近は毎年参加していますが、いつ来ても世界最大規模のゲームショーだというのを実感します。 普段会えないようなクリエーターとも会える貴重な機会でもあります。

今回、Bloodstainedは、505 Gamesでクローズドではありますが、展示させていただきました。 そこで展示したものを、権利を持っている方にはなりますが、ベータバッカーデモとして公開いたします。 別)そこで展示したものを、権利を持っている方にはなりますが、ベータバッカーデモとして21日に公開いたしました。

前回のバッカーアップデートで簡単に内容を説明しましたので、おさらいプラスもう少し詳細をお知らせします。 まずは船で今回の舞台の地へ向かい、悪魔に滅ぼされた村、そして悪魔の巣食う城のエントランスへと進んでいきます。

錬金術によって悪魔の結晶シャードとリンクする能力を植え付けられた少女「ミリアム」 幼少からミリアムと育ち彼女をサポートする錬金術師「ヨハネス」 今回の事件の原因になったミリアムと同じ力を持つシャードリンカー「ジーベル」 悪魔鎮めるために教会から派遣されたエクソシスト「ドミニク」 ドミニクと共にこの地に派遣された、悪魔につながる全てを憎む侍「斬月」 10年前の悪魔の大召喚を行った老獪な錬金術師「アルフレッド」 今回の作品を彩る登場人物たちのドラマの一端を感じ取ってもらえるかと思います。

ゲーム的な部分に関しては、アクションゲームとして自信をもって遊べるものを用意しています。 まぁ、当たり前のことではあるのですが…。 特に、皆さんから要望の多かった必殺技! ちゃんと用意してますよ! ほんの一部にはなりますが、色々試して探してもらえればよいかと思います。 そして新しい敵と新しいシャードも登場します。

今回はアクション以外の部分として、ショップでの買い物、錬成によるアイテムの創造も可能です。 錬成に関しては、ただアイテムを作るだけでなく、シャードの能力を上げたり、料理を作ることもできます。 錬成自体はヨハネスが行うのですが、料理に関してだけはミリアムによる手作り料理となります。 実はこの料理、食べることで体力の回復ができますが、初めて食べるものは永続的にパラメータがアップする仕組みを用意しています。 つまり、今回のBloodstainedは経験値集めてレベルを上げること以外に、料理を作って食べることでもパラメータを上げることができるわけです。 これは積極的に素材を集めて料理をしまくるしかないですね! それと、シャードの錬成の話になりますが、今回はシャードの能力を上げる方法が2種類あります。 一つはシャードの数を集めること。 それによってシャードの力、つまり威力だったり、数値的な強さが上がっていきます。 二つ目は先ほどから書いているシャードの錬成です。 これはシャードに特定の素材を組み合わせてシャードの質自体を編成させるものです。 簡単に言うと、大きさが大きくなったり、数が増えたりするのです。 この2種類の方法でシャードの能力を鍛え上げていきます。 それもこのベータバッカーデモで体験ができます。

そして、クエストも用意しているとアナウンスしてました。 今回は、滅ぼされた村の生き残り「リンジー」のクエストです。 彼女は村人の仇を取ってもらうべく、ミリアムに依頼をしてきます。 まず最初は彼女の旦那さんの仇、モート8匹の討伐です。 ここでモートの説明を…。 この敵は、悪魔になり切れていない悪魔の元みたいな存在です、 そのため、いろんなものを取り込んで悪魔として成り立ちます。 そんな敵モートを8匹。 そのあたりにぼちぼちと徘徊してますので、かるーくクリアして報酬をゲットしましょう。 ちなみに、悪魔になりきれていない存在のため、シャード化しないキャラクターでもあります。


 ようやく Backer Beta Demo (BBD) が配信されました! 皆様のフィードバックを頂くために、いくつかのやり方を紹介します。

まず、皆様にはSteamの掲示板 「Community Hub」にアクセス権限が渡されています。



最後に、急ぎの案件は、我々505 Games のカスタマーサービスのポータルで対応します。





-ロベルト・ピライノ "Angel-Corlux"

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    1. Antonio Skarav Mariscal on

      I haven't received my Beta Backer DEMO key, where can I see what rewards, demos, or keys do you receive when they release them? I think they gave all 60+ tier backers a key for the 8-bit style game too, I didn't received it neither... :) thanks in advance for the info.

