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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
64,867 backers pledged $5,545,991 to help bring this project to life.

Update 20: Sword or Whip Results, Boss Reveal, and the Pyrite Coin

Posted by Koji Igarashi (Creator)

As the campaign begins its final week, a crisis grimmer than any we've seen before finally concludes: Pixel IGA has returned to make his final judgment. Sword or Whip voters have chosen their weapon, and the winner—after a ferocious series of clan battles—is Sword. Specifically, Clan Katana.  Which means we can finally reveal just what it was you were voting for, if the hint in the first sentence didn't already give it away:

That Katana, which will be available in every version of Bloodstained, will be one of the most dangerous weapons in the game—if you can earn it. And don't worry: IGA and Inti Creates will make you earn it.

If your clan didn't win, fear not: There will be swords and whips enough to go around in the final version of Bloodstained. And you'll need every one of them if you're going to unlock the Swordwhip in your backer-edition game, because your hidden boss is...

He won't look like that—not even a little like that—but we had Kari Fry create this remarkable artist's depiction for a reason. That backer-exclusive boss? It will be IGA.

He was reluctant to include himself in the game like this—even as an eldritch easter egg—but he relented when he saw fans talking about the possibility. Look, take my word for it: You've never been beaten into the ground and eviscerated by a nicer guy. 

We… were not expecting that! We put 10 autographed Amano posters on offer, and we ran through them in 10 minutes. We went back, posters in hand, and Amano agreed to sign some more. Here’s the tier info:

While we’re talking about Amano prints, a reassuring word for collectors and perfectionists: Whether yours is autographed or not, it will be well-protected (and unfolded) when it ships.

We're also happy to announce that Inti has agreed to tackle a few more Hounds of Hell tiers!

Bloodstained Kickstarter
The final hours approach
Excitement building

Bonus achievement:
Fans counting syllables in
the final hours

One hundred haiku
About the world of Bloodstained
Due June 11

A classical haiku, of course, is about nature and movement and landscape, and not (just) counting syllables. Here’s a freebie (1/100) to get you started:

The castle descends
on the place her old life died
Miriam follows

Tweet your haiku out with the hashtag #IGAhaiku to be counted!

Paypal update: more than 1,500 backers for $126k. Online Challenges will be yours in no time.

You guys somehow managed to cross 4 off the list. You deserve a Backer Achievement for achieving Backer Achievements.

That brings you to 53 achievements. You're in uncharted territory, but for now all you can think about is the coin you finally hold in your hands.

The Pyrite Coin was clearly not made by professionals—but then, professionals wouldn't try to make a coin out of fool's gold. It's lumpy and a little off-center, and the etching of Miriam on the front would not qualify for most of our fanart achievements.

The strange man behind the desk told you it would unlock a bonus stretch goal. So you hand it to him, and he looks at it with a loupe that doesn't seem to have any glass in it. He cackles. "Thank you!"

"You'll be able to use this in the arcade," he says, pointing you toward a long hall you hadn't seen before. The sign, written in the man's spidery hand, says:


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    1. Duncan A. Doherty

      Empty as the night,
      Your words devoid of meaning,
      Hollow, cold, and dark.

      Your opinion is noted, but contested. At least haiku has to follow a structure, not to mention it's been around longer than any other form of poetry. Free verse is the worst, in my opinion, because you can literally just write anything and claim it's poetry. No rhymes or meter necessary. THAT is lazy.

    2. Missing avatar

      Derek Freeman

      Lazy poetry
      Little to no work involved
      Man this is easy

      Yeah, haiku is the worst form of poetry, if you can even call it that, in my opinion.

    3. Harvey Storm Oswalt on

      In the Future then
      Kiga Igarashi made 5 Million Cash
      We Have Succeeded!

    4. Camerun Grant on

      It would be an honor to be eviscerated by Iga himself. This will have to do I guess...

      I'm simply thrilled that Iga is going to be a Boss, and I will "let" him beat me the first time, but after that I won't be pulling any punches. Or swords. Or whips...Or swordwhips.

      Ok, enough jokes. Going against a video game version of Iga, in his own game, is going to be bloody murder, but that's a good thing. I think it could very well be one of the ultimate boss fights of all time... ^_^

    5. Kevin R on

      Reyd about 9 hours ago:

      For those who don't understand the clan thing:
      On the voting site, you could vote MORE THAN ONCE in your SESSION (no refreshing). And the Iga character would acknowledge your repeated votes through different texts, and eventually, give you a clan to belong to.
      If you stubbornly voted for Whip, you would get into Clan Bullwhip.

      That would have been nice to know. No wonder the whip lost. >_<

    6. Slenðr Bree on

      Hell yeah !!
      New Game + ! This is what bashing demons with a swordwhip is all about ! I will back a bit more to help you that way !

      Everyone, let us join the Igarashi's army of the night and grab this goal ! The final stage of our support is within our reach !

    7. Missing avatar

      Uberpuma on

      I appreciate you taking the time to try and answer my question, but I do not see anything in the FAQ that specifically addresses what I was talking about. I believe that those that are backing at the 60+ tier should have exclusivity with the additional content, just not complete and utter exclusivity.

