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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
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    1. Jimtendo32 on

      Thank you for all your hard work guys. It looks great! Keep it up Team Iga! Can't wait. :)

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      Michael Rogan on

      Is there another demo coming out for us? Is this game aiming for next year in January? Also where do I send my pictures if I want my face to be in the game?

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      Dreamsepilogue on

      @Zpcielite the early access is beta access for backers, not steams early access.

    4. Christopher Wheat on

      Do other backers know if any sort of survey was submitted allowing us to declare which physical copy we wanted for our reward tier? PS4, XBONE, PC, or VITA

    5. Slenðr Bree on

      Nice and interesting adding in this demo !
      Miriam still looks a bit slow and her voice when she gets shard shouldn't be the same everytime (could be boring) in my opinion. The animation of the bell collapsing could be better I think.

      Overall, there's still a year of devlopment ahead so there's still a lot to do of course. Significant progress has been made since the Galleon so I'm excited to see the title be released one day.

      Good luck on your respective jobs team !

    6. Phillip Dennie on

      Will we be getting this demo like last time?

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      Devin R. Lowe on

      @Darmin Hadzic: There's already a divekick (from the Double-Jump ability) and back-dashing, if that's what you're looking for.

    8. Darmin Hadzic on

      The boss looked quite fun, but would it break the game to have some form of dash or temporary run? What about a downward spike attack to hit the ground quickly?

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      Daniel Chick on

      Agreeing @Robert Fundora's earlier comment, either the backgrounds don't match the characters or the characters aren't matching the backgrounds. It's a very distracting thing, like trying to put two different art styles together and creating an Uncanny Valley effect. A "flatter" look in the backgrounds might help too, watching that video there were several spots that I almost felt dizzy trying to perceive how the distance into the background worked.

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      Robert Fundora on

      Graciously begging for demo....

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      Kenedy Crosswell on

      will the backers be getting the demo like last time?

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      Brian Dills on

      After seeing the demo from E3 , I'm nowhere as worried about the characters speed now. I was really happy with everything. I think I read or heard there would be speed upgrades thru power ups or equipment add-ons ? Maybe someone could confirm this ? I went back and played S.O.T.N and I think that cool trailing effect Alucard had made him seem faster. Good work guys!!!!

    13. Neohybrid_kai on

      I hope this is not a late comment. I have no problem with slow movement, or rather, that should not be a problem to begin with. I do agree with the lack of coherence between some enemies (the small ones, I find the spear knight and boss blends fine) and collision effect with background.
      My main concern, and I know this isn't directly related with the update, is that recently I've just finished Lecarde Chronicles 2 and hoo boy it was wonderful. All the Castlevania gimmick are there (witty puzzle, quirky equipments, secret tricks and places, etc) it was exciting and impressive I begin to worry if Bloodstained couldn't surpass that. But I hope that won't happen.

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      Great progress as expected!!
      I'll talk about three things that I still like to see improvements on:
      1) The Backgrounds are stiff, doesn't have soul, and gives a feeling of emptiness to the castle. May be some movements and variety of scenes would liven the place..
      2) The regular enemies (not bosses) looks the same as background... I see lack of coherence /consistency between main character/bosses and regular enemies in terms of distinctiveness/shadows/highlights ..
      3) The shattered bricks effect after the bell falls on ground feels too much... the technique being used needs to have more softness than sharpness. e.g. in this case may be decreasing the bricks and increasing the dust/smoke will create a better visual in my opinion while following the character movement/location on screen.

