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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
64,867 backers pledged $5,545,991 to help bring this project to life.

Update 19: A Development Update, A Stretch Goal, Amano

Posted by Koji Igarashi (Creator)

The final week begins! We've got a pile of bombshells to tell you about before the end, so we'll be updating more frequently down the home stretch. 

It's fun watching merchandise come together. That's most of what we do at Fangamer—when we're not helping IGA launch a Kickstarter, I mean—but it never gets old. So I'm pretty happy to announce that we've found an artist we think will be perfect for the poster that comes inside the Collector's Box.

You just might recognize the name: Yoshitaka Amano is an artist, illustrator, and character designer famous among fans of classic videogames for his work on the Final Fantasy series.

IGA and Amano have been talking since the launch of the Kickstarter, but now we're finally ready to announce his involvement. Here's Amano:

“Sumi-e (Charcoal Brush) is one of my favorite styles! Being able to mix the gothic aesthetic with a Sumi-e touch will make for a beautiful piece of art. It’s a style that I hope backers from all over the world can enjoy. Welcome to my Sumie-stained world!"

Amano has also offered to hand-sign a limited number of prints, so we're introducing them at a new $800 tier:

 We're also offering one more set of castle portraits—this is your last chance to get your illustrious ancestors (who look suspiciously like you) into the game! IGA and the team have allowed us to make five more available:

Next up we've got a real treat: video of a recent session where Natsume-san (the game's character designer and artist) got a chance to show IGA the progress that he and his cohorts at Inti Creates have made in the past few weeks:

What you see on screen is an incredibly early animation sample, so this is only the beginning—the team will be keeping their noses to the grindstone all throughout the development process. (They'll be removing their noses from the grindstone just long enough to keep you up to date throughout as they work on character design, animation, gameplay, mechanics, and shaders, so stay tuned!)

With our Paypal backers included -- $118k from more than 1400 backers, as of this morning -- you've hit the Orchestrated Tracks stretch goal with momentum to burn! It'll be a while before Yamane and Yamada have all the tracks composed for Bloodstained, but now that you've reached this stretch goal they did want to allay one fear a few backers have had: There's still going to be a ton of variety on this soundtrack.

Hitting the orchestra stretch goal allows them to use live instrumentation where it makes sense, but some tracks just make more sense with electronic arrangements. Songs like Yamada's "Cursed Orphan", which already includes violin and electric guitar parts, will be performed by a smaller, rock-oriented ensemble.

In short: You've added more options, not taken any away. (And that's without even going into those 8-bit tracks you unlocked from Yamane, Yamada, and Virt...)

 You're just inches from the Pyrite Coin! We counted 49 achievements, which means you could pick this one up as early as tomorrow. (I'm told you're very close on Overall Fanart and Miriam Cosplay, among others.) Get ready to spend it all in one place...


You brought more than enough fanart for the last achievement, which brings us to #4: we're looking for 15 pieces of art before the campaign ends on June 11th. This week's theme: THE END. Show us what you've got by submitting to the Bloodstained Tumblr or tagging your own tumblr post with #igavania 

We're giving this week's last word to the illustrious Kari Fry, whom you've come to know by way of caricature. Kari is a longtime friend and partner of Fangamer who has worked herself (and her tablet) overtime to prepare a variety of illustrations for this campaign, including the now-recognizable-enough-to-have-become-a-Splatoon-meme caricature of IGA.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Outer Ring on

      yay my piece got featured in the Fan art spotlight \o/

    2. James Closs on

      Amano poster?! Er, don't suppose there's a way to get a copy of the poster as an add-on to a lower tier, is there?

    3. Led on

      Incredible to think you guys can already show us some actually footage (and a good one on top of that).
      I like the direction this is taking.

    4. WhisperingId on

      New & old backers alike!
      Please follow the tumblr:

      And watch the youtube video (repeatedly if possible!):…

      Every little bit helps us towards earning an achievement

    5. Winston Cruz on

      SIGH wish they would just put the 3rd playable character on the vita port or wii port reward.

    6. RPGamer79 on

      Zanen I missed Amano-sensei's signed item (>_< ). Is it possible have a limited upgraded tier from the $300 (like around $500 or more ) which includes the 3 singed items, Or maybe an upgraded version from the $800 (like around $500 or more) with Kojima-sensei and Amano-sensei signed items (^o^) …………Please m(__)m

    7. zacH on

      I definitely agree on the jogging animation, I think it will definitely make her look more adventurous. Good catch, IGA!

      I'm sure there will also be a lot of equippable weapons, but I hope they try out something with less of an arc as the standard weapon... right now it looks like there won't be much skill in attacking things generally around you. Something that attacks straight ahead and a bit more quickly, like Alucard's initial weapon, forces a person have to time hits and also do jumping/crouching attacks more. I think this would be a good fit for Bloodstained!

    8. N. Cooper on

      I am very excited to see the early footage here, hopefully 2 years is enough time to make the game good. I'd rather have a late game than a broken game.

    9. Missing avatar

      Thiago Fernandes on

      Thank God there is gameplay! If one wants to kickstart a game, you gotta have something to show for it. :D

    10. Slenðr Bree on

      The final week and we are close to 4M$ ! Congratulations for all the things you've done ! We're happy to see how grows the Bloodstained project ! Keep hard work ! <3

    11. Missing avatar

      Kevin Pierre on

      @Paul Leung: LOL

    12. Mr.Monttu

      Damn...that early game footage looks promising already :O

    13. Ethan Penton on

      Thanks for curing my the small fear I had about the orchestrated tracks. This is going to be the greatest igavania game.