    2. Missing avatar

      Garrett Thomas on

      Why does every project do their surveys through fucking Fangamer and not, oh, I dunno, the website the campaign was hosted on? It's absolutely asinine.

    3. Richard Warner on

      One thing I would like added is a counter to show how much progress you made on the side quest you have registered.

    4. Kiriyama57 on

      So far I am enjoying this Demo, the game is beautiful. While playing, the only glitch i witnessed was that at odd times, the music would stop, and only start again when i entered the next screen

    5. Missing avatar

      Duncan Jones on

      Where is keyboard and mouse support? I backed this game for PC, so don't want any retarded console controller options only.

    6. Lucas Paynter on

      I was reticent to play the demo at first, as part of me really wanted to save the experience for the final release ... but I caved and did have a lot of fun doing so. Though I wouldn't argue that things can't improve, if the areas included in the demo reflect the game at large, I expect to have a really good time. :)

      I don't have the whip complaints that some people do, but I was never expecting them to handle like the old school 'vania games to begin with, particularly as the classic animation isn't something that translates to 3D in an entirely natural way. If they were to take a small hit in damage output in lieu of range and recovery speed, I wouldn't complain, but I made decent use of them while I was playing.

      I will note I did get the 'stuck in the air' glitch a couple times as well, and had to take damage to get out of it as well. Don't think I encountered any other bugs of note, personally.

      My only complaint, personally, is that I do feel some of the dialogue scenes run a bit long, though I will concede that sense of length is exacerbated by the presence of voice acting as well as having to build new lore. It's probably more work than is viable at this stage, but some of the dialogue exchanges might benefit from a little trimming to get the player back in the action faster; I do say this as someone who loves story and dialogue both, but is concerned about what the length and frequency early in the game suggests relative to the overall experience.

      But, tl;dr, I did really enjoy the demo and look forward to a hopefully more cleaned up final release.

    7. Gibson "Gibby" Powell on

      Adding to Andre's comment, the mouths in the cutscene bits open a bit too wide, making it look like they're screaming the entire time. It's something mic sensitivity where the moment you start speaking, the wavelengh goes maximum decreasing how far the mouths move would be a great thing to do. I would also like to say there should be an option for cutscene voice and ingame voice volumes seperately.

    8. André Caldas on

      Regaring my playthrough:


      1 - Got some problems with being stuck in mid-air near ground while finishing a claymore attack ( downard swing slash) at first section of Entrance. A Morte hit me and got me unstuck, but no moviment/attack actions could be made. However, It was one-time only. I've got the printscreen.

      2 - Sorting by weapon type does not work. I believe is getting ID instead of weapon type, because flamberge should come after claymore when sorting. Same for boots)

      Some suggestion after playing until the end of demo:

      1 - Separate Voice and Music on Sound Config
      2 - Add ability to Skip conversations automatically ( for shops and missions for example)
      3 - Miriam cries too much when using whip ( A lot of "Ha!" is really annoying)
      4 - No knockback. I'm fine with it but we could have knockback and a shard/equip that prevent knockback
      5 - The graphic of when the characters are speaking is a bit weird and unnatural, but I'm not sure of what could be improved here
      6 - Make some weapons more useful, like the daggers. Rapiers have the same speed and pattern, but have longer range and better attack. Maybe unique specials or animations for each weapon
      7 - Shard annimation cancel with Backdash. It makes the game faster. Also some shards bring too much attention, making difficult to see anything once summoned( tentacle shard is an example)
      8 - Make AI more agressive on normal monsters. Maybe on harder diff setting.
      9 - Quest counter. It would be nice to notify the player that a quest has been completed, but in a non-intrusive way.

