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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
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October Update: IGA finds a publisher

Posted by Koji Igarashi (Creator)

We've got news! And we wanted to get this to you as soon as possible, so we're breaking into our usual update schedule to report that:

A publisher has signed onto the Bloodstained project: We'll be working with 505 Games. They put together a video with IGA to make the announcement (and also show off some new footage of the game). Take a look: 

As you can see, one of the first things a publisher can help out with is action-packed video production.

Like IGA said from the beginning, none of this would be possible without the campaign all of you helped to build. We're excited to bring it to a wider audience, too, but everybody on the team is here to help IGA build the game you (and he) wanted from the start. 

Even a breaking-news update can't catch us short of fanart. If you'd like us to see yours, tag it #IGAVANIA and #bloodstained when you post it to Twitter or Tumblr. 

by Noiry
by Noiry



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    1. DAOWAce on

      505.. ugh.

      One of the worse publishers, but at least they're EU I guess..

      Hope this hasn't impacted the game's future..

    2. Missing avatar

      Devin R. Lowe on

      @Michael Owens 505 Games was just the publisher of PayDay 2.

      Overkill Software, the developer, was wholly responsible for all of the micro-transactions and mishandling of DLC packs on Steam.

      I guess you could blame 505 Games for being "hands-off" then.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ephidel on

      Payday 2 has had a troubled history from what I gather. Between crappy devs and wholly unethical microtransactions, fans of that game have had to endure a lot of BS.

      I'm not all read up on the precise details though. I avoided the game tbh. Really dodged a bullet there imo.

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Owens on

      didn't 505 games kind of screw over the players of payday 2?

    5. Missing avatar

      Ephidel on

      Edit : Protip : Never post when you're tired, as you may post something incorrect, such as stating someone made something they did not.

      Apologies to Michiru Yamane, I did just check the Metroid Fusion OST, and I was wrong.

      I really should sleep before I post in the future.

      I have dishonoured my family.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ephidel on

      Regarding having "made bank", the projects costs have already been covered (more or less), so every copy they sell is pure profit, and they will sell a fair amount by trading in on reputation alone, if we're to be blunt about it.

      Regarding Mr Judd's post-debacle comments, any chance you could link me straight to it? I don't even have a Facebook account tbh.

      I've been a fan of Iga, Michiru Yamane and Inti-Creates for years tbh, so I trust all of them to do a fantastic job. I've even chosen to go for the Digital Deluxe Edition just for that OST. I mean, I love Yamane-san's work. I own so many of her soundtracks, including Metroid Fusion. And Inti-Creates were behind the Megaman Zero series afaik. They were pretty good games, and still absurdly difficult at times.

      I'm fully confident in the core development team, but we all know how this industry is. Castlevania has a broad appeal amongst older gamers, and I really hope this game does well.

      I also really hope that someday, someone can force Konami to sell the rights to Castlevania. In fact, I just want a flat figure right now of how much they'd ask for to buy it from them. I'd back that Kickstarter campaign to stop them turning the franchise into pure crap.

      Also, Harmony of Despair needs to be backwards compatible on my Xbox One. Loved the chat spam and fanservice in that game.

    7. Missing avatar

      -DarkWing- on

      @Brent Taylor

      They asked for 500k USD as the 10% of the budget, just to show publishers there was interest, they got pretty close to 6kk, that would be 100% of the initial budget, ofc the scope of the game changed, but i've read that 505 is going to contribute initially 4.5kk on a nonrefundable basis (that means that even if 505 steps down, they won't get that back) so they really need to sell just a few copies to make it profitable.

    8. Brent Taylor on

      Oh, but I mean, I do know he's an agent and he should represent his clients in the best light possible, but won't bother me if he tells me what he thinks, and certainly so if it well enough matches the tone. I've just been laughing about it this whole time if anything, and he himself uses it as kind of a self-joke catch phrase. I'd probably do that, too, lol.