      Also, great update! The footage looks VERY promising. I'm glad her pace will be sped up to the type of brisk jog we can expect.

    14. Paul Leung on

      I know it's a bit too early to ask, but if it is possible to finish the game production earlier?

      Or if there is a milestone that when the backing amount reach a certain point, the production would finish few months earlier?

      All of us here just can't wait!

      Keep going, Iga & Team! We are all looking forward to it!

    15. T.J. Fuller, Jr.

      Yoshi. taka. friggin'. Amano?!

      For all my reservations about this campaign's distributions, WHY DON'T I HAVE INFINITE MONEY?!

    16. Kat Hunter on

      I would easily throw 300 more at this project for an Amano signature!!!! Why only 10 available???? Please please please do more!!!!

    17. C Jim Teoh on

      Changing Miriam's movement to a jog......
      That would sound really similar, if not exactly, like Shanoa's movement.
      I kinda liked that.

    18. Michael V. on


      You should be introduced to the newest blaze blue. Your mind will break.

    19. Travis on

      Please do not use 3D Models, use sprites.

    20. Alessandro Noguera on

      Any chance of offering the poster as an add-on?

    21. WhisperingId on

      If you haven't already _please_ follow the tumblr:

      we're ~110 followers away from an achievement

    22. Kimberly Slade on

      Omg. That's all I can say.

    23. Missing avatar

      Generic_Soda on


      Also I'm glad that so much attention is being paid to the walking speed. I've been replaying Dawn of Sorrow and it feels like a slog at times because of Soma's walking speed. Also even if it's just for testing purposes, Miriam's model looks pretty good.

    24. Missing avatar

      Michael Wakefield on

      Oh my gosh Iga is so awesome!!!!!
      *fan-girling aside*

      I agree on the running part. Speed is great, but she should be jogging. And I'm glad they stuck with the tried-and-true camera angles! If it was too different, it'd take away from the Igvania feel.

      I can't wait to see more!

    25. Missing avatar

      John Powers on

      It looks gorgeous. The slash animation is really cool, and I love the color scheme and tones. I agree with that one guy that Miriam should move quicker. That speed makes sense for Alucard; he is bulky and wears a cape. Miriam is smaller and looks a lot more agile. Faster character movement also makes backtracking less laborious.

    26. Missing avatar

      Derek Freeman

      You know what would be rad? If digital backers could get that poster illustrated by Amano as a desktop background.

    27. Missing avatar

      Gene Magtoto on

      Yeah, given the timeframe it's really impressive that they got it to that level.

    28. Rigel on

      Awesome!!!!! Finally we got to see some gampeplay and it looks amazing for beeing early animation, that corridor, even with the quality of the video image, feels more Castlevania than all of the Lords of Shadow. Iga is the true master of the castle.

    29. Eric Anderson on

      Great video always loved hearing about the development from an early point and getting to see that prototype. I think a lot of fans are going to agree with IGA on changing up the animation to more of a jog also lol I was saying the same thing to myself before he said it in the video.

    30. Missing avatar

      HellBlazer on

      Is this running in a 3D engine with a 2D-style shader already? If so, that's amazing, it looks very much like the concept art.

    31. Yannick F. on

      Amano? Wow! That man is a legend. I'm jealous that some lucky backers will have his art!

    32. Kristopher Smith on

      Wow, that prototype is incredibly impressive for such an early stage of development! I'm actually surprised by how good the game is looking already!

      (and IGA is 100% spot on with the request for a jog animation... that was my very first thought and then he said it :P)

    33. Bruno Alberth Silva Barros on

      We shouldn't be judging animations right now. Yeah, she looks stiff, but they probably didn't even animated her yet. Just put some basic stuff there.
      What impresses me is the artstyle. It looks really great. Some great shaders used there, looks a lot better than the MN9 prototype because of that. They really learned their lesson there.

      Also, the tips Iga gave... I'm sure we'll get something at least on par with the GBA/DS games here.

    34. Tyrone Wested

      damn that already looks amazing

    35. Missing avatar

      Gene Magtoto on

      a bit slow and floaty right now, but it looks like the visual target for the game is very achievable.

    36. Missing avatar

      BenjyMLewis on

      Soma Cruz, Jonathan Morris, Julius Belmont.... they all have this "slow jog" animaition. It's great.

    37. Aaron Thwaites on

      Whenever they say that Miriam should be in a jogging animation, all I can think about is Alucard's hulking stride in SOTN (which I find to be pretty funny).

      OH! and since we have funny cheat codes unlocked, I want one where Miriam gets piece of toast in her mouth and it flops when she's jogging around the castle!

    38. Missing avatar

      Aiddon on

      Admit it, you got involved with Amano because of his work on Vampire Hunter D. Then again, D is one of the most awesome dhampirs in history so I can't blame you.

    39. Joshua Michael French

      That does it, just upped to $400 for the signed collector's box on PS4 and an alchemist's treasure on Vita, with my digital reserved for the Steam beta. Have at you!

    40. Trong on

      I have to agree, I also thought she was moving too slow. But I enjoy seeing some gameplay.

    41. Duncan A. Doherty

      Amano O.O...!

      I'm starting to think this is pretty much the best KS ever. At least as far as Video Games KS's go :D.

    42. Missing avatar

      James Rudzinski on

      The conversation between Iga and the team was pretty fascinating! I liked the back and forth on what they liked, as well as the small details to adjust.

    43. Missing avatar

      Kanvaly Bamba on

      In addition to the need for a jog animation, I'd say she still looks to move a bit too slow. I'd definitely suggest speeding her up. Putting that aside, for Pre-pre-pre SUPER early alpha footage, this looks pretty good :)

    44. Otoshigami No. 40723