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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
64,867 backers pledged $5,545,991 to help bring this project to life.

July 2015 Update: Surveys, Websites, Interviews, and a Letter from IGA

Posted by Koji Igarashi (Creator)

If you're a backer, this probably looks like the calm before the storm. If you're a developer, this probably looks like the storm before the calm. If you're helping to run the campaign, this looks like an opportunity to keep backers and developers alike from being crushed by flying pieces of barn debris. So here we are!

Expect updates from us every month from here out, with additional updates coming whenever we have something important or exciting to share.


All the console and digital options available for Bloodstained make this perhaps the most complex survey we've ever set up, so we're working to make sure it's all in place before we go live. Right now the current plan is to have it ready to go, along with an expanded slacker backer page, by the end of the month. (If that changes, we'll let you know in another update.)

The survey will allow you to select your version of Bloodstained as well as apply any add-ons you made. We'll send your link to the survey to the address you have on file with Kickstarter, so make sure that's accurate.


The official Bloodstained fan forums are coming soon! And we have good news: We're teaming up with the biggest unofficial Bloodstained fan forums to put them together. 

We'd like to thank Mike McDaniel, Raymond Guest, and Hector Ayala Inoriza for bringing this community together, and we look forward to interacting with you guys over there. (Our friends at Playism will be helping to moderate, and I'll hang out on there to provide updates from Fangamer's end.) 

We're working with Mike and Playism on a fresh coat of paint and some other updates to the system—we'll update you again when it's ready to go!

 IGA and Ben Judd are at Bitsummit in Kyoto this weekend, and you can watch it live on Twitch over the weekend! If you don't know what Bitsummit is, here's Ben with more info:

"It’s the premier Japan indies event held annually in Kyoto. Some of the most talented Japanese developers will be speaking at the show, but Bloodstained backers might be especially interested to know about a a cross-talk panel featuring Keiji Inafune, Takuya Aizu, and Koji Igarashi. They won't be the only familiar faces—I'll be speaking and MCing for most of the two-day event. 

Because of the complexity of translating among four people, the keynote will only be viewable on the Japanese stream."

You can check out the full list of speakers on Bitsummit's website.

Hello Army of the Night! IGA here.

Thank you for waiting so patiently for this first update. Thanks again for the massive support which led this Kickstarter to become a major success. You are a great group of backers. Now that the funding has come in, I’m looking at how we can best distribute it. 

Oh… Don’t worry! I always keep my promises, so you’ll get everything I committed to. But I look at the fact that this will be my biggest game, with over 1600 rooms, and I start thinking… we may need MORE enemies to really fill them up.

Of course I’m focused on the game scenario myself, and while I know we’ve gone over the three main characters, I'm beginning to think about adding three more to deepen the story. (Still only three playable, of course.)

A grizzled, middle-aged hunter, perhaps? Or a pure unscathed youth? So many directions to go in as I continue to think and write, which is part of the fun of building an idea from scratch. But it's probably more fun for me than it is Inti Creates. (Sorry, Inti! I'll try to keep moving faster!)

Make no mistake: We've already begun laying down the foundation of a great game. And I appreciate your patience as we push toward the kind of progress we can show off in backer updates. In the meantime, please keep your nice comments and great ideas coming in. It really means a lot to me and Inti Creates…

To whom I must once again apologize… Sorry Inti! 

With that, I go back to my lair. There is much work to be done.


The end of the Kickstarter campaign did not mean the end of the unnervingly good art you guys have been producing from Day 1. Here's a few post-campaign pieces that have caught our eye...

by Kariya
by Kariya
by Setiya Budi
by Setiya Budi
Bismarck Kappa The Third! by matiassotolopez
Bismarck Kappa The Third! by matiassotolopez

Keep making cool stuff, and keep posting it on Twitter and Tumblr using the #IGAVANIA and #BLOODSTAINED tags. As IGA said, seeing this kind of amazing work is what keeps the developers going. That and coffee, probably. 

