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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Keagan Richer on

      I'm running this game below the recommended specs (my laptop CPU is only 2.2 GHz) and it still runs fairly smoothly. Very impressed with this demo!

    2. Allen Seholm on

      Ok, I remember filling out the survey waaaay back when, but I don't have a link to it anymore. So, am I completely out of luck for getting the demo, or is there a way I can find the link/have the link sent to me again??

    3. Brent Taylor on

      @ColossalLamb00: "I showed the boss to my friends and we all got a good laugh, and the ones who have never played a Castlevania game before weren't all that interested anymore."

      Why in the world would you do that?

      I see a lot of comments about the difficulty. I don't think it was communicated well that the nature of this demo was for E3, maybe. There are a lot of people standing in line there to play, everyone that has a go at it needs to have more of an easy and quick time getting through it.

    4. jstenzel

      Stuff I liked: Some enemies have multiple death animations, such as killing Morte with the splash attack and watching them explode Kenshiro-style, haha. I did find one hidden area and destructible wall secret, good stuff there. And a few undocumented moves such as diagonal-down attacks and ways to speed up attacks.

      Neutral: The boss fight was good enough for an intro level, although it feels a bit silly that you cannot walk off the boat and die. At first I was worried about right stick to aim the flame spell (this means we can't jump and aim at the same time, unless you have an extra thumb on your right hand) but I can jump and cast straight forward without using the stick to aim so I'll give it a pass.

      Stuff I hope to see improve: Enemies would be more interesting if they an additional attack for more variety, or perhaps be a bit more aggressive overall, but I suppose this is just an intro level so that's to be expected. I had to intentionally die just to see what happens. Being told to press up every single time I approach a chest is hilarious; just who are these people who forget every five seconds? And of course, any and all cutscenes must be skipable (absolute MUST)!

    5. Steven Campos on

      @agentcell We replied to your email a couple of days ago, you may want to check your spam filter.

    6. Missing avatar

      agentcell on

      I still haven't received my demo. I even sent an email with no response days ago. What's going on? How do I get the demo?

    7. Missing avatar

      ColossalLamb00 on

      Correction. The lack of details was not nearly as noticeable on the bottom mouth sections. I forgot the type in the the "not" and would like details like that overall if we are going to keep to this laughable model. Then it'll still look like a h-anime girl, but at least it would look good.

    8. Missing avatar

      ColossalLamb00 on

      The game plays excellent and is very enjoyable. I really am excited for the shard system, aiming with the right stick while jumping and dodging is just too awesome.

      The environment puzzle with the fire was also a neat addition I never expected, I hope there's more surprising content in the game as well.

      The only problem I have with this is the boss. The boss was insanely easy, and seems to lack details/be stretched. I don't know how to describe it other than it seems lacking, although it was nearly as noticeable on the bottom mouth section, with all the intricacies like the teeth all around it. And wow those breasts. I've never been squemish on breasts in games, but I'd rather the ridiculous jiggling and size would be toned now. Not because its "inappropriate" or "wrong" but because it looks stupid. If you or other commenters think I'm being squeamish, I think it'd be better for them to bare and naked than the cartoon joke-size they are with the laughable physics on top. I showed the boss to my friends and we all got a good laugh, and the ones who have never played a Castlevania game before weren't all that interested anymore.

    9. Hyper Pancake on

      Enjoyed the demo. And like Dragonzeanse said the act of making a path/shortcut with a skill was really cool.

    10. Chikenstew on

      After wrestling around with my new PC system for the last few days, I was finally able to get the demo to run!!! After playing through it I have to say I'm very impressed...It feels and plays very much like IGA's previous Castlevania entries; can't wait for the beta and final product to come out...2017 can't come soon enough!

    11. Zurcn on

      @Bill Lei
      "the backer management page" is the page " you can reach from your survey link"

    12. Missing avatar

      Bill Lei on

      "you'll also find it on the backer management page you can reach from your survey link"
      where is the "management page" ??

    13. Missing avatar

      Dragonzeanse on

      The demo was promising. I liked the environmental puzzle (lighting the fuse on a cannon to blow open a new path/shortcut), and I hope we'll see more of that, particularly in the form of secrets. I'm hoping to see some more interesting types of weapons and spells later on, to accommodate different play styles. The animations could use a little refinement: as fast as Miriam's movement speed is, the animation on her model is rather slow and floaty. The ship backgrounds don't -quite- seem to match the aesthetic on the character models. Other than that, I can't think of much wrong with it for as early a build as it is. Played it on Windows 10 and didn't have any technical issues, which I hope translates to the final product.

    14. Zurcn on

      you are in the wrong place, the survey is hosted by fangamer not by kickstarter.
      look for an email from with the link to your survey (or ask them to resend it)

    15. Alec Cornutt on

      I remember filling out the survey and I'm pretty sure I submitted it, but the page is saying that no surveys were submitted, and I'm not seeing any links to it on Kickstarter. Anyone else having this issue or am I looking in the wrong places?

