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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
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      Jordan Glock on

      It'd be cool if one person could play on the gamepad while the other plays on the TV and you could both explore the world on your own if you each so chose too. It'd especially be interesting for speedruns, imagine the possibilities! I just hope that they really try on the Wii U version, it seemed in the Vita reveal that they know more what they're doing for it and that that's the version that will get more focus. I just want the Wii U version to the best that it can possibly be, no corners cut.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Ong on

      3ds port please

    3. Lino on

      Wii U seems like it has potential to use the touch screen in neat ways since you'll add Pro Controller support. It'd be neat if you could have a "co-op" like Mario Galaxy (or "little brother/sister mode") where they can interact a bit with the game.
      Maybe add drawing on the level to point out possible secrets or where to go (or messing with them and not letting them see enemies).
      You could even "poke" enemies to either freeze or make them flinch to help out a bit.
      What about helping collecting items by tapping to pick them up to help speed the player's movement? A bonus for speed running too.

      Amiibo support could go several ways. One could be adding cosmetic items (Mario cap, Hylian sword/shield, Link's boots or cap, Bowser's horns, etc.). you could add on to this by also adding/swapping sound effects (add Mario's classic jump sound, for example).
      Another way could be like Hyrule warriors and maybe giving you one random drop per day per Amibo for the system forging and the rare chance to get a special character-specific weapon (like Link's sword, Kirby's hammer, etc.).

      If there are hordes of re-appearing zombies like SotN, perhaps those could use random Mii heads (unless there's a "doppleganger" that would have Myriam's head swapped with a Mii).

      The Wii U possibilities make me more excited for this version. Hopefully the visuals also keep up. :D

    4. Slenðr Bree on

      I have backed for the Special Edition - Digital Copy ! A swordwhip ? Great !

      Where is the swordhammer then ? :D

    5. Missing avatar

      ZOAG on

      I don't know if this counts as "Asynchronous Online Multiplayer", but how about connecting the backpack of the game with your Steam backpack for the Steam version? Players would be able to show off their items on their Steam profiles that way, maybe even trade items with their friends.

      What do you guys think?

    6. Missing avatar

      Gabriel on

      A physical copy for Vita would be awesome!

    7. Missing avatar

      John Ellis on

      Can you include add-ons, I could then get both the Wii U and Vita version.

    8. Tadashi on

      That's what the Local Co-op stretchgoal at 1.25M meant. Can you imagine it meaning something else?

    9. Missing avatar

      Kletian999 on

      Just wanted to make sure, asynchronous stretch goal or not, the game is going to have local couch co-op of the main campaign right?

    10. Missing avatar

      Jedi warrior on

      @Daniel, dude how old are you? 14? you shouldn't be complaining about ports. not every gamer like gaming on PCs. i prefer to play my games on consoles. i hate PC gaming. i have my reasons. anyways i am happy that this game is coming out on multiple consoles that way many people will be exposed to it and will be able to pick it up. ps4 fans, xbox fans, pc fans, and nintendo fans will be able to play this game on their consoles. everybody is happy, don't be a downer man.

    11. anime9001 on

      Seeing the little Daniel rant/talk from him and others, I just feel like tossing in my own two cents.

      Iga, like exceptionally few people who have made Kickstarters before him, is a legend. And like the other legends who have gone to Kickstarter going rogue, they are starting with nothing but their fanbase and their knowledge. He knows better than anyone else how to balance a budget and, more importantly, keep his fans happy.

      What I'm trying to say is, right now, Iga is putting his future on the line with how Bloodstained turns out. He may be putting his 100% in this game, but you know that this isn't the last of his plans. Because of this, he's not going to be stupid enough to do anything to jeopardize this game or any of the stretch goals because this game is going to directly affect anything he attempts to make down the line. EXTREME worse case senario, the game is gonna get delayed and their "partners" mentioned in the video will cover any slack or hiccups that happen down the line. Aside from that, I'd say that this is one of the safest kickstarters you could ever back.

