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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
64,867 backers pledged $5,545,991 to help bring this project to life.

Update 15: Special Attacks, plus Something Familiar

Posted by Koji Igarashi (Creator)

This past weekend has seen more new backers than at any time since the first week of the Kickstarter, which is really exciting and humbling for us. So: Welcome, and thanks!

A clarification for anybody who came on and is wondering how to get the Wii U version of the game: Just back at any tier you see PS4 and XB1 options. In the post-Kickstarter survey you'll be able to choose the platforms for your digital and/or physical copies, depending on what level you pledged at. (We'd include the Wii U in the tier descriptions, but we're unable to edit them now that the Kickstarter has launched.)

Before we move on, a quick PayPal update: PayPal backers have added $71,104 to our campaign to date.

Now then—IGA and Inti Creates have sent over some great concept art this week. It's time to take a look at special attacks. 

It wouldn't be an IGA game without some special moves, right? Here's a few hints at what's to come, along with quick names and descriptions from IGA. (All of this, of course, is subject to change during development.) 

 Gluttony Summon: Attacks enemy by summoning an angry spirit that devours anything and everything in its path.

 Magical Throne: Materializes a chair that speeds up MP replenishment. Looks very relaxing.

Voltic Chain: Summons electrified chains to attack all enemies with electric volts. This is a special “seventh" ability—not a demonic one.

Winestained: Throws a wineglass in anger, increasing the effectiveness of certain abilities.

Whoa! You guys blew Fanart Achievement #2 out of the water—we ended up with more than double the required number of submissions for monster fanart. 

I hope you're equally over-prepared for your next task: We're looking for 25 pieces of fanart of Miriam using special attacks by June 6. As always, tag them #IGAVANIA on Tumblr so that we can count them toward your next achievement!

If this is the fanart you guys are able to make before the Kickstarter even ends, I can't wait to see what you do when the game comes out. 

by Jun-kingdom
by Jun-kingdom
By witnesstheabsurd
By witnesstheabsurd
by anothergoddamntrilogy
by anothergoddamntrilogy

 For more fanart—including a ton of really interesting monster art—check out our Tumblr, which accepts submissions (if you don't have a Tumblr account) and is always checking the #IGAVANIA tag (if you do.) 

Familiars! Created magically, purified from enemy crystals, ready to help Miriam on her journey through the castle. Several types will exist in the final game, each of which will have a different ability—attacking, stealing or blocking an enemy's ability, healing, and more.  

Inti Creates gave us four designs, and we'd like to give you a chance to vote on them. During the stream on the last day of the campaign IGA will talk about your two favorites and then select one to appear in the final game.   

 Four familiars enter, two familiars leave, and one familiar gets the IGA seal of approval! To vote, go to this Google Form and pick your favorite. It's that simple! (We hope to offer more chances to make your voice heard during the development process, too, so keep those voting muscles in shape.)

By our count, you now have 38 backer achievements! Here's the updated graphic:

 That means you have the Pixel Pants (8-bit remix track) and you're coming right up against the Glove of Jesting. We've got a list of some achievements you should target on Tumblr.

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    1. Junior Gordon on

      Voltic Chain! You totally did a gunvolt reference! I'm so hyped for this game now!

    2. Nix on

      Voting for D.

      I would love if there were more female familiar choices in the future.

    3. Larry Edwards on

      Voted A: Skeleton Here's hoping Fingers crossed.

    4. David Estes McKnight on

      I posted this in another spot by accident earlier, and thought it would be prudent to include it under the relevant update instead:
      Just thought it was worth noting in case it got by whoever's editing the game, the "Voltic Chain" should be "Voltaic Chain".
      Also, will the game feature historical and mythological weapons? One of my favorite features of the Castlevania titles was that they incorporated real-world mythology and items, like with the weapon "Balmung" (Another name for Gram, the sword Sigur used to kill Fafnir in Norse Mythology), Hrunting (Beowulf's sword), Kaladbolg (Caladbolg, the sword of Fergus mac Roich in Irish Mythology), Vorpal Blade (from "Jabberwocky"), and Durandal (Charlemagne's paladin Roland's sword).

    5. Missing avatar

      Tivis James Little IV on

      I place my vote for D.

    6. Missing avatar

      Spencer Wilkinson on

      I'm going to vote for either B or D... I CAN'T CHOOSE JUST ONE!

