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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
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    1. Rex Tong just now

      I just want to play this game on my Nintendo switch, so if it is not a switch version demo, it's not my business.

      Work hard to make the game release, please.

    2. SoulCaster 25 minutes ago

      @Ismail Abdul-Rahim - Demo has been delayed to next week, the 28th to be exact. When it becomes available, you will get a code (e-mail from Fangamer) to download it from Steam, so yes it is PC only.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ismail Abdul-Rahim about 3 hours ago

      How do we get access to the demo? Is it on PC only?

    4. Missing avatar

      Simon Belmont about 4 hours ago

      Is this E3 Demo going to be made available to console backers in the $60 tier and higher category? The last E3 Demo was so I don't see why this one wouldn't.......unless they are going to be jerks and limit it only to the Steam/GOG backers like the "Campaign" states.

      If console backer are not eligible to receive the 2018 version of this E3 Demo, then why did you give us access to the last E3 Demo but not this one?

    5. Missing avatar

      LacanZZ about 4 hours ago

      Personally I don't mind delays at all as long as it's for more polish, etc. I just wish the minute they knew the game was delayed that they would of told us sooner. It just gives people false hope and it turns it into a painful surprise for people when revealed at the last minute.

    6. C-4567 about 4 hours ago

      I like one of the comments somebody said in the actual Update section.

      This just gives me more time to find out how to get all of the trophies in Curse of the Moon XD

    7. Tumor about 5 hours ago

      @Christoper Chan
      "Maybe kickstarter should institute a rule forcing companies to focus on development and not any hot marketing drives."

      Hahahahahaha. Kickstarter doesn't enforce shit. Their TOS is non-binding. All they care about is their "middleman" fee. Once they get it (Which is a percentage of backers' pledges) they could give fuck all about whether Backers get their "rewards" or if Creators fulfill their campaigns.

    8. That guy about 5 hours ago

      I cant believe all the botching and whining. Logistical things happen the 8 bit game was a stretch goal. I didn't get my codes until second week of June. Think about the mighty f up 9:) this is not in the same league as a true botched kickstarter. I have faith in Iga and when we all rose to support this till we reached a cap and had to create a dungeon under the tower to continue stretch goals its all going to happen. I'd rather wait and have a gem that can show other companies including crapkomi that this style of game is far from dead; then to have a polished turd I paid 250.00 for. Sorry I expect alot of flack from the community for this post but christ lighten up!

    9. Mu Ta Aah about 5 hours ago

      I didn't even know we was getting a demo? Sure it's taking the team a little bit longer,but I trust it will be worth it. I was wondering how I get my switch code? Are they out in the uk yet?

    10. Hubert Aarts about 5 hours ago

      @brent. thnks dude. did not see the tweet :) it's about time!

    11. Super Soup about 5 hours ago

      I was looking forward to the demo, and still am looking forward to it. I can handle a week delay to fix things up. The first demo didn't run so well on my old laptop, so my real concern is whether my new hardware will be able to play the game!

    12. ex-op about 5 hours ago

      I'm a big backer and this delay is miniscule. Seven more days of waiting is nothing in the grand scheme of things. I'm glad the team is taking another week instead of releasing the demo with bugs. I don't take demos seriously, so this is also a great indication of how serious the team will be taking the release of the full game. We can probably expect the same high standards for the full release.

    13. Nightrogen about 6 hours ago

      @Christopher Well, that's not entirely fair. Understand we helped to fund the games development, like producers who give money to make movies or other things that have a high cost and long development time. Kickstarter isn't a store, its a platform for those who wish to develop things find investors who believe in their vision to help them achieve their goal. The goal in this case is developing a game and bringing it to market so others will buy it. this game has maybe 70K in backers if we are counting other methods of backing the project. this allows the game to be made with quality and content well above the original vision. If the game sells several millions copies because of our efforts, that allows us the sequels and spin offs that we as consumer would like to have; like perhaps 2d cell shaded sprites in the next game, or full anime cut scenes.

      I understand your displeasure and the displeasure of others, but this isn't EB/GAMESTOP or Wal-Mart. You're an investor, and not a consumer in this en-devour; come what may.

    14. Missing avatar

      Christopher Chan about 6 hours ago

      At this point, I don't care for their excuses or lies. I'd love a reasonable explanation as to why they focused on an E3 demo as opposed to a console release. Marketing should not drive business decisions, there's a reason why they're in marketing and not development.