    9. Brent Taylor on

      You're putting a lot on this guy for one comment. The poor PR was done way before this happened. He did type up his thoughts on all of this on Facebook a while back. He had essentially said that it was overwhelming trying to host a live stream for the first time while also translating and mixing in his comments...during a very touchy, apologetic endeavor. It's a wonder nothing truly more awkward or terrible came out of it, I think.

      But anyway, my main point regardless of how damning that may have been to MN9 (which was already well damned), is how much good the guy has done. Bloodstained probably would not be getting made right now. If our game gets made and turns out to be awful, it's not really going to bother me if Ben Judd tells people it's awful on twitch. I know he won't, because he's not that guy, but even just wouldn't matter to me at that point so much? Hey, we all know the game's bad. We'll try to do better next time. I'm cool with someone telling me things how they are. Refreshing over backpedaling and finger-pointing otherwise.

      On the publisher thing, no I don't think they've really "already made bank". Only a relative handful of people have bought this game so far, and if we don't like it very much, all of those people that are "wait and see" out there (for good reasons, i.e. crowdfunded game history)...will not be so excited about buying the game. An indie game, a game based around an established legacy like this, has its success rest quite heavily upon the reception of the people that care about it.

      60k essential pre-orders of a game that will cost tens of millions to make won't make them rich unless it's carried carefully enough to do well. It's not one of those AAAs that's going to snag massive pre-orders just because everyone knows about them.

    10. Missing avatar

      Devin R. Lowe on

      I'm not sure that Inti-Creates' role in developing Bloodstained is "reduced", so much as IGA felt that the project needed more developers that were experienced with procedural generation techniques.

      Inti-Creates is still helping to hand-craft all of the assets and environments in the game, not to mention the gameplay of the characters and enemies. They just need help with speeding up the placement [and randomization] of assets throughout the planned castle area.

    11. Missing avatar

      -DarkWing- on

      Mmmm no guys, the trainwreck that was MN9 is inafune's fault alone, and TBH he is not really talented as game designer (on mn9 i bet he wasn't even paying atention to the work that was being done), check his post-capcom major games, all of them suck, yaiba, mn9, recore, the might be a couple not so bad (i won't throw gunvolt there because gunvolt is inti's and not inafune's), so ben judd has nothing to do with the game.
      My suspect is because of the apparent distancing from the original campaign team (now everything is being handled differently), inti's role reduced for development, and now the apparent break up with Deep Silver. Anyway, a publisher should have not much saying on development, unless they own the rights.

    12. Missing avatar

      Devin R. Lowe on

      I don't see that as Ben Judd "undermining" the angry fans. He just stated his personal opinion of the game, which many people somehow blew out of proportion and some even assumed that it was Inafune who said that instead.

      As Inafune's agent, Ben Judd was really only responsible for translation and localization, just as he's done for the vast majority of games whose developers he participated with.

      It's clear that BOTH Inafune and Judd were upset about the final product in MN9's ending stream.

      If you ask me, the fault for MN9's failure as a stand-alone game goes to Dina Abou Karam and her hostility.

      Keiji Inafune may say that the fault was all his (and he did), and Ben Judd may have inadvertently angered fans, but the way the campaign went in the end was the best they could do.

      Considering the success of Bloodstained's campaign and the wonderful PR so far, having 505 as the Publisher rather than Deep Silver was a great decision.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ephidel on

      I didn't say that Mr Judd caused the angry mob, I did say however, that he made a bad situation much worse. The fans were already angry, and then the fact that Mr Judd had the temerity to attempt to undermine their legitimate grievances with "it's better than nothing" smacks of a person who doesn't understand their job.

      Irrespective of MN9's effect on crowdfunding for indies, the actual product and PR disaster have arguably damaged and destroyed all of the progress and hope the initial campaign created in the first place. People are pinning their hopes on Yooka-Laylee and Bloodstained : RotN to put crowdfunding back into a more favourable light.

      That damage has been caused in no small part by the poor PR management of MN9. As for "having the balls" to do it, again, that doesn't matter because it was his job to do it. He gets paid to do that. He wouldn't have a job otherwise.

