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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
64,867 backers pledged $5,545,991 to help bring this project to life.

Update 21: $4mm, Armaturity, Ending Stream, New Game Plus

Posted by Koji Igarashi (Creator)

The crew at Armature continues to prove that they're the right studio for the job. We'll let them do the talking:

“Hi Bloodstained backers - Armature here with another update. It turns out that a people have shown a ton of interest in our plan to port UE4 to the WiiU and PS Vita. Since they're not officially supported platforms, it's going to be a lot of work to get Bloodstained and UE4 on these platforms, but we are up to the challenge.

“Since the community got these platforms off the ground, we figure that it's best to let the community have them back when we're done. As a result, after the release of Bloodstained we will share, for free, the UE4 WiiU and Vita code with any developer authorized to develop on those platforms! Thank you all very much for this opportunity!”

If you missed the launch stream—graciously hosted by Twitch and Kinda Funny Games—you missed a long day of great indie adventure games, stories from IGA, and speedruns. Luckily, you’ve got another chance: the ending stream will be broadcast live from Inti Creates studio in the four hours leading up to the campaign's end, and Fraser and Becky of Video Games AWESOME! will be hosting.

IGA, Ben Judd, Nayan (Playism), the entire Inti Creates crew, and a host of special guests will be there playing games, speaking about the game/campaign, and thanking you for all the incredible support you've lent us so far. Here's the stream's start time in a variety of time zones:

 In case last night's cliffhanger update wasn't clear enough: New Game Plus is achieved. You worked through our Backer Achievement system with fearsome efficiency, and the team agreed to make NG+ your reward. But enough talk -- lets have at the details:

  • Carry over key items/equipment to your next game
  • Harder enemies, better stats, and new attack patterns
  • The team hopes to implement some special enemies which may drop rare items

Combined with our latest Paypal total of $133k from 1600 backers, our campaign has more than passed the $4 million mark. Your flamethrower already illuminated some details of the Online Challenge Mode stretch goal, but lets reiterate:

  • Team up with a friend online in both co-op and versus modes
  • Power through specially designed stages by clearing challenges, killing enemies, collecting items, and more
  • Battle extra-powerful bosses which drop rare items

If things keep up at their current pace, you may reach $4.25 -- the third playable character -- before the end of the night.

Now: A word about the $5 million stretch goal. Well, two words. Well, OK, two bullet points.

  • It is absolutely incredible that we're even talking about a $5 million stretch goal. Your support has changed this game for the better in too many ways to count, though we'll try to during that ending stream...
  • Anyway, about that $5 million goal. It's a mode. It's going to make this game even bigger than it was before. And we'll be revealing it tonight. (When we heard Inti and IGA were willing to tackle it, our eyes went pretty wide.)
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    1. James Closs on

      Interesting that this Kickstarter project could blaze a trail for UE4 development on Wii U and Vita.

    2. Martin Ellis on

      Can not wait for the end show with Fraser and Becky, love Videogames AWESOME!

    3. Missing avatar

      CrimsonX4 on

      It seems like Bloodstained might implement some stuff from the Soul's and Bloodborne games. I love the idea! As for Challenge mode it sounds like fun, specially if it's anything like Julius mode from DoS or Castlevania III

    4. Ian Cochran on

      I'm partial to A

    5. Skymap Games on

      On behalf of the team at Skymap Games, thank you for sharing your Vita and Wii U code!

    6. David Cole on

      It would be nice if New Game + is implemented in a similar way to how it's implemented in Rogue Legacy. Each New Game + raises the game's overall level, which changes the monster poolsets depending on level, with harder enemies and stronger stats based on the level of the poolsets.

    7. FoxKelfonne on

      @Kevin It's already going to take a bit of work to get the engine running on the Vita. The 3DS specs are sadly nowhere near enough to get it to work there.

    8. Missing avatar

      Derek Freeman

      Wow, hitting that $5 million stretch goal is going to be a bit of a... stretch, but I think we can do it. It really looks like we're going to get that third playable character at the least.

    9. Kevin R on

      You know, I'm really confused as to why we have a prequel mini game stretch goal for the prequels on 3DS and Vita, but we had no stretch goal for a 3DS port of the normal game. A 3DS port seems like it reach a lot more people. I really can't fathom why a Vita port was chosen. Hardly anyone owns them here, but 3DSes are everywhere.

    10. Missing avatar

      Uberpuma on

      I see he clarified what you were concerned about, not me. My bad, glad he was able to help you.

    11. Missing avatar

      Uberpuma on

      But he misunderstood what I was asking, so he didnt clarify anything Q.Q. I posed the question differently for clarification, if you are still confused, well..

    12. Missing avatar

      Daniel Armstrong on

      Looking forward to this Friday's stream; Becky and Fraser teased going live from Japan a few days ago on their YouTube account. It's awesome that they're being recognized in this way.

