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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
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Development Update - In-Game Fashion

Posted by Koji Igarashi (Creator)

Greetings, Army of the Night! Before we get started with this November development update, everybody on the Bloodstained team would like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to our American backers. (Not to mention a Black Friday that was no more hectic than you wanted it to be.)

As you might have guessed, we're thankful for all the support you've shown us during the development process. We're also thankful for more new video content from ArtPlay! Here's IGA to introduce it: 

Hello everyone, this is IGA. For this update I'd like to share what we've been referring to as the "Miriam Fashion Show." In Bloodstained, weapons, accessories, and scarves all change the player character's appearance. Today we'd like to show you a few of those items. 

All the weapons you see here are new additions. There's a fire sword, a two-handed axe, and a few other kinds of weapons. There's even a maid headband that's similar to the kind you might see in Akihabara. 

We haven't shown this before today—we can actually change hairstyles and scarves, too. Miriam looks so different when her hairstyle changes. This new one looks very fierce! 

In addition, we included a look at three Bunny items—a headband, a scarf, and some boots. I think it's a very stylish look, personally...

This system is another way to personalize the game, and I hope you have fun with it. 

We also have a new enemy to share: the Giant Rat. When I imagine medieval Europe, I can't help but think of rats. That might be a stereotype, but we definitely had to have a rat enemy. 

Currently, the development is in its crunch period—right now we're working on some important bosses. There is no holiday for us, but we will do our best! See you all soon!

Event Watch

After all the conventions and appearances chronicled in our last update, ArtPlay and 505 are planning to hit a slew of events over the next year. If you haven't had a chance to see the team yet, you can help them plan the next phase of their itinerary by offering feedback at the Bloodstained Forums.

For this month's Fanart Spotlight we're back with three new pieces from across the internet. Now that you've seen this month's fashion update you've got plenty of inspiration, so make some fanart and then tag it #IGAVANIA or #bloodstained so we can find it and include it in a future update! 










For this month's last word we got 505's own Angel-Corlux on the line to say a little about what's coming up over the next month! Here he is:

“Most enthusiastic salutations everyone! Angel-Corlux is how most of you know me from our social platforms, my name is Roberto Piraino and I’m the Global Brand Manager at 505 Games responsible for publishing Bloodstained. Now for a full introduction, feel free to check out the Bloodstained Community Podcast here where XombieMike interviews me.

Almost all of November has been a relatively quiet month, but that’s all going to change in December! In this next month expect tons of announcements, reveals, teases and more than one enormous surprise that I think will have a good chance at blowing you away. So if you don’t already, be sure to follow and interact with us on Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and the Official Forums, so you don’t miss out on all the amazing stuff coming! 

And what's more, by interacting with the above platforms you get direct access to me, where especially on Discord I’m often chatting with everyone and answering what questions I can. Remember to bring your passion, feedback (good or bad) and get ready to make lots of friends! Thanksgiving has passed, but I’m really so, so excited for the upcoming winter holiday season. I really wish I could just spoil everything right now (keeping secrets is hard) but I really like my job haha. So for now all I’ll say is keep your eyes and ears peeled. Thanks!”

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    1. Rigel on

      The gian rat with all those eyes is pretty awesome. I am really eager to see all those December surprises! keep up the good work!

    2. Missing avatar

      Leonard E. Norwood Jr. on

      Hey guys, I remember pledging some money a year or two back. I have kept up on the updates and just keeping in contact so I can ensure that this game can be sent to my house when it's good and ready. A lot of work has been put into this, and I know people want to make darn sure. So I'm still waiting. That's all.

    3. Gonzalo M.B. on

      Hoping for that surprises and... YES! Thank you very much for the appearance change depending of wish weapon or armor Myriam are wearing... this type of games always reduce cost (i think?) with no changes in this matters. So you are the best!

      Happy Holidays! to de community and all the team behind this master peace jeje

    4. Angel Corlux_505 Games Collaborator on

      @Jimtendo32 Thank you very much for your support and your kind words, both mean a great deal to us all. We're definitely working super hard to make sure we deliver and make good on the faith you and everyone else (including me, I backed too! lol) has placed in us. Much love right back at you. :)

    5. Jimtendo32 on

      So proud to have backed this from the start. All the way through the updates on this project have been excellent and everything has been handled extremely professionally by Iga and the team, thank you to all involved for all the hard work you've put into this and providing us the opportunity to be a part of the development. Much love. xoxo

    6. Angel Corlux_505 Games Collaborator on

      @Mark Winiarski Hey there, we definitely know that everyone is anxiously awaiting a release date, we have one internally, but are just holding onto it for now as its reveal is part of the marketing campaign, try to hang in there! :)

      @Denny Thanks for the kind words! We're definitely working hard!

