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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Mauro Barni on

      Hallo, i'm a backer...still no update yet?

    2. Angel Corlux Collaborator on

      @Brian - 2018 is all we've said so far, but more news is coming soon, hang in there!

    3. Brian Kaplinski on

      When is this game coming out?

    4. Angel Corlux Collaborator on

      @ARM X AUTHOR Hey there and thank you for your feedback and kind words alike! I hear you loud and clear, and although I'm limited in what I can say, I will let you know that I hear your concerns and hopes, and soon you should start to get that comprehensive feeling of what Bloodstained will ultimately look and feel like, don't worry! :)

    5. ARM X Author on

      Thanks for this update when you are in the thick of things. I remember seeing this stage in the concept art way back when. As back then, I think it's a really intriguing idea. I imagine this is an early build of the in-game area, but a few things I just wanted to note when comparing it to the concept art (and utilizing its potential).

      I appreciate that the [animated!] leaves are not totally overstated (keeping in line with the overall horror theme of the project), but I think, at least in some "rooms," the leaves should be more plentiful and have greater contrast with the background/foreground, including the use of more yellow hues. Also, what really attracted me to the concept art was the mixed use of the Eastern- and Western-style carpeting, stairs, statues, ruins (i.e., torii plus Greco-Roman columns), and candles. With the current presentation, it feels more focused on the rocks of the cave, though the background and a few other token elements hint this will progress into something more like what I'm hoping for.

      I just think it'd be a terrible shame to use the concept art elements as mere “accents” to a dank cave. The cave should be the accent, in my opinion, to the other elements, and perhaps this is still leading up to this. (If not, it is in danger of looking a bit like the opening of Team Ninja’s first Ninja Gaiden.) I like the lighting contrast going on with the water, and hope to see the water also used as a fleshed-out element of the area with waterfalls and the like (perhaps even mist and fog to enhance the “creepiness”). I have it in my mind that this could be the spiritual equivalent of the classic "Atlantis-type" stage for Bloodstained, but maybe that is being seen to elsewhere. That said, the upside-down trees certainly are a nice touch to get things started in the eeriness department.

      Any way it goes, I'm still intrigued, but my socks haven't been knocked off yet. It’s a strange thing to say, but I haven’t gotten a cohesive atmospheric feel for what Bloodstained is yet in terms of its presentation. But I think that is due at least in part to the process of it being an in-progress Kickstarter project with updates that are not trying to spoil too much (which I appreciate greatly).

      I'm not a huge fan of (the admittedly popular) outfit customization in these types of games, but it looks to be well implemented, and the animation and physics of everything shown in these new videos seem to be really solid and less floaty than before. I'm still not sure about the default whip motion being a downward crack, even if it is more realistic. It seems to give the swords more of an edge, no pun intended, in the gameplay. As for the music track, I think it fits overall--even if, perhaps inevitably, it does bring to mind a bit of the Naruto anime--but I'd have to hear more to make a judgment. Like some other tracks, there is a risk it might hang too much and play it too safe in the pocket to be truly memorable.

      Regardless, continued luck to all involved. Keep up the good work. As a final aside, I'm really excited to see how the mini-game will flow with its own design philosophy.

    6. Angel Corlux Collaborator on

      @Michael Wakefield - Hey there, haha really great to see your passion and enthusiasm for the game, and thank you for your kind words! But please remember we are officially only saying "2018" so far as a release date, so while there aren't any planned delays, no one should be assuming a release date in Q1, Q2, May, Feb, Nov, anything at all, because we haven't confirmed it yet. ;)

    7. Missing avatar

      Michael Wakefield on

      This update was fantastic to see. It looks like the whatever you guys have done to the graphics since the videos on the castle section have improved it a lot. This looks utterly gorgeous. Plus, Miriam seems like she has more weight this time around, and I like it.

      It will make the traversal abilities you get that much more nice :D So excited!

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Wakefield on

      I am so fucking excited!!!! I messaged the Bloodstained FB page, and they said there are no planned delays and we'll get an announcement date soon... Q1 2018.... WE WILL HAVE THIS GLORIOUS MASTERPIECE BY MAY, GUYS!!!!

    9. Angel Corlux Collaborator on

      Thank you for the kind words and support everyone!

      @Brandon Stewart - No official release date beyond "2018" yet, but the official release date announcement is coming!