    9. Adam on

      I agree with Simon Belmont about the whip. The hitbox seems a little funky and could use some tweaking. I also think you should tone down the amount of voice bits she does when attacking. If you're fighting a lot it seems like constant "ha! huh!" or whatever. Occasionally is nice, but not constantly. I would also recommend some artwork over the narration. A lot of black with text is pretty dull, and the narration is long. So far i enjoyed the demo though and am bummed I finished it already.

    10. Missing avatar

      Les Chang on

      I got a black screen after leaving the first room. Nothing can be seen.

    11. Missing avatar

      Josh Drover on

      Demo was great! My only real complaint is the fact that Miriam yells for the majority of her attacks. This got old very quickly.

    12. Tue

      Would be nice with some kind of update for it to use keyboard properly instead of needing a joypad. Considering "Curse of the moon" used both keyboard and mouse I do find it even more odd you didnt add this to the demo as well.

    13. FoxSpirit on

      I'd still rather have native PS4 pad support. Steam emulation can be wonky and is laggy for some.
      That said, game looks great in 4k and runs great too!!

    14. Brent Taylor on

      PS4 controllers are supported by Steam. You can check a box for it in Big Picture mode's options. It's what I've been using for CotM and RotN

    15. Missing avatar

      Nathan Blankenship on

      The narrator in the beginning is hard to understand at times, there are a few areas that are too high up to reach, whip should have some range, a borderless windowed display mode would be nice, more graphic settings so that the experience can be optimized for different PC hardware setups
      I really like the shards, they remind me of Aria and Dawn of Sorrow, which are my favorite Castlevania games, though some of the powers could use some work.
      No keyboard, PS4, or Switch Controller support or none that I could find, causing me to dig through my old game system boxes for both a Xbox 360 controller and the wireless receiver, and this cause a bit of issue in play due to the 360's horrible d-pad.

    16. Missing avatar

      Daniel Sitar on

      i'm not able to get in to this beta, i checked my survey results and it gives me curse of the moon, not a link to this beta. and i'm a $60 backer.

    17. JDEzekude on

      @Silver Dragon I think you just pitched an ideal comic strip for this beta. I can visualize it in my head already. Heck, I think I'll give it a try! =3

    18. JDEzekude on

      Greetings! The good news is I've received and played your Backer Beta. The bad news is there are a few major problems with it.

      1) No keyboard and mouse support - I had to download an Xbox 360 controller emulator to be able to play the beta with my keyboard. This took several minutes of troubleshooting. This problem didn't happen in the E3 Demo.

      2) No graphics optimization options - Because there were no options to optimize the graphics, I had to play the game with a low framerate. It was still playable but slow and mind-numbing.

      3) Inaccessible rooms and paths - There are two certain rooms in the Galleon Minerva that have platforms two high to reach. As a result, I'm unable to play through the entire beta. One of these rooms has a crate which I assume is meant to be move. But, no matter what I tried to move the crate (i.e. attacking it with every weapon and shard attack), it wouldn't budge an inch!

      If all three of these problems were fixed in an update, I'd be extremely grateful. That's all the feedback I can give for now. Thank you and take care.

    19. Missing avatar

      John Ellis on

      I'm sorry but this is just unplayable on PC if you don't have a controller, it just doesn't work with the keyboard, if you must insist on having one why not release the demo on console.

    20. Missing avatar

      Simon Belmont on

      I just now played through every screen of the map with the whip only for 2 straight hours for testing purposes and I have some feedback. Please note that I'm a huge fan of whips in Castlevania games and whips feel really really bad in this Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night demo. Whips definitely feel off. The range is severely limited. The hitbox is really wonky. The 2 voice sound effects she makes while swinging the whip are extremely annoying. One of the noises she makes while swinging the whip sounds like a blood curdling scream as if she is taking serious damage from an enemy attack even though she is not receiving any damage at all.

