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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
64,867 backers pledged $5,545,991 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Kitiana on

      For cheat codes, a "Boss Miriam" mode would be fun! Make her twice as big, size of a boss enemy. May require ducking and sliding to get through doors.

    2. Valvatorez on

      Will it be cross buy?

    3. Zurcn on

      @Zion - the 28 tier does not have backer content. you will need to pledge +60 (or go to the 125 tier) to have it

      @John Ellis - Correct you need to add each tier's shipping cost (it's also covered in the FAQ)

    4. deafwing on

      damn with only 4 days left ... nice ... too bad I don't own a vita though lol

    5. James Closs on

      I am keen on this $4.5M goal.

    6. Dvv on

      Big Head mode is a must for cheat codes!

    7. Missing avatar

      John Ellis on

      Thank you, does this mean I've got to pay export costs for both version though, that's what it sounds like it is saying. 2 export fees would be $30.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ethelred on

      “Sometimes it's better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness.”

    9. Zain 'Sylverphyre' Hamzah on

      Anyone know if i just pledge $28 more for the digital vita version, if i can get access to the kickstarter exclusive stuff from my original PS4 special edition? Or do I have to go the full $60 pledge?

    10. Kris Kamaruddin on

      Yahoo! A PS Vita port!! I'm so happy.

    11. Camerun Grant on

      Wow...What an update...

      Like I've said before, I'd love to be able to get this game on 3DS, but a prequel will do just fine. ^_^

    12. Slenðr Bree on

      I am really happy we reached so far but I so want to discover what can offer the 5M$ stretch goal !

      You should create a real website where people could add some donations after the Kickstarter campaign' end ! I am pretty sure people would participate and, like me, want this game to be the best indie of 2017 !

      Cheers, love and support from France Igarashi-san ! I think we all want the best for Bloodstained.

    13. Missing avatar

      Peiti Ying on

      I'd like to build on @Lino's idea for the useless/nerfed weapon cheat code. Except, rather than a sword and/or a whip, make the weapon like a broom or a squeaky hammer.

    14. Zurcn on

      you already can.
      see one of the previous updates or read the front page FAQ

    15. Missing avatar

      John Ellis on

      Would you be able to do add-ons, that way people can purchase copies for multiple systems, I want one for Vita and one for Wii U.

    16. T.J. Fuller, Jr.

      *of time
      (Damn touch-typos!)

    17. T.J. Fuller, Jr.

      @Nelson Cruz -- By "timed exclusivity", I mean that after a significant amount if time has passed, what once was exclusive for backers will become available for sale to the general public. Think of modern "pre-order DLC", which shows up for purchase on digital storefronts months after release. I'd hate for so much effort to go into these Backer-exclusive bonuses, then never be appreciated by customers brought in upon the game's release. Since we are paying quite a bit for the privilege, I could see waiting a year or more post-launch before putting these extras on sale, but later is better than never, especially as a multi-platforming backer whose pockets aren't bottomless.

      ...Hopefully that was more composed. I, eh, haven't slept yet~

    18. janju on

      3rd character wishlist:
      -> based on Koji Igarashi
      -> from Japan and japanese
      -> can craft rings and plushies
      -> is a vampire
      -> is a vampire hunter
      -> Is a shapeshifter
      -> travelled to europe
      -> Gets into the castle by coincidence

    19. Missing avatar

      Cesar Araujo on

      I wonder if the prequel game will include the scientists.

    20. Jonathan Landeros on

      You mention that if we reach the goal for the side story, it will get ported over to both Vita and 3DS. Is there a possibility that BloodStained itself will come to 3DS as well? Just curious.

    21. Eduardo Straub on

      Actually I want the 3 playable character.

    22. Missing avatar

      knight2015 on

      I hope the stretch goals can continue to the Orchestrated Tracks! =)

      I wonder what the $5,000,000 stretch goal is going to be.

      Is there any way to reach more to get more backers? 177,000 views on youtube videos for the game, but 43,000 on this site, we need more backers somehow. =)
      Please everyone, find a way to spread the word. I'm really excited! =)

    23. Josh Lehan on

      One of the many things of Castlevania SOTN that still sticks with me is the Game Over screen. I still think that SOTN has the best Game Over screen of any video game I've ever played.

      The voice: "Game... Over. Mwahahahaha!" and the text: "Let us go out for pleasure. The night is still young."

      Nothing more need be said. I hope Bloodstained pays tribute to this somehow.

    24. Lokaso Drogon on

      I'm so excited for the PSVita version!! ^_^

    25. Carlos Oporto on

      This new stretch goals are awesome. The one I really want more is the 3rd character. More replay value yay!

    26. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      I can't help but feel really good for that dude who made Axiom Verge. He did all of that by himself and now he's getting recognition from some of the people who inspired him in the first place. Good on that guy

    27. Missing avatar

      Eric Rodman on

      Maybe something like Luck Mode from SOTN where there's absurd drop rate, but Miriam's a lot weaker than normal. Or a roguelike mode where any enemy has a chance of dropping any item in the game but you only have one life.

    28. Zurcn on

      @Luis E Alvarado
      Yes, you can freely select for which platform you want each copy to be

    29. Abdullah Al-Khalagi on

      Can we have a daily update starting today? we are only left with 6 days......

    30. Haniel S. Ayala on

      Some funny cheat codes could be gravity cheats that makes everything loopy (or just weird physics cheat in general)

      Slippery floors.

      Use random items as weapons (Or maybe enemies? Imagine whacking a skeleton with another skeleton. Or Using a piano to smack around some demons back to hell, musician style.)

      That's all I got atm. But I do hope there are some over the top crazy cheats to mess around with! haha.