    16. Zurcn on

      @.. several people
      if you don't have your survey email fangamer about it (I don't feel like triple checking their e-mail so just go read the May update)

      if you have not filled in your email before June 13... well.. though luck...

      if you have filled your survey but didn't get the code yet - go into your survey again, you can get the code there

    17. Geoff Chauvin on

      @Nickolas Butler - can you please refrain from being that person? Seriously. Why would you let something like this bother you? The size of the boss's breasts are a non-issue for everyone else here, so why do you have to be the figurative turd in the punch bowl? Castlevania has always had somewhat sexualized female enemies, case and point: the succubus in Symphony of the Night. In her Japanese promo art she is topless.

      The bottom line is that this is a work of fiction and not something that is supposed to make a social statement. It's a fantasy action game set in a gothic fantasy world, nothing more.

    18. Missing avatar

      Kwok-Chak Wan on

      The game so far looks fabulous. I am so glad I pledged for it!

      Near the end when the boss spawns the 3 Seama eggs and the Seama hatch from them, I defeated one of them as soon as it hatched and it played the death animation right after the spawn animation. I thought it had more health so I kept kicking it, but it wouldn't do damage to it so I thought I bugged it or something. I feel like the death animation should play as soon as enemies' HP reaches 0. (I feel really nitpicky posting this)

      Other than that, the game feels and plays amazing! Keep it up!

    19. Missing avatar

      John Michalski on

      I think Dullahammer's hands need to be designed and animated more like the armored gauntlets he's wearing in the concept art, in the game they're very obviously a collection of balls at the ends of his arms. Also you might want to revisit the hair/plume thing he uses to swing it around in the game it wasn't immediately obvious what it was he was swinging it with and I had to look at the concept art to figure that out.

    20. Joseph Label on

      Still haven't received my code yet, but it's not the 27th yet!

    21. Zid96 on

      Well im getting only 20 ish frame's and i cant hit stuff? But that cuz of my PC. Anyway i did get to look around and see the game and the gameplay. It's great. I love it. And im cant wait till it's done:)

    22. Natalie Manahan

      I haven't received the survey yet, but I'll wait till the 27th just in case. >.>

    23. HopMolester69 on

      I haven't done any fan gamer survey by the deadline that was mentioned, but I am a $60 backer that was hoping to play the demo. What should I do?

    24. Meiv on

      I just played the demo and it was cool! In my situation I was stuck with using a keyboard and mouse (for attacking apparently) and the controls were kind of all over the place. But even with that it still FELT like a Castlevania game, so I was happy. The only nitpick I can make on the visual front is the boss; I feel like there needs to be more texture to the base model and the design should be a little more "intricate". But that's all. She kinda looked a little bland in comparison to the normal enemies leading up to her, so that's why I'm pointing it out.

      Otherwise, great!

      Also I've read in this update that Iga wants to add mini cut scenes for the tutorials? I really don't think that's necessary, and it may interrupt the "flow" of the gameplay as cut scenes are want to do in a lot of games.

    25. janju on

      I played the demo. I really liked it, but just to repeat what i said since the first concept arts. The character Miriam should be 5% smaller on the screen to be perfect.

    26. Zurcn on

      @Thiago, do you meet the system requirements?
      (I played the demo just fine, except that 1 time farming Amy in which a screen transition ended in a black screen)

    27. Missing avatar

      Thiago de Castro Ventura on

      My demo doesn't work. Steam just opens a black window with the UE4 icon on the upper side and that's it, I can't even close it without the help of the task manager.

    28. Missing avatar

      Ruben Iversen on

      Just for the record the reason for my question, was theres is a huge pressure already to alter bodys for men and women.
      Your breasts are too big says the one camp, no, no they are too small says another.
      Or your asss is not perfect fix it please or something along these lines.
      I really dont see the problem of just alloiwing both big breasts and small ones unless you have a very good reson to fix them forexample an accident or health related issue.
      Theres just too much body focus and this does not only apply for women.

    29. Adam Hammer on

      Well, I got the demo, but it's unplayable on my computer. For some reason, the low frame rate I'm getting make it so that the weapon does no damage to anything. I blame this more on the fact that my computer is not a gaming rig (hence why I went for a console release for full version), but I do find it odd that weapons don't work at all in this state.

    30. Jake on

      Haven't received the demo yet but cannot wait to play it!!!

    31. Missing avatar

      NaoyaMX on

      Played the demo and loved it. The only bad thing I noticed is that attacking on the air is not responsive as it should be.

    32. Alexandre Hong Huot Tiv on

      @Jaarik Abels-Smit It's not about having criticism against feminine representation that's the issue, it's the use of reinforced imagery of victimization to attempt a forced guilt trip while also applying an odd double standard and form of hypocrisy and countereffect to the supposed desired goal dulling the initial said criticism that's the real issue. Or as some would call them, 3rd wave feminism.