      So, does anybody have any idea whether or not after the game is released they would sell the additional content (maybe as DLC or something) maybe a month or so after the game is released? It would be a shame for this cool additional content to be locked completely away for those that did not get the opportunity to back the game (it is a little cruel to punish people by locking away content because they did not back a game ~2 years before it was released. That may be a bit of a turn off for customers, especially if they never knew about the kickstarter campaign when it was taking place). Kickstarter backer exclusive achievements I can see being completely exclusive but I think the additional content should be available for everyone (with the kickstarter backers at 60+ getting it first, and everyone else having the option to pay for it a month or so after release). This way the backers get to pay for the exclusivity of it still and ultimately everyone is able to enjoy Mr. Igarashi's game.

    8. Duncan A. Doherty

      @Militesi: I will never feel shame for voting for a weapon I have dedicated over 25 years of my life to master, thank you very much :p.

      On topic, I'm hoping Iga will actually be an extremely highly skilled yet human-sized encounter, similar to Richter in SoTN or Julius in AoS. I'd rather not see him represented as a hulking, stupid Lovecraftian-themed beast, if it's all the same.

    9. Steven Chin

      WOO Clan Katana!

    10. Missing avatar

      Wandering Shadow on


    11. Missing avatar

      Wandering Shadow on

      @Lino The whipsword should just be a whip with a broadsword tied haphazardly to the end of it, as opposed to the mighty swordwhip which would be exactly what we've come to expect.

    12. Militesi Tiger on

      Sword beat whip? And it's a katana to boot. e_e

      Bah. For shame whip voters for falling behind.
      And for shame sword voters for voting sword.

    13. Missing avatar

      Nanashi on

      New Game Plus, and Ultimate Weapon and IGA as a BOSS, im game for this even more now. NG+ is the one thing many IGAvanias was missing. Classicvania didnt need a NG+ but the IGAvanias sure could have used it with all the item drops.

      they could use that Not-IGA creature as well that would be great.

    14. Aisu on

      IGA as a boss! Awesome, hopefully in Bloodstained 2 he'll be playable. This game is going to be super fun.

    15. Zurcn on

      read the FAQ. The backer content will not be available after the KS ends as it is meant to reward the backers that made the game possible in the first place.
      even if you do not have the money to support the game at the 60 tier now, you will have a chance in the post KS survey to add to your pledge.

    16. Missing avatar

      Tectiva on

      @Lino that sounds friggin' awesome.

    17. Lino on

      While I'm not a fan of locking out game content from non-backers, fighting Iga certainly sounds awesome.
      Maybe you could actually use that fake "NOT-IGA" monster to the game anyway? Too funny to throw away that design... and he drops the whipsword which is terrible compared to the swordwhip. ;)

    18. Jacksukeru on

      Please let Iga know that he's got absolutely nothing to worry about, and that his fans would love to fight him as a boss in the game :D

      Even as a proud member of #Teamwhip I'm fine with Katana taking it, even more so if it has a Iaijutsu playstyle. I like it when you get to change your approach a bit with different weapons. Unfortunately due to the nature of the progression in Igavanias some weapons just stop being viable at a point when they don't do enough damage anymore, so having a late game Katana guaranteed is pretty cool.

      Here's an idea, unless you weren't already doing it, how about having the strongest version of each weapon class (Rapier, Bullwhip, Iron flail and so on) that had a clan attached make a reference to it being the weapon of a clan? Having something like: "Bears the insignia of a certain clan" in its item description.

      If you really want to go at it you could even tier these final weapons according to how many votes each one got.

      Well, with all that said, between developing the game and implementing backer rewards into it, I'd hate to create more work for you. Good luck in development, and thank you for your efforts!

    19. Surey D on

      For those who don't understand the "clan" thing:
      On the voting site, you could vote MORE THAN ONCE in your SESSION (no refreshing). And the Iga character would acknowledge your repeated votes through different texts, and eventually, give you a clan to belong to.
      If you stubbornly voted for Whip, you would get into Clan Bullwhip.

    20. Vito "Vitoner" Lanci on

      Add a custom soundtrack for the WiiU version:
      "You're a Iga now, you're a Ika now! You're a Iga, you're a Ika, you're a Iga, you're a Ika, you're a Iga now!"

    21. WhisperingId on

      Please follow the tumblr, we're only 30 followers away!:

      And watch the youtube video (repeatedly if possible!), we're only 3k views away!:…

      Every little bit helps us towards earning an achievement

    22. Mattias Berntson on

      I really was rooting for Team Whip, but at least there'll be plenty of other whips in the game. It always bothered me that whips seemed to be exclusively available for male characters in Castlevania and the big exception, Sonia Belmont, was apparently removed from the series' continuity.

      Now, I know the picture of the IGA monster looks more like an octopus, but personally I would appreciate if it turned out to be a squid, because who doesn't love a good Japanese iga/ika pun?