      Ultimately, a large part of the terrible reception of MN9 is Mr Judd's responsibility and his failing to do his job properly. There are people in far more important positions in the world who have committed far less serious transgressions and had to resign because of it, and we are bankrolling this project. It is equally our responsibility to oversee the project, which is why these updates even exist.

      We have a measure of the responsibility for this campaign, because we all saw fit to pledge our money to it. To that end, we are the idiots if we do nothing about it.

      That is why it is an issue, and this whole project is accountable to us. I have faith in Iga, but I have none in Mr Judd. Far from apologising or showing humility, he disappeared and went on to pastures new following the MN9 debacle. Where's has he had to account for his actions? Keiji Inafune's reputation is in tatters, and this guy who was his "agent", just upped and got the hell out of Dodge when things went to crap.

      No, I don't want him anywhere near this project, and he's too much of a liability. Nobody should get off scot-free from that mess, and everybody needs to turns their attention to "the one that got away".

      As for all Publishers being greedy, as I've said, this project has already made it's money (or at least a large part of it). They don't need to give a rat's left nut about what we think post-release, as they've already made bank, and as I've also explained, 505 kinda screwed the pooch with Terraria on consoles, so I don't think we have any reason to give them the benefit of the doubt.

      Anyway, in short, another day in the games industry.

    14. Brent Taylor on

      Huh, well that wasn't the feeling I got from the situation. The angry mob/train wreck was from the game itself being a disaster, or at least perceived as so. I think Ben performed about as best he could, being up against a wall trying to represent a guy that had just disappointed the majority of the gaming world. I don't even think most would have had the balls to do it, lol. Of all the things that went wrong with Mighty no. 9, I think that the "better than nothing" comment was the least of its issues, and more just predicated the situation than anything...

      I think what he was saying here too is that because MN9 became a thing at all, it made other projects possible like this one. The visibility and success of the game's Kickstarter campaign gave hope to other Japanese developers in similar situations, such as IGA. In that way, regardless of the game's reception, it was exponentially better than the campaign not happening at all.

      Regarding all that about 505 and suits and profits and all that, the same could be said of all publishers. Some of them steal men's ideas, and make them their slaves. That doesn't seem to be the case here, as they're gearing themselves towards indie games lately. Those types of games rely heavily on the reception and feeling of their fans, so I think they'll be careful to not screw up.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ephidel on

      @Brent Taylor : Well, I hope the 505 Games thing works out. Whether some people know one another or not, making 505 the publishers involves a whole lot more people than just a few good acquaintances. The "suits" tend to only care about the "bottom line" and how they can maximise profits. Lest we forget that even though we have all purchased our copies already (safe money for the company), it will be available to everyone on release, and there's plenty of ways that executives like to force consumers to pay more for less.

      But yes, let's hope it's all good.

      Regarding Mr Judd, he is still Iga's agent as you said. When you consider that it was Mr Judd who made that infamous comment "it's better than nothing" at Mighty No. 9's release, and given that his job is focused around representing his client in public (Iga, in this case), it is hard to consider how a complete PR train wreck, that was due in no small part to Mr Judd, doesn't instantly result in people wanting to distance themselves from that individual.

      You know, not to put too fine a point on it, but when PR is one of your primary responsibilities and you exacerbate a bad situation and incite an angry mob, you really have to wonder whether you're the best person for the job.

      So, yes, I did kind of expect at least an apology and a "lessons were learned" statement from Mr Judd, but I guess Keiji Inafune ultimately caught all of the blame whilst Mr Judd made a swift exit.

      It just seems kinda weird is all. You'd think more scrutiny would've been directed at such a terrific screw up.

      Anyway, that's just my thoughts on the "elephant in the room".

    16. Brent Taylor on

      I meant to post this here instead of the general comment section... -_- Must have redirected me when I logged in or something

      Replacing Ben? I don't think that could be any sort of concern, his part has already been done and what we have now is partly the result of his work. Anything else he does at this point is just translating for IGA when Mana isn't doing it, and I think those instances will be less and less now since that's in her job description. I think Ben has moved on to other projects now. I guess he is still IGA's agent, but that doesn't have much to do with Bloodstained specifically.