      Whip Advantages:
      It is very easy to hit enemies very close to the ground which is nice compared to the other weapons

      Whip Disadvantages:
      Limited range
      Jumping to attack flying enemies is not fun (try it and you will find out.......the hitbox is weird)
      Standing directly underneath the purple lanterns and jumping+attacking almost never works due to this weird hitbox
      The delay between attacks is slightly too long which is really annoying. Countless times I pushed the attack button a second time, but nothing happened due to the "delay" programmed in-between whip attacks

      Suggested Fix:
      Have whips attack in a similar fashion to Richer's whip in Symphony of the Night (or the whip from Harmony of Dissonance which I really liked alot), but with the added awesome mobility of Super Castlevania 4 whip attacks (up, down, and diagonal attack angles). If we get a metal whip in this game then add a chain sound effect........I really love this from Castlevania games. Add a unique "rapid slicing through air" sound effect for leather/thorn/all other non-metallic whips.

    21. Silver Dragon on

      I propose the idea:

      The character enters a room in which there is a wooden box which help to up higher.. When you try to move the wooden box - on the wooden box appears the face of Koji Igarashi and he starts to gallop around the room and vilely giggle. After 3 blows, the wooden box returns to its normal form and the original place. After that, it can be moved.

    22. Missing avatar

      Simon Belmont on

      All of the shard abilities are really boring. I never use them. I don’t find them useful or interesting. Some of them are really bad looking as well which doesn’t help. All of them need to be ditched and start from scratch. Here are just a few ideas for shards that can buff weapons or summon creatures.

      Fire Shard: add flame graphics to your equipped weapon. Chance to ignite the enemy on fire. Drains mana on proc

      Ice Shard: add frost graphics to your equipped weapon. Chance to greatly slow enemies movement and attack speed. Drains mana on proc.

      Poion Shard: add green bubbly graphics to equipped weapon. Chance to apply poison to enemy causing small amounts of damage over time. Drains mana on proc.

      Necrotic Shard: add a gray dusty smoke emitting from equipped weapon. Chance to turn enemy into a pile of dust. Drains mana on proc.

      Ninjitsu Shard: ability to throw shurikens

      Wolf Shard: summon wolf to fight by your side. Significantly drains mana while activated.

      Skeleton Shard: summon a armored skeleton with sword/shield to fight by your side. Significantly drains mana while activated.

      Infected Zombie Dog: summon zombie dog who bites enemies with chance to turn bit enemy into zombie. Significantly drains mana while activated.

      Vampire Shard: summon bloodsucking vampire bat who flies around sucking blood from all enemies within 7 meters. Significantly drains mana while activated.

      Snake Shard: summon poisonous snakes who bites grounded enemies with high chance to inflict poisoned status. Significantly drains mana while activated.


      there are are lots of other cool things to summon as well such as spiders, zombie bear, black crow, plain zombie, scorpions, etc......

    23. Missing avatar

      Kevin Kerins on

      Nvm, I had to have my ps4 plugged in before I even opened up steam.

    24. Missing avatar

      Kevin Kerins on

      @Likourgos I did that and my ps4 controller still doesn't work, it's the same as the keyboard with only a few buttons that work on the controller

    25. Savon Whitehead on

      Has anyone else's computer cut it self off, while playing the game?

    26. Missing avatar

      Likourgos Christatos on

      Steam supports ps4 controllers, you only need to plug your controller with the usb cable you are using to charge it and go in the options on steam and click ps4 game pad. I've just finished it and it was very nice, still it needs some polish, the dialog box has a glitch on the text to mention one, but i'm sure the final product will be good!!

