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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
64,867 backers pledged $5,545,991 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Camerun Grant on

      I'm loving the comments. lol

    2. Erick Rovelo on

      I kind of would like to stop seeing more stretch goals. It would only be more disappointing if not met, let alone pointless if the stretch goal deadline is extended. The only stretch goal I can see them making that would push the limits is a 3ds release. If that appeared I would double what I already put in. I mean I have to get another pledge just for a 3ds mini port (since I want my Xbox 1 copy to stay with the mini). Still I been supporting this game since release and honestly can't wait! A legend such as IGA deserves all the respect and more than what Konami showed!

    3. BloodFrost on

      I prefer Burnettes personally

    4. Missing avatar

      Stanlee D'Man on

      Blondes have more fun

    5. Kosmo Kramer on

      I am making as many Vines as I can! Help me out! We can get this achievement if we work together!
      #igavania all-the-way!

    6. Surey D on

      Oh, my! This is looking lovely. Hopes moderately up for BOSS REVENGE MODE goal!
      There are a lot of platforms to choose from! And one has to choose for digital copy and/or physical copy and prequel minigame!

    7. Missing avatar

      ZOAG on

      Speaking of bosses... will we get console exclusive boss fights similair to what Shovel Knight is doing? For the Wii U version, I think it would be a nice tribute (Tribute!?!) to have Miriam fight Samus Aran. Now THAT would be a cat fight I'd like to see!

    8. Slenðr Bree on

      I've shared the Youtube video as much as I can, now, cross fingers ! :D

    9. Boris on

      @Daniel Nguyen the rewards/tiers chart at the bottom of the Campaign page says yes. Starting at the $175 tier, you get a digital copy with all of them.

    10. MetalShadowOverlord on

      Corrupt Miriam is blue/black
      Pure Miriam is gold/white

      IGA is trolling us with that dress meme all over again...

    11. Missing avatar

      Daniel Nguyen on

      Can anyone tell me if the $300 signed collector's box come with a digital copy as well? Considering updating my pledge to help out even more.

    12. Missing avatar

      Yarott on

      I believe you guys will want to bump the estimated time a bit more. Based on the many things promised, several months of additional time should help enhance polish time for all of these promises that you guys have all imposed yourselves for. I really wouldn't even mind if it comes out at any time of 2018, if not Winter time of 2017.

      Keep up the great work! And congrats on finally reaching this point, Igarashi! Now, get to work! *cracks whip*

    13. Missing avatar

      Liam O' Brien on

      5,320,000*, my mistake. I can't brain at 11:47.

    14. Missing avatar

      Liam O' Brien on

      Looking at the iga-bloodstained tumblr, well more than 5 Johanneseseses have been submitted. Once they update the thingamajig we have the pure outfit! Now let's see if we can secure that 5.5 million - and remember, the readout has to only be 5,380,000 thanks to paypal. We can actually do this, once the twitch stream starts it'll spread like wildfire!

    15. Nei on

      5.5million! It's a wonderful night to have a Kickstarter! :)

      PS- Pure Miriam is beautiful. I can't wait!

    16. Slenðr Bree on

      I go for the Youtube views ! You can count on me ! :D
      Miriam is awesome in white ! Let's go for the final goal Paypal !

    17. Nohvarr on

      Huh....really digging the "Pure" version of Miriam for some reason.

    18. Missing avatar

      Moder112 on

      If the boss revenge mode gets funded that means with the help of cheat engine you will be able to play as the bosses in the normal mode, y' know?

    19. Camerun Grant on

      A blonde Miriam... Iga, you da man!

      Jokes aside, she looks very good, and I'm sure we'll have no problem unlocking it. ^_^

    20. Lino on

      Do the Youtube view achievement. That's our best shot.
      To quote the Counter Strike guy: Go! Go! Go!…

    21. Missing avatar

      Christopher Saunders on

      I'm really hoping we can reach the last goal and backer achievement! We've come this far so let's go for it!

    22. Missing avatar

      kwerboom on

      I'm happy to see and kickstart a spiritual successor to Symphony of the Night. I'm happy that stretch goals were reached. I'm just nervous about the delivery date. I'm sure the March 2017 delivery date was set when the idea of $5 million plus was considered a pipe dream. Could you release a revised schedule once you're done celebrating. If it takes you an extra 6 months to a year to get all the stretch goals to fit and work correctly, that would be good to know sooner rather than half way to the original delivery date. I would understand as I have kickstarted other projects that have had to go longer to fit stretch goals in.