    13. Missing avatar

      Eric Rodman on

      I'm going to go in a different direction than everyone else and guess it's some kind of tag team mode like Dracula's Curse, Julius mode in Dawn of Sorrow or Portrait of Ruin.

    14. Ethan Penton on

      "New Game+" makes me wonder. There's already a higher difficulty setting. If NIGHTMARE is this game's name for HARDMODE (i.e., the step above NORMAL), then doesn't that kinda mean there are four different difficulties? New Normal, New+ Normal, New Hard, and New+ Hard?
      Are the enemy enhancements in New+ different from the enhancements that come from Hard? Do they combine to make a final super hard mode in New+ Hard? This is confusing. It's like we have two boxes we can check that both say hard mode.


    15. Michael Brand

      @Daniel Gillette
      The DS did end up replacing the Game Boy. But the DS (or at least, up until production of the DS Lite was completely phased out, over 5 years later) was also backwards compatible with GBA games. Same with the Wii, where models that were backwards compatible were not completely phased out until over 5 years later.

      Likewise, even if the "NX" does hypothetically replace the Wii U, we can almost guarantee that earlier models will still be backwards compatible with Wii U games.

    16. chang on

      @duncan thx for clarifying that. what @Uberpuma said confuse the heck out of me. thx!

    17. Lauri Peuhkurinen on

      I will definitely consider getting both PS4 and Vita Psychical versions: one of which would be the special edition. I wan't to have both with backer exclusive content and fully enjoy the cross-save functionality and all! If everything goes as planned, that is.

      Thank you Armature for making the UE4's Wii U and Vita code available for all authorized developers! That's really something and makes me want to back this project even more. Which I'm going to do. Make a great game, will you.

    18. Walter Chan on

      Damn, Armature: your street cred just rose a little bit higher.

    19. Missing avatar

      Conway Obleman on

      A mode where the entire castle is randomly generated, maybe?

    20. Michael V. on

      Why do people want an inverted castle anyway? Symphony of the Night turned into some broken level design mess that you constantly had to use transformations in during the inverted castle. I wouldn't not ask for that again at all.

    21. Scars Unseen on

      Not going to be reverse castle. I don't think that someone would be so surprised at the news that Iga was willing to do something he already did nearly 20 years ago that their eyes would go wide. Also it's a mode. Reverse castle would just be more content in the same mode.

      Possibilities that I can think of:

      Level Editor Mode
      Dungeon Master Mode (one player places and controls monsters while another tries to clear the castle)

      ...aaaand that's it. What do you want? I just woke up. *looks for some coffee*

    22. Humanoid Typhoon on

      @Ben: Just like the DS was a new platform and wasn't going to replace the GameBoy? The NX is absolutely replacing the Wii U. I own a Wii U, there are great games available on the Wii U, but lets face it, the Wii U is dead, and it's corpse is starting to stink.

    23. Silvio Lobo on

      - Inverted Castle
      - Stage Creator/Editor (so people can recreate Castlevania's maps #hype)

    24. Missing avatar

      Uberpuma on

      @Duncan A. Doherty
      My concern is that additional content you just mentioned, the swordwhip and Iga boss. You can't really have one without the other and I'm sure a lot of people would really like to be able to get that weapon since it would remind them a lot of the whip weapons of the castlevania series. To prevent people from experiencing all of the content created for the game because they may not have known about the kickstarter until it was already over or because they didnt even know there was one 2 years before release seems kinda unnecessary. That is why I am asking if anybody has any information I am not aware of as to whether or not that extra content would be available sometime after release, even for additional cost. Or is it like if you didnt get in on the 30 day fund period and survey following that then you are forever going to only be able to have a game with 99% of the content created for it?

    25. Duncan A. Doherty

      @Uberpuma: The way I understand it, the only content non-backers will miss out on are the completely optional secret Iga boss and the swordwhip for beating him. I don't know too many people who'd be fussed over missing out on that. Everything we've unlocked through stretchgoals is going to be part of the final game, period. Was that your concern?

    26. Brieuc Hesnault on

      I am so happy we got co-op mode and NG+ ! This gonna make the game so amazing !
      Thank you so much for that, you deserve all the world's support ! <3

    27. BrianYak on

      OMG VGA... I've seen today their video that they go to Japan, but i really didn't they will host bloodstained!!!! can't watch it live.. (for me it's 3 am) will watch saturday!! good luck!

    28. Mikhail Aristov on

      I am pretty sure we won't reach $5M before the campaign's end, but it's almost certain that we'll beat Torment as the most-funded VG on Kickstarter. :-)…

    29. Ben on

      @Tiso Spencer Nintendo CEO said that the NX will not replace the WII U but is a new whole platform. So UE4 code wii U will be really appreciate!

