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IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!
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    1. vinicius just now

      Good afternoon. I'm interested to know: is it possible to exchange the game's console version to the another one? I'm looking to replace the Wii U version for the Switch one, if so, will there be any additional charges? Thank you.

    2. Missing avatar

      Anthony Tran 3 days ago

      @Rodrigo Hernandez Cruces - Not likely. Most likely there is going to be an update at the end of March about the newly updated Bloodstained Demo available soon for us backers.

    3. Rodrigo Hernandez Cruces 3 days ago

      Does anyone know if its true the game will be release this march??

    4. Roberto Piraino Collaborator 3 days ago

      @C-4567 - The final OST will have all the relevant tracks, you won't need to get separate OSTs just to listen to the retro music for example.

    5. Brent Taylor 4 days ago

      Anibal, you're one of the commenters I was addressing in my reply on February 6. We answer that question pretty often

    6. Super Soup 5 days ago

      @ Anibal Fermaint Gonzalez

      You can change/check your address the same way you change platform. You should have an email from some time ago from Fangamer which gives you a link to your survey. If not, you can email them at for a new link.

    7. Missing avatar

      Anibal Fermaint Gonzalez 5 days ago

      So I asked a while ago, and got no answer, but does anyone know where I can check to see what address I entered for my pledge and how I can change it? Thanks in advance!

    8. C-4567 5 days ago

      Here's a question, how many OSTs are we getting when the final game comes out?
      Retro, Normal, and Orchestra or any combination of the three?

    9. Jussi Myllyluoma
      6 days ago

      @Brian --

      They've stated that the timeline is "2018". A definite release date is to be announced in the near future; possibly this month or the next, at a guess.

      Bear in mind that the pledge manager is still open, and no announcement has been made of any deadline for upgrades. Since they've promised to let us know well in advance when the pledge manager is going to close, and that the pledge manager will perforce have to be closed a while before the game is released, it'll be a while yet.

      To take the liberty to speculate a bit, I personally wouldn't expect the game to be out until E3 or SDCC at the earliest. Probably no later than Tokyo Game Show, is my hunch.

      E3 is probably a bit optimistic, SDCC is a bit off-target, so my money is on a TGS release.

    10. Missing avatar

      Brian Uy on March 10

      Hello. Would it be possible to get an updated timeline on when this game is scheduled for release? Thanks.

    11. Stefan on March 10

      Is it possible to upgrade to a tier to get the bloodstained panel to? :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Andy U on March 9

      Alpha demo coming soon? Yes!!! The new music sounds beautiful as well :)

    13. Roberto Piraino Collaborator on March 9

      @Juan Cantu II - Yes it is, you can upgrade your tier or pledge for another separate package. If you have any questions, please feel free to email, thank you!

      @Chris Meacher - Hang in there, we're going to be talking about release dates soon!

      @Robert Weakley - Thank you for backing at such a high level! I am personally taking care of that, and all I can say for now is that I'm working hard on it and making sure that what you end up getting is something special and beautiful. We'll be talking more about physical backer rewards later, look forward to it! ;)

    14. Missing avatar

      Devin R. Lowe on March 9

      @Robert Weakley: While I obviously can't speak for the developers, I think I can hazard a guess that they're not working on those yet.

      It was previously stated that they're focusing on developing the main game now. Those additional backer rewards most-likely have to wait until after the game itself is finished.

      ...Unless they're delegating that piece of physical merchandise to Fangamer as well.

    15. Chris Meacher on March 9

      Hi - great to get another update, but still missing some crucial info ... know the level of success has blown the project through the roof, and that obviously requires more development, but currently we are running over a year over expected delivery...

      Could updates please provide a latest estimate of delivery dates (inc shipping) for each of the agreed formats - not going to hold you to it, but would be nice to have an idea of how much longer I’m likely to wait to get my pledge ....

    16. Missing avatar

      Juan Cantu II on March 9

      Is it possible to add another copy?

    17. Robert Weakley on March 9

      As one of the people who shelled out $2500.00 for the stained glass panel, I would like to know more about the item. Are they being made? Are they already done? Any info would be much appreciated!

    18. Al Ramirez on March 9

      Thanks I also had that question, I'll make the change to switch as well

    19. Dwayne L on March 9

      @Artemi - Fangamer e-mail you got sometime last year that had a link to a survey, you can make all changes there.

    20. Artemi on March 8

      I am unsure of what my previous survey said the system I wanted was, but I just recently got a Switch, so now I'd like to switch my game version to Nintendo Switch. How would I go about doing that?