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      Robert Fundora on

      I just saw some videos that showcase some of the new areas and I am a little concerned. I've noticed that all the environmental areas have a shiny sheen to them and it's very jarring. It makes everything look like plastic, almost like miniature sets that have been stop motion recorded and the main character is superimposed onto it. Also the environments look plain and inspiring. I think this is due to the fact that the artists are trying TOO hard to make things look realistic and less fantastical. If you look at the original concept art you can see more of a fantastical feel to it which is far from what we are seeing right now. I don't know how everybody feels but in my honest opinion, I feel strongly that the art team needs to considerably dial back the realism and turn up the fantasy aspect of their design. At the very least stop making everything shiny. Rocks, bricks, concrete, these things should be matte, some things should look gritty and not uniform. Bring some of those environments to life. Animate little bugs scurrying about, random chunks of wall and rock fall from the ceiling, things like that.

    16. zacH on

      Hi again! Just saw a playthrough of the E3 build, and I had two additional things I wanted to say.

      - most of the weapons look decent in this build. I would say that I might tweak the claymore a bit? The jump attack has a good swing to it but the impact has no weight to it, especially if it misses. I would consider having the weight of the blade actually propel you downwards when you swing it, with a sound effect of the blade hitting the ground when you land? Alternatively, I would possibly just change the animation to be a weighty horizontal spin swing, thus keeping the weight of the movement without having to change the physics of her jump.

      - with the larger, spear-wielding enemy that shows up several times, I think it would be really great of his spear-spinning move parried incoming attacks? An enemy in SotN had a similar move with such properties. I would probably even have it deflect magic attacks, as this will make people play more strategically. I hope you'll consider it!

      Otherwise, the game looks pretty good! My previous message about the environments still stands, but the gameplay looks fun and I don't mind the slower pace. I hope Miriam does get a cool effect around her as the moves at some point, the way Alucard did. Very subtle but lovely visual touch.

    17. Eltanin on

      @John Michalski I'm glad someone took the time to make a proper comparison video between SotN and Bloodstained movement speed. Thanks for sharing that.

      As I commented, criticism is alright but you have to know where you are coming from, and not just repeat whatever someone else is saying out there. A lot of this criticism regarding the recent trailer and specifically the game's speed, is incredibly misinformed to put it mildly.

    18. Peyton on

      Will backers be receiving this E3 Demo? I played the previous one to death and am really looking forward to getting my hands on any more of this game.

    19. Boris on

      At least you got to play last year's demo. Wine still can't do the DirectX features required, so even forcing the issue all I see is a black screen...maybe 3 games that I backed had Linux builds from the get go. All the others just keep promising support will be there after release :(

    20. Isariyayot Chungdamrongkit on

      So, People who pay nothing got to play new demo before people who pay to support creating this ?....
      OK then...

    21. Devin Mariana on

      Agreed @JohnPuma, I'd like to get a downloadable version of the demo just like last year as well!

    22. John Puma on

      would love to be able to get my hands on the demo like last year.

    23. Missing avatar

      John Michalski on

      To everyone saying it's slower than SotN, no it's not, behold:…

      If it was as fast as e.g. Dead Cells then it would loose the SotN feel which is what most of us wanted when we backed this. There are plenty of fast paced games like that, let us have our SotN with the serial numbers filed off.

    24. Troy Meredith on

      I don't mind the fluid "sluggishness" of the game. Still looking forward to it.

    25. Missing avatar

      Chyros on

      IGA, the game is so sluggish and it makes the game so boring.

      Please stop taking page from Dracula X Chronicles:

      And start improving the gameplay similar to fast paced Dead Cells:

      One of Dead Cells inspiration is from Castlevania: SoTN.

      Its the gameplay that will make or break the game. Right now its nothing like Castlevania: SoTN.

      People are b*tching because we care for the game.

      IGA, sorry for asking, but what happened to your standards? Please don't let us down. Please delay the game for the sake of improving the game's gameplay quality.

    26. Eltanin on

      @CS In my opinion, the criticisms and examples provided in that link are very faulty. Let me explain:

      He/she is comparing getting a shard in BS to picking up items in SotN. A right comparison should be more like getting a soul in AoS/DoS. He dislikes it because the animation happens often but he seems to ignore that, just like in those games, this animation stops you only the first time you get that type of shard. Not to mention that these shards have droprates, which I think it’s pretty obvious they were increased and conveniently placed for the sake of the demo so people could try them out.

