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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
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    1. Roberto Piraino Collaborator just now

      @Ismail Adbul-Rahim Hello there! Thank you for the kind words and support, and indeed, we're all in it together, we all want to play the game, me included haha! To answer your question it's just a number that's given out as more and more people back the game, nothing to worry about. :)

      @Mike - No problem, glad to hear it!

    2. Missing avatar

      Ismail Abdul-Rahim 36 minutes ago Report spam

      What significance is the backer number that we have?

    3. Missing avatar

      Mike 44 minutes ago Report spam

      @Robert Thanks for the quick reply. I thought the surveys were closed. All sorted now, thanks again.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ismail Abdul-Rahim about 1 hour ago Report spam

      I see that many backers are antsy about the release schedule for this game. I was very skeptical about helping to fund this title and was a bit frustrated with the delay but I expect this title to completely satisfy when it is launched. Furthermore just think that we all contributed to make this happen and nothing happens on schedule when there are several things grinding at the same time. I did not get to play the Demo and I really don't want to play it until it's done to remain excited.

      When this title succeeds, I will gladly back another. This is not just their project, it is ours too so lets be as supportive as we can be until it delivers.

    5. Roberto Piraino Collaborator about 2 hours ago

      Hey @Mike - Yes you definitely can, you can either follow the link in your original survey email or if you lost that feel free to reach out to Fangamer at, thanks for your support! :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Mike about 2 hours ago Report spam

      I was wondering if it was still possible to change which format I would get the game in: PC vs. Console? I got a Switch on a whim and really like the idea of being able to play this game at work on my lunch break.

    7. Roberto Piraino Collaborator about 2 hours ago

      @Jeremy Tan - Yes you can! Just email our friends at Fangamer:, thanks for your support!

      @Kyril1217 - Haha fair enough, I'm willing to bet if Miyamoto-san were asked about it he'd probably amend it to say "can be" heh :)

      @Kim Lambert - My pleasure! I do but I can't say anything about it yet. ;) Don't worry though, it's definitely on track.

      @douglas desantis - Oh I hear you, definitely didn't mean it as a platitude though, I'm proud to be working on a game that both the developer and the publisher believes in enough to have delayed so we can deliver on the quality and vision that was promised.

      There may be some misunderstanding though regarding being in the dark. The last Kickstarter update was released a few weeks ago, and there will be another one this month, just like in future months.

      As for wanting more substantial things like a new demo, those kinds of things are definitely on the way and planned, but no one should feel left in the dark just because there hasn't been a new demo recently. We have monthly KS updates straight from the team and I'm on every social platform we cover answering anyone's question and concerns as often as I can.

      Comparing this game to MN9 happens a lot because people are wary of how badly they were burned by MN9. However, when you look at the facts, and realize that Bloodstained literally has nothing in common with MN9 beyond simply being a KS funded game and having a Japanese creative director, it should assuage concerns of having a similar outcome.

      20XX is another case entirely and shouldn't be compared to Bloodstained really, but I wish them all the success they can get.

      As for fan feedback to curate the game's content, if you check out any of our social platforms (forums/youtube/reddit/facebook/twitter) you'll find me cataloging and replying to almost every single piece of feedback that comes our way. We definitely want, and listen to, whatever feedback we get, and will keep doing that when the next demo comes along.

      But at the end of the day, I'm reminded of that one interview with Iga where he said himself that fan feedback is valuable and he listens and evaluates it all, but in the end makes the decision he feels is best.

      Anyway, definitely hear what you're saying though, and we know how much everyone is anxiously waiting for a new demo and more 'meat'. It's coming... ;)

    8. Kim Lambert about 10 hours ago Report spam

      @Roberto Piraino

      Thank you for answering my questions the other day.

      Next Update aside, I have the Ancestral Bloodline tier. I was asked my picture months ago and never got any news since then. Do you have any clue about the portraits?

    9. Missing avatar

      douglas desantis about 12 hours ago Report spam

      @kryil217 Or better yet MN9, where they had all the time they needed, but they were so secretive and held so much back from their backers that they got so ridiculously out of touch with what the backers wanted out of a Megaman style game, and wound up producing what was probably the most damaging kickstarter in the history of kickstarters. I mean FFS 20XX is being developed in less time, and at a fraction of the cost, and MM lovers everywhere have gone gaga over the game because its everything they wanted.

