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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
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Update 4: AV Friday!

Posted by Koji Igarashi (Creator)

 The theme of our first Ask IGA segment was left wide-open, and you delivered some great questions. Here's our first subtitled video, the first part of which is a heartfelt thank-you directly from IGA to the fans who have supported him:

  • Andy Hanson: "What influenced the choice of a lead female character for Bloodstained?"
  • IGA: "I decided on a female lead character for reasons that stem from my previous games..."
  • Steven Siddall: "How did you come up with the concept of Miriam's stained glass skin?"
  • IGA: "The stained glass came about from my interest in the idea of engineered humans..."
  • Beren: "Secrets and Easter Eggs are always the icing on a game. Can we expect many of them in Bloodstained?"
  • IGA: "When it comes to easter eggs, here's how I see it. In game design, it’s easy to get hung up on rules that allow a game to run smoothly..."
  • ModelOmega: "How did you get involved with Inti Creates? What was the motive behind the choice of them as the developer?"
  • IGA: "I've always wanted to work with Inti Creates. They've got an excellent reputation for side-scrollers..."
  • GamingBits: "What are you most looking forward to starting to work on in Bloodstained?"
  • IGA: "It’s been years since my last game, so what I look forward to most is just being able to create one again..."

Next week's Ask IGA theme is: Level Design! Tweet your question with the hashtag #AskIGA and we'll pass the best questions along to be answered in next Friday's video!

It's time to circle around and throw some light on two incredible remixes of Yamane-san's "Theme of Bloodstained" that popped up in the #igavania tag on Tumblr.

The first is an excellent Metal cover by Cristián "Kris" Escobar, perhaps better known by his birth name PSYCHO CRUSHER:

And the second is this 8-bit remix by Mike "Skitch" Schiciano, who completed it mere hours after the Kickstarter went live! (seriously dude wtf)

And although this doesn't technically count as fan art, the crew at Destructoid was quick to heed our call when we pinged them about news of Iga's new game concept. They brought along a camera in hopes of getting an exclusive demonstration, which Iga gladly provided...

"Playwhosm?" you might ask? Perhaps some introductions are in order. Playism is a digital distribution platform which brings indie games to/from both sides of the pond, and they're helpfully providing localization support for this project!

Their location (Osaka, Japan) makes it a bit easier for them to communicate with key personalities connected to this game, and this week they've brought on Iga's agent Ben Judd, who you may recognize as one of the driving forces behind the project. He's been here since the very beginning and has accompanied and guided Iga through interviews, the livestream, and even the comments section!

With that in mind, here's episode 1 of the Playism Podcast: 'Embrace Your Mortality'

Time to tackle your first Vine achievement! This week's prompt: recreate a moment from your favorite Igavania! if you can collectively produce 15 Vines by May 20th and post them on Vine with the hashtag #IGAVANIA then you'll unlock a limited-time backer achievement.

 Need some inspiration? We even started you off with a freebie!

A few weeks ago we started turning the gears of the rumor mill by launching -- which has since amassed more than 2.5 million votes. Of course our intention was to provoke some debate, and while we’re not yet ready to announce exactly where it’s heading, we want to make one thing clear: voting ends soon.

In case the ongoing Comics Achievement and the new Vine Achievement aren't enough, we're throwing in one more for you to tackle: 5 Animated YouTube Cartoons. Post them on YouTube with the hashtags #IGAVANIA and #IGABONUS -- if they make the grade we'll count them towards the total!

The last word in this update goes to Yuji Natsume, the Inti Creates artist responsible for much of the incredible art you've seen so far!

Yuji has been working at an incredible pace to capture Iga's vision for Bloodstained, and we think it goes without saying that he's succeeded. Now that the project has been unveiled, he's been thrilled with the fan response; there's nothing as inspiring to an artist as watching their creations go on to inspire others!

Natsume-san wanted to thank everyone who made this possible, so today's 'Last Word' is what big boss Aizu-san charmingly referred to as a 'dot painting'. It's short on words but big on heart:

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    1. Brieuc Hesnault on

      The tracks are awesome ! I could not be disappointed by Yamane-san though ! ;)
      Good luck on the further songs. I have backed 60$ and I cannot wait to hear the whole soundtrack ! <3

    2. Duncan A. Doherty

      Those remixes of the main theme are both great...but oh man, that 8-bit one by Skitch o_0! That has to be used in the retro level or something. I can very easily picture an 8/16-bit Miriam side-scrolling her way through hordes of enemies :D. Simply wonderful.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ignis on

      Hello Bloodstained creators,

      as a long time Castlevania fan I am utterly delighted to see this project on Kickstarter!
      I am so glad to see IGA and Michiru Yamane work together on a game again. if Ayami Kojima could be on involved in some way it would of course be amazing, but this is already super.

      Exploring beautful eeries surroundings and finding hidden things has been my favourite thing about the series , and also unleashing various strange powers on fearsome foes. I am looking forward to see what sort of unfamiliar and familiar sights this game will deliver. Since this is a spiritual sequel and not a direct sequal it seems like a great start for exciting new things.