    7. Missing avatar

      Eemil Sulavuori on

      I think D would fit in the game like a wineglass in my hand. Or on the floor if you like to go serious.

    8. LeRoy Kinsey on

      I gonna vote for D.

    9. Wilson Ho on

      Definitely D.

    10. James Closs on

      Definitely voting for D.

      Also, Winestained might be the most amazing meta-power ever... Maybe.

    11. OmegaBlade on

      I'm glad familiars are getting such significant consideration. Curse of Darkness is my second favorite Castlevania (after Order of Ecclesia), and the Innocent Devil system was a big part of that. The strange and cool monster designs are some of the most memorable aspects of these games for me, and having one on your side, especially one that develops alongside you, is very cool. I also loved the little interactions you can have with them, like Alucard's fairy sitting on his shoulder if you stand still for a while, or when Shanoa's owls do the same. Makes for a fun pose. Of the ones shown here, I really like the bizarre skeleton and "goofball". Those aren't the remains of any normal human,which is intriguing. Also, I really like how goofball's crown has a ridge to allow room for his big eye. It implies it was made for him rather than just being something he looted. Maybe he's royalty where he comes from.

    12. Net Spectre on

      I voted for Skeleton.
      ("Skeleton" sounds very mundane though, so I'm going to call him Mini-Reaper from now on).

    13. Missing avatar

      Jerard on

      I picked skeleton. Finally get Death to be on my side

    14. Stevepunk on

      D fits the game style he best.

    15. SweetTaLe on

      I wanted to vote Goofball, but accidentally voted skeleton. Well, that one is pretty cool too.

    16. O.F. on

      I really wish all the familiars, and many more, were in the game.
      Unepic had several familiars with side quests to get them and it worked really well.

      But if I have to chose then Go Goofball !

    17. Assaf on

      I love how everything is uncertain about the familiers. who will win? there is no one clear answer! some say "C won't win at all", some say "A kick ass", some say "B is 1st place, who will be second", it's amazing!
      I voted A for his inhuman skull. that's neat and fits best with the goth motif. C too, but his a bit silly in my opinion.
      C Jim Teoh said some familiers look like they could betray you... what an AWESOME idea!!!
      if you killed X enemies from Y type in his presence he'll dispise you and he'll want you dead! that's a really cool thing you could do! imagine yourself a few rooms before the final boss your trusty familier turns on you as a pre-final boss!!!

    18. Keyrock on

      Goofball (C) for the win.

    19. Stefan on

      What about having 2 minions in game, and choose at a certain point who your minion will be?

      Miriam is cursed, will this not affect her minion as well (in changing appearance over time?), Miriam (the player) chooses either this or the other minion.. but can't have both..

      'cause of the curse, wouldn't it be awesome if for example the fairy changes slowly into the winged creature with the crown? And the Knight changing into the reaper?

      As a cure is found for our minion to change back to original form, it could be possible to change one of the two forms (for appearance).. could trigger a dialogue to like the fairy complaining once in a while that she doesn't like her new appearance.. not wanting to look like a Igavania creature.. (miriam telling she's looking out for a cure).. and more things the minion can say to / with miriam..

    20. Christopher A. Lumankun on

      I like B and D but I want B in the game.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ignis on

      Oh I love the floating chair (would like one irl) and the wine glass throwing.
      I just wish Miriam wore some more/comfier clothes. Right now my chest winces in sympathy when I look at her corset-top.
      Could alternative outfits be an option?

    22. Missing avatar

      Doug Russell on

      Lots of stuff that I love here. 1st, I'd love if the wine stained ability caused damage if an enemy is hit by the glass so I could finish off bosses with it. 2nd, the design of that white and red monster is fantastic. It should definitely be in the game. Finally, I voted for familiar C. It looks pretty cool.

    23. Sucha Dolpanith on

      Voltic Chain!!

      may be we can play as GV in this game...

    24. Eric Rinehart on

      cant wait to see what comes

    25. Missing avatar

      Steven Martin on

      and lets make a goal to have A B C and D in the game ;-)

    26. Missing avatar

      Steven Martin on

      This is going to be one of the best games of all time !

    27. Missing avatar

      Wandering Shadow on

      Love the references to other games in the specials, there! My vote goes to B, just because it's so different from the fairies you usually see.