      My frame of mind, is that they should be relying on their fans to curate their work well in advance, so that they can have a clear picture of where they stand in regards to what were expecting, so they dont run up a month or two before their planned launch, and then hand us a beta- and then tank their sales because the game was (heaven forbid), the second coming of MN9, and now they have no time to backpedal and fix those fan issues.

    10. kyril1217
      about 16 hours ago Report spam

      @Roberto Piraino Not all delayed games would be a good game. Just think about the Duke Nukem Forever hehe

    11. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Tan about 20 hours ago Report spam

      Just wanted to check, can I change my PS4 version over to Switch instead. If so, how do I go about doing that?

    12. Missing avatar

      douglas desantis 1 day ago Report spam

      @Roberto Piraiano i dont know if miyamotos line is the best one to quote lol... i mean platitudes are nice and all but, something, something, Time is the vehicle in which all things die in obscurity' ....

      I think people are getting antsy because its been about a month since we last heard anything, and about seven months since we last heard anything substantial (i think this second part is what has most people thirsty)- in that since E3 back in june.

      Actually lets be real for a second. Its been longer than that since we didnt get access to that second E3 Demo, which baffles me since that seems like something youd pass along to your backers. In all actuality its been just shy of a year since the three characters were announced, and we've seen nothing beyond that (missing E3 demo aside) other than "hey look at these animations".

      I get you guys have some plan in mind, but to everyone sitting on the sidelines..... being in the dark is no fun, and just kind of rustles peoples jimmies the longer it goes on. Going back over the past two months of posts, its pretty much nothing but people expressing these same sentiments, which should be telling that people are starting to get antsy....

    13. Roberto Piraino Collaborator 1 day ago

      @David Kennedy - I mean sometimes I get lost but the game's direction is doing just fine ;P

      @Spense Miller - We do care about our investors, but it's precisely because of that (and other reasons) that we care more about putting out a quality game instead of putting out a game to make a quick buck and then moving on. You can rest easy, no evil megacorp shenanigans here...

      @Adel Alhazmi - I'm working on the next update right now, no delays to 2019 but if we ever did have to delay we'd tell everyone honestly and it would only be for the good of the game. Remember: "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad." if it's good enough for Miyamoto-sama and Nintendo, I think it's good enough for us too. ;)

    14. Brent Taylor 1 day ago Report spam

      You're probably wrong, Adel heh

      A questionable Kotaku article? You don't say

    15. Missing avatar

      Adel Alhazmi 2 days ago Report spam

      Guess the next update they will say ' we are sorry to inform you that the game will be delayed until march 2019 ' this is what I have been feeling for a while , hope I am wrong...

    16. Zurcn 2 days ago Report spam

      @Visente Arreola
      email asking for a survey link reissue

    17. Spenser Miller 2 days ago Report spam

      I'd honestly rather it come out at the end of the year if it made for a better product. However I imagine they and their investors will be starting to worry about the cost of production themselves and will want it out sooner rather than later. The more features, enemies, weapons, environments, characters and bosses the better. And nothing is more important than POLISH. I'd rather wait for a polished product than get something rushed.

    18. Nightrogen 2 days ago Report spam

      @Kevin Donbrowski
      Better words could not have been said.
      Now is the time you chillax and clear your backlog of other games/shows/anime/movies/etc.

      It'll release when it releases. ^_^

    19. Kevin Dombrowski 2 days ago Report spam

      Man, when will people realize that KS isn't a pre-order? You're an uninsured venture capitalist.

      Throw money at something you like and then forget that it exists. You'll either be pleasantly surprised when it arrives, or not realize when it doesn't.

      Don't back things with money you cannot afford to burn.

    20. C-4567 3 days ago Report spam

      Mighty No. 9 set a bad image for Kickstarter revival games.
      Especially since Castlevania and Mega Man are essentially from the same era.
      That said, these games are all separate from each other, and I for one have no reason to doubt IGA and his team, no matter when the game comes out.

      My advice is just for all of us to stay positive and be patient :D

    21. David Kennedy 3 days ago Report spam

      So Kotaku posted something a little while back that this project - Bloodstained was in danger of losing its direction similar to Mighty No 9.