IGA at E3!

IGA's next stop after our crazy ending stream was E3, giving him the chance to talk about the end of the campaign and the future of Bloodstained with the American press. In case you missed them:

Bloodstained in Print!

Destructoid and GameFan are collaborating to put out two magazines in one! More exciting still, for people who have fond memories of sneaking gaming magazines to school and reading them instead of getting your work done, it's available *in print*.

The most exciting part, since you're reading this update: Bloodstained made the cover of the inaugural issue of Destructoid magazine! On the outside, exclusive art from Natsume-san himself; on the inside, Jonathan Holmes has a brand new interview with Koji Igarashi.

You can buy the print version here—keep it in the space you've reserved for your giant Bloodstained merchandise collection!—but if you can't wait to read it they were kind enough to offer a free digital look at the whole magazine[s]. Just go to Magzter and enter the promo code "DTOID0215."

Our friend romscout wasn't just crucial to setting up the Bloodstained launch stream on Twitch—he's also one of the most inventive Igavania speedrunners out there. (He showed IGA some of his work before the stream, and it became clear to all of us that he would be the most intimidating bug tester in the history of gaming.)

He sent word along that, since the launch stream—and thanks in part to the enthusiasm IGA showed for the speedrunning demonstrations he worked to set up—he's returned to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night speedrunning with a vengeance. recapturing the any% world record with a frankly disturbing time of 16 minutes and 59 seconds. You can check out the video of his performance here

When he's not helping us out and blowing holes in videogame castles, romscout is a huge part of the Games Done Quick charity marathons—this year's Summer Games Done Quick starts on July 26. Getting a look at the speedrunning scene in America definitely opened IGA's eyes—and not just because he now realizes how far people will go to uncover new bugs. If you haven't spent a lot of time around it before, watching SGDQ is a great way to get started. 

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    1. Richmond Yee on

      How do I submit a survey?

    2. Steven Campos on

      Hey folks, here's an update regarding surveys that Dan Moore posted a few days ago in the comments section:

      @Dan Moore
      Hi guys—just posted this on the official forums, but I thought I'd leave it here, too.
      "Hi guys—sorry about the lack of updates, we've been working really hard to get our new survey software live and that involved a lot of ducking or heads down and testing things. This week I'm going to be working with the Japan side to get their pieces of August's update ready, so we should have something for you soon."
      "As for the survey, I don't have a launch date yet, but I think you're all going to like it. We're trying to build something that feels a little more like the original campaign than most survey/slacker backer systems, so that people who missed the Kickstarter can still feel like they're contributing to development, instead of just preordering a game. (I'll try to have an updated survey timeline in our next update. I also noticed some people asking for updated funding totals, so I'll check in about that, too.)"

    3. Missing avatar

      Caleb William Wells on

      Iga was just at Xbox's Gamescom presentation and Bloodstained appears to also be being developed for Win 10 aswell so that may have set it back. @Logan Whiteside

    4. Missing avatar

      Logan Whiteside on

      I'm sure they'll get us those surveys as soon as they can. Setbacks and delays will happen. They can pretty much be expected for any game in development.

    5. Cédric Mumbile on

      No survey... It's kinda strange... I hope they will communicate soon about it...

    6. Tworedshirt on

      No survey yet... Really want to get that 60 dollard pledge...

    7. Steven Waugh on

      i hope i get a survey this is my frist lickstarter and i have got it yet

    8. Missing avatar

      Quentin Gary on

      I'm kinda hoping they delayed it, because it's nearing midnight August 1st, into the 2nd, and I have yet to receive my survey... Still hype for the game, though~!

    9. Brandon Cohen on

      Thanks for all the comments helping me out. I was worried that I missed my survey or something.

    10. Dr. Grump on

      8:27 PM CDT and it's the last day of the month. I haven't received a survey. I'm guessing that they've been delayed and we'll be informed in the next update.

