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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
64,867 backers pledged $5,545,991 to help bring this project to life.

May Update: A Video, A Playable Demo, And A Galleon Named Minerva

Posted by Koji Igarashi (Creator)

Development has come very far since the last time you saw the game in motion. How far? Far enough that I'm going to cut directly to IGA so he can show you:

For this month's update, the team has put together a video and some screenshots of an actual stage in Bloodstained. This is the game's first stage, where we find Miriam on a ship, the Galleon Minerva, headed toward the castle. It's a setting filled with anticipation. 

And I have some exciting news: We’ll be showcasing a playable demo at E3. In addition to that, we'll be giving the demo to all backers at $60+ tiers. 

This E3 preview is a simple playable demo and tutorial of this Minerva stage. The lesser demons we've introduced in the last update (Morte, Seama, and Dullahammer) will appear, and the magi-crystals players will obtain from enemies, also known as "Shards," will also be included.

Oh—I see I've already forgotten to mention something important: Morte isn't a full-fledged demon, and so doesn't have a shard. This is important so I’ll say it again: Morte has no shard.

Demo Information

The preview demo that you'll be getting is the same build IGA and the team will be showing at the Xbox booth at this year's E3. We plan to start distributing it during the show or shortly afterward. Some FAQs (figuratively asked questions):

Who gets the demo? We'll be sending it to everybody who pledged at a $60 tier or higher and filled out their backer survey by June 13

What platform is it on? Windows only; we'll be distributing it digitally, through Steam, so make sure the e-mail address on your survey is current!

Is this the Beta? Nope! The Beta comes later, and will still only be available to backers who pledged $60 or more and ordered a Steam or DRM-free PC version of the game. 

Wait, now I want the demo! How can I— Your survey links are still active! If you upgrade your tier through your survey before June 13, we'll be sure to include you on the list. 

I’ve got a $60+ tier, but what if I haven’t filled out my survey yet? Your survey must be filled out by June 13 to receive the demo. Send us a message through Kickstarter or email if you can’t find your survey link! (Remember: We aren't using Kickstarter's built-in survey, so look for an e-mail from Fangamer containing your personal [and reusable] survey link.)

What... what if I haven’t backed the Bloodstained project at all? You can still receive the demo if you back the project through and pick a $60+ tier by June 13!

We'll release another backer update once the demo is available. But hey, enough of that for the moment—we owe you the aforementioned video and screenshots. (And, if you listen closely, a new track from Yamane-san...)














As always: Tag your fanart so we can look at it! (#Igavania or #Bloodstained.) In addition to looking at it, we'll put some of our favorites in these updates. 








IGA and Ben Judd will be on Wednesday, June 15 at 3:30 PM PDT! They'll be joined by Igavania expert and launch stream MVP romscout as well as MAN (as in MANvsGAME).  

What will they be doing? Probably demonstrating Miriam's kick over and over, if I know Ben.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Isaiah Yuhas on

      To activate the demo you need to go to the games tab in the upper-left hand corner of Steam and click activate product on steam and insert your code there.

    2. arcademaid on

      Where do you insert the code on Steam?I've tried to use it on the Steam Wallet section and it doesn't work? Please guide me.

    3. Missing avatar

      Enseraku on

      Does anyone know when the backer rewards are sent out? I lost my email a while back and I recently changed it on this site so I could receive emails about the project. I've been in the dark for quite some time now and nearly forgot that I backed $250 on this lol.

    4. Kilroy on

      @Yän Thanks.
      @Cameron Bruce It has not been sent out yet. Read the KS update above for more info.

    5. Yän on

      @Kilroy The guys from Fangamer occasionaly post on the Bloodstained Fan Forums

    6. Missing avatar

      Cameron Bruce on

      How do you get the demo? Has it not been sent out yet?

    7. Kilroy on

      @Ravenspear Where did you see Fangamer's update? Do I have to sign up at Fangamer to get their updates on the game?

      Sucks that the demo isn't ready yet, but I wasn't expecting one before E3, anyway, so I'm not complaining.... much. Considering E3 attendants had the opportunity to play, but not most/all of the fans who helped make it possible, you'd think the development team would have gotten this ready beforehand.

    8. Missing avatar

      Luis Guerrero on

      Im Hyped for the demo. I'll wait for it, but with huge anticipation.