    30. Missing avatar

      Noah Sklar on

      If we can hit the 3rd Playable Character mark, I will be happy. :D

    31. JeffCross on

      hey peoples XD

    32. chang on

      @creator @all im confussed bout something. the modes that we are unlocking here, and a bunch of SG (orchestra soundtrack..) are going to be part of the final game. The game produce here as a final result if all the SG is what is going to be at retail. correct?

      a comment below conffussed me.

    33. Winston Cruz on

      Please hit the mark! Cmon people lets do this!

    34. Mario Cistera on

      hummm so 5M it ?? reverse castle!! for a game twice bigger then SOTN !!! i dig that!
      in reserve castle :
      different enemy
      different boss
      different puzzle
      new hidden stage
      new weapon and item
      new ending

      P.S. hope they dont pt to much work new item in online section (i play only single player like many does too) castlevania meen to be play single player! IMO

    35. Missing avatar

      Jerard on

      I would not appreciate a proceduraly generated maps for IGA to develope just bacause the art syle would become more bland as a result for the transition from one area to the next. It works for games like rogue legacy for the simple art style but unless it is a separate mode entirely I would not like the main game to have such a feature

    36. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on

      @Tiso Spencer men im scare about that, i mean what if the port of vita and wii U its different or cant get all the features/effects/graphics of the "normal game" i want the wii u game because i dont have X1 or PS4 and my PC is crap... but this makes me think, if i buy the steam or GOG... in 2017 maybe i get a better PC and can play with him

    37. J.R. Raith on

      That's pretty phenomenal of Armature to offer that work. I really hope that people take them up on it! It could be a really good thing for both the Wii U and the Vita! Thanks guys!

    38. Missing avatar

      Uberpuma on

      So, does anybody have any idea whether or not after the game is released they would sell the additional content (maybe as DLC or something) maybe a month or so after the game is released?

      It would be a shame for this cool additional content to be locked completely away for those that did not get the opportunity to back the game (it is a little cruel to punish people by locking away content because they did not back a game ~2 years before it was released. That may be a bit of a turn off for customers, especially if they never knew about the kickstarter campaign when it was taking place).

      Kickstarter backer exclusive achievements I can see being completely exclusive but I think the additional content should be available for everyone (with the kickstarter backers at 60+ getting it first, and everyone else having the option to pay for it a month or so after release). This way the backers still get to pay for the exclusivity of it and ultimately everyone is able to enjoy Mr. Igarashi's full version of the game.

    39. Missing avatar

      Blackat9 on

      John Ellis about 1 hour ago
      Can you swap online Challenge Mode and 3rd playable character around.

      I second that. But still a very cool mode to have.

    40. C Jim Teoh on

      You mean a Binding of Isaac: Rebirth styled Bloodstained?
      That could be cool

    41. Christopher "DarkWolfNine" Muzatko

      Oooh.. Another idea for the 5M would be a procedurally generated game mode. (maybe even rogue-like/single life option) - I would be 1000% down for a level editor (tho' I'm not sure how realistic that would be. But having a game mode where the map is always different, would bring a TON of replay-ability and fun too! IMO.

    42. Christopher "DarkWolfNine" Muzatko

      @Daniel, Not sure. Are you asking if you can do Local & ONLINE Co-OP together? (if co-op can be more than 2 players) My assumptions, based on reading the goals, and the update(s). it sounds like there is local co-op, and at 4M will also add online co-op (and online VS.) to the game. Maybe I'm not quite understanding what you're asking.

    43. Eric Anderson on

      This update....T.T so amazing!

    44. Christopher "DarkWolfNine" Muzatko

      While I'm hoping that the game will already include the idea of an inverted/mirrored/etc. play through of the original gigantic map... - If the 5M was indeed and editor option to create & share... I'd triple my $100 to $300 pledge. (even if I have to temporarily put it on a credit card). That would be Amazing!

      As for the UE4 code WiiU/PSVita... Makes me want to become a dev!

    45. Zurcn on

      we don't know
      mostly because we don't know what local co-op applies to (i think)

    46. Missing avatar

      Daniel Hofmann on

      Does the online mode also include the previous "local coop" mode? or is it the same?

    47. Tiso Spencer

      Yeah the UE4 code for Wii U is a big deal, so now we should not hear about what can and cannot be done on the Wii U from now on after it's released. (of course too little too late by 2017 as NX would probably be out)

    48. Joshua Speer on

      Awesome, can't wait to see what the last goal is. So happy to see this game prospering and excelling!

    49. Missing avatar

      Cesar Araujo on

      You are such teases about the 5m goal.

      But if we get the 3rd playable character, I hope it is a scientist. They were mentioned in the story but we didn't see any see any scientist character yet.