    27. Matthew Dunaway on

      Why is there only controller support for Xbox One controllers that makes absolutely no sense since more people would own a PS4 controller over an Xbox One

    28. Missing avatar

      superdrw on

      Hi, I bought several game together. including 175 dollars package. the page show I will redeem two codes together but I just saw one?

    29. zenghui107 on

      can't use keyboard?? It's very fool.

    30. Daniel Jewell on

      Just finished the BBD and I've got to say this is really impressive. Fantastic work guys! Can't wait to see the full version!

    31. Sucha Dolpanith on

      @Roberto Piraino i can't use PS4 controller to play
      how did you play
      i just try my NS Pro controller and PS4 controller and still no respond

    32. Missing avatar

      BRSM on

      Any word on the backer beta demo being released on mac or other platforms?

    33. Andry Putra Wijaya on

      Hi, I received key for Japan region. My psn is in Asia - Indonesia region. Could you please recheck and send me the correct one? Thanks

    34. Missing avatar

      Matias Garber on

      I can't believe you shat on us keyboard users AGAIN. You had a whole fucking years to make aiming a directional shard work, let alone such basic things as key mappings. Can't even use a generic controller, for fuck's sake.

    35. quinton Forbes on

      I have two questions. First, do we get to find the Bromide for photos? Second, Why do shards reset their progress if you upgrade them after rank 9? They do show a rank 10, but instead it asks if I want to deactivate the shard.

      I got all the items, materials, weapons, armors, etc that I could find. Including the poison to make the Poison kukri and stinger weapons. Took me a while for them to drop. Currently working on upgrading all the Shards to level 9. After that they reset to level 1, weirdly.

    36. Nick on

      Oh look. It's unsupported on my current platform. What a shock.

    37. smudboy on

      Hello? Keyboard support? Why can't I map keyboard inputs? You're releasing this to the PC and not giving us keyboard inputs? What?

    38. Missing avatar

      Zachary Daringer on

      When people play a game on PC, they expect working PC controls, not half assed ones that aren't even half there. KB controls need more than attack, jump, menu, directional aiming and movement- you guys softlocked me into the config menu with no way out, you forced the window to always be on top so I couldn't kill the game with Task Manager, you force me to use a directional shard with a button that isn't even BOUND on KB so early on I can't even progress in the ship, you've got a box nobody can push... Seriously guys? The box I can understand since the fixes for that has to do with messing with the resolution so some weird coding going on there, but come on- there's no excuse for having half bound keyboard controls when you have this on PC, and there is ESPECIALLY no excuse for having the game be Always on Top even when people are trying to tab out. This should never have happened, this is extremely basic and early stuff, and you somehow skipped it- now fix it so people without controllers can ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME.

    39. Missing avatar

      Myk Adams on

      Why does my backer survey say "WARNING: You are redeeming 2 keys at once!"?
      I backed for more than one copy, so I understand why I have two keys, but how do I redeem them separately? One for me and one for the person I was gifting another copy.

    40. Missing avatar

      RestInSleaze009 on

      I thought everything in the demo was great overall, but one thing I would like added to the final game would be the ability to equip a second weapon and use one of the unused buttons on the controller to switch between your two weapons on the fly during gameplay. I enjoyed using rapiers against most enemies, however it was difficult to hit enemies that were low to the ground such as those venus flytrap-like plants that would snap up at you when you ran over them. They were easily killed with some heavy weapons such as the battle axes, but it was really annoying to have to go into the menu and switch weapons just to kill them, then go back into the menu to switch back to the rapier. Being able to switch between two equipped weapons quickly during gameplay with the press of a button would have made this fast and easy. Everything else was great.

    41. Missing avatar

      Simon Belmont on

      I think they did a great job with the demo except for three areas that killed it for me.