    11. Robert Neal Dorris

      Brandon, I have not received mine yet, but there are still a couple more days left until the end of July. They mentioned that they would let us know if anything changes, but keep an eye out until then.

    12. Missing avatar

      Brandon Lee on

      Has anyone heard back yet about the surveys? They will be sent to our email address on file yes?

    13. Ryan Lesley Bell on

      To Brandon Cohen: No the surveys aren't out yet, but I would keep an eye out for them on the 28th. They did specify it was the end of July. Moving on to another subject, I can't WAIT to Beta test on Steam. It's been a while since I participated in an early access game since Square Enix's FF14, and I have high hopes for this platformer. Maybe there'll be an option to Beta-test the online multiplayer...? Fingers crossed guys

    14. Brandon Cohen on

      So wait, are the surveys out yet or not?

    15. Missing avatar

      Juan on

      Thanks for the update!

      The Kariya draw is AWESOME!

    16. Aramintai on

      A grizzled, middle-aged hunter?
      I've an immediate image from Bloodborne somehow:
      That kind of hunter with his/her crazy monster killing weapons would be right at home in Castlevania type of game. Would be nice to see someone similar in Bloodstained.

    17. Missing avatar

      Cheng Vang on

      That was very interesting. Thank you for the update. Can't wait to find all those hidden rooms. The ritual will take some time but the patience will pay off for the ultimate game.

    18. Lou Yufan on

      Satoru Iwata passed away today. My Castlevania memories were all on my little Gameboy Advance. Can we have a ritual in game for him?

    19. Brieuc Hesnault on

      Thanks for the forum guys ! I'm happy than we have now a great place to share and exchange between Bloodstained backers and IGA fans ! :)

    20. Kris Knives on

      I'm VERY glad to hear about the more monsters comment. The larger and ever growing number of monsters in Castlevania games was one thing that made those games special! Former bosses showing up, special rare enemies and new enemies mixing it up with one ones. I realize that Bloostained won't have the hundreds of from enemies to draw on and so might not be able to have as many unique enemies as Castlevania at least initially but I'm glad to hear we won't be short of enemies either.

      I'm also very excited to hear about the expanding story with more NPCs! So far all the thoughts I'm hearing in these updates sound like good things.

    21. Marwan Al-Sharekh on

      they will send the survey on the email address right ? cause it doesn't say email in the update it just says address

    22. AJ the Dragon of Dojima on

      Grizzled middle-aged hunter would be nice. Or better yet, why not both that pure character and the grizzled hunter?

      Once the survey comes, I'm upgrading my pledge to get that backer exclusive stuff.

    23. Laura Cristina de Almeida on

      When I read about a "middle-aged hunter", it instantly brought back memories of a certain character who rocked out in 1999, the age when I wish a playable Igavania should had happened, but there was nothing more than brief mentions in such games.
      Either way, I approve of such a fine, rough-looking, ass-kicking character being in my Bloodstained experience <3

    24. Missing avatar

      Jerard on

      @andrew. Based on the interviews and such we will be getting the same thing we always have had with the past Iga developed catlevania games.

      kill monsters, level, boss fight, with something goofy like a demon vacuum mixed in.

      Besides one or two mechanical changes there really isn't much to be revealed since we have already seen the art style, the characters, and heard some music.

    25. Net Spectre on

      Grizzled, middle-aged hunter that plays a supporting role to the cast?
      It will be awesome if he'll be like good old Charlie Vincent, only with more battle experience.

    26. "Wakko" on

      As long as Dina isn't involved in the forums (or the project in general), I think this community is going to be ok. Have fun everyone!

    27. Andrew on

      Can we have some actual gameplay updates? It's cool that you had special guest speakers and whatnot but to be frank I don't really care that much about the expo/convention updates since I'm not at the expo; I'm at home waiting for some updates about the game since you're promising updates about the game.