    21. Missing avatar

      Onizuka E on March 8

      @ 505 Games:
      Just re-watched the Development Update 10 (Japanese stage) and was wondering if you could revisit the sound effect of Miriam landing after jumping. In the video it sounds like a sack of potatoes got dropped; I was thinking maybe something more subdued and less aggressive would be more appropriate. Maybe its already fixed in the current version, but just wanted to bring it up just in case.

      Quick link to the vid:…

      Also on a related note are you including any graphical effects in the final games such as dust being raised when the character does an evasive dash (like in SotN) or water splashing when walking on wet surfaces, or light mist, etc? There were a number of small graphical effects in SotN that added to the game's charm. Hopefully those won't get lost in the transition to 3D.


    22. Al Ramirez on March 8

      I haven't been here a while, just curious, is this game coming to Nintendo switch? And if it is, is there a way to change my Xbox version to switch versions?

    23. Roberto Piraino Collaborator on March 8

      @Jussi Myllyluoma - Well said! Thank you for your faith and support in us, we're working hard to demonstrate it's well deserved.

      @AuralAurora - Thank you! I pass along the good and the bad to the team, so I mean it when I say that we appreciate your faith in us!

      @Zeldas Champion - Hey there, unfortunately that's a separate effort being led by Inticreates and as 505 Games I can't really talk about it. Please feel free to hit up their online channels for more info / outreach! Take care Zelda!




    24. Zeldas Champion on March 8

      I am curious when they are finally going to give us that 2D retro prequel game we were suppose to get before the actual game comes out. So far they haven't even given us that yet.

    25. Missing avatar

      AuralAurora on March 8

      I backed this game knowing full well that Igarashi and his team delivers quality and not a rushed game. I knew it could take up to 4 years and perhaps even more.
      But i don’t care about waiting, in the end we’ll have a great game that follows IGA’s vision and lots of content inside the full game.
      IGA and the Bloodstained team, you have my full support!

    26. Jussi Myllyluoma
      on March 8

      A delay exists just for a few months, then it's gone.
      A bad product exists forever.

      To whatever extent it even is relevant to talk about "delays" in relation to an "*estimated* delivery" in the first place, Iga-sensei and the team here have my full support in choosing quality over delivery time.
      It's the right call -- only possible call -- to make.

    27. Missing avatar

      Douglas S. Brant, Esq. on March 8

      Well, I went in 2015 so I'm in for the long haul.

    28. Dwayne L on March 7

      @Roberto Piraino Gotcha, do what you gotta do, Igarashi and company have my full support and trust. It's been far to long since we have had the real deal.

    29. Brent Taylor on March 7

      Well, to be more clear, the Sept 2016 thing wasn't a release date announcement, but just stating a window of what they were hoping for.

      Also the March 2017 thing couldn't be changed after they initially set it, so that's why it didn't/hasn't changed on the campaign page. You'll also notice stuff about the Wii U is still on there, which was switched over to the Switch. The descriptions are locked.

    30. Brent Taylor on March 7

      Hey Northern,

      Yeah that's not out of the ordinary, the game hasn't been released yet. The March 2017 date was just a placeholder for the original 500k goal, and many things (including the campaign reaching 5.5 million in stretch goals, over 1000% more than 500k) made that date not possible. In September 2016 they updated the release date, having also added a new dev team, and now it sits at 2018. We'll have an exact release date before long, but until the game is out, the rewards won't be sent.

    31. Northern W. Dreemurr on March 7

      Hi, I backed at the $175 tier and I have yet to receive any rewards whatsoever? Given the delivery date for some of them was set to March 2017, I would like to know if this is normal, if the rewards have been pushed back? Just wondering.

    32. Missing avatar

      Onizuka E on March 6

      As far as I'm concerned IGA should take the time he needs to create the product he envisioned and then have it go through thorough QC / play-testing.

      I'd also prefer to have all the stretch goal content released together with the game on the disc as opposed the releasing the core game first. When Sony shelves the PS4 content on PSN years from now I still want to be able to access all the content via disc. Many of us still play SotN to this day, imagine certain modes not being playable because they weren't on the disc. Let's try to avoid this if possible.

    33. Roberto Piraino Collaborator on March 5

      @kyril1217 - Thank you for your faith and support! :)

      @Dwayne L - The goal we are striving towards is to release everything at once, but we haven't confirmed that yet.

