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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
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Tonight at 5 PM Pacific: Your Questions Answered by 505 Games

Posted by Koji Igarashi (Creator)

The next backer update is on the way—I just heard from Mana that some update material from ArtPlay is nearly ready. 

But if you're looking for some Bloodstained updates and discussion in the meantime, I've got good news: Tonight at 5 PM Pacific, XombieMike of the Bloodstained Forums will be asking forum members' questions to Bloodstained's 505 Games "brand owner"—alias Angel-Corlux on the forums—and streaming the interview on Twitch and Discord

If you can't make it, don't worry; we'll be posting the stream archive to the YouTube channel a little later. 

Enjoy! And you'll hear from us on Kickstarter again soon. 

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    1. Geoff Chauvin on

      @Brent, that's reassuring, however it would be even more so if it would come from the developers themselves. I'm still feeling annoyed by how chopped up Final Fantasy XV felt past chapter eight. It even shows when the story DLC chapters take place within the context of the story, that they cut the content to push it out the door on (or reasonably near on) time

    2. Brent Taylor on

      Well, Geoff...the way that DLC will be done for this game probably won't be anything like that. There's no reason to believe that the game will be "story" DLC in that way. Only the extra modes would come later, which there are definitely a lot of. The main IGA game experience is what's coming, what you backed for, and using DLC as a means to deliver all that other stuff you don't care about just means...well, that you won't have to care about it.

    3. Geoff Chauvin on

      @dreamsepilogue - just because you are ok with it, does not mean everyone else is. For Christ sake a lot of the modes like some sort of asynchronous multiplayer don't even belong in this game. They are only there to pander to the dark souls crowd. I backed a complete game. At least that is what it was pitched as at the time. As I said, if it's a full symphony of the night styled experience at launch I am fine, where completing the game unlocks additional characters to play as. It's when it takes months between the launch of a game that takes only a few days to complete and the release of its first piece of additional content that makes me furious. It is unfortunate that this is what the game industry has become, because it is no longer the niche hobby of nerds and rejects, but rather big business. It's taken the Hollywood approach of giving you the least bang for your buck, but just enough to get you back for the sequel (which in this case is the DLC)

      the game industry has come

    4. Missing avatar

      Dreamsepilogue on

      I am fine with staggered content release.

    5. Geoff Chauvin on

      It's fine if we get a whole IGAvania. I'm concerned about only getting a barebones game to start with. Like only Miriam playable and a six to eight hour playtime. Richter and Axe Armor weren't DLC they were in the game at launch, so I wasn't forced to wait an indefinite amount of time to go back and try them out. I would hope we get a second and possibly third playable character in the launch package. As far as asynchronous multiplayer and boss revenge and that sort of stuff, it's not anything I am really interested in. I simply want a product equivalent to (and preferably surpassing in some ways) the scope and modes of symphony of the night.

    6. Brent Taylor on

      Sure, but only the content that would exist outside of IGA's other games would have to be released as staggered DLC (all those stretch goal modes), and you will likely be able to buy all of that physically later down the line too. It's a compromise of getting the game in first half of 2018 rather than 2020 or later. Some people just want the standard IGA game, and they should focus on just that for now. Deliver the stuff like Boss Revenge once the game has been made to be all it can be.

    7. Geoff Chauvin on

      After listening to some portions, i have to say that staggering the content is what irks me the most. If this means that we do not get the full game on disc I almost wish I had not backed the project. I am tired of games that are only complete after multiple DLC packs. Symphony of the Night wasn't presented this way, nor were any of IGA's games. If this is such a love letter to those types of games then have some respect for your backers and release a complete project that will be playable in its entirety years from now, because the servers holding DLC will not be active forever, and the consoles that the DLC is installed on aren't going to last forever either.

    8. Brent Taylor on

      Here is the video as well as time codes courtesy of Enkeria Gin. The time codes are also clickable links in the first YouTube comment.

