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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
64,867 backers pledged $5,545,991 to help bring this project to life.

Update 16: DRM-Free option with GOG, Miriam's Curse, and Asynchronous Multiplayer Reached!

Posted by Koji Igarashi (Creator)

Over the course of the campaign we've gotten a steady flow of requests from people who were interested in a DRM-free version of Bloodstained. Today we have good news: We're teaming up with, some of the best people in the DRM-free business, to make it happen.

If you haven't used their site before, GOG is an independent online store that sells fully DRM-free games, with a catalog of more than 1000 titles dating back to 1981.

But for us the really exciting part is that, thanks to their new optional gaming platform, GOG Galaxy, we'll be able to offer the beta version to GOG backers at $60 or above. GOG Galaxy offers time tracking, automatic updates, friends lists, and multiplayer features—but only if you want to use them.

Selecting the GOG version of the game will be simple: If your tier includes a copy of the game, whether it's digital or physical, you'll be able to choose between these platforms (so far!) when the survey comes:

  • GOG
  • Steam
  • PS4
  • XB1
  • Wii U

Like the Steam version, GOG downloads will be available for Mac, Windows, and Linux, and a beta version will be available for backers at $60 or above.

We'll cede the floor to GOG for a minute:

“We’re huge fans of the Castlevania series, so when we heard that Koji Igarashi was returning to the genre we knew that we wanted to work with him and the team.

"We're excited to announce that we’ll be partnering with IGA and Inti Creates to bring Bloodstained DRM-free, complete with our signature customer love, to backers and the wider gaming community.”

Thanks again to them for helping to make this possible!

This week we wanted to give you a bit of insight into Miriam’s stained glass infection, courtesy of Natsume-san. IGA kindly stepped in to offer some explanation, which—as always—is subject to change...

IGA: This is Miriam shortly after waking up from the coma that had left her frozen in time. Now that time is ticking once more, the crystal in her chest begins to glow red, signaling the reactivation of the curse that threatens to overtake her body.

 Enochian glyphs suppress the spread of the curse.

 When the crystals overtake Miriam, she glows red and her magic powers spike to dangerously high levels. The crystallization on her back grows to maximum size and radiates a cross, at which point the curse becomes unstoppable. Could Miriam end up suffering the same fate as Gebel?

 As usual, the flood of fan art continues unabated. Here are some of our favorite pieces:

by Strider-Hyriu
by Strider-Hyriu

by jadenkaiba
by jadenkaiba
Mike Riiven
Mike Riiven

Last week you opened up your hearts and minds (and sketchbooks), exceeding your goal of 25 comics. This week we're holding your feet to the fire by requesting 25 more -- this time about the backstory of Miriam and her curse by June 8th. (Hopefully Natsume's concept art from this update will help!) Tag them #IGAVANIA on Tumblr so that we can count them toward your next achievement!

As always, you can find the latest Bloodstained fanworks—along with updates on achievements and stretch goals—at our official Tumblr.

With the latest Paypal total - roughly $80k from 1,000 backers - you've unlocked Asynchronous Multiplayer (which we spoke about in Update 14), and the Vita is not far behind. Your torch now throws light on a new Stretch Goal: Orchestrated Music at $3.75mm.

Yamane and Yamada are thrilled to see this goal on the horizon, as it will enable them to have some of their compositions performed and recorded by a live, professional orchestra! These tracks will, of course, end up in the game, not to mention on the soundtrack. 

We'll have more details when you cross that threshold! Speaking of which: We noticed you just unlocked the Glove of Jesting! We'll be talking a little more about that in Friday's updated.


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    1. Missing avatar


      Yesssssss GOG option!

    2. Natalie Manahan

      5,001 Retweets! YAY!

    3. WhisperingId on

      We are only 55 retweets away from our 5000 retweet goal!!

      if you have followed IGA's Twitter page but have not yet retweeted this tweet:

      We're very close to our goal, so please go and retweet that tweet! Your single click can make a huge difference.

      Also, if you haven't followed the twitter or tumblr accounts, please go do that, too!