      Interestingly, Skullgirls was initially involved with Konami as a distributor/publisher. IGA's team and those guys have Michiru Yamane in common as well, and now both Bloodstained and Indivisible are going with 505. I think there are some connections at work here, and if both Lab Zero (a very savvy and particular group of guys) and IGA (also very meticulous and involved) signed on with 505 as their publisher choice, then they must know what they are doing, or know at least enough to let those that are making the game proceed how they want.

    17. Missing avatar

      Devin R. Lowe on

      It's been quite a while since the last time I saw someone typing in Japanese here. :D

    18. 井澤寿昭 on


    19. Missing avatar

      Ephidel on

      @Devin R. Lowe

      I'm not one for sycophancy on the best of days.

    20. Missing avatar

      Devin R. Lowe on


      Judging from how well that Bloodstained's campaign has been going so far, I'd say lessons were indeed learned, and many have surmised that. I doubt it really needed to be said.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ephidel on

      For those inquiring about the console versions of Terraria, they have been consistently mishandled leading to numerous game breaking, game save corrupting bugs.

      Whether this is down to 505's involvement or not, I cannot say, though I would hesitate to absolve them of blame given how it (Terraria) has had periods of MONTHS where the game has been unplayable for their biggest fans and the publisher (505 Games) did little to resolve any of these issues.

      The developer for the console version of Terraria was Engine Software, who are now no longer the developers. I believe a new Dev team has been established and they're called Pipeworks(?). It is their intent, under Re-Logic's (Re-Logic are the original Developers behind Terraria and the people who make it for PC only) watch, to recreate the entire game from the ground up using the original source PC code and we're due to see that come to fruition by mid-2017, I believe.

      Engine Software however, are still working on Terraria Otherworld (a new Terraria game) afaik, so it's no like they've been fired for mishandling the console version of Terraria.

      All in all, 505's stewardship and oversight of the project has been poor in my opinion, and it does not fill me with confidence regarding Bloodstained's future. I do not see them as a "better" choice than Deep Silver, just more of a sideways shift.

      That said, as much as Iga is a veteran and knows the business (and what's best for his game), I find the potential bureaucracy and general corporate vultures circling this guaranteed success of a project (they've already made their money after all) somewhat disconcerting. Not to mention that Iga will be diverting his energy and attention to properly handling this rather than focusing on the development, which "may" overburden him.

      Also, I'm greatly looking forward to Bloodstained, and it's the only Kickstarter I've ever backed because I truly want a great new successor to Castlevania, and I'd be heartbroken and gutted to see this project go the way of "better than nothing" Mighty No. 9.

      One small other thing to mention is Ben Judd. It's fairly obvious that his popularity and reputation have taken a rightful hit due to his involvement with Mighty No. 9, and to be perfectly honest, if anything was going to be changed about this project, I would have assumed it was going to be him.

      I don't even recall a "lessons were learned" statement from Mr Judd following that particular debacle, which leaves me feeling a bit concerned about his suitability for this project.

      Of course, I could be wrong, and I'm man enough to admit that, if that is indeed the case.

      Ironically, the way I'm seeing it, I'm finding this highly successful Kickstarter campaign and the alleged creative freedoms it is supposed to bring, to both be notably absent. If anything, it looks equally as bad as developing for any "triple A" publisher.

      Except Konami, of course. Because Konami are the worst.

    22. Chikenstew on

      @-DarkWing- There's this article on IGN that mentioned IGA is still in the process of deciding on a new studio to handle the procedural programming part of the project:

    23. Missing avatar

      SoTNLover on

      I'm not entirely sure what a publisher will do for Bloodstained, apart from getting it to more people. What I do know, is Bloodstained looks amazing still and I can't wait to play it. I have faith in the team you have, Iga.

    24. Missing avatar

      -DarkWing- on

      probably related to artplay?

    25. Chikenstew on

      Seems IGA has still yet to announce the new partner developer though...I'd be more interested in hearing who that is.