    12. David Courtemanche on

      Vita version would be awesome.
      Be great if it could cross-save with the ps4 version.

    13. Surey D on

      Ok. I must say the Wii U goal fueled my hype. So I upped my pledge! Onto the next goals!

    14. Missing avatar

      Nima Asadi on

      would there be anyway to get 2 physical versions (3 if 3ds added)... because I want the wii u version, and the ps4 for my friend

    15. Missing avatar

      CrimsonX4 on

      This sounds great! Armature is a really good company, so I am sure they will do a good quality product. I really hope we do get the Vita version! Though I have a question if I paid for the $300 Collectors box with autograph could I re donate again for the Vita version?

      Also I love the online ideas! A ghost mode would be extremely good for speed runs and the rest of the ideas reminds me a bit of the Souls and Bloodborne games. I say go for it an igavania that has the best qualities of Castlevania and the Souls series combined would be a dream come true!

    16. Dave Knox on

      But what about online multiplayer? I want to play the whole game co-op with my brother!

    17. Alexandre Hong Huot Tiv on

      Having this on the Vita would be incredible.

      Also I'd imagine there'd be some way to work local co-op for Vita and PS4? I mean with the Wii U, I'd imagine the local co-op would have two players, two screens. So with the PS4 and Vita we'd be able to do the same thing, though I imagine the limitation on that one would be that you'd need the game twice, once on Vita and once on PS4.

    18. Jim Bradshaw on

      Excited to hear that Armature will be doing the ports. MGS HD on the Vita was excellent! And so, hoping we hit Vita support, I just want to encourage what you suggested about PS4 to Vita interplay. This is a criminally underused feature with Sony's machines and could really show how much further Armature can take a port! The Wii U gamepad features being useable on Vita as your PS4 "cross-controller" would be a great start! Anyways, let's hope for that $3.5 Million!

    19. dennis fuchs on

      Just to be safe:

      Wii U is not region free. You will be making physical copies for every region right? Will that affect the +$5 default international shipping fee?

      Would be nice if you could clear this up.

    20. Missing avatar

      Sean Lake on

      That ghost feature has interesting possibilities for the speed run mode, especially if there's some kind of leader-boards where you can select and watch high skill ghosts. Maybe give people the ability to offer audio annotations? You might even be able to bring "Let's plays" in house, have spectator mode for live races, and run your own banner ads. Intriguing to say the least.

      My main question: will we be able to annotate the map in the PC version? Also, those with a multi-monitor setup might appreciate the ability to put the map on their second monitor.

    21. HyperNexus on

      With this talk of asynchronous multiplayer, and the local coop too, are we getting online coop? Have I just missed that announcement. Because that would be so much better than asynchronous.

    22. Missing avatar

      Christopher Florio on

      This is the first kick starter i have supported. I feel there are way to many respectable names working on this project for it to fail. They must be confident because they would not put their reputation on the line otherwise.

    23. Ethan Penton on

      The Asynchronous Online Multiplayer really sounds like unneeded fluff to me. Hopefully an option to turn it off? :)

    24. Sebastien Bareil on

      As with Deux EX Human Revolution Director'S Cut, maybe adding a strategy guide and commentary track directly on the disc like they did could be awesome.

    25. Tyrone Wested

      man this update had everything i wanted to hear. reached wiiu, anounced vita and the Combat Core shout out, this was great

    26. Abdullah Al-Khalagi on


      You are right.....let us focus in becoming the biggest funded videogame ever...... :)

    27. Missing avatar

      John Ellis on

      Here's hoping for the Vita version, it would be nice to play it on the go.

    28. Duncan A. Doherty

      On topic for the update, 'grats to the Vita folk, and given the steam this train is running on, you should have the goal in your grasp well before the campaign draws to a close :). Also, "Asynchronous" multiplayer intrigues me. I look forward to hearing more.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Love that it's coming to Wii U. I know it's a longshot, but a 3DS port would be really awesome.