    4. Amy Liu on

      Just pledged! *u* I can't wait! Castlevania (DoS) was one of my first games and I was immediately spellbound by the story and the gaming system, so I played some others and where I couldn't get copies of some games I watched walkthroughs (lol). I'm so excited to see that there's a new game by the same creator coming out!! Sadly I can't participate in some of the fan art backer achievement activities because my art skills are terrible hahaha but I would like to contribute fan fiction and/or cosplay ahaha :3 And thanks for having a female protagonist! (//u\\) Also, tfw no 10000 to go on magical journey...

    5. Natalie Manahan

      I wish I could make out the 4 million goal. Any ideas what it is? It kinda looks like a treasure chest.

    6. Anders T.N

      Personally I think those who backed should get at the very least 1 PC version + 1 console version. I strongly dislike companies who release things across PC and console expecting people to buy two copies of their game. That said I can understand that you don't want to hand out keys for every platform since some of those keys are bound to be sold on the black market.

    7. Valeriy on

      Being DRM-free is a mandatory prerequisite for my interest in any project so I'm glad that this time I can participate! Let's see where can we get!

    8. SamuraiMujuru on

      Ahh yeah, GOG version!

    9. Missing avatar

      Andrew Pazos on

      Awesome just made my pledge! Will this include online Co-op play as well ? That'd be a blast to play on Steam with friends .

    10. H.S.Gardela on

      @O.F Its true that Vita has a millions of owners, but the number is too small if its comparative to another portable consoles, so in the end the vita goal only help a few group of gamers, but the orchestral music is for all. So is sad, but true, is a best business and community option to focus in another target.

    11. Dr.Claw on

      Excellent! I'm a massive 'vania fan but I'm a DRM-free idealist to an even greater degree. I've been obsessively watching this campaign for an answer to the DRM-free question since the beginning. Now I can happily contribute without compromising my ideals, thank you so much for this decision!

    12. Teppic on

      This was unexpected and awesome! Thanks for adding a DRM-free alternative.

    13. O.F. on

      Letting go of the Vita port is nonsense.
      It has a solid base of passionate players. A lot of people are still playing the PSP for emulation purposes, I doubt the Vita will be let go so easily in just two years time.
      Also this version will be on the same base as the WiiU version, so it is "just" a matter of porting something that already exists. If it is made alongside the WiiU version then the costs will be minimal.
      And as much as I would love to see a "true" Igavania on 3DS, Bloodstained as it exists now is completely incompatible with the system. It would require to build a completely different version of the game. Actually I'm hoping for a spin-off down the road, but it just makes no sense to try and port this game on 3DS, unless there is yet another studio on board to make a version from scratch.

    14. D-Boy

      @Koji Igarashi - I am currently backing at the $60 Physical tier in order to get a copy of the game for Wii U. I'd love to also have the game on GOG, but I can't afford to go up to the $125+ tier to do that. Is there a way to get a digital copy as an Add-On?

    15. D-Boy

      @Maurizio Maltese - A similar question regarding the Steam physical copy was posted in the FAQ section. I would assume the response applies to GOG as well: "You'll receive one Steam key along with a disc that contains the game data so that you won't have to download it. (Because it's a regular Steam key, of course, you'll be able to download it instead if you prefer.) Physical + Digital backers who chose to get both on Steam will get two Steam keys along with the preload disc."

    16. Berto_Terga on

      More awesome fan art, the GOG news is great too. Hopefully we could get to that Vita port and orchestral soundtrack before the campaign ends!
      The stained glass infection looks really cool, can't wait to see more

    17. Demonic_Banshee on

      Oh my gosh! It would be SO amazing to have some tracks performed by an actual orchestra! Hopefully we'll be able to reach this stretch-goal!!

    18. Missing avatar

      Maurizio Maltese on

      I am so VERY HAPPY the game will be also distributed DRM-free by GOG!!
      I am a very happy GOG customer and love the community and all the things they do, but since I pledged 100+$ for a physical copy, what will this imply?
      I mean: I'd like to have the GOG copy AND a PHYSICAL PC version, how will this work?

    19. Missing avatar

      John Ellis on

      200,000 more and I can get the Vita version *Fingers Crossed*

    20. Missing avatar

      Simon on

      I prefer the art style of the last picture over the real anime-ish one a lot. It should be more gothicy and less childish, I believe.
      It's what I didn't like about Dawn of Sorrow and Portrait of Ruin, either.