      @Kelly Overholser We hear you, all I can say at the moment is...stay tuned...

      @Benjamin Vandergrift and @Donnicton ArtPlay is actually working with 505 Games as a publisher, (that's me!) and the crunch mode isn't about some evil overlord cracking the whip (pun intended) but more so an unfortunate side effect of wanting to get things *just* right when you're working on art / creative products.

      @Brian Definitely feel you, and we'll keep updating the KS community here with our monthly updates, and will look into including a "social media wrap up" or something into future updates... :)

      @Michael Osgood No the customization pieces are all separate of each other, so you're free to customize as you like! :D

      Thank you everyone again for your support and passion, I know we say it a lot, but we mean it and never get tired of saying it!

    7. Missing avatar

      Yarott on

      More monster updates, please!

    8. Missing avatar

      vitaminv on

      this rat monster really disgusts me. i hate rat, and i even can't see that over 2 seconds. wish it could be removed at the last version.

    9. Mark Winiarski on

      @Thaddeus When the delay was first announced, Koji stated that the delay will be a year or so long.

    10. Missing avatar

      Thaddeus on

      @Mark W. huh? The campaign page says the original delivery date was march 2017. So, yes, very, very late, but that's 9 months, not 12-18 months. Still, you're absolutely right in that not giving updated estimates is kinda disappointing; we're effectively the producers, so it's totally understandable to be frustrated to get vague marketing statements that the general public gets instead of actual progress reports.

      "In this next month expect tons of announcements, reveals, teases and more than one enormous surprise that I think will have a good chance at blowing you away."

      Between that and the "crunch period", it sounds a lot like the release date is coming up very soon; marketing is kicking into high gear, and they wouldn't be doing that if the release of a solid, polished product wasn't close (I mean, this isn't Hello Games). I'd hazard a guess that the release date announcement and the actual release date will be very close together (days/weeks, rather than months), as well, but that's maybe wishful thinking and putting too much emphasis on what it would take to "blow me away". :-P

    11. Missing avatar

      Denny on

      Looks awesome! take your time with the game, i am looking forward to it :)

    12. Mark Winiarski on

      OK, so we gave you a year/year and a half extension on the game...when is the new release date being announced?

    13. vlahka on

      Please make lots more outfits! Maybe stats and bonus abilities on some of them. Would love to have an Alucard type outfit that you can find and wear. Maybe even ones from previous games. Hell, make them DLC if its a question of budget.

    14. Kelly Overholser on

      Looks really nice! Though I'm curious if there's going to be new dresses for Miriam to wear as well. ...Not that I'm asking for something like a bunny girl outfit to go with the headband, not at all >.>

    15. Missing avatar

      Devin R. Lowe on

      "Miriam Fashion Show" made me chuckle.

    16. Neohybrid_kai on

      Oooh meido and glasses. Can we get twin braids or twin pigtails hairstyle too?

    17. Cerzel on

      I'm sure this goes without saying, but if you're going to have equipment change Miriam's looks, then separate "equipment" and "appearance" slots would be a nice feature to have.

    18. Alan Villarreal on

      We are dying to play the game but please.. take all the time in the world you need. In IGA we trust to give us another masterpiece!

    19. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Vandergrift on

      I'm with Donnicton. Crunch mode isn't a badge of honor, nor do I believe it should be expected, as implied by "in its crunch period."

      On a more positive note, I appreciate the regular updates and effort being put into keeping the community in the loop.

    20. Chris

      The kicking art piece reminds me of Chun-Li from Street Fighter.

    21. Donnicton on

      "Currently, the development is in its crunch period—right now we're working on some important bosses. There is no holiday for us, but we will do our best! See you all soon!"

      Take a holiday, guys. There's no reason to be in crunch like this when the only people you need to answer to are backers. That sort of nonsense should end at publisher-oversight games.

    22. TACHO on

      Looks great! Did you guys change the Miriam model? For some reason it looks a whole lot better now! And I thought it already looked pretty good before!

    23. Missing avatar

      Cody LeDoux on

      I've wanted this kind of detail regarding equipment for years while the classic Castlevania series was still active! I'm really glad to see it happening in the series' successor.

    24. Brian

      Very cool. :)

      Also wanted to request, please be sure to update us here on Kickstarter with anything you have to share, even if it's just one giant wrap up at the end. For those of us who are light on social media followings. :) Thanks!

    25. Ryan 'RPG' Grosset on

      God, I love that attention to detail...

    26. Michael Osgood-Graver on

      Shiny! Is the hair style linked to the head piece she is wearing, or does that change independently?