    23. HyperNexus on

      @Steveppunk - last line of the update states NEW GAME PLUS. yay

    24. Stevepunk on

      Also, I don't see the bonus stretch goal that was unlocked. That's a pity. I'd like a ng+

    25. Stevepunk on

      I voted for sword but there were no voting options beyond that so I'm not sure how the katana was chosen.

    26. Missing avatar

      Herald L on

      Well after I watched the vampire murderer video, Iga did reminded me of Julius, I hope his boss fight will share some similarities, always love a fast pace human form boss fight.....(But still wouldn't mind if he had a demon form)

    27. Missing avatar

      Pico_Man on

      Mannn, fighting IGA wielding a sword/whip combo and performing special moves like Alucard would be amazing. I hope they make him one of the hardest bosses...

    28. jibaycay on

      @Sebastien Bareil >
      Oh, ok, thank you :d

      @Chris J Capel >
      Only the original Dracula is in the public domain, the 'Konami' Dracula isn't free, and there's no interest to show a Dracula who's not enough close to this one.

    29. Chris J Capel on

      I want the boss to look EXACTLY like that!

      @Alan Villarreal: Dracula is public domain, so anyone can use him. I'd suggest Iga didn't though, we want to keep it separate from Castlevania.

    30. Re Wu on

      They need to add a tier to sell a real version of that katana right now!

    31. Missing avatar

      Jerard on

      o man I would have been slightly annoyed if this game didnt have a NG+ feature. I always went back to aria of sorrow and the 3DS games just because I can demolish most early monsters however I want.

    32. Missing avatar

      Lénaïc Brichler on

      If we get through 55 achievement, then it also means that we managed to get 50 achievement without the bonus they rewarded us with when the campaign start.
      I thought this would have been impossible without this help. I was wrong.

    33. Missing avatar

      Ethelred on

      So will IGA cosplay as his in-game character?

    34. Sebastien Bareil on

      And they are also hinting at another bonus if we get 55 achievements maybe... We are already at 53 if not 54 or 55 already reached :-)

    35. Sebastien Bareil on

      @Jibaycay: You did not understand the Pyrite coin... We have the new game + because of it, but the 5M stretch goal is something else entirely not still revealed... :-)

    36. James Closs on

      I've never said no to a katana or an eldritch horror-ish boss based on a famous Japanese video game developer, and I think in this case I shall give an emphatic "Yes!"

    37. Christopher A. Lumankun on

      Cool katana and a funny looking hidden boss (LOL). Looking forward to fight IGA with the katana!!

    38. Chihiro Horikoshi on

      o(≧▽≦)o IGAAAAAAAAAAA!!
      And New Game plus?
      Wow,so exciting!

    39. Missing avatar

      Uberpuma on

      Does anybody have any idea as to whether or not people will be able to purchase the extra kickstarter backer content as DLC or something after the game is released? I'm not expecting it to be available the same day, but maybe a month after so that the people backing at the 60+ tier are paying for the exclusivity of it? It would be a real shame if only the ones that backed it were able to experience the full game Mr. Igarashi is working to create. I feel everyone should be allowed to enjoy it albeit at a later date compared to the kickstarter backers.

    40. jibaycay on

      Oh, come on!
      Did we seriously have to unlock the 5M goal to unlock this kind of 'basic' feature? :/
      Not that I doubt it will reached before the end, but, I was hope it would ne some kind of extra nice feature like, I don't know, a true story mode for the others playable characters.

      Anyway, good job everyone!

    41. Aaron Thwaites on

      @Curt Benson At this point, I'll believe anything can happen on this Kickstarter.

    42. Missing avatar

      Jesse Ritter on


    43. Missing avatar

      Ian Sherman on

      No idea what the clans were about. My event only had the choice between sword and whip, the a sign to come back later until today. In any case, unless we lost Paypal money since the last update, we should have also unlocked the online challenge mode. Let's see that final stretch goal! (or do I not understand how the flamethrower works?)

    44. Missing avatar

      Dillan Carroll on

      As a part of Rapier clan, it would have been cool if the two biggest clans on either side won, then in game you could have picked whatever you wanted. Katana's are always cool though, and when you think about it the ultimate weapon will be used the least so in a way it's kind of bad for Katana fans haha.

    45. Alan Villarreal on

      Can't use Dracula , maybe because of CastlevaniX rights .. maybe Igula!

    46. Missing avatar

      Eddie Yang on

      Crissagrim confirmed!

    47. Alan Villarreal on

      IGA BOSS!!!! /man tears.. so beautiful!!

    48. Kevin R on

      @Jerome, Ben Judd as the "Reaper" and Iga as "Dracula" perhaps? :D

    49. Kevin R on

      I'm a bit confused as well. I only saw the option for sword or whip when I voted ( I voted whip of course). Regardless, katanas are still awesome. :D Also, Iga as a final boss? Whaaaattt?!? :D I can't don't have an emoticon that has a wide enough grin to express my joy. Also also, new game plus? This is gonna be amazing! :D

    50. Levyathyn on

      New Game+? And so the fire rises. The fire of hype. Meagre haiku also submitted.