      Everything I've seen makes that seem like BS though

    22. Missing avatar

      Visente Arreola 3 days ago Report spam

      Hey there. I moved in 2016 and needed to update my address. Is there a way to update since I don't have to original email. I'm probably not the only one but hope we can update soon. I wish Kickstarter just let you put in info and the data could be pulled for you guys and save time.

    23. Zurcn 3 days ago Report spam

      all of Angel-Corlux's mentions of "soon" are getting my hype close to unsafe levels :D
      must calm down, breath in, breath out,....

    24. Missing avatar

      Jorge Fernando Farias Alejo 5 days ago Report spam

      oh God, i just want to play Bloodstained so bad!! I didn´t had the chance to play the demo but i´ve seen a lot of gameplays on yt... it´s been 3 years already and to think that ( hopefully) we are just a few months away!...i mean , we are talking about months no least thats what i think hahaha , i love that i could play bloodstained fot my birthday (Feb 20) but any time of the year is fine!
      good vibes to you guys!

    25. Roberto Piraino Collaborator 5 days ago

      @FearLess - Hey there, I don't know where you're getting your information, but I can tell you to rest assured, that unless you are reading official communication and messaging from me here or under my online moniker "Angel-Corlux" then it is not accurate. (Unless it's info that's already been confirmed)

      A lot of the things you're mentioning haven't been locked down yet and confirmed, so it's not possible for there to be info one way or the other. And thank you very much for your contribution to the project, it definitely means a lot to me and the team, and at that level you've got a ton of goodies coming your way!

      Feel free to scroll all the way down on the original Kickstarter page right before "Risks and Challenges" and you'll see a full chart showing all the awesome stuff you get. :)

      @Douglas Desantis - Hey there Douglas, there has been a demo already and we are working hard to get another one out asap (but also to a high quality bar), and an exact release date will be coming soon indeed! I can understand why you feel the stuff shown so far is fluff, and that's because right now we're still not in the official marketing campaign, everything you see is organic and fan-centric. But that will all change sooner than you probably think ;)

    26. Missing avatar

      douglas desantis 5 days ago Report spam

      so we are coming up on the third year of this game being in development now. are we going to see a demo or a release date any time soon? most of the information were getting lately is just, well... for a lack of a better word "fluff"; Can we expect to see any substaintial updates on this anytime in the near future (this month or next month) ?

      Full disclosure this is probably the most anticipated 2018 title for me, as there hasnt been a good title of this nature for quite a while now.

    27. FearLess 5 days ago Report spam

      no happy i just read on the net that backer who were promise: exclusive to them iga boss fight and all other exclusive kickstater dlc, frist wont be on the Disk but will be give later has free update (that not right i rather wait and have the ultimate edition come on) and also from what i read it seem dlc exclusive will be available later also for none backer.... so we only get a slip cover map etc.. i surely hope not coz they did promise only for backer.

      i really hope they put all the dlc on the disk for backer i dont mind waiting extra month after all i spend over 500$ for that getting everything on disk.

    28. Brent Taylor 6 days ago Report spam

      No, domo arigato Mr. Roberto. I just hope they come back to see my answers haha.

    29. Roberto Piraino Collaborator on January 9

      @ Brent Taylor - Thank you for being kind enough to answer people's comments!

    30. Brent Taylor on January 8 Report spam

      The only official word is "2018".

      Anybody that says March is just getting that from hearsay or assuming it because the original Kickstarter still says March 2017. They just added a year to that.

    31. Missing avatar

      John Grossenbacher on January 8 Report spam

      When is the release. I just saw a video that clained this march

    32. Brent Taylor on January 8 Report spam

      Depends on the tier. $28 - no difference, $60 - what zircon said and the slipcase. And then everything above 60 is backer exclusive.

      Later on, I think they'll sell some of these things separately though like the music, keychains, pins and stuff, or maybe not - those could be exclusive designs. I do know that the shirt Fangamer currently sells is not to be the backer shirt.

    33. Zurcn on January 7 Report spam

      the swordwhip and the iga boss

    34. kyril1217
      on January 7 Report spam

      What is the advantages of backers to the players that will bought it in Retailer again?

    35. Missing avatar

      SoTNLover on January 6 Report spam


      Cheers bro, Guess I shoulda checked that, forget there is even a FAQ. Cheers for that though.

    36. Brent Taylor on January 5 Report spam

      Hey SotNlover, from the FAQ:

      Which languages will be available?
      The final version of Bloodstained will be playable in six languages:

      Voice acting tracks will be available in Japanese and English, each selectable from the beginning.

      amusingly enough, we've confirmed and re-confirmed dual audio a few times since this was written (2015) heh.

