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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
64,867 backers pledged $5,545,991 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Stefan on

      Awesome updates :)

      PS: Will it be considered to have the option to do challenge mode solo, the bosses still be tough but not to miss out anything when playing bloodstained alone?

      The advantage of being able to do challenge with a friend would get through the challenge faster, while still being challenging to complete, and when doing alone it's still challenging, however possible to not miss out on the rewards..

      Thanks :)

    2. Missing avatar

      John Ellis on

      Yes a Vita version AND physical copy at that.

    3. Missing avatar

      Dan Pevny on

      Smash Sister: Instead of dying, enemies get knocked further and further as they take damage. The only way to kill them is to knock them out of the room.

    4. Marcel Schoen on

      Hoo-ray! PS Vita with Cross-Play support! Now I definitely can't wait anymore. God, this wait is gonna be torture...

    5. Missing avatar

      Dan Pevny on

      Sorry for the double-post, can't seem to edit my last comment.

      The Missingno. code could be activated in a manner that's standard for all the other cheats and walking around a room of Mermen in a strange way. It'd create all kinds of game-breaking "bugs" like infinite items.

    6. WhattheFnu on

      I was hoping we'd hit this mark. May I recommend the infamous "X&BUTT" code from Shovel Knight? It's not too complex; it simply enables a mode that replaces key proper nouns in dialogue boxes with the word "butt". In Bloodstained's case, this would result in entertaining phrases such as "Miriam, your butt curse has fully matured." If that doesn't sound interesting, there's always big-head mode.

    7. Missing avatar

      Dan Pevny on

      Could you guys support map annotation in the PC versions?

      How's this for a cheat: Missingno. from Pokemon Red + Blue as a familiar (Don't see why Nintendo would copyright a game-breaking bug)!

    8. jerome on

      @ Ben Judd, is the prequel mini game gona replace the retro level stretch goal? Or are we going to get a prequel game + 6 retro level when the game come out?

    9. T.J. Fuller, Jr.

      Music export? Neat! Seeing as I have a small library of physical Vita titles, I think I'll take the handheld route on this. However, I'd like to pipe up (or, likely, echo) some requests:
      1) BackerKit, and add-ons through it (as add-ons were confirmed in the last update).
      2) An add-on for the backer-exclusive content as download codes. I may want to play on other platforms later, but don't want to miss out on this content when I get to 'em.
      3) For all backer-exclusive content to be made available for purchase some time after the game's launch. Timed exclusivity is fine, but to forever lose out just for coming in late doesn't feel right.

    10. Olivier Doriath on

      Isn't 5 millions a bit much? =/ I'd hate to miss out on extra content if it isn't reached :(

    11. Travla on

      Cheat codes huh? Let's see:

      Music switch - This cheat code switches the normal soundtrack for one that does not fit the atmosphere at all (upbeat tavern song when fighting a Boss, etc).

      Retarded monsters - Monsters rush at you but when they get close they forget how to attack and just stand there spinning around or some other weird stuff.

      Iga familiar - A familiar that looks like the disembodied head of Iga, complete with demon hunting fedora and goggles.

      Gebel toasty - Sometimes Gebel will pop on screen randomly and yell out something quirky like "TOASTY" in Mortal Kombat.

      Rapture whip - Once this is activated, your next whip attack will cause destruction of biblical proportions, destroying any enemy or boss around (one time use, then you have to reactivate it?).

      Whiny monsters - When monsters are hit or die, they make hilarious sounds and one-liners. For example: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY, THAT PAIN THO, THEY SAID IT'D BE EASY, I'LL BE BACK, I IS NO MORE, NOT THE FACE, WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM LADY?, etc

      Weird whip noise. Whenever the whip is used, it makes strange, random noises instead of the normal whip crack sound. It could sound like a Star wars light saber, Chewbacca, Dial up modem, Wineglass breaking, etc

      Black and white mode - Everything is in black or white except maybe the crystal on Miriam's body.