    21. RaivokasMagma on

      Thank you so much for including as an option. If wanna buy game digitally, I prefer GOG over Steam.

    22. Missing avatar

      Newtype on

      I would prefer Vita over 3ds. I don't have anything against the 3ds, I just probably won't pick one up unless something amazing (to me) shows up on it. Also it would suck if the Vita version was dropped after folks get their hopes up for it.

    23. Revian Stantia on

      @jim then my work here is...Pun.

    24. Missing avatar

      Val Enix on

      I have some questions on the GOG version.
      Is the GOG retail version any different from the Steam version? Will I need the CD to play once I've installed the game (like the Steam version)?
      Is the GOG version "linkable" to any Steam account through the option "add this game to the steam library"?
      Those might be dumb questions but I'd like to understand better the difference, since I'll have to choose between Steam and GOG Physical versions.

    25. Alan Villarreal on

      Orchestrated Tracks!!!!! ! .. lets do this!

    26. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Waage on

      +1 backer for wonderful DRM-freeness

    27. Steve McIlroy on

      Also, I agree with others - Nintendo 3DS stretch goal over Vita. And the orchestrated music better happen, people! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! >_<


    28. Mark on

      I am very excited about the live orchestra stretch goal!! One of the best!

    29. H.S.Gardela on

      @N. Kris Kamaruddin I know that vita is a great console, but if in this moment is almost a accessory for the PS4 than a console by itself, is possible that in 2017 could be so outdated as the PS3/360 (and that's why the port for this consoles doesn't exist). It's better get a goal that help to all players.

    30. Steve McIlroy on

      @Nerdy Suit

      People who buy it two years later do have a risk: it not coming out. The reason for backing is so that the project actually happens - us backing it ensures that. And it shows publishers that there's a demand for this when they think there's not.

      If someone doesn't back it, then they risk it never coming out if enough people don't back it. And you get perks for your backing. I'd much rather have some cool exclusive stuff, autographs and the like, that people later won't get, rather than getting the game for $5 cheaper.

      Also, just because someone doesn't back it doesn't mean they should be punished by paying more later. I was out of a job when Mighty No. 9 was happening and unfortunately couldn't back it. I got a job right after it ended and was sad and upset that I wasn't able to back that, A) to show my support and B) to get some cool exclusives.

      Even if there's no rewards or anything, just the game, I'd still back it to show support and root them on - it'd be hell for them making something for 2 years not knowing if anyone was interested. This encourages them and opens up a ton more stuff they can do early on. So not backing it is also risking these stretch goals not happening. Knowing you helped make this all happen should be reward enough (but the extras certainly don't hurt!) :)

    31. Nerdy Suit on

      @Rock - Thanks for your opinion. I don't see it as a preorder -- I understand how KS works. But at the same time, since we are taking a risk of backing the game, it seems reasonable to me for the developers to give it to the backers at a discounted price as a gesture of goodwill. Even $5 cheaper would be nice. It's not really about how much cheaper, but just the gesture of a "hey, thank you for helping and here is your reward for backing us when others didn't!". I feel a little used when I see someone else able to get the same game the same day I do for the same price, but were able to do it two years later at no risk. It just doesn't seem right to me. But again, you gave a good perspective, and I appreciate it.

    32. Camerun Grant on

      @Hegel Gardela
      I'd actually love it if Bloodstained came out on the 3DS.

    33. Kris Kamaruddin on

      I beg to differ, Hegel Gardela. I actually love the PS Vita and I want this Kickstarter to reach this goal. I'm actually playing Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles and Symphony of The Night on the system as we speak; and so to have Bloodstained Vita-playable as well will make me a happy devotee to Count Dracula.

      I'm also excited for Bloodstained to be added in GOG. I love GOG!

    34. H.S.Gardela on

      Hello there, I want to ask you, Can you put out the Vita goal? It's sad, but no one care about vita, even Sony doesn't care. It's better for the project,to be focus in the next goal, the music. Maybe if you use the vita port money in the orchestra, that could bring on more backers. Other option is exchange the vita port to the 3DS port because is almost a traditión, have a "Igavania" game in a portable nintendo console and 3Ds doesn't have anything like that.