      I'd say this form is fine. Bloated, disturbing, very reminiscent of Ursula from The Little Mermaid. It's stylized, exaggerated in some ways but with a clear identity. The physical components are there, but simply because they make sense, and thus anyone opting to point fingers and to cry foul are just oversensitive or attempting desperately to push an agenda without being mindful of context and providing more fuel to those who push back against what they see as a flawed argument that does not sustain itself.

      I myself prefer to walk a middle path. Because both sides are honestly being pretty stupid, I'd rather just point out the flaws on both ends and stay calmly on track with what I believe, which is closer to focusing on anything but gender as an identifying central piece of importance when dealing with works of fiction. Because once the focus is placed unto it too deeply, the image distorts and everything becomes a mess since everyone will just focus on specific details that only serves to reinforce their already established personal opinions or misinformed views.

    33. For Science Purposes

      I don't really want to be part of the dogpile that happens every single time someone makes a criticism of feminine representation in a game, but I thought the boss looked appropriate. She looks bloated like a jellyfish washed up on the shore. I wouldn't be against another pass on the art, but the concept seems fine for one boss.

    34. Missing avatar

      Michael W. Ordon on

      @Crysis Complex

    35. Crysis Complex on

      Also please don't change the boss design. Its awesome as is. It's a monster that you must defeat on a game. We don't need to make a big deal out of it, if you find it offensive then you clearly haven't played other IGA games.

    36. Crysis Complex on

      Played the demo...loved it. Simply loved it. It's indeed an IGA game even right down to the camera angles of the cutscenes. The controls are really good and easy. The stage brings interesting lore and design. Using Magic feels natural to the gameplay. I can't wait for this game to release!

    37. Missing avatar

      Michael W. Ordon on

      @Ruben Iversen
      I believe @Nickolas Butler was commenting on the design of the end boss for the demo. I personally don't have a problem with it.
      I'm in the same boat with @Ruben Iversen. Let the designers keep their ideas.
      Art was meant to be enjoyed and criticized.

      On to the demo. I was giddy as a school boy.
      I'm really impressed with the early stages of development. If this is just a taste of what's to come, the completed project will be quite amazing.

    38. Carl Goldsmith on

      Will Bloodstain Ritual of the Night be released on the NX and will their be a copy for the WII U?

    39. Akumajo on

      thank you
      1440p and 2160p resolutions will be supported on pc?

    40. Missing avatar

      Ruben Iversen on

      @Nickolas Butler
      Why is the size and shape of the breasts a problem?
      Its not a problem unless you make it a problem.
      Even real women have breasts in diffrent shape and sizes some have big ones and some have small ones, its not an issue really.
      Let people have the brest size they are born with or the artists want to create.
      Focusing on it only leads to more pressure.

    41. David Arkema on

      Not sure if it's my underpowered laptop. But when equiped with the sword, most attacks don't make contact/do damage. While the kick attack works all fine. And the twirling (lion-ly) enemy does seem a little off/underwhelming (graphic wise), not sure what is.
      But this aside, the game is amazing!! nice art style 'n music

    42. Slenðr Bree on

      Thank you for the update and the demo !
      I will give feedbacks.

    43. Camerun Grant on

      Some may have missed this (I did):

      How can I give feedback? The dev team is always grateful for feedback, but read IGA's message before you submit it, since he offers some information about where the dev team is already planning to make improvements. After that, hop into the demo feedback thread on the Official Bloodstained forums:

    44. Cyber Shantak on

      The music is lovely, the art looks great, but I do have a few complaints. I am seeing a lot of screen tearing in the demo, some the platforms look like part of the background, the MP regeneration rate seems a bit too slow, and the jiggle physics on the boss's breasts could be turned down a bit

    45. Missing avatar

      Nathan Rowan on

      OK, didn't see the "Activate a game" info in the email. Sorry, I WAS being oblivious...

    46. Missing avatar

      Nathan Rowan on

      I got my key, and maybe I'm being oblivious, but when I search Steam for "bloodstained" I don't see the demo anywhere. Where do I get it? Do I need to go somewhere specific and enter the key in Steam to redeem it, or is it somewhere where I download it and then install it and enter the key to use it?

    47. Jason on

      I've only had about 10 minutes to spend with it so far but I'm thoroughly impressed!

    48. Steven Kunz on

      Or rather, keyboard mapping of some sort. Aside from that, VERY cool

    49. Steven Kunz on

      I would say that the biggest thing I would like to see is keyboard / mouse support in some form at some point, though I don't know how realistic it would be with this game. That said, when I got my controller synced, it was SO good. Loved every minute of it. :)

    50. DAOWAce on

      Y'know, Demos are free..

      This isn't a beta or even an alpha; why is there a $60 pricetag attached to it?

      Should be available for everyone to try; would actually get you more sales if it's good.