      @David Ruiz - Just reach out to our friends at Fangamer ( and they will be able to take care of you. :)

    10. Brandon Stewart on

      I don't want the game rushed so if needed then push it back to late 2018-early 2019, but I won't complain if it releases early to mid 2018.

    11. Brandon Stewart on

      How far along is the project and will there be a release window announced soon, like 1st to 4th quarter of 2018?

    12. David Ruiz on

      I supported for the digital copy tier back then, will I be able to select the Switch version of the game?

      Thank you and good luck with the rest of the development.

    13. Missing avatar

      Tom W on

      Game looks sweet, glad I backed this from the start.

      Happy New Year!

    14. Mark on

      Take your time and don’t rush the development. Quality over quantity. I think November 2018 for release would be great because of past Igavanias coming out in that time of year and also because of the holiday/Christmas season coming up.

    15. Missing avatar

      Christopher Florio on

      Cant wait to play the game in 2018. the new environment looks sick.

    16. Camerun Grant on

      Take as much time as you need!

      Games looking like it's on the right track, just keep it up and release it when it's finished.

      Happy holidays to all! :)

    17. Leonardo Chappuis on

      I have absolutely no problem waiting as long as it takes for this to get fully developed. Take your time, I'd hate to see such an amazing game being rushed. I mean, that's one of the biggest advantages of being backed, after all...

    18. Missing avatar

      SoTNLover on

      I will admit, I haven't been a huge fan of the art style, I had been hoping to see more pixel art, as it's my favourite style. That said, I wouldn't let it ruin a game for me, and I wouldn't consider it bad art by any means. All that said, I love that new gun/outfit combo, it looks so sick, definitely going to be one of my favourite

    19. Angel Corlux Collaborator on

      @Jussi Myllyluoma and @Steven Waugh, thank you for your support and all the kinds words, we're definitely working as hard as we can to not let all of you down! Hell, to not let myself down either, I want my awesome game and awesome goodies dammit >:|

    20. Angel Corlux Collaborator on

      Hey @Adam Nava, it's been a while since the original Kickstarter, we've had a new release date for next year, 2018 for a good while now. I definitely understand wanting to get your hands on the game, we're working hard, rest assured! :)

    21. Jussi Myllyluoma

      Great to see the progress — and I was gratified to find my faith in Iga-san's artistic integrity fully vindicated when he chose to push the release date back into 2018 rather than release a rushed and incomplete product!

      I look forward to enjoying the final game _when_it's_ready_!

    22. Steven Waugh on

      I'm happy your taking your time people need to remember good games take three - five years to make. and thank you for all you hard work when it comes out

    23. Adam on


      When will this game be released? I backed this on 6/7/2015 = (

    24. Angel Corlux Collaborator on

      @Eric Sagastume We haven't announced the exact release date yet, but it's coming out next year, 2018!

      @Charlie Day We're actually completely on schedule, we never said the game was launching by March. :\ You'll see an official release date soon though! :)

      @Darkwing The minigame is being created and published by Inticreates, here at 505 Games we don't have any jurisdiction over that game. Overall development is going strong, and the schedule is being followed, no stretches are in sight. :P

      @Jacksukeru nom nom nom

      @Yarott Damn, didn't think of that...when pigs fly...underwater? :|

      @Mark Glad to hear you like it, yeah I can't wait for people to see more...

      @Kris Randazzo Indeed! I had the exact same reaction when I first saw this environment :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Tim Lester on

      @Eric Sagastume

      Don't rush them. We do NOT want another Mighty No. 9 on our hands.

    26. Eric Sagastume on

      i think we waited long enough when is this game going to be released -_-

    27. Charlie Day on

      It really seems like you guys aren't on schedule to release the game by March. Are you going to update the official release date?

    28. Missing avatar

      -DarkWing- on

      I have a few questions.
      - The minigame, is that already done?
      - How is overall development?

      It looks like it is going to be a stretch to get iton time

    29. Jacksukeru on

      Tastes like Ham-chicken! mm mm.

    30. Missing avatar

      Yarott on

      You made pigs fly. What will the new excuse now be?

    31. Missing avatar


      Really liking the new area, it has lots of detail! Looking forward to seeing what enemies/hazards/etc it gets filled up with.

    32. Kris Randazzo on

      I love how the background is busy but you can still very clearly see what the foreground is. Looks brilliant!