      Thank you and please consider it.

    35. RocK_M on

      @Nerdy Suit: Bear in my mind this is *my* opinion and I respect your POV on it but.... I personally do not care if the backing price is on par w/ the release price. I back this game because I want it to happen. If i get extra freebies along the way by picking higher tiers more so the better.

      But at the end of the day the "cheaper than release" to me somewhat sounds like a "pre-order" mentality some people have when it comes to backing on KS. IMHO the focus would be to get the product done and possibly receive it before everyone else or get some thank-you stuff from supporting the game. I mean the whole point of backing is to shoulder part of the risk to make the project happen.

      Artificially lowering the "entry price" for backers means that you would need more money to get the project funded. Sure that's a huge moot point for a super popular project like this.. but not every KS is going to have the "super stardom" backing like this either. It sets a very unfair precedent to other smaller game projects who need a leg up to succeed.

      Again this is not to some personal attack on your PoV just my 2cents on backing in KS.

      As for your question. I don't think it would be feasible to even get a ball park figure on the pricing this early on the project. I mean the game is still in concept mode + scope creep can still happen w/ all the stretch goals. My advice would be if you really feel strongly about the issue you can always just back out right now or drop to the 5 dollar range to keep track of the project.

    36. Missing avatar


      @Nerdy: Some games do take that approach, but I don't think they should all be expected to. Personally, I've gotten as much enjoyment just following updates in many kickstarters as I have with the final game, so it's like I got twice as much fun as those 'chumps' that paid the same for 'just the game.'

    37. Nerdy Suit on

      Has Iga or anyone confirmed what the retail price will be upon release? Today, Inafune released pre-orders for Might No. 9 at $20 -- the same price it cost to back it and get the game. This is my opinion, so people can disagree -- but I think it's absolutely wrong to release the game for the same price it cost backers to get it. Backers take the risk with the developer, so the least they could do is provide the backers the game at a discounted price. So as awesome as I think Bloodstained will be, I won't back it if there's a chance they'll release it at $30. So can anyone confirm the release price? Otherwise, I'm going to pull my pledge. Not because I don't think the game will be awesome, but because there's no point in me backing it now if I can just get it for the same price (risk free) later.

    38. RocK_M on

      @Ethan: I'm curious why you would say orchestral tracks would be a lot less "videogamey" or memorable.. IIRC SoTN's had some very nice Orchestral Tracks and it has one of the memorable OST's for the Castlevania series.. and besides IIRC there is also the option for an 8bit track if u want something "videogamey"

    39. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth on

      Will the Sony version be cross buy between the ps4 and vita? If it's not then how would I go about doing a physical copy, digital copy and a vita copy of the game?

    40. Jim

      @Kristan Alicesun
      I'd agree with you. Just did a contrast adjust on the image and it would appear to be the tops of a V and S. So I'd say the $4M goal is a VS mode of some sort.

    41. Jim

      @Revian Stantia
      I think you just made my ears and eye bleed stained glass with that punology....

    42. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    43. Missing avatar

      Generic_Soda on

      Asynchronous multiplayer, huh... I'm curious as to what we'll get. I don't think player shops or Dark Souls-esque messages/ghosts would really work, nor would stuff like invasions. It's a tricky thing to implement, isn't it?

    44. Gabe Martinez on

      Ever since Nintendo started doing fully orchestrated I cant not have it. I'm infiniteley more excited for that than a vita version, oooh only a little more than a week left.

    45. Missing avatar

      Tony Shaw on

      Revian: Punalty box! You must be punished!

    46. Missing avatar

      matty on

      GOG - DRM-free - Now you have me as a new backer!

    47. Revian Stantia on

      Orchenstrated? You promise it wil be worth the Treble? I wouldn't want to Base the goals of ideas that were Cleft over. I just hope these plans are up to Scale and are part of A major scheme.

    48. Xi The 11th Weapon

      Salman, wholly disagree, mercury steam imo did a great job translating what I loved about castlevnaia into 3d.