      The weapon system is very reminiscent to previous Igavanias like SotN but specially the Nintendo DS games.

      Different weapons have different attack speeds, it’s not right to compare BS’s broadsword (short sword) to the Alucard Sword. The later is one of the fastest weapons in SotN, and not all them have the same speed in that game (ex. Shield Rod). The broadsword in BS is intended to be slightly slower as the role of a faster weapon is being filled by the rapier, which is actually shown in the new demo.

      To be honest his comments on body language and practicality of Miriam’s idle pose are just nitpicking and looking at something that isn’t there. None of the examples he mentions show anything that Miriam’s pose is not accomplishing already. Comparing Alucard/Maria’s pose to Miriam’s and saying that hers is inferior is just not true at all. And using an FPS like Overwatch as another point of comparison is just pointless.

      It’s a dark fantasy setting and things are designed to be fun first most, not to be realistic/practical. No one is complaining about it and I don’t think anyone here dislikes it. So moving on.

      Having played the first demo, I think the game’s speed feels just right and it’s well balanced accordingly. However, if general feedback and testing show that increasing the game speed would make it better, then by all means. It just bothers me when people offers incongruous criticism like this, when SotN feels almost exactly the same yet no one complains about that one.

      Keep it up team! I'm noticing big steps here, not just visually but also in level design. I'm happy how the game is turning out.

    27. CS on

      If the devs haven't read this yet, I'd recommend it -

      While the tone may be negative, it offers some very constructive criticism about the animation work in the game that should be useful for everyone working on it. I'm looking forward to seeing more from Bloodstained in the future!

    28. Missing avatar


      505's booth is only letting media in, so backers can't play the demo at E3 :(

    29. Daniel Racca on

      I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. I just have a few suggestions that I think it might improve the game overall visual style. Hope that's helpful =) and keep the good work.

    30. Vince Martinsen on

      People having issues with her walk speed please see this:…

      There will be movement abilities, already confirmed. So relax.

      As for those attacking how unpolished this demo is remember IT'S A FREAKING DEMO. It's not even in Alpha yet. Relax. Know your developer. Iga does quality games. I get your concerns but bashing it does NOT help him make a better game. If anything it may make it worse.

    31. Missing avatar

      Arthur Maloney on

      Any chance of letting Backers play the demo like last year? Please??

    32. Missing avatar

      John Michalski on

      BTW Youtube video compression tends to make the graphics look more washed out then they really are, I noticed this with the demo last year.

    33. Missing avatar

      John Michalski on

      First of all this looks much better than the demo last year and the village area looks better than the footage we were shown a few months ago. The falling bell though bothers me. The fragments of the wall flying away need to be improved I think and the way the bell just rolls away makes it look fake. A bell that massive falling that far would break and possibly embed itself in the floor not simply roll away.

    34. Alfred E Persch III on

      Looking good so far. Do you know if we'll be getting the same demo for backers? Would love to try it out from this year's E3. :)

    35. Aaron Riley on

      I think it looks great, I didn't get to play the demo by the time I got my code it wasn't on steam any more. I cant wait till I can pay it the anticipation is killing me :)

    36. TACHO on

      I really really hate to say this, but some of the backgrounds look a little too realistic. One of the main draws with previous IGAvania games was that the backgrounds were very fantasy and stylistically detailed. IGAvania stands out a whole lot more with vibrancy like what we see here:

      But regardless, this game is on track to be amazing and I can't wait to see more! The gameplay is fluid and Miriam controls spot on. I enjoyed the demo and I'm sure I'll love the full game!

    37. Brent Taylor on

      Haven't you guys played the first demo? It moves/feels almost exactly like SotN or a Sorrow game. Is your impression of the movement from watching speedruns? even in that case, one of the best said the game felt fast to him a year ago.