    30. Duncan A. Doherty

      @Daniel: Wow, troll much? You've been hating on the pro-WiiU crowd/sentiments, among other decisions Iga and Co. have made in the campaign for pretty much the entire run, so believe me when I say you won't be missed. My personal favorite was when you said this little gem:

      "@Arct1c0n No, I will complain, and complain and complain and there is nothing you can do to stop it. It's a terrible decision with no reason to exist."

      The self-entitlement is strong with this one. Ah well, good riddance.

      @Abdullah: Don't waste your energy on him friend, it's not worth it. He'll figure out just how wrong he is once the game releases, and then he'll be eating crow. Let's instead focus on the task ahead of us, and drive this campaign forward :).

    31. chang on

      i doubt that a team with this many professionals will just take our money and dont deliver. It might be late and come 2018, but it ll come.
      Sure i hope, i trust that to be true enough to go for the 300 pledge.

    32. Abdullah Al-Khalagi on

      I am sorry that you will be doing this and ask you to reconsider…Kickstarter is all about dreams coming true so don’t lose faith on the team…..
      On the contrary, I have full blind faith on Iga, Ben, Michiru, Ippo, David, Robbie, Inti Creates, Fangamer, Fangamer Design, DDM, Armature, 2 player Production, Rocketsound and any future team member….
      And if in 2017 we end up with NO game (God forbids), I will be sad it ended up this way and sad for the loss of opportunity to play something beautiful But I will be very proud, honoured and satisfied that I was part of something great and had to try make it happen….This is how much faith I have on those people you are talking about….

    33. Berto_Terga on

      On gamepad integration: I like the features and have a few suggestions.

      One would be the ability to teleport by touching a specific location on the map, the save rooms could double as teleportation rooms or for the sake of difficulty you can still keep them separate.

      Another would be quick inventory switching through the gamepad. I know there isnt a set design to how item switching/equipping would even work but my favorite part of Shovel knight on WiiU/3DS was being able to instantly switch to the sub-weapon I wanted by tapping it on the pad/touchscreen.

      Finally, using the gamepad to see through weak walls or hidden doors. Kind of like the X-Ray Scope from Super Metroid. Or it could work like the bat echo in SotN, where blowing into the gamepad mic will let out an echo that can reveal weak walls or hidden doors.

    34. Berto_Terga on

      Yay!! I'll be picking the WiiU physical disc for sure. Hopefully the backers who sprung for a Collector's Edition can still get the WiiU physical in with all the goodies.

      And a Vita port on the horizon?! A-mazing!! Looks like I'll be picking up three versions of this game so far.

      Keep 'em coming IGA & team!!

    35. Marcel Schoen on

      I do so want it on Vita - but that's a big stretch left there.

    36. Xi The 11th Weapon

      Metal Gear Solid HD Collection , Injustice, and The Unfinished Swan. You guy do great stuff, so i have faith

    37. T.J. Fuller, Jr.

      The choice of platform becomes this much more difficult!

      But hey, speaking of Wii U & Vita (...& PSTV?), could "Second Screen" functionality be brought to the PS4 version? It's been woefully underutilized, but the Wii U experience (outside of Mii/verse) could be brought to Sony systems by making the Vita analogous to the Wii U Game Pad. What say!

    38. Missing avatar

      Dan Pevny on

      Mighty No. 9's Online Race Battle Mode sounds interesting. Any chance of implementing that to Bloodstained?

    39. Nerdy Suit on

      @Daniel - Bye.

    40. Missing avatar

      BigBand on

      Oh, I'm digging that kind of online coop. Kinda like Souls games!

    41. Missing avatar

      BigBand on

      Well, handheld port does "worry" me a bit, but I have trust in the team, so let's see how the final product comes out.

    42. Daniel on

      I'm going to cancel my pledge. This is starting to become a mess, endless promises that will lead to complete chaos and mediocrity, like other kickstarters that start to promise 83475837 ports and features and end up with nothing. I'm not going to support developers who want to spend a huge amount of resources making a terrible port that will limit everything, a port that almost nobody wants.

