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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
64,867 backers pledged $5,545,991 to help bring this project to life.

Update 5: Fanart, Beta Access, and 20 Backer Achievements

Posted by Koji Igarashi (Creator)

 I am not revealing any trade secrets when I say that a lot of us on the team were even more excited to get to work on this project once IGA and the designers showed us their vision for the characters and the world.

So I'm more excited *still* to learn that it's inspired backers to make such gorgeous fanart. Here's three of our favorites, because if we don't stop there this update will require a circa-2001 56k warning:

by AbstractCactus
by AbstractCactus
By food441
By food441
By Yukari-W
By Yukari-W

As always, there's much more on the Bloodstained Tumblr. Follow it for the latest, and tag your art #IGAVANIA so we can count it toward backer achievements and potentially feature it in a future update!

This week's update theme is levels! Today we've got four pieces of concept art from the developers that give an early look at the interiors you'll be exploring when the game is released.

On Wednesday morning's update we'll have even more art for you, so stay tuned.

Monday also means it's time for a new backer achievement! This time your mission is 25 pieces of fanart on the topic of levels—perhaps a setting you'd like to see, a castle of your own design, or an image of Miriam making her way through some dark corridors.

Remember to post it on Tumblr, tagged #IGAVANIA, by May 23.

While we're talking about achievements: You've completed the Weekly Comics Challenge #1 and Weekly Vine Challenge #1! Those two points leave you at 20, which means you just unlocked the Malevolent Medal—all backers $100 and above will receive a 1" button that won't be available anywhere else.

Keep working on those achievements! Here's the updated list:

Plus five from the Diamond Loupe!
Plus five from the Diamond Loupe!

 We're happy to announce that all backers at $60 or above who choose PC copies of Bloodstained will be granted beta access via Steam. What does this mean for you?

  • Get a chance to play early builds of the game.
  • Help the development team squash bugs and make the best Igavania possible.
  • See the game's development from a different perspective.
  • Provide valuable feedback. 

All $60+ digital and physical PC copies will be eligible for the beta, but the beta version will only run on Windows. It's definitely going to be the biggest group of beta testers IGA has ever worked with, but he and the team are looking forward to your help. 

Sword or Whip voting ends tonight at 11:59pm PST. The battle between Sword or Whip has become a lot closer than we had expected. Get your final votes in now, as the result may be... interesting.

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    1. ARM X Author on

      I've been wanting to say, that second level design concept art is a really cool and creative mix of ideas. I especially love the candles. I can't wait to see it in the final game.

    2. Slenðr Bree on

      I heard Ayami Kojima worked on some of your concept arts. I wish so strong she could join you all the way ! Her art is fabulous !

    3. Gary Whitehead on

      I'm with the other people who would like access to the pc Beta despite getting the physical version on console. I want my physical version to be something I can still use in twenty years and not just a useless installation disc so I'm opting for the PS4 version despite the PC being my machine of choice. I intend to buy it on Steam as well once released but I can't afford the $125 tier and it seems a bit unfair that others will be able to beta test when I backed the game ten minutes after the KS opened! Rant over, good luck and lets hope its the best game you've ever made, we have faith!

    4. James Closs on

      "...if we don't stop there this update will require a circa-2001 56k warning" Wooow, that's a pretty old school reference.

      Some gorgeous fan art goin' on there, but I'm conflicted about the versions: I want to get the game for my PS4, because that's the system I stream on and generally share the most content with, but I'd also be interested in helping with the beta. Based on other Kickstarters I've been involved with, and games like Destiny with their large scale Betas, it seems like the more people who are BETA-ing, the more data can be gathered to potentially squash bugs. You could also look at the recent data which the development team for Final Fantasy XV pulled from their demo, the results of which they posted in a YouTube video (FINAL FANTASY XV Active Time Report – Prelim Feedback Special) which seems to suggest, again, the more data the better.

      On a PC format, it can potentially result in a lot of incomplete or junk feedback, as people end up leaving out system specs and other relevant data, but feedback on gameplay, characters, music, sounds, etc. can be equally important to the final product.

      Just something to consider.

    5. Missing avatar

      Stefan Pippen on

      @jibaycay > Ok see that makes sense, I was just worried I missed a button somewhere and messed up

    6. James Tepes on

      Seems like the answer is clear. They have told you what it's for and steam is so easy that if you can't use it the to bad for you.

    7. the_importer on

      It's amazing how much they keep dodging the question even after so many have asked.

    8. jibaycay on

      @Stefan Pippen > Sometime after the end of the funding, they will send a survey, so you can choose your version, give your address (if it's a physical copy), and stuff.

    9. Missing avatar

      Stefan Pippen on

      Wait I pledged $60 how do you choose which version???

    10. Zorc James on

      @Chris Henthorn Why not a whip sword, like how Ivy from Soul Calibur has?

    11. Daniel Hupfer on

      Why do only PC get beta access codes?
      codes should be out for everyone to use on steam .-.

    12. Teppic on

      Still waiting for an answer to my question about the possibility of a DRM-free copy I sent the devs over a week ago... I think I'll give it another day or two, then I will cancel the kickstarter.

    13. Missing avatar

      Yan Zhao on

      I still dont understand why Sword and Whip needs to be voted on. Should just give us both.

    14. Pilgrimzero on

      If we back a PS4 physical copy at $60 and a digital pc copy at $28 do we still get into the beta?