      That's it for now, will post again if I have more ideas.

    12. Mikhail Aristov on

      @Herald: Remember that we are not in the final push phase yet. With the current momentum, I think the campaign is gonna surpass TToN on its final day, so those two particular stretch goals look well within reach. :-)

    13. Missing avatar

      Derek Freeman

      Gotta make it to $4.25 million! New playable character!

    14. Missing avatar

      Herald L on

      A third character and online exclusive bosses sounds cool, but not so sure if they can be reached in 6 days...

    15. Niquepg on

      Awesome!!! The vita rules!!!

    16. Joseph Gauze on

      I want to upgrade to the 125 to get both a digital and physical copy but darn real life getting in the way....Still want to risk it.

    17. Surey D on

      "Prequel mini-game"? I'd love that, but it's a million away. I'll continue to be on the lookout for potential backers anyway.

    18. Missing avatar

      Viredae Marchette on

      Sweet, I know which version I'll be getting now.

    19. Missing avatar

      Greg Feagan on

      Hey, small request, but would someone ask Iga if he would be opposed to having an actual instruction booklet? So many games only have a digital manual or tiny, one paged, black and white quick start guide. I'm already backing the art book tier but game cases (especially Vita cases) look so sad without a paper manual.

    20. KurowaSan on

      We are trying to compile funny cheat codes ideas from everyone on the fan forums!
      Here is the link:
      Come and help brainstorming ideas!

    21. Joshua Michael French

      No, $28 would get you an extra digital copy. It would take $60 more to get a second physical...

      WHICH I WILL GLADLY DO! Mwahahah

      Now I can get physical copies for BOTH Vita and PS4 (with planned cross-save support, no less), plus I can still get my digital on Steam for beta access...

      It's official, video game Kickstarters just don't get better than this. I am content. Thank you IGA, Ben Judd, and everyone involved.

    22. Elle on

      I'm also confused. So if I add $28 to my pledge, can I then get the PS4 AND PSVita physical versions?

    23. Natalie Manahan

      Since the Vita version is coming out I'm raising my pledge. Still conflicted on whether I should get the $100 or $150 copy. Artbooks are my weakness.

    24. Zurcn on

      @Brandon @Antonio
      Ah, I did not understand the question. The 28$ tier is a digital copy. you cannot select a physical copy at that tier.

    25. Rayne Sievers on

      Great! Now I can play on the go. Question is, how do I select the backer for the Vita?

    26. Eric Anderson on

      Well looks like its time to again raise my pledge to get a vita copy :D

    27. anime9001 on

      Make a cheat code that makes the wine glass throw one-shot anything in the game, but only make the cheat code available after beating Nightmare Mode. I think this one would make people happy :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Antonio Peace on

      I would also like to know if $28 gets you the physical copy of the game. I am a sucker for buying both versions of games released on the PS4 and Vita, but $60 for the Vita version would be too rich for my tastes.

    29. Zurcn on

      @Brandon, as the Vita box picture "clearly" states it's available on all tiers (for exactly the same price as all other versions)

    30. Missing avatar

      Rick Healey on

      My suggestion for a silly cheat code? Make all attacks look like bats. Swing a sword? Nope, a bat wing. Throw fireballs? Nope, you throw bats. An axe? Bat-on-a-stick. You get the idea.

    31. Duncan A. Doherty

      Too awesome for words o_O. The end is nearly in sight! Forward comrades, we can do this!

    32. Revian Stantia on

      Well, we're ccertainly not getting any hints this time as to what the (presumeably) last streachgoal will be

    33. Missing avatar

      Brandon B on

      Is the physical version for the PSV going to be on the $60+ option or higher, or is it going to be a lower section

    34. Ian Hsieh on

      If that 3DS stretch goal really get hit, I don't know which version combinations I should choose. I have a Wii U, Vita and 2 3DS....

    35. Otoshigami No. 40723

      WOW. We need to spread the word FAST. :D