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HOLHO is presenting a new collection with new design +  improved portability. ALL UNITS have a bigger reflective surface.
HOLHO is presenting a new collection with new design +  improved portability. ALL UNITS have a bigger reflective surface.
HOLHO is presenting a new collection with new design + improved portability. ALL UNITS have a bigger reflective surface.
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    1. IMAGINATION FARM USA LLC 9-time creator on March 7

      for all residents in Canada and Usa who have not received yet the order we shipped to our Houston office yesterday where they will be sent individually to the single addresses. Thanks for your patience.

      The Pyramid for smartphone works with all smartphones ,.. any size, any brand.. Please take a look here to see if the Pyramid has been well assembled:… (send us pictures here

      we sent your pack on the 29th of January.. Do you mind to write here a mail with your address ( just to double check it?

    2. Erick JA
      on March 6

      Hi I haven't received my order, can you help me pleas? do you have tracking number?

    3. Missing avatar

      Ran Faruhi on February 26

      I got this to my home in Tel-Aviv Israel.
      I have iPhone 6.
      I can’t make it work..
      Could it be inappropriate for all countries and devices?
      I’ll be happy if someone can contact with me about this issue.


    4. IMAGINATION FARM USA LLC 9-time creator on February 26

      We sent your order on the 29th of February. Very sorry for this unbelievable delay. Let us check again with the courier.
      #chuah chee siang
      We are very sorry about your dissatisfaction.. The application helps a lot of people to split the video contributes. Which issue do you have with the product? If you have a specific problem please send us some pictures - email:
      To send your order we need your address. Please just answer to our several messages. Thanks!
      please check how you are assembling the pyramid. Send us some pictures here:
      we send your order on the 12th of February

    5. Mohammad Ammar
      on February 26

      I still haven’t receive my product and there is no update about whether my HOLHO is being ship already or not. Im very dissapointed.

    6. CHUAH CHEE SIANG on February 26

      very disappointed with the product!! The quality of the application is very poor. I am really disappointed.

    7. Missing avatar

      niki on February 22

      Hello please can you tell me when I am to receive my product.
      Thank you.

    8. Humblet Michaël on February 21


      Sorry for my English, I'm French.

      I have recieved the package. But I am very disappointed with the product. There are air bubbles a little part. The quality of the application is very poor. I am really disappointed.

    9. Missing avatar

      Orson Greaves on February 19

      Can you let me know if you have my address? I’m sure I sent it to you early on. Thank you.

    10. Cheryl Smith Pierce on February 16

      I received this in the mail today. The instructions are terrible. I have it put together, but it says to go to your web address and “choose the four faces playlist.” I cannot find that on your site at all. Can you please provide a direct link to this?

    11. Cheryl Smith Pierce on January 26

      Do you have my address? This messaging thing instead of a survey is confusing.

    12. IMAGINATION FARM USA LLC 9-time creator on January 24

      Dear Backers, we are setting all shipments.. (with delivery beginning of February).

      There are still backers who have not left their address in the message section: I ask them to provide it as soon as possible. In the absence of an address the next shipment will be done at the end of February.
      NOTE: Just to remind you we will use a STANDARD POSTAL SERVICE without a direct tracking number.
      Please use the "message section" to ask something private.

    13. Missing avatar

      Denny Byrd on January 14

      i messaged them about mine they haven't gotten back to me however it is the week end and holiday on Monday....ill bug them again on Tuesday if i haven't heard anyhing

    14. Missing avatar

      John Lee on January 12

      Hi, I posted a comment on the page but i still ave not receive my product, can you help me out?

    15. IMAGINATION FARM USA LLC 9-time creator on January 12

      Dear Backers,
      we are producing all units right now and the shipping will be done end of this month (29th of January).
      Thanks for your address info sent via "messages". We will send a note to confirm the shipment end of this month.
      Just to remind you we will use a STANDARD POSTAL SERVICE without a direct tracking number..
      Thanks for your patience.

    16. Mohammad Ammar
      on January 11

      Hai i havent received my Holho. Can you guys track my shipping?

    17. Angela Mandarino on January 7

      Hello! I received the HOLHO item (smaller one for cell phones) and it's pretty awesome! I bought it to amaze my nieces and nephews and they love it, and to add to that, they are now wanting to look up science stuff instead of cartoons to learn more! That's a Win Win for all!!! Thank you and from the words of little kids... "When will it be big enough to watch TV on it?"