    28. David Arkema on

      I love familiar D

    29. Pierce Arner on

      Getting to vote on familiars this early in the process was fantastic! It was a tough choice, but I'm personally sticking by the knight! I hope that the KickStarter keeps smashing through goals!!

    30. Slenðr Bree on

      I remember all Alucard's spells in SOTN !
      The Magical Throne and the Winestained are abslutly badass !

      This game needs familiars too ! These concepts arts only lack a raven on Miriam's shoulder or a bat around her head.

    31. Missing avatar

      Noah Sklar on

      I cannot tell you how stoked I am to see that there are already at least outlines for special attacks. I wonder how one will acquire them...

      As for Familiars, I voted for D. Definitely my favorite.

    32. Matt & Joey on

      Nice concepts, love the throne! Also, "voltic chain?" "seventh?" I see they're slipping in Gunvolt references XD

      As for the familiars, I'll have to consider before voting but leaning towards A or B.

      Oh, and before I forget, great fanart everyone!

    33. JDEzekude on

      I honestly wasn't expecting to see Castlevania's memorable "wine glass throw" being included as an actual mechanic. I believe it would make for a perfect in-game taunt.

      Additionally, I voted for the Knight Familiar as I believe he stands out from the rest with his edgy and foreboding appearance.

    34. Missing avatar

      Yan Zhao on

      That wine glass throw, hahaha! Well played!

    35. No. 42275 (Ryngar Acia) on

      Eeny, meeny, miny...B!

    36. Missing avatar

      Ian Diaz on

      I chose Goofball, but the choice was hard. (Kinda hoping fairy makes it too.) The fork and crown sold me though.

    37. H.S.Gardela on

      C´mon people A could be the only cameo from the Grim Reaper in Bloodstained!

    38. Andrew Somers

      I am torn between A and D. I think I'm going to have to go with the mini-reaper though. The knight has great potential though. I hope those two reach the end.

    39. Phlox on

      All of them look amazing. I wish we'd get all of them, but C and D are my favourites. B is close behind.

    40. Alex Ellner on

      Familiar C was the best one. C

    41. Missing avatar

      Michael "MegaSeveN" Clarke on

      Loving those last two special attacks. Azure Striker Gunvolt reference and the wineglass. So great.

      Had a hard time picking my favorite familiar but ultimately went with A. B is cute, C is weird, D is awesome, but A is the most Castlevania-like and that's what I'm looking for with this project!

    42. Banni Ibrahim on

      I really hope Miriam has a bunch of one-liners to say before she tosses the wineglass XD

    43. Christopher Tedesco Peresson on

      I hope when she throws the wineglass she quotes an iconic line from a -vania game, including the obvious "Enough talk, have at you!"

      Also, Knight familiar fo' life.

    44. Torabi on

      I was wondering if Bloodstained would have familiars. I hope there's more to the system them than the recent Castlevania games. The familiars in SotN had so much personality. I liked how they would interact with Alucard's different forms, the occasional comments, the changes as they leveled up. In general, I liked how so many of the items in SotN had unique traits, or would unlock whole features and options in the menus.

      The familiar concepts they've shown are all interesting twists on usual monsters, but I really like how the skeleton's arm forms a scythe. They didn't just give it a scythe, or even a scythe for an arm, but gave it an extra long arm, and it's holding the blade.

      I do wonder why we're supposed to be picking between the four, when at the same time they're saying that there's going to be several in the final game. Does that meant that they've already got the rest picked out, or that there's going to be more to come? I'd rather get the best designs out of all their ideas, or a good balance between the types, instead of arbitrarily putting them in elimination rounds. What if the three that are eliminated here end up being better than the others that make it into the final game? I'd hate for the game to be worse, just so that the backers can feel that they've been involved in the process.

    45. Missing avatar

      Uzza on

      I was torn between B and D, but B won in the end.

    46. Missing avatar

      BigBand on

      I hope the survey does not mean we will be limited to one type of familiar for the game xD btw I really like the concept behind these, it's similar to the Innocent Devils from Curse of Darkness and I absolutely ADORED that system. Make fully controllable and unique familiars, please, it's a new level of depth for the gameplay in opposition so SotN where familiars were there and... yes, they did things, but chaining my attacks with my Cadaver or having a Mage unleash a flurr of flames precisely when I want to was SWEET!

    47. Paul Corbett on

      I think D fits in the era more then the others do.

    48. Jonathan Hamm on

      I'd love to have familiar D.