    9. Ravenspear on

      Today, 2h ago, fangamer: "Hey folks! Since IGA, Mana, and the rest of the team has gotten back from E3, we've been making some more progress with getting the Demo ready for distribution. We still don't have an exact date just yet, but it should be pretty soon!

      I know the wait is tough, but you can make it!!" Also we will get an KS update before the distribution so you will get notified by an email, most likely.

    10. Missing avatar

      Tan Yong He on

      how would we know we gets the demo?

    11. Daniel Hupfer on

      i dont mind the wait. Anticipation is high tho

    12. Dan on

      The delay is apparently due to issues with getting everything properly setup with Steam. I'm sure they would have gotten the demo out already if they could. :P

    13. Missing avatar

      ZOAG on

      They did? That's news to me, must've missed it. But I honestly doubt all other backers knew about this, so a little Kickstarter update would've been nice to actually inform us all.

      @Genya Alucard
      Agreed. Really unfair when you really think about it lol

    14. Genya Alucard on

      @ZOAG I agree with you. I see no reason for this delay honestly. I mean, we already got beat to playing the demo by people who are probably not backers, just because they attended E3. But to this day we are yet to try the demo ourselves. Why...

    15. Navarro on


      I asked the same kind of question and "Zurcn" said this :

      "they did say (in the E3 interview) that they ran into some issue since this is the first time they were trying to put something on Steam.
      (I blame Steam)"

    16. Missing avatar

      ZOAG on

      I don't want to be "that guy", but this is kinda pushing it. E3 is long over and there's still no demo in sight. Are we just supposed to assume that "shortly" could mean anything from a few days to a few weeks? If there's something stopping you from sending out the demo, I would much prefer to be informed about it instead of being left in the dark. We can all wait a little longer, but at least tell us what the holdup is about.

    17. Zurcn on

      The Demo isn't out yet
      There will be an update when the demo is available

    18. Missing avatar

      Waverunner on

      Wait. I pledged more than $60 and didn't get the demo. Can someone help me?

    19. Missing avatar

      ukshadow on

      The demo looks good, though some people complain about the coloring on the boss. Too garish a contrast versus the rest of the shit, you know?

    20. Zurcn on

      when you do the survey you get an email confirmation of the fact. So either you find that email or you need to go back into the survey to confirm it. (Or Steven Campos might might pop in again and confirm it)

    21. Missing avatar

      Juan Manuel Repiso Durán on

      might have done it 9 months ago, any way to know?

    22. Missing avatar

      Juan Manuel Repiso Durán on

      I couldnt find any way to fill the survey... not a chance I might opt out for the demo yet, right?

    23. Missing avatar

      Giansily on

      Damn I can't wait the demo. My hype level skyrocketed with that news x)

    24. Missing avatar

      Cheng Vang on

      Can't wait to get the demo. It already looks awesome. Keep it the good work.

    25. John on

      We won't be getting the emails till after the next update that says they are sending them

    26. Zurcn on

      Just go back to your survey, (using the same email or email fangamer and request a new link) and you can confirm / edit your shipping address

    27. Missing avatar

      Michael "MegaSeveN" Clarke on

      Please let there be a survey after the demo so we can share our thoughts. I already have some stuff that I want to say about it (mostly good), and I'm sure I'll have more when it comes out.

    28. Genya Alucard on

      I can't wait to try the demo out! It looks like a combination of Symphony of the Night, Aria of Sorrow and Order of Ecclesia. I can't ask for more!

    29. Missing avatar

      Jake Eason on

      From what videos of the demo I have seen, the shards act like Dawn/Aria of Sorrow souls...? Same color, the yellow is an 'enchant' ability, etc... Can anyone confirm this?

    30. Missing avatar

      Asanti Jackson on

      o 3o gawd i hope i get the demo soon, her movements seem pretty nice but i wanna get a feel for her weight

    31. Missing avatar

      ScottyD on

      Hi, I can't seem to find any email regarding the survey, though i'm sure I filled it out

      I backed at $125

      Also, am I able to see the contents of the survey because if I did fill it out, i'm hoping I didn't put my PO Box as the delivery address because I don't use it anymore

    32. Missing avatar

      Edgardo Castro Jacobo on

      I'm wating for the mail :')

    33. Navarro on

      I hope he's going to give us a specific time-frame soon enough

    34. Ravenspear on

      22h ago from when I posted this, Fangamer Steve said "Also for reference, we haven’t begun distributing the Steam Demo codes to the eligible backers yet, and we don’t have a specific time-frame for the Demo codes just yet either. Thank you very much for your patience!"