    15. Chris Henthorn on

      It should be sword and whip! or a whip with a sword at the end. :-)

    16. jibaycay on

      About the PC version, is there anyway to choose a DRM-free copy instead of a Steam copy?
      I don't get the point of getting a disc if we have to launch Steam before to play.

    17. No. 42275 (Ryngar Acia) on

      So, let me see if I have this straight. I'm going to get an "Alchemist's Treasure" ($100 tier) for PS4. Now, I'd really like to beta test but, would that mean upgrading to the Alchemist's Treasure + Digital Game ($125 tier) and requesting a digital Steam version as well would be the only way for me to get beta access?

    18. andreas99100 on

      I probably should have said this when I pledged the $125 backer, but I want the game on Steam. And I would be more than happy to try this game during beta. And if I have your permission, I would also like to livestream this as well to share my thoughts.

    19. Sergio Moura on

      I was hoping for a beta, but Windows only does not work for me... Mac beta, please!!

    20. janju on

      Finally BETA news. I am thinking of upgrading to 60$!

    21. Nick Westwood on

      Have you thought about doing a podcast? I loved listening to the ones from the Mighty no.9 team when they were starting out! Helped to get to know the team!

    22. Jet on

      Backing this project must be one of the best things I've ever done in my entire life. Everything is looking beyond amazing so far!

    23. André Marshall on

      If i upgrade my $100 pledge to $125 does it mean I can get 2 steam keys for the game?

    24. Missing avatar

      wuvOwO on

      Please consider giving all $60 tier and above the chance to break the game and help out

    25. Matt & Joey on

      Nice work on the fanart, I'll have to look at the to check out the others. The concept art for the levels looks really cool; gothic-style western horror was expected, but given the torii in that 2nd image, will we also be seeing elements of eastern horror? That should be interesting, I'm excited to see what you all are planning! Looking forward to future updates.

    26. Sion on

      That second image for the level concept <3

    27. vid Strickland on

      I'll agree with previous comments, some clarification would be nice. If we're planning to get a physical copy for consoles, will there still be an opportunity to test for for PC?

    28. Fateburn on

      This is the first kickstarter I've ever backed so I'm not sure how this works. I bought the $60 PC digital copy, can I expect an e-mail telling me how to get the beta access on steam? Can't wait to play this! Congrats on the success!

    29. Joshua Fortiche on

      I feel like those of us who backed $60 overall should be allowed to participate in the beta. Just because I prefer a console experience doesn't mean I can't run games on my PC! Just saying it would be a shame to miss out just because I prefer it on a console. Please consider giving all $60 tier and above the chance to break the game and help out

    30. Stevepunk on

      What date would you expect beta access to be available?
      Being able to test the game 6 months early (or more) would greatly impact my decision to move up to the $60 tier.


    31. Missing avatar

      Seth Travers on

      any reason why the beta can't be an option to those who chose the $60 console version?
      we should still beable to get beta access via steam as an option

    32. minneyar on

      So I've been voting my best on, but the last two items I've gotten, the Battle Scope and the Mystical Crystal, don't seem to do anything. Clicking on them provokes no response at all, not even a "This item is still in cooldown" message. Is it just me?

    33. Tiso Spencer

      See I knew there be a problem, too good to be true and here it is. IGA, focus on add-ons. I will not make my digital copy for PS4 now become a Steam copy because in the off chance my PS4 physical will still be there with all my KS stuff. I want both PS4 digital and physical and the option to add on the $60 for the KS Digital PC then.

    34. Xi The 11th Weapon

      I think this is to decide the weapon you start with

    35. Xi The 11th Weapon

      Adrian from the art both are.

    36. Adrian Colon on

      Sword or whip? Why not make each an equippable weapon class? :3

    37. Michelle A. Truax on

      Oops, should have read the comments, XD

    38. Michelle A. Truax on

      If you choose the $125 can you get a digital copy on PC and a physical on PS4?

    39. chang on

      @igarashi yay!!! so with my 300 tier (get that hand rdy lol) i ll be beta and my ps4 version!!!! woohooo!!!

    40. Koji Igarashi Creator on

      @RayLancer: Yes, any tier that offers both a digital and physical version will allow you to choose a different platform for each copy. So if you're backing at a digital/physical tier you could select a PS4 or Xbox One physical disc and then a digital PC copy.

    41. Harry Friend on

      I think its unfair that I would have to pick a PC copy if I wish to BETA test. Is it not possible to just give everyone who gets $60+ tier the ability to access the BETA on windows. Not saying make a BETA for PS4 but atleast give us the option for those who want PS4 to have access to the BETA as well, or it isn't really fair for backers of the same pledge level.

    42. Kimberly Slade on

      @Derek De Leon -- if you read the post, it says at tiers $60 and higher you get beta access for PC if you got some kind of PC copy (whether digital or physical PC)

      @RayLancer -- I believe this was answered in the FAQ on the bottom of the campaign page. Yes you can do that as long as you backed at a tier that is a physical copy and a digital copy.

    43. the_importer on

      Another update, another disappointment. Still no words on a GOG or Humble Bundle distribution.

    44. Derek De Leon on

      Likewise, is it possible to for the physical ps4, digital pc and get the opt in for the beta access?

    45. RayLancer

      Is it possible to get a physical PS4 version but digital PC with the physical + digital combo?