    26. Missing avatar

      -DarkWing- on


      Um, a publisher does not develop, a publisher publishes, developer for harvest moon was victor interactive, later marvelous interactive, publisher for harvest moon in america is natsume, but harvest moon since has branched out and now the original harvest moon is published and localized to américa and europe by xseed under the name of story of seasons (and a new harvest moon still being published by natsume under the name harvest moon), so 505 has had nothing to do with hm ever. Also guilty gear is published afaik by sega/sony/arc systems (depends on the region) but never by 505 (expensive IP anyway), payday from what some folks say here was ruined by them. Anyway publisher is not entirely funding the game so they SHOULD have no saying on development.

    27. C-4567 on

      Payday, Sniper Elite, Terraria, Harvest Moon, and Guilty Gear were all series titles 505 has successfully developed for in the past.

      I'm cool with that.
      I mean really, worst case scenario, a Publisher can only do so much to screw up a game anyways.

    28. Missing avatar

      spoderman on

      and I agree that Bloodstained is a HUGE catch for 505. 505 is a bad catch as a publisher on Bloodstained's part though, lol. 505 lucked out.

    29. Missing avatar

      spoderman on

      @Devin: it's partially their fault when they keep choosing bad devs to partner with.. that's what I said in my previous post. Good publishers are more careful in what devs they choose. We're not talking about just SOME of the devs, this is a fair portion of their library considering they don't publish much to begin with. I know of Terraria, but I don't know how good the console version(s) are. I did notice someone commented before that the console versions of Terraria had issues but I don't know how much truth there is to that (haven't done any research).

    30. Missing avatar

      Devin R. Lowe on

      @spoderman: It's not really their fault if some of the developers they worked with in the past produced terrible games.

      Bloodstained will undoubtedly be a fantastic game. I'd say both this game and Indivisible are great choices to publish on 505's part.

      You might've heard of both Terraria and the original Cooking Mama, both of which met with success.

    31. Missing avatar

      spoderman on

      505 was a bad choice as a publisher for them to go with. Don't know about the console side of things, but their Steam reputation is terrible. Not all of it is directly their fault, but they choose the devs they partner with poorly.. I'll give some examples:

      Rekoil: Game was completely abandoned, removed from steam as a result, no final word from the dev.

      Tiny Brains: Multiplayer is nearly completely broken. Doesn't work consistently for most people. Devs said they'd fix it but it's pretty much abandoned at this point.

      How to Survive Third Person Standalone: Don't know if 505 had any say in this, but it got a lot of hate for being what basically is How to Survive 1 but in a third person perspective. What's worse is there's no co-op, while the original game did have co-op. Obvious cash grab attempt, should have been free.

      Takedown Red Sabre: Not much to say about this game, aside from it being laughably bad. Tons of glitches and broken as well.. but hey, at least the multiplayer works.

      The only notably very successful games I can think of that they've published on steam (currently released) are ABZU, Brothers, and Payday 2 (aside from the microtransaction situation).

      Not saying they're the worst publisher Bloodstained could have gone with, but there are definitely way better options. When you don't publish many games and you've partnered with glaringly bad devs, it makes it all the more obvious that you're making bad decisions as a publisher.

    32. Missing avatar

      -DarkWing- on

      @Nabil Boutaleb

      I think it would be very little effort have both, that if armature is already working on the ports of the engine.

    33. Nabil Boutaleb on

      Please release for NX instead of Wii U!!

    34. Missing avatar

      Devin R. Lowe on

      @Brent Taylor: Oh yeah. Blah! First time for every mistake.

      Mana is indeed part of ArtPlay, not Fangamer. I checked back on the Forums for that.

    35. Missing avatar

      -DarkWing- on

      It wasn't really "rumored" a lot of people took it for granted, afaik even some team members, not sure which ones, i even remember seeing the program for e3 this year, deep silver was marked as publisher for bloodstained. Anyway they won't handle development, however i do hope they stick to their word and make the wii u + vita versions.

    36. Youdrongo on

      Actually, forget what I said. Found out the rumored publisher from 2015 was Deep Silver. 505 Games doesn't seem so bad now.