      If there was an option to outright request a refund, I'd have done it already and not accept this "warmed over" 8bit distraction that is Curse of the Moon. Maybe kickstarter should institute a rule forcing companies to focus on development and not any hot marketing drives.

    15. David Normington about 6 hours ago

      @Karl Harker The EU Switch codes are working. There has been no update but they are working.

    16. Karl Harker about 6 hours ago

      No update on the Switch EU codes? It's been weeks guys.
      We've not been told our codes are available and the survey page currently says they're not valid. What's happening?

    17. Nightrogen about 6 hours ago

      I wonder how many others will lose their minds over the demo delay...? I honestly think at this point when they figure out a firm release date they should lie and make it one month longer just in case things go wrong, and then give the backers access 2 weeks early. That way they'll look like heroes, and if they need extra time they wont look horrible lol ^_^;;

    18. Missing avatar

      Travis Daleman about 7 hours ago

      Hey I don't think I've gotten a suvery or codes yet anyway to resend them

    19. Jon Corrales Zapirain about 8 hours ago

      Switch EU codes already in the survey site, but no mail announcing this. Ridiculous!
      A lot of mails for the shitty temporary steam codes but NONE for the actual thing, and on top of that, days after anyone else! We founded this, people!
      Ridiculous support, ridiculous attention to the backers.
      I had to come here by myself only to find the codes were available a week or so ago.
      Will think of backing anything else from here on, very very disappointed.

    20. Brent Taylor about 9 hours ago

      Hubert, this was posted yesterday regarding EU Xbox One Curse. If you're in one of these countries, midnight 6/29 is when you can expect it to work.

    21. Hubert Aarts about 10 hours ago

      code for bloodstained curse of the moon voor xbox eu still not working. any update on this guys?

    22. Missing avatar

      Simon Belmont about 14 hours ago

      That is a relief. Thanks for the rapid reply!

    23. Bloodstained: ROTN - Roberto Piraino Collaborator about 22 hours ago

      Hey Simon, no worries there, when the demo is released, the Steam codes will be sent via Fangamer directly, and there should be no issue with redeeming the codes.

    24. Missing avatar

      Simon Belmont about 23 hours ago

      They should consider releasing the backer E3 demo early so if certain regions have issues receiving/redeeming their codes there will be plenty of time to iron out the problems encountered.

    25. SoulCaster 1 day ago

      @Adrián González González

      There was no time given, just know it is suppose to release sometime on the 21st. Treat it as a typical Kickstarter update, aka demo can happen at any given time.

    26. Adrián González González 1 day ago

      At what time is the Demo going to be available? :)

    27. Marek Homsi Andráši 1 day ago

      Take it back. I just wasn't informed it was added to my backer survey page.

    28. Marek Homsi Andráši 1 day ago

      This is getting ridiculous! Come on EU Switch!

    29. Brent Taylor 1 day ago

      EU Switch? You guys should have those in your surveys already. If you don't have them, please email, but those came out about a week ago and while initially didn't function, did on 6/14. If that "not yet working" message is still there, you can ignore that and go ahead and use them.

      Here's a code release timeline in my first post here:

      No RotN demo codes have been released yet, but that should be tomorrow

    30. SoulCaster 1 day ago

      I'm just curious (and don't feel like reading pages of comment, lets be honest here xD), what codes is everyone still waiting for? I just want to know if it is for RotN or still CotM? Feels like RotN, but that is why I am asking.

    31. Missing avatar

      Matthew Cawley 2 days ago

      Any idea when the EU PAL region Switch code is available?

    32. Missing avatar

      Alistair Bee 2 days ago

      Still waiting on an EU Switch code.

      Pretty disappointing that as a day one backer I'm still waiting on this.

    33. Missing avatar

      YIP KAM LOONG 2 days ago

      Fangamer do not respond..I been wait for a week. Email FB even left message here all done still same nobody reply. Force me to accept Japan region of ps4. Why can I request exchange for EU region!!! Since start stated have Asia region.Can make it just full refund for me. I don't free steam code with half refund.I give up this game very upset the game agent.

    34. Redworthy 3 days ago

      Are we getting codes for the Australian eShop any time soon?