      0:00:00 Welcome & Introduction of 505 Games Angel-Corlux
      0:02:55 505 Games teamed up with IGA-san, why?
      0:06:00 Will Bloodstained 2 use kickstarter?
      0:07:53 You can still back and get the pre-order, have the goals grown?
      0:09:10 Wii U to Switch, Amiibo's coming?
      0:10:35 Will 505 Games give out Bloodstained merchandise in the future?
      0:11:49 Bloodstained at gamescom? No, but events are coming!
      0:12:21 The movementspeed & abilities of Miriam
      0:14:40 Does 505 Games have any creative input?
      0:16:40 Metacritic verdicts thoughts?
      0:18:03 No restrictions for IGA-san about development
      0:18:37 How does the brand & IP work between creator & publisher?
      0:20:30 Fans creative requests - Where to draw the line?
      0:22:19 Interactivity Vs Visuals: Igavania's eye of details
      0:24:37 Marketing: Wide target of gamers or Igavania gamers?
      0:25:34 IGAvaniacs meme was born
      0:26:06 Angel-Corlux favorit Castlevania sub-weapon
      0:27:27 Sword or Whip?
      0:28:18 Angel-Corlus favorit SotN + Bloodstained aspect
      0:30:27 Will Miriam have unique movements similar to Alucard?
      0:31:24 What have been learned from Mighty No. 9?
      0:33:10 Any plans to use and intergrate speedrunners requests?
      0:34:50 What happend to the monthly kickstarter updates?
      0:36:00 Can we expect cameos, like Shovel Knight or Shantae?
      0:37:13 Are (the enemy) Morte replacement of skeletons?
      0:37:51 Have some weapons and spells button input codes?
      0:39:00 How much will the alpha show if its playable?
      0:39:40 Transformations in the game?
      0:39:45 Does familiars have personalities?
      0:40:15 Is the levelcap still 255?
      0:41:08 The shard animations & settings
      0:42:12 Are there any shields in the game?
      0:42:45 Goofball Defence Force unite!
      0:43:45 Early Alpha Access: Backer Exclusive Status?
      0:44:55 Physical expectations about boxes and such?
      0:45:55 When can we pre-order on console and steam?
      0:46:24 Quality on the physical packages?
      0:47:19 Was Angel-Corlux around when the kickstarter started?
      0:48:16 Ayami Kojima poster?
      0:49:25 IGA ring
      0:50:19 A thing to look forward to: Weapons!
      0:52:30 How do 505 Games and Artplay communicate & connect?
      0:53:20 Screenshot comparison Church, why change?
      0:55:24 Attack faster / Speedrun tricks
      0:55:51 Favorit environment thus far?
      0:56:34 Sequence-breaks & tricks to glitch out
      0:57:34 Saveroom to be multi-purposed?
      0:57:56 Allowing modding?
      0:59:09 Angelic & Demonic costume for Miriam?
      0:59:59 Why drop bags in game and not items directly?
      1:00:58 Crafting & Forging
      1:01:55 Wall-meat or wall-mac?
      1:02:16 Will the 'Retro Level' use 'Prequel's' assets?
      1:02:40 Any stretch goals cut?
      1:03:10 New Game Plus, continue with or without items?
      1:03:38 Cross-platforming play?
      1:04:14 The prequel, how far in development & release?
      1:05:02 Familiars staying all blue or not?
      1:05:30 "Biggest Castle"?
      1:06:13 --- Live Chat Q&A starts ---
      1:06:38 Bloodstained budget situation?
      1:08:08 About Mana, our Communication Manager
      1:10:30 Food items?
      1:11:02 The Bell in the 2017 Church E3 Demo!?
      1:13:05 Influences on the game design?
      1:16:42 Steampunk elements in Bloodstained?
      1:17:15 First prototype starfish enemy, where is it?
      1:17:59 Miriams room & castle customization?
      1:19:00 Easter eggs about Castlevania?
      1:21:16 Character shader final?
      1:22:36 Any leaderboards for competitive?
      1:24:17 Achievement system?
      1:24:48 Staggered content or not?
      1:25:41 Loading-times & framerates?
      1:26:31 Will streaming the alpha/beta be allowed?
      1:27:30 Pure Miriam, how do we get that costume?
      1:28:22 The player menu information
      1:29:10 Any Nintendo Switch & PS Vita issues?
      1:30:27 Older movie references? B-movie monsters?
      1:31:14 Playable characters reveal before launch?
      1:33:20 Example of something we did not think about asking?
      1:34:15 Whipsword viable the whole playthrough?
      1:35:14 Ippo Yamada still making music to the game?
      1:36:00 PS Vita + PS4 cross-save?
      1:36:49 Rare weapons, rare materials or both?
      1:37:05 The female "assets" challenges?
      1:41:40 Miriam's character design
      1:44:14 Miriam's crystal curse, does that detail matter?
      1:45:18 "What is a man?"
      1:45:48 Newschannel for the Switch?
      1:46:32 The IGA quality
      1:47:11 The Nightmare Mode
      1:48:39 Hayter & Belgrade still attached to the game?
      1:49:45 The demon-boss Gremori
      1:51:03 A thank you & fan creation appreciation
      1:52:08 Bloodstained arm cast
      1:52:14 Talking about DICO
      1:53:00 Mana joining the discord-chat
      1:54:04 About guns & ammo in Bloodstained
      1:56:03 When Adi Shankar visit Artplay
      1:59:00 Thank you, look forward on more news!

    9. Brent Taylor on

      505 Games has no say on the actual development, no (at least any more than suggestions), and that's a good thing. However, the Bloodstained Brand Manager answered a LOT of questions last night, some of which gave some very interesting results imo. After the video gets released, someone (perhaps me) should type up a summary of all the things revealed or hinted at.

    10. Sean Trostle McCarter on

      I was starting to wonder, mainly because all the projects I currently have backed went silent at the same time.

    11. Zach on

      Not that the game has only been in development for its what second year now? Have some patience, alot of times games are in development a year or two before they announce them to the public. :)

    12. Geoff Chauvin on

      @UKShadow, I believe you more eloquently made the point I was trying to get across.

    13. JJtest35 on

      A new wave of next gen consoles will arrive before this game does.

    14. Missing avatar

      ukshadow on

      505 is just the publiser, right? I would imagine they have no say on the actual development.

    15. Geoff Chauvin on

      This is a pretty weak update. Not everyone bothers with forums or outside sources for their information. I feel like this is saying hey we are going to update you, but for right now just be happy we told you something. I guess I am just too old to really care about interviews and Q&A with anyone other than IGA

    16. Iron Curtain (Chiptunes) on

      I can't wait to play the game if it's anything like the E3 2016 demo!

    17. XombieMike on

      It will be amazing to have the Army of the Night all together live again like back in the Kickstarter streams. Hope to see you all there.