    31. Assaf on

      I'm intrigued about the final amount. even though I'm a bigger Mega Man fan than a Castlevania fan (actually, I never played any of them besides the first and super, but they were hard) this campaign will fund more than Mighty No. 9...

    32. Xi The 11th Weapon

      Can we get a grant type Mr "my favorite classic vania is dracula's Curse"

    33. Weeg on

      Reading these comments gave me a cheat code idea.

      Onamatopeia Mode: All sound effects from the player character are replaced with their voice/Belgrade/Hayter/Igarashi/whoever vocalizing them instead.

      Could be alot of work, especially if more than one voice is used, but it'd be the most hilarious kind of stupid.

    34. Mark John Vignone Jr. on

      Oh man, I definitely hope we can hit the 3rd playable character goal. Though they normally are, I suspect the final 48 hours for this project will especially be interesting.

      As for a silly cheat code, I don't know why, but I think it'd be great if we had a code that makes your weapons give off silly sounds when used, like squeaks from squeak toys, cat's meowing, etc. Nothing like fighting a demon with a whip that quacks, ha.

    35. John C Scott on

      Oh I'm definitely going to get the Vita version now. I was worried because I don't own PS4, XBO, or Wii U, so I was just going to get the PC version, but now that there's a Vita version. Yes, I'm totally on board with this. I'd love to get some more use out of my Vita and this game just seems like it has a very Vita Vibe (I guess 'cause SotN is such a Playstation classic)

    36. Rigel on

      I suppose the prequel would be a DLC

    37. Rigel on

      Amazing update! this will surely fuel the last days fundings. A mini precuel for the 3ds would be sick! This was the right strategy for the final straight, what a great campaing.

    38. Luis E Alvarado on

      If someone can answer this, if I am already backing "ALCHEMIST'S TREASURE + DIGITAL GAME" then:
      Can my digital copy be the PS Vita version with a PS4 physical copy or vise versa?

    39. Carlos Enrique on

      Really hope we get to that mini game goal, I really want that badly :(

    40. Missing avatar

      Robert Fundora on

      I don't know how, but damn we really need to generate a million more. That prequel mini game sounds delicious!!!!

    41. Missing avatar

      Robert Fundora on

      I respectfully disagree with Iftekhar Ahmed. I want complexity and ridiculous amounts of secrets, jokes, attention to details, plot twists and turns, surprises, hidden spells and moves, difficulty, hard core RPG elements and the kitchen sink if you can fit it in. While I understand Mr. Ahmeds concerns I for one can care less how long it takes to develop the game and I am not interested in playing an easy going straight forward pedestrian like game. If you're going to make the spiritual successor to SOTN, you need to go big or go home. Please take your time and make a great game, I am in no rush and neither should anyone who really wishes to play what could end up being one of the greatest games of this generation.

    42. Iftekhar Ahmed on

      I know a good cheat code: Play as Yooka Laylee/Shovel Knight.

      In all seriousness, don't burn yourself out too much by doing all of this. All we want is a fundamentally enjoyable game with breathtaking visuals. Don't end up like Mighty No 9.

    43. AJ the Dragon of Dojima on

      I really want that 3rd playable character....but chances are we won't get it....

      What a tease. :(

    44. Lino on

      Cheat code ideas:
      * Partyindahouse: Enemies explode like piñatas with burst of candy/confetti and gifts along with a cheerful sound.
      * Nemesis: Random mini-bosses (or bosses) can appear anywhere and anytime and may chase your around for several screens. Fight or flight?
      *Ludicrous speed: Myriam moves insanely fast. Either a speed runner's dream or a disaster waiting to happen.
      * AGameForAnts: Make characters in a scene randomly tiny. Can also affect Myriam.
      * Pinball: Is this a pinball machine? Dying enemies fly and bounce around the screen several times as if they were a pong ball before disappearing/exploding.
      * Paint ball: Change enemy blood into colorful pslotches of paint that beautify the castle as you beat them up.
      * GetNerfed: Gain a nerf whip/sword that is completely useless (1 damage). Maybe some maniac will try beating the game with it.

    45. Adam Mohammed

      A prequel mini game would be nice, added story is always a plus.

    46. Jens Groninger on

      After returning from my holidays, I am glad to see that the interest in Bloodstained is still very highy and hope that we can reach some more stretches, like the Orchestral background music.

      For your silly cheat codes, I would suggest to include some retro 90's stuff too. Here is a list that I think would be great for that category

      Big Head Mode: Every character has a big head but smaller body (retro)

      Guitar Hero: The heroine swings a guitar, instead of a sword, while putting out some nice riffs!

      Disco mode: Heroine wears an afro and can create a finishing move, where she has a dance off with the enemy. (Thinking about 70s Disco sounds here)

      Fireworks: Kill an enemy, instead of bloodstains they lose confetti. Bosses might go down with a big fireworks effect plus a party horn sound. Here is the sound I have in mind as a YT Link:…

      I don't mind if these cheats make it into the game, but I think they qualify themselves as silly and might be an inspiration to one cheat or the other. Anyways enjoy developing this game and make it wonderful :)

    47. josephporta - on

      Go for 3,750,000 $ streth goal - orchestrated Tracks, I want it !!! Castlevania SOTN OST is awesome.

    48. Berto_Terga on

      This is beautiful news! Will be upgrading for a digital Vita version soon

      Hopefully we could make it to the free prequel game stretch goal. Go IGA Team go!

    49. Zurcn on

      @Greg Feagan
      That's the retro style booklet that is included starting at 100$

      that's silly they are separate things

      Backer exclusives are for the backers. (and are already timed exclusives. and yes a timed exclusive means that it's not available if you arrive late.. your sentence makes no sense)