    35. Brent Taylor 4 days ago

      I'd like to see something like that too, you could even bring it up when they open the official feedback threads on the forum :)
      Goes for anybody, you won't need accounts to post

    36. Missing avatar

      Simon Belmont 4 days ago

      @Crystal L. Woods

      Great idea and I agree with you. Infact, this should be easy for IGA to implement because on of the bosses shown in the IGN stream had that really cool looking Alucard SOTN after-image effect!

    37. Adam Miller 5 days ago

      Crystal, that is a great idea!

    38. Crystal L. Woods 5 days ago

      Heya. Don't know if anyone saw this on Discord, but once they revealed the costumes, I was offering the suggestion that, if they carried through with the vampire version, that maybe they'd consider doing the after-image effect that they used for Alucard in SOTN while she's wearing that particular outfit. Any chance of potential feedback? Thanks!

    39. Brent Taylor 5 days ago

      Hey Leonard, that's not the whole demo, and they will open up an official feedback thread on the forum for everybody like the 2016 demo had.

    40. Missing avatar

      AuralAurora 5 days ago

      @Gary E Anderson Could you please scroll down to read previous comments about Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, THIS IS NOT THE MAIN GAME!
      If you think IGA and his team are cheap money grabbers then you should rethink that statement of yours if i were you!
      Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon is the spin-off created by Inti Creates and unfortunately had some struggles with codes recently.
      Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is the MAIN game created by IGA and his team with help from 505 games and it has not released yet.

    41. Javier Garcia 5 days ago

      Will we get ultrawide support?

    42. Gary E Anderson 5 days ago

      I'll never get my copy of this game I backed. What a waste of investment. Never do this shit again. This guy just wants to take my money. If your really that desperate u can have it.

    43. Missing avatar

      Leonard E. Norwood Jr. 5 days ago

      Hey guys, I'm loving the Curse of the Moon game. With that out of the way I wanted to tell you guys about your backer demo that you will release to your backers to try out the game. I've seen the whole thing from the E3 video IGN posted. So if it helps your supports, I do have to point these things out so hopefully others will see what I'm saying and provide feedback to you as soon as possible.

      First off, I've noticed some screen tearing during cutscenes and during the demo. So that's one problem I'm seeing right now. The next problems comes from your 3d animation of the characters, mainly in this case, Miriam, Johannes, and Gebel. The lips doesn't seem to align with every word they are saying, so it just looks strange as they are talking. I've heard some people online say something about V-sync being off, so it could be that. Especially the part where the human that gets grabbed by the monsters after the scene with Miriam absorbing the shard and explain how it felt, just looks silly. These are only a few instances that I've seen so far. I just thought I leave a comment here in hopes that somebody will check these things out. Granted, we'll all see these things in the backer demo, but I'm just telling you the problems that people have seen on the backer demo that was demonstrated by IGN, I'm still looking forward to the game, I just hope that people will effective feedback on the demo and there's still time to fix some of the problems that some people noticed. Anyway, That's all.

    44. Missing avatar

      Mike Hansford
      5 days ago

      @Dunan: My mistake. It's still not up on the Xbox store, and based on what you said, I assumed Switch was in the same boat.

    45. Dunan 5 days ago


      Simply put, I shouldn’t have to use another region’s store. They should have given me the correct regional code to use it in my own Eshop region.

      They simply didn’t do enough to cater to backers and aren’t replying to us right now because of E3.

    46. Dunan 5 days ago

      The game has been available for 3 weeks in the AU eShop. What do you say to that?

    47. Missing avatar

      Szabolcs Fekete 6 days ago

      Tried the code (UK), and it does work, even though the backer surveys still says it doesn't.

      Yay, I can finally play the game. Please make sure it doesn't happen with the main game, and just stopped working with IntiCreates. They are terrible at this.

    48. Missing avatar

      Mike Hansford
      6 days ago

      @Dunan: Would you prefer they waited until the game was available on the AU store before giving you code? At least this way you have the option of switching regions to use the code if you can't wait.

    49. Dunan 6 days ago

      I had to switch regions to use my code. Was given a EU switch code which didn’t work on the Australian store.

      I shouldn’t have to do that, they just about don’t know what they’re doing with this part of the phase.

      It’s pathetically sad how it’s been handled. I can handle wait times but giving me a code that I can’t use it really bad.

    50. Ricky Wallis 6 days ago

      Got my switch code, and despite it saying it wont activate yet. It did.

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