    38. Antonio Sommerio on

      Game is looking good. She's not moving slow. It's the 2.5D background and how it's scaled to seem like she's traveling further than in a traditions 2D side scroller. The only thing that made me frown was when the bell dropped. He hell was that?! That ruble looked odd and out of place. However things like that get polished before the final release.

    39. Charlina Karim on

      Hopefully this doesn't turn out to become like Mighty No.9 ... so far so good though.

    40. DAOWAce on

      Looks way too slow, floaty and amateurish.

      Graphics are fine, arguably too much (has a "look at our 2.5D graphics!!" feel), but the gameplay just doesn't look enjoyable at all.

      I am hoping by release that it gets tightened up, becoming faster, more responsive, more fluid.. basically as good as Symphony of the Night, the game this is clearly inspired by.

      In its current state, it's looking much worse than SotN, and I really don't want that to happen.

    41. Jacksukeru on

      The game is looking better, I'm liking what I'm seeing.

      That cry of pain as Miriam absorbs a shard is a bit over the top though. Sounds more like a death wail, rather than what would be a semi-regular "power-up acquired" grunt. It might also just be that it stood out because of how it book-ended the trailer. In either case, I hope there's more than one version of it.

    42. Valeriy on

      Buraddo Rainu… Engrish? Seriously?

    43. Missing avatar

      Ismail Abdul-Rahim on

      Patiently waiting. This is going to be a great game.

    44. Sterling Treadwell

      Guys, please keep in mind everyone has a right to their opinions. It is ultimately up to the dev's to choose if something should or will be changed. Whereas i see a nice divide of opinions and ideas, try not to get insulting or condescending to those wishing for something else. We all want a great game to be released. Bickering doesn't help. Constructive criticism is helpful,. ideas and suggestions can be considered. Insults to the work, to each other, or the project itself really are pointless and counter productive.

    45. Lindsey Anne Hunter on

      I CANNOT wait to experience this once it's finished and released! The atmosphere is looking fantastic and I'm sure there will be many secrets to discover along the way if the awesome demo was any indication. I'm adoring the animations and enemy designs, too. And the music feels very fitting! I would like to ask for a release date at the end of this year but know it will be released "when it's ready". Thank you IGA and team for your continued progress, I am very excited to play this when it releases and have loved this journey of updates.

      Go crazy and stay awesome you guys!

    46. Jason Capp on

      Wow. I couldn't be more satisfied with the direction of Bloodstained. It looks gorgeous, the pace is reminiscent of the DS Castlevania games (Which is great!), and the music is exactly what I expected. I've backed a lot of things on Kickstarter, but I have to be honest, Bloodstained was and continues to be my most anticipated project on here. I am SO pumped for this!

    47. zacH on

      The gameplay and music are looking really good! I do hope that the environments continue to be iterated upon, though. I think that unfortunately the better the characters look, and the more crisp their design, the chunkier the levels look by comparison. The bell that fell and broke looked particularly clunky. :\ Perhaps assets like that should be given more character-like attributes in terms of the art style? Giving the environment and objects some filter or texture that gives even the impression of having line art/borders might be enough to achieve a cohesive look.

      Still super looking forward to this game! I think it's really going to be amazing. One last thing I'd say is that in future trailers I would avoid instant cuts between scenes of the player walking through different environments? It sort of highlights a more monotonous and straightforward walking animation, rather than showcasing the environments themselves. Replacing these shots with character-free panning shots, or with Miriam attacking or platforming to a greater degree, should make for a more hype-inducing trailer.

      Keep up the great work! Can't wait to see the playable demo in action.

    48. Mark Daley on

      the only thing i'm not fond of in that trailer is the lack of mouth movement on bloodless when she talks, but that should be something that can be added in later. I hope that us backers who got last years demo gets to play this one too.