    37. Youdrongo on

      How come it took well over a year to announce this? I expect a bit more transparency from a project of this size. Was 505 Games not the originally intended publisher that was mentioned back in 2015? 505 Games is well known to me as "the company that fucked up console-version Terraria", so this doesn't sit well with me.

    38. Missing avatar

      -DarkWing- on


      So there is consistency with what i wrote, fangamer, inti and overall everything related to MN9 seems to be getting less involvement?

    39. Brent Taylor on

      That's right, and another correction, Mana is an employee of ArtPlay instead of Fangamer.

    40. Missing avatar

      -DarkWing- on

      @Devin R. Lowe
      Actually, vita is being handled by armature studios too.

    41. HyperNexus on

      Great. 505 seem like a decent publisher, supporting not interfering. The more promo and the wider release this game gets, the better. Just make sure of one thing : us Kickstarter backer s get the game first, or at least, not after the general release, which has all too often been the way it's gone with other games. Also- Iga is such a character. Keep rocking that whip, my man!

    42. Missing avatar

      Devin R. Lowe on

      @Marco Aurélio Justo de Sousa:

      The Vita version is not under threat of being abandoned. It's being developed alongside other ports of the game by Inti-Creates.

      The only port I know of that's being developed by another, Armature, is the Wii-U version.

    43. Missing avatar

      Marco Aurélio Justo de Sousa on

      I backed this project on the promise of a Vita version...

    44. Brieuc Hesnault on

      Nice video and IGA looks very careful of the game, glad to see this. Keep going and good luck !

    45. For Science Purposes

      Didn't Bloodstained already have a publisher? IGA said from the start, even in the pitch video, that backers were only contributing part of the funds. Where did the rest come from? Angel investors?

    46. Ernesto Ramirez on

      Awesome partnership! We dig the look of the game and can't wait for it come out!

    47. BloodFrost on

      My lord of the night IGA,

      With the game now being pushed into 2018 and thus more development and sadly, waiting time for us, your minions of the night that form your army. Have you thought about giving some of us and also new people a "second chance" at backing/finacing the game with the previous and or maybe new tiers for people to Kickstart your incredible new game?

      I imagine a lot of people were not able due partake in the original Kickstarter campaign due to time and or money constraints or lack of knowledge of the project and thus, missed out on a lot of backer tiers beyond the $300 and $500 Collectors and Map editions.

      Me especially is really, really, really REGRETTING on missing out on a chance of a lifetime to have myself being part of your incredible work and art that are your games in funding a $1500 backers portrait as I couldn't finacially do it at the time though I REEAAAAALLLLLY wanted to! Now, I would easily pay $3,000 to not only have once in a lifetime chance to be immortal within your incredible new game, but also to further help you have more finacial backing to be sure you are able to fully realize your deep wishes and dreams of making the game YOU have always wanted to create and give to us, your dedicated fans and players that have been YEARNING for something from you every since Symphony of the Night

      Think it over? Please? Please? With a cute little bat on top?

    48. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      It seems to me that Iga is doing everything in his power to make this a success. I didn't know who 505 Games was initially, but a quick internet search mentions they are the publishers of stuff like Cooking Mama, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Terraria, and Rocket League among their more known titles. Knowing this, I fully expect Bloodstained to be in good hands and have some stellar marketing and advertising behind it. While I might not be a fan of any of those games, that publisher knows what they are doing,

      The most important thing about this video, however, is not the announcement of the new publishing partner, but that gorgeous game footage and animation in the background. I simply cannot wait to play this game when it is finished.

    49. Missing avatar

      Adalrich on

      Ooh, I'd completely forgotten Deep Silver had a role in this. Do Iga's comments about finding a new development team to assist him in the delay announcement video and his somewhat curt demeanour in the same video, on top of Deep Silver's highly visible bungling of MN9's release earlier this year somehow tie in to this new development? Were there already probems brewing with DS?

    50. Tracey Craig

      505 Games is a good choice, so does that mean You have dropped Deep Silver? As i thought they were doing the publishing.