      That was the last update so far.

    35. Missing avatar

      Joe Weber on

      have you started sending out emails for the demo yet? i didn't get one and i checked my spam folder just in case it went there but i didn't see it. dont want to miss this. im super excited to play the demo.

    36. Amir Paydar on

      I got the signed collector's box for 300 and I made sure my survey was filled, so the wait for the demo is really killing me. E3 is already over so why haven't we started receiving them yet?

    37. Ravenspear on

      @ DN Mesias A
      While I can't say for you survey, I can remember you that "Who gets the demo? We'll be sending it to everybody who pledged at a $60 tier or higher and filled out their backer survey by June 13. " your special backer is eligible for the steam demo if you filled out their survey in time properly.

    38. DN Mesias A on

      Hey Steven, sorry for adding another comment with this question but I wanted to make sure since I would really like to play the demo, did I fill the survey properly and is my "Special Backer Edition Physical Copy" eligible to recieve a code for it?

    39. Missing avatar

      Michael Toy on

      Do you guys have a planned date for releasing this demo??

    40. giga-ganon on

      it's even harder for me, i didn't watch any e3 footage, i want the full demo surprise!

    41. Missing avatar

      ZOAG on

      The wait is so agonizing :( I know I should be more patient, but I really want to try it out for myself after seeing the E3 footage. It looks so awesome already!

      *sigh* *goes back to refreshing GMail every five minutes*

    42. Kai Kubicek

      Looking good. I am a massive fan of Symphony of the Night and Bloodlines, I can’t wait to play the final game keep up the good work.

      For those of you looking for a gameplay video with combat here is a new video (from E3 2016) that has it. It looks really good and reminds me of Symphony of the Night :…

      Can’t wait.

    43. Steven Campos on

      Hey folks, I noticed that a bunch of people have been asking in this update’s comment section about whether or not they had filled out their survey. If you have any questions regarding your survey, please send an email to

      But to answer your question:

      Octavio Arango - You filled out your survey.

      Bryant Rogers II - You filled out your survey.

      Sinalve - You filled out your survey.

      Matthew de Roeck - You filled out your survey.

      Christopher Wheat - You have NOT filled out your survey. I emailed it to you.

      CidRex999 - You filled out your survey.

      Matthew Dunaway - You filled out your survey.

      Eric Rinehart - You filled out your survey.

      Pedro Nogueiras - You filled out your survey.

      Hirokatsu Kitanaka - You filled out your survey.

      Tyler Okrainec - You filled out your survey.

      Dennis Rivera - You filled out your survey.

      Tan Yong He - You filled out your survey.

      #14015 - Mighty Morningstar - You filled out your survey.

      Chris schober - You filled out your survey.

      Karl Leon - You filled out your survey.

      Lazaro Facio - You filled out your survey.

      Chung Kai Chang - You filled out your survey.

      ZHOU YAO - You have NOT filled out your survey. I emailed it to you.

      TarzanEng - You filled out your survey.

      Also for reference, we haven’t begun distributing the Steam Demo codes to the eligible backers yet, and we don’t have a specific time-frame for the Demo codes just yet either. Thank you very much for your patience!

    44. Missing avatar

      Matthew Steven on

      You should have an email from The link in that email will work to change your information (such as shipping address) until the game is completed.

    45. TarzanEng on

      I forgot whether I already filled the backer survey or not. Anyway to check? :(

    46. Lucas Paynter on

      I got to play the demo at E3 (it was the first thing I went to do) and it was good times! :) While others might find more to nitpick with, my only qualm is that the tutorial messages were fairly intrusive to the seasoned Igavania player--which ironically caused me to cycle too quickly through the one message that had something new to teach me (luckily a staffer nearby set me straight quickly so I didn't end up dawdling).

      I'll probably run through it a couple more times once it's released to us directly; I'd have played it again at the Expo if it weren't already coming our way.

    47. Kane Turner on

      Thanks for the update!! Was wondering when we would get the Demo

    48. Yän on

      @ David:

      Steven Campos of Fangamer wrote this

      "Hey folks! We have not begun distributing the Steam Demo to eligible backers just yet. The Steam Demo codes will likely be emailed sometime shortly after E3, however we currently don’t have a specific time-frame available just yet.

      Also please keep in mind that we will post a Kickstarter update before we begin emailing out any Demo codes (so no Demo codes will be sent out until after the next update)."