    23. jerome on

      Sob, im a sad panda, din't get my Myriam figurine :**(
      bha anyway final strech goal will please far more people then my figure idea.
      and still 2 year befor game come out so might see one later on like for mighty no.9

    24. Missing avatar

      Blackat9 on

      Wow, what an update. I was just checking to see the final word, and see one last challenge. I've posted the video link on a couple of site I frequent. Told some friends. Here's hoping, but I'm happy with the product already. Anything else is just sweet sweet icing on this already many tiered cake.

    25. Reilata Zethlar on

      Just keeping it on this page and watching it tick up in money.
      C'mon 5,500,000.
      Row row, fund the kickstarter!
      /adds more to pledge

    26. Missing avatar

      CrimsonX4 on

      This is all amazing news! I really hope we get the boss revenge mode it sound amazingly fun! Plus pure Miriam looks gorgeous! I will try to do my part to make sure we all get it!

    27. Alexandre Hong Huot Tiv on

      We have way past 5 million.


    28. Missing avatar

      Stavros Ntakos on

      Let me understand ..Do we have 5 mil in total or its 5 mil + paypal funds ? If it is the latter then we are way past 5 mil

    29. Missing avatar

      John Ellis on

      Oh don't tease us with a goal we can't reach ):

    30. Missing avatar

      Danny Campbell on

      Which youtube video are people supposed to be watching? The announcement trailer?

    31. ARM X Author on

      Aizu-san's comment about giving the game "true soul" is very exciting and everything I'm hoping for! I can't wait to see the creative flourishes and fresh results in genre and atmosphere from Inti Creates working in concert with Igarashi-san.

      One thing I REALLY want integrated in terms of gameplay is a system of grappling and swinging over platforming gaps with the whip (or via magic from Miriam's back). It could make for so many dramatic scenarios in both the Regular and Classic Modes. Imagine seeing a tower that you can only progress to once you earn the ability to swing over to it! Inti Creates have shown they can implement an idea like this as far back as Megaman Zero 2's Chain Rod item.

      Pure Costume is very elegantly done. I agree with @Cynthia Bonsignore that it might work best as a New Game + achievement.

    32. Paul Corbett on

      I thought that the 5m was going to be the last goal but I do hope that we do get the 5.5m as that is going to be an awesome addition. :)

    33. Daniel on

      Oh man, I hope not another tier is unveiled at the las hour. I really did not see this kickstarter going this far, but I am glad it did. Here hoping for the final hours to be a success.

    34. Pierce Arner on

      SO proud of the outflowing of support from everyone and endlessly excited for the Roguelike dungeons!!

    35. Tyrone Wested

      @felipe they are modifying UE4 to fit on wiiu and vita they would hove to make a new game for 3ds

    36. Missing avatar

      Chris Mays on

      Youtube views might be hard. get another 36 vines and you have your last achievement. Would seem to be the easiest.

    37. Tori Dockery on

      @Mobin Mobeen Look at the achievements again. They already checked the 200k of Youtube Veiws but the total only adds up to 59. We need 250k Youtube Views to get 60 achievements.

      If every backer watches the video once we'll make it! :D

    38. Cole W on

      How about going for the cosplay achievements? We've got at least 1-2 of either Gebel or Johannes, so if we can get a few more people to quickly put them together, that could take us over the top far faster than trying to get views, follows, or retweets, considering those have stubbornly stayed close to the second level of achievement.

    39. Missing avatar

      Felipe Alvarez on

      Hi, let me get this straight:
      Bloodstaind game wont come out on 3ds BUT prequel will?

    40. Mobin Mobeen on

      Hi, I want to point out shouldn't our achievements be 60 now cos of that Youtube Veiws is now 200k :D that 1 achievement should be add and unlock that free new magi-crystal costume.

    41. Aisu on

      8 hours to reach 5.5 mil, no problem

    42. XombieMike on

      So Miriam's hair in that old photo...?

    43. Matthew DeAngelis on

      Congrats for making it this far guys!!

    44. The Opponent on

      Miriam used to be Mami Tomoe?

    45. janju on

      If every backer would watch one youtube video from Bloodstained we woud have it, right?

    46. Cynthia Bonsignore on

      i am excited about smacking down some heroes with the bosses

    47. Dvv on

      Given that bosses will be playable I hope this leads to a playable Shovel Knight/Gebel/Iga

    48. Cynthia Bonsignore on

      WHat if the new costume was included into the new game plus and also added a bit more of story to the game maybe inbetween the start and end of the game, and than when you beat the game you get new ending? i dont know