    37. Missing avatar

      SoTNLover on January 4 Report spam

      Out of curiosity will I be able to change the language to Japanese? I have been learning Japanese slowly for other reasons, but I think it would be cool to play and try to read the Japanese version

    38. Roberto Piraino Collaborator on January 4

      @PsyKoTine - Hey there, just reach out to our friends at Fangamer here: and thank you for your support! :)

    39. Missing avatar

      PsyKoTine on January 4 Report spam

      I don't remeber the plateform That I choosed for my pledge (physical support) can I change to Nintendo Switch version ? Or it's too late ?

    40. Roberto Piraino Collaborator on January 3

      @ Lord Abi - thanks, will do! :)

      @David Lein - we haven't announced when we're going to end backer rewards, but when we do rest assured that you will have time to know it's happening and act accordingly. Really appreciate your support by the way, even backing at the minimum level means everything to us, much less at some of the higher tiers, especially when we all know how money can be tight. (But always be sure to take care of yourself first) Thank you! :)

    41. Missing avatar

      David Lein on January 3 Report spam

      How long do we have before our tiers and add ons are locked in? I'm saving up for the art book add on but it's taking longer than expected. I would love the 300 tier with the autographs but that will take even longer.

      Please keep up the great work :)

    42. Lord Abi on January 3 Report spam

      Lol, the flying pig. :3 Tehe. ^o^
      Cool stuff, guys! Keep on teh good workies! :o/

    43. Roberto Piraino Collaborator on January 2

      PS Vita version work is on track and on schedule! :)

      Hey there, not sure what video you saw but the game's release date has not yet been announced, so no, March is not official information for the game's release date, be it on Switch or any other platform.

    44. Missing avatar

      David on January 2 Report spam

      I just saw a video saying Nintendo has confirmed the game for a switch release for this March. Is that info accurate?

    45. jose on January 2 Report spam

      how the progress on ps vita version?

    46. Brent Taylor on December 29 Report spam

      Paul, you can follow what the comment under yours says in the first couple lines. original email should be from 9/2015.

    47. Paul Leung on December 29 Report spam

      I have changed my address. Please advise how I could update my survey. Thanks a lot!

    48. Roberto Piraino Collaborator on December 27

      Hi @Richard Magnell yes indeed you can, if you still have the original survey email you can just follow that link, otherwise just reach out to our friends at Fangamer here: and thank you for your support! :)

      @SergioFD thank you for your kind words, we're definitely prioritizing the quality of the game above all else, but we're also on track to maintain our schedules, so you can rest easy we're steaming full ahead!

      @Kim Lambert

      Hey there, my pleasure, I can't always answer every question or answer to the fullest for various reasons, but I can promise you anything I say is always the truth. :) To answer your questions:

      1) I can't speak for Iga-san personally, but I can tell you from a publishing standpoint we're not restricting Iga in any way, our #1 goal is letting Iga make the game he's envisioned and wants to make, regardless of what that means for violence or sexuality. If we ever felt that something was really too extreme of course we'd bring it up and discuss it with him, but that hasn't happened yet, and it wouldn't be about censorship, rather, more about what the fans want and expect. Neither Iga or I care about censorship for the sake of censorship or for the sake of those certain people who are always "offended"...

      2) Artworks - Natsume-san definitely did a great job, but as you mentioned, Inticreates is no longer involved in the project, for that and other reasons, we don't have any plans to continue with their art. But rest assured we have plans for art going forward which we'll reveal soon!

      3) I can definitely appreciate preferring an old design or another design for something in the game, and while I can't grant your wish of returning to older/other designs (that's 100% Iga's territory) I can tell you that every change Iga's made is for a very specific reason. Lke for example, Miriam's back used to give off crystal dust trails, and that was removed because as more and more awesome effects and abilities were crafted, it was conflicting and becoming visually "busy" with other things.

      Like I said, I won't always be able to give clear answers, and when I can, they won't always be the answers you want to hear, but it's the truth and I hope this cleared up some of your curiosities! And thank you very much for your support! :)

    49. Richard Magnelli on December 25 Report spam

      Recently, I got a PS4 Pro. At this point is it possible to switch my pledge from PC to PS4?

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