      1. While I like the unique hairstyle on the female lead, I am not so keen that this fighting character is showing a lot of bare skin in various places. The 2 male characers are very covered, wearing pants. This is a double standard that bothers me a lot in games. I’d love to see the design tweaked a bit to make the characters even more stylish and cooler.
      2. The stories have followed a general pattern and been quite minimal in the Castlevania series. Now that you’re creating a new story line, will there be more focus on story and depth to it?

      Looking forward to headbanging through castle corridors again ~

    4. Missing avatar

      Steve L. on

      Yeah, all three DS games are great! You'll probably want to play through Aria of Sorrow on GBA before Dawn of Sorrow on DS, since that game is a direct sequel to AoS.

    5. Jamie Masculine on

      It's not the popular opinion, but my personal favorite from the DS lineup is Order of Ecclesia. That's not to say they aren't all amazing, but Ecclesia is definitely my favorite.

    6. Kristan Alicesun on

      @Steve: I'll look into Aria of Sorrow, thanks. Also, I forgot I also have a DS I haven't used in a while. If you had to choose one of the DS games, do you have a favorite? And is there any reason to play any of them instead of the GBA games?

      While we have to wait until 2017 for Bloodstained, at least I have a couple years to catch up on Castlevania. :~)

    7. James Closs on

      I had been wondering about the stained glass aspect, and think the rationale behind it is really cool: That it was an idea first and became a look rather than saying "What if they had a stained glass pattern on their skin? And... We'll come up with a reason later!"

    8. Missing avatar

      BenjyMLewis on

      I'm excited about the "Classic Mode" stretch goal. I'm hoping the mode will be be similar to Castlevania Chronicles for X68000 and Castlevania Adventure Rebirth for WiiWare - those two "classic-style" games in particular were two of my favourites.

    9. Missing avatar

      Steve L. on

      @Kristan: Ah, that's too bad. I wouldn't hold out much hope of Konami porting SotN to PC, unfortunately, since it feels like they're leaving gaming behind right now.

      But those GBA games are still perfectly good! None of them are as good as SotN, IMO, but Aria of Sorrow is close. I'd play that one if you won't be playing SotN anytime soon.

      The DS games are great too, but I don't believe those are on the Wii U's e-shop. Unfortunately I don't have a Wii U and am not familiar with what's available there.

    10. Kristan Alicesun on

      @Steve: Thanks for the advice, but easier said than done. I currently game on a PC & Wii U, so the only way to play it would be emulation. I do have a PS2 in storage, but then I'd have to find a copy of the PS1 version. I really wish Konami would port SoN to PC / Steam.

      Otherwise, would you have a particular suggestion for another game in the series? Maybe: Aria of Sorrow, or Harmony of Dissonance, or Circle of the Moon?

    11. Missing avatar

      Steve L. on

      @Kristan: I'm a lifelong fan of the Castlevania series. You should check out Symphony of the Night; it's fundamentally different from the NES games, yet has so many great callbacks to the old games too. In theory, it'll also give you an idea of what to expect with Bloodstained.

    12. Cristián "Kris" Escobar on

      Thanks for including my Bloodstained theme arrangement! I'm honored!

    13. Kristan Alicesun on

      You know I've haven't played a Castlevania game since the original on the NES. But it made such an impression on me that I'm REALLY looking forward to this game.

      Also I'm in favor of multi-language support, so that I can turn on Japanese voices with English Subtitles.

      And I don't know if it's part of your stretch goals, but personally I really like the behind the scenes documentaries that a lot of projects have done. I feel like I'm not just backing a worthy artist, but that I usually get an education of game production along the way.

    14. Chikenstew on

      WOW...That 8-bit remix is AMAZING...It's a perfect representation of the soul of NES-era Castlevania games soundtrack; Ms. Yamane should get Skitch to collaborate with her somehow on the Bloodstained soundtrack.

    15. Cephas on

      Wonderful work having a female main character!

    16. Missing avatar

      Monkcrab on

      @Uzaa : Yeah, that would be best. It's not like there's THAT much text in Igavanias anyway, so size shouldn't be an issue. Let's hope they do that!

      (Devs : nudge nudge wink wink, if you're reading this and licensing isn't a concern. I know Playdek's doing it, sooooo.....)

    17. Missing avatar

      Uzza on

      WHile I haven't played Symphony of the Night, I've played a bit of Dawn of Sorrow, and a few other igavania inspired games. This is definitely my kind of game and I'm happy to support it.

      @Monkcrab: I think the best would be to just have one version with dual language options, allowing everyone to choose what they want.

    18. Missing avatar

      Monkcrab on

      This is really nice. It's incredible to see how humble Iga is, and his surprise at how fast we obliterated the goals kind of gives me warm and fuzzies.

      BTW, do we know if international backers would get access to any possible Japanese language version, if there's going to be one? I prefer to play Japanese games in the original language whenever I could, and it's a bit of a pain when Steam releases lock them to Japan-only. (I know the reasoning, but.)

    19. Winter Soldier on

      It's great to see all the effort on massify the media impact, taking this challenge to many levels to accomplish Iga's commitment & show the interest of people on this kind of genre.
      Really inspiring and a lesson of management, PR & marketing too. Thanks for all that respectful effort. This is amazing, keep it up!

    20. Otoshigami No. 40723

      Nice. I hope you and Inti-creates can make a very good side-scrolling game where it is Fun and challenging rather then cutting corners. :)