    34. C-4567 on March 4

      I think so

    35. Dwayne L on March 3

      Maybe I missed the memo, but are we going to be getting the base game first and all the stretch goal stuff later or everything at once?

    36. Missing avatar

      Phillip Jidbrant on March 3

      The music is the biggest part of the game, it a the most essential thing about the Castlevania franchise.

      I have no doubt that the music of this game will be absolutely amazing!

      I still listen to many different interpretation of the music to Symphony of the Night to this day!

      So many different themes depending on the levels.

      Can’t wait!

    37. kyril1217
      on March 2

      @Roberto As long as they deliver what we expect in the game I don't even care if they release it in 2020 :)

    38. C-4567 on March 1

      Music is far and away my favorite part of the Castlevania franchise.
      I literally can't explain the magnitude of excitement I have for this OST alone.
      This game is gonna be awesome!

    39. Roberto Piraino Collaborator on March 1

      Hey everyone, appreciate the comments and I see the feedback, trust me on that.

      I will just say that we are definitely taking a qualitative approach, so while it sucks waiting for a game you really want (I feel the pain too!) what sucks even more is getting a game that falls short of the promises and quality expected. While we obviously have a very defined schedule and will be talking more about an exact release date soon, the absolute priority is on delivering a quality game that lives up to people's hopes and expectations as much as possible.

      So I sympathize and hear those of you who are commenting about the wait, and that definitely serves as one of the many reminders to do our best and work super hard, but at the same time everyone can rest easy that we're not going to be pressured by anyone to rush this game out the door until it's ready. We're in it for the long term success of Bloodstained, Igarashi's future plans and Igavanias as a genre.

      If I were to go full anime this is the part where I would say "Please believe in us!"


    40. Crystal L. Woods on March 1

      I agree. I would rather Iga and everyone take the time to do things and make this everything they - and us - want it to be. I have total faith, and I'm glad that they are opting to do the right thing and go for quality as opposed to a deadline. Patience is always rewarded when it comes to waiting for such things and I'll wait as long as it takes. :)

    41. Zurcn on March 1

      we are not 1 year late, but I can see you have not read the update from September 2016

    42. Missing avatar

      alucard971 on March 1

      Iga & Team,

      Please don't listen to the impatient people. Quality takes time. Masterpieces are not completed in a day. Take as much time as you need.

      I have a suggestion in regarding to the music. I trust the direction of Michiru Yamane, but the last in the Iga series were of their mark in terms of matching music to atmosphere. This game is about exploration, not a non-stop dance party. If I am exploring the mines, I want to hear deep dank lonely tones of being trapped in a mine. If I am in the heavens, I want to feel as if I am flying. I believe one of the reasons SotN was so popular was because of this. When you were in the alchemy laboratory, this very stoic march music that sounded very science-like music played (Dance of Gold). When you visited the library, this very classy harpsichord played. Please keep this in mind when creating the music. The music in Order of Ecclesia was very fast paced and sounded much closer to that of an anime rather than atmosphere.

    43. Colton Clayton on March 1

      I find that every Kickstarted game ends up missing their intended release date. We were supposed to get Obduction from Cyan in October of 2015, but ended up getting it in August of 2016. Good game though, worth the three year development time.

      Remember, it's better to have a good game released late than a flawed, buggy game released on time. Kickstarter hasn't failed me yet on awesome games.

    44. Gateway Games on February 28

      Without looking through 48k comments, is there an update on the release date for the game? We're almost at a year late.

    45. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Blanchard Puckett on February 28

      I'm feeling like an upgrade to the 100 dollar tier might be in order. God, I love IGA's games so much!

    46. Zurcn on February 28

      I just noticed I missed a letter. it's

    47. Brent Taylor on February 28

      I see what you mean now. I'll find out if we can fix that.

    48. Zurcn on February 28


      Angel, Mana, Steve, etc.
      I usually open the site and go to the "online in the past 24 hours". and click their names and get a "oops, there was an error" message

    49. Missing avatar

      Justin Maldonado on February 28

      I've read through these comments, and have checked my emails. I even checked fangamer site to see if I have an account. I know it was a few years ago, but is there any possibility for a missed email to be sent out? Or is there a way to verify if I was sent an email?

    50. Brent Taylor on February 27

      How it seems to work is, after I mouse hover over his profile area for a few seconds, the name then becomes clickable. Tried it logged in and out, seems to be the same. Probably just the code for the design being wacky.

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