      TL;DR: Bloodstained needs gameplay or mechanics updates not updates on forum pages/expos

    28. Chris Callahan on

      I think a Wolf Hybrid would be a great character but he/shes got the smarts and soul of someone significant to the backstorys reincarnated soul. kinda pops up randomly helps out main character and hinders him as well. he/shes got an agenda of he/shes own.

    29. Duncan A. Doherty

      At least, that's what I'm getting out of what was said.

    30. Duncan A. Doherty

      @Jerome: As you said, SotN had 1890 rooms...between two castles, and one was just the flipped mirror image of the other with different enemies/items strewn about. This is 1600 plus rooms in ONE castle alone. I'd say that's bigger, by a considerable margin.

    31. Jacksukeru on

      A nice update. Best of luck to you guys and gals on the project!

    32. Robert Halenda on

      I can't even begin to imagine how massive the finished castle will be. And recruiting romscout was a great idea, he'd be the ultimate bug tester.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jilkon on

      I didn't know you guys were cooperating with romscout :o! His (and SDA's) fearsome speedrunning skills can break the most polished-looking game.

    34. SweetTaLe on

      Great to see another update! I'm looking forward to hearing more about the game. And the other characters. Variety is always a fun addition.

    35. Metafogos on

      @jerome Over 1600 rooms, and a castle at he estimates be 25% larger. So we not working with a perfect numbers here.

      He is working now with a castle with more then 1600 rooms (probably the initial castle idea are a short one), and the castle will be more or less 25% bigger then the biggest castle he create.

      Is the Symphony of the night the biggest one?

    36. Nicolás Cabello on

      A middle aged hunter? I can only think of him being as badass as Julius Belmont. You can't go wrong there.

    37. jerome on

      Well, the castle from symphony of the night as total rooms: 1890
      942 in the regular castle
      948 in the inverted castle
      so how 1600 rooms is 125% bigger then 1890?

    38. chang on

      OMG.. enemies for 1600 rooms, this si gonna be crazy fun.

      oh wait... by looking at that pic, so she has a whip? doe sshe? i though that by us getting the sword, we were not having a whip.. I`ll be soooo happy if we have a whip!! :)

      did 2 years already pass???!?!?!?

    39. Missing avatar

      Christian on

      It absolutely excites me to see you, with so many thousands of people waiting on your every word for this game, to mention a cause like Awesome Games Done Quick. I've been a fan of AGDQ for years and always loved their efforts. Your mention of that event will only help them and for that I thank you.

    40. jerome on

      @ Kristoffer Brandberg, i was thinking about a werewolf too,it would be awsome

    41. Metafogos on

      More Character? Make then playable later, even if by DLC :D

    42. Tiso Spencer

      You do realize backerkit also allowed for add-ons, change of address, pledge increases, etc? Just really odd when KS's, especially big ones refuse to use it.

    43. Rigel on

      Everybody would love to see Bismarck Kappa the third in the game as an regular enemy or even a boss, please make it happen!

    44. Missing avatar

      Adam Steen on

      Please! Oh please! Put Bismarck Kappa III in the game as a secert room enemy or boss. I dont care how ridiculous it looks that thing looks fun as hell to fight! XD

    45. neuroflare on

      Thanks for the update, it has a lot of things I missed and links to some very informative material. Also, that speed run of SotN was ridiculous.

    46. Bladesinger on

      middle-aged hunter,?

      unscathed youth?

      ARRGGHHHH ! ! !

      AND BOTH senpai

    47. zoned87 on

      You can just read the digital version for free with the promo code.

    48. Rigel on

      Someone knows if Destructoid ships the magazine outside the USA?

    49. Rigel on

      A lot of great news, yes! just what I needed. I am getting that magazine. It is exciting to hear about Iga in the creative process. The Bismarck Kappa the third fan art is amazing, he needs to appear in the game hahaha. Keep the great work guys! and thanks for the vast update.

    50. Missing avatar

      Cesar Araujo on

      I want to back it more just so Shenmue won't pass it. Are we going to have another backing site?