      We could have a really decent amount of bosses, or we could remove that terrible exclusive boss, but no, we are going to make a Vita port. People are going to give us money, so we can throw a bunch of promises at them and then add "don't worry guys, we promise it won't affect anything :)"

      I really hope you think about this: you could get a great game, but instead you are going to get a mediocre game, where a huge part of the budget has been spent on shirt and manufacturing of physical rewards and a couple of ports for around 2.63 people who for some reason refuse to play it on PC, decreasing the quality for everyone, no matter how much you want to blindly believe the lies about how it won't affect the other versions, even though reality has shown is this never happens.

      By the way, people who pirate the game later will get everything, while you will be left without AN ENTIRE BOSS.

    43. Seth Brown on

      omg, Vita. I know that cartridges for Vita are more expensive than blurays based on what the guys who made Retro City Rampage DX said when they did a retail release... but I hope you can do a retail copy for it too.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jedi warrior on

      some dislike the gamepad but i believe the gamepad will work beautifully for a game like bloodstained.

    45. Missing avatar

      Jedi warrior on

      also aslo, the gamepad can also be used to manage inventory or change equipment!! awesome! make it happen please

    46. Missing avatar

      Jedi warrior on

      i actually prefer a Wii U version b/c of the gamepad. i like the castlevania games on the DS where the action takes place on the top screen and the map is on the lower screen. this saves me the hassle of pressing select to view the map. on the wii u this wouldn't be much of a hassle b/c the map is always displayed on the gamepad. that would be awesome. being able to place notes on the gamepad would also come in handy. i'm getting the wii u hands down!!

    47. Abdullah Al-Khalagi on

      That was a wonderful I will do the same to my list:
      Stretch goal ideas
      - Armture to handle the port to 3DS or New 3DS
      -Physical/digital Walk through guide by Bradygames tier (game plus guide)
      - Planned DLC: Another level by 2018, More costumes, More missions, smaller castles tasks.
      - In Wii U port, Amiibos give new costumes and weapons to game's characters (like if you use Link Amiibo, you will get his Sword & if you use Princess Peach Amiibo, Miriam will get a pink dress)...etc
      - Physical Amiibo characters release (Bure, Mariam,...etc) and/or lead characters statue
      - 2d characters handrawn
      - Orchestra score (I am curious if I can scratch this from my list after one more reached goal)
      - Dracula and/or Iga cameo or hidden bosses
      - Japanese packaging option for the physical copy

      - When ported to 3DS, option for retro GBA Japanese packaging for the game with illustration by the one and only Ayami Kojima (look at this beautiful previous work below)

    48. Missing avatar

      Germain Bertrand on

      @Armature About the wii u version I am not a big fan of the idea of including mii in the game as I can't find a way for this being cool in an igavania game.
      Can you guys please tell us a little more about that feature ?

      Moreover I am really excited about the vita version of the game and I am going to upgrade my pledge to have multiple versions of the game (now I am really embarassed in chosing the versions of the game I will get).
      For the vita connection with the ps4 version of the game here are my inputs :
      - add annotations on the map like on wii u gamepad
      - item presets on the vita screen while playing on ps4 so you can change your equipment quickly while fighting different kind of monster and adapt to their vulnerabilities without loosing a second.
      - a special spell allowing you to locate hidden things in the game in augmented in game reality
      - character switch with gesture
      - cast spells with gestures.
      - use the vita as your gamepad (so all of the previous feature would be simple to use)

      I'm really hoping this is going to happen and I invoke the army of night to squish on that stretch goal ! mouahahahahah !

      As a final note these ideas can be used on the wii u version of the game too.

    49. Missing avatar

      Germain Bertrand on

      @Elle : Yess !!!! definitely I am going to update my pledge ! Now I just just want to know if I'll be able to have two physical version of the game if I upgrade my pledge ...

      @Iga Take my money ! I definitely want a Vita version of the game (may be cross buy/play with the PS4 version and I can die happy and relive as part of your army of the night !! )

    50. Elle on