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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
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November Update: Get To Know The Developers

Posted by Koji Igarashi (Creator)

We've got some more news from IGA to report! This time he's here to tell you a bit about the new developers on the project, before they introduce themselves in their own words. 

Hello everyone! This is IGA.

For this month's update, I'd like to introduce you to our new development team. 

First up is DICO, a studio with a long history of localization and global development work. Many of the people here are fans of my work, and they're looking forward to working on the project.

We've gathered a lot of reliable core team members for the project—in fact, one of them is a talented programmer I've worked with in the past. I have high expectations for this team—since they know my previous work inside and out, it will be easy to convey exactly what I envision for the game. DICO will be on the frontline for this stage of the main development. 

Next up is Monobit, a group of exceptional programmers who have experience working on game engines. They'll be providing support on all technical aspects of the project. Already they've proven capable of evaluating the challenges of this project from their own point of view and providing solutions that were easy to understand and implement. We're especially impressed by their facility in creating new tools.

Since we're reorganizing the development structure, our development updates may be a little bit less frequent for the moment. But with the help of these two development studios, I believe we'll be able to deliver the quality output that the team and the backers are both anticipating. 

And here's a video DICO and Monobit passed along for you. (That's IGA holding the camera.)


Every time I put together an update I think, "Will this be the month that Steve doesn't immediately find three really cool pieces of fanart to use in the fanart spotlight?" So far, that has never once been the case. 

by Nightmare Syrup
by Nightmare Syrup


by phillydelphy
by phillydelphy


by ShiroiKoumori
by ShiroiKoumori



If you'd like to keep the fanart streak alive, be sure to tag your art #bloodstained or #igavania so we can see it!



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    1. Kaihaku on

      Yooka-Laylee just joined the long list of Kickstarters abandoning Wii U stretch goals... I get it, Kickstarter is an investment not a guarantee... But I'd rather not hold out hope for something that isn't going to happen. So, I have to ask, is this still coming to the Wii U?

    2. Guy Chapman on

      If the Bloodstained Wii U port is going the way of Yooka-Laylee, can we change our platform choice to another one, say in this case, Playstation 4? I'll support Wii U if Bloodstained actually follows through, but if not, I'd like some options, please.

    3. Brieuc Hesnault on

      Nice fanarts, nice vibe and community ! I feel glad and proud to be part of it !

    4. LordKaiser on

      I wonder what kind of role each of these new developer teams and publishers have.

    5. Missing avatar

      Cheng Vang on

      How I see this is it seems there is too much for one group to finish. DICO seems to the guys who refine the finishing touches that the developers have issues with. Technical support does sound like a new engine or software they are putting in. But then again it could just be access for Iga to have more developers around the globe. I'm still going to put in the faith that this will bring out the masterpiece that we'll are waiting for. Uncertainly is a worrying cause but then again we can't just have an okay game. Sacrifices are needed if you want the ultimate game.

    6. Camerun Grant on

      So are there new devs replacing any of the old team? Or did some of the original devs leave?

      I guess what I'm getting at is why the need for more devs? You told us that there are new devs, but not why.

      Anyway, can't wait for 2018! :)

    7. Eltanin on

      What I understood by this update -- and reading about DICO and Monobit -- is that the first one is gonna be outsourced to help with art, 3D modeling and localization -- while the second is gonna offer technical support on the engine side. Assuming I'm right about that, then I think all of this sounds fine.

      That being said, and I understand they are still reorganizing the development structure for the game -- but I feel like they should be a bit more specific on the roles each team is gonna take part of as soon as they can -- specially how these will work along with IntiCreates.

      It's pretty clear by reading the comments here and Facebook, that people might have not gotten a clear idea of what adding these new developers mean for the game. It's easy to understand how people, specially backers, can get a bit of an uneasy feeling when you talk about this kind of changes.

    8. Missing avatar

      Devin R. Lowe on

      If folks are confused as to whether Inti-Creates is still involved with Bloodstained, I recommend refreshing your memory by visiting the past 3 Updates before this one.

      Also, take a look at the main Campaign page of this project. Inti-Creates is still listed.

    9. Missing avatar

      -DarkWing- on

      Weird, 2 development studios that mainly (more like only 'till now) do web/mobile (monobit is actually hard to find, there are lots of things called monobit), I wonder if they are after some specific programmers they were aiming for, or they are just convinced by some tech backgrounds. When they said they were gonna bring experienced developers and that if UE4 had specific ways to do things, it would be better to do them like that, it crossed my mind that they were going to bring in chair entertaiment group somehow...

    10. AJ the Dragon of Dojima on

      Ok guys, really? Must you mention MN9 on EVERY. SINGLE. KICKSTARTER?? I know it was a bad game, but that was that and these are these.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      It sounds to me like they're bringing on separate teams to hell ensure that this doesn't turn out like MN9

    12. Missing avatar

      Yarott on

      @Jack Wang: They're just new additions to their work force. I don't believe they are replacing Inti Creates, or else they would've stated that here. I mean, there are more than one group of devs working in this project, too. Each with their own logo, as well. Besides, from what I can gather, DICO and Monobit seem to be the localization team and the debugging team, respectively. Maybe I am wrong here.

    13. Missing avatar

      J M on

      From what I understood here: they've hired 3rd parties to assist with technical and localization support. Not take over game development from Inti Creates.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jack Wang on

      Wait, does this mean Inti Creates is no longer involved? I've not been keeping up with this project and I'm confused what this announcement means.

    15. GhostDancer on

      It's scheduled for release in 2018.

    16. Missing avatar

      Pedro Elizondo Jr

      this game better come out next jk take your time game development takes lots of time and i understand if it gets delayed

    17. Missing avatar


      By "New Developers" does that mean that these are some developers who have been added to the project or are they being added to replace other developer units?

      The nitty gritty of this is a little dense for those who don't create games. How many developer units are there?

    18. Kevin M. Brown on

      "We've gathered a lot of reliable core team members for the project—in fact, one of them is a talented programmer I've worked with in the past" is that Iga being facetious and talking about himself? :P

    19. Shavon Vonnie Coleman on

      When is this video game gonna get finished?