      1. Enemy Design: it is horrible....almost every normal enemy never even attacks and when they do pull off the rare attack animation it looks pathetic and very easy to dodge. This applies to nearly every enemy. The art design of these enemies is also very lackluster. Specifically I do not like the art or lack of offense from these enemies: seama, morte, bone morte, dullahammer, aello, ghost, plume parma, sabnock, and mocoweed to name a few. I do like bat, toad, rat, gieremund, axe outsider, barbatos. Vepar is cool looking but has basically zero offensive capabilities and offers little to no challenge, which is sad for a boss fight.

      2. Shard Abilities: these are even worse than the enemy design described above. I tried tons of them but I’m struggling to even think of one that I enjoy using. They don’t look good and they don’t feel good. They all need to be redesigned from scratch to “look cool and feel good to use over the standard attack weapon.

      3. Difficulty (or lack thereof): overall difficulty is basically very easy mode since most enemies don’t attack and are easily killed before they even have a chance to attack. I even tried all types of different weapons and this did not change anything.

      - Also the balance is off....for example I shot one seama 9 times with the musketoon before it died and it completely stopped moving (zero animation) between hits 2 thru 9.

      - Johannes has a constant very strange idle animation during cutscenes. He looks like he has extremely labored breathing at all times which is very unnatural looking (looks like he climbed Mount Everest prior to each cutscene).

      - Random strange hitches occur during scrolling text subtitles.

      - During cutscenes the volume of certain character voices needs to be increased (music is drowning the voice actors out). Gebel + Alfred

      - Ditch the save room couch for a coffin.

    42. Shax on

      Crud is Steam exclusive sorry for all the posts but there's no way to edit my first one.

    43. Shax on

      My beta backer demo code is for Steam, I wanted PS4.

    44. Shax on

      I have a code for Curse of the Moon and the beta demo, that's it. Has anyone else not gotten their code?

    45. Missing avatar

      Aeon on

      This awesome! I backed for a PS4 copy; so I wasn't even expecting beta access! Thanks!

    46. David Ham on

      For people having ps4 controller issues, make Steam do it.
      Go into Steam -> Settings -> Controller
      Desktop Configuration can do it.

      That's what I did, and it plays fine.

      My issue is I got a STUPID amount of lag. Like I tried on my Desktop and my gaming Laptop, and the lag was nuts. It was slow and floaty. Aside from that, it was fun.

    47. Missing avatar

      Ray Chan on

      Seriously I am a little bit annoyed about this. All this wait for a real Demo. Not only is it a day late, which is understandable, but no one could've told us in advance that the Demo is controller support only? Really? I mean I get it, it's 2018, most people do have a controller on their steam. But there are people who like to keep Steam PC only, as in keyboard and mouse. Had we been notify of this beforehand, which I am certain you guys knew this was to be a controller only demo, I am pretty sure people would've made the necessary accommodations. And before that, the first Demo years ago had keyboard support, why change what wasn't broken? Sure it was clunky, but at least people could play it. So basically this demo either becomes god useless waste of space on the PC or I have to rush out force myself to get a controller... seriously better communication next time please.

    48. Rubescent Dragon on

      I still don't have my code is there a delay that I'm not aware of? I can't seem to find anything in the comments section about it on either here or the comments tab

    49. Missing avatar

      Likourgos Christatos on

      I didn't know that i could use my ps4 controller, it's working. I'll play it tomorrow!! Thanks for the info!!

    50. Angel Corlux_505 Games Collaborator on

      @Likourgos Christatos & Orgodemir - The demo has controller support only, there are a few keyboard keys that were accidentally left activated. You can use an XB1 for Windows controller or a PS4 Joypad. Sorry if that's an inconvenience but please do give the demo a chance and give us feedback. Thanks for your understanding.

      @Everyone submitting feedback here - Humbled by your passion and dedication, however please submit your feedback to the Official Forums, Steam Forums, or the 505 Games Support Portal, those are the sources where we collect, catalog and translate the feedback for the development team, thanks!

      Official Forums:

      Steam Forums:

      For Technical Support as well as Feedback and Bugs:
      505 Games Portal -