      Balls in your court now!!!!

    18. IMAGINATION FARM USA LLC 9-time creator on January 3

      At then moment we have a "converter software" that works on laptop to split the images in 4 sides. We will send this link end of January.

      sorry if we are late sometimes in answering you but we're close until the 8th. Thanks.

    19. Missing avatar

      Rahul Sadavarte on January 3

      Hello team,
      I am backer #137 and yet to hear about the shipment. Could you please update the status? Also I am not able to send you a message so I have to reach out via the comments section

    20. Yves Grethen
      on December 29

      Will there be an app for iOS users?

    21. Missing avatar

      Moreillon Charles on December 25

      I haven't received the mail for the adress Shipping.

    22. Mohammad Ammar
      on December 25

      Hai i just pledged it today before the campaign ends. When should i expect to get it?

    23. IMAGINATION FARM USA LLC 9-time creator on December 23

      Dear backers in few hours the Holho campaign will end..
      Thanks so much again for your support! Soon you will receive a survey to help us to organize the delivery. Merry Christmas to everyone.

    24. Missing avatar

      Samir Keshavji on December 23

      So im one of the early backers, dont ask me for the adress nothing.. and now?

    25. Vincent on December 22

      Got mine and works as should so im happy.

    26. Missing avatar

      Dan Ball on December 21

      Received in Australia!

    27. Missing avatar

      Joseph Bond
      on December 19

      Wow! I rarely receive kickstarter projects on time, but to receive before the end of the campaign is unheard of! The Holho phone pyramid works great and fits in a pocket when not assembled so you can bring it with you to impress folks on the go!

    28. Missing avatar

      on December 19

      Umm wow already received mine today. Pretty cool. Project didn't even end yet. There's a first lmao.

    29. Missing avatar

      on December 12


    30. Ahmed Jaber on December 8

      Third time's the charm, right fellas?

    31. IMAGINATION FARM USA LLC 9-time creator on December 7

      Please kindly use the "message" section to write "personal notes or questions". Just click on your "icon" top right position and choose "Messages" in MY STUFF section. Thanks!

      #NICKY - you've done right. Thanks

    32. Nicky 'Dollface' Jones
      on December 7


      I have pledged for the tablet holho but i also wanted the smartphone one, so i have added 18$ to my pledge , i cannot write an email to let anyone knows so i didnt know what else to do but write it here and is it ok what i have done? Thanks in advance.

    33. IMAGINATION FARM USA LLC 9-time creator on December 6

      Please DENNY - look at your "message" section and DO NOT USE this "comment section" to ask something private. Many thanks

    34. Missing avatar

      Denny Byrd on December 6

      never got a confirmation that you got my i can get before xmas...i looked at the messages and its there...can u confirm

    35. Missing avatar

      Denny Byrd on December 5

      will my order be shipped soon?

    36. Missing avatar

      Denny Byrd on December 4

      when will it be shipped/billed

    37. Missing avatar

      Denny Byrd on December 1

      so it will work on the kindle fire 7 ?

    38. IMAGINATION FARM USA LLC 9-time creator on December 1

      It works with any tablet brand size 10/11" (for more info just write to:
      You're in time: we will stop the Christmas delivery orders on Monday
      Thanks Mark!

    39. Missing avatar

      Phil Cassell on November 30

      Hello Holho,

      I backed the pledge that says delivery before Xmas. Is that still going to happen or is too late as we are now approaching Dec?


    40. Missing avatar

      Denny Byrd on November 30

      Will the tablet version work with amazon kindle fire 7?....or would I need the phone version??? Plz email me before adding the phone version if this will work....only need one unit

    41. Missing avatar

      Denny Byrd on November 30

      I also would lime to add a smartphone version to my reward...can't send a private isn't clickable

    42. Missing avatar

      Mark Casey on November 29

      To send a private message for shipping address click on the Imagination Farm Usa LLC logo near top left of this page

    43. Missing avatar

      annerssss on November 28

      To piggyback on Courtney and Roy's comments below, please explain how to send a private message! Awaiting your response, thanks!

    44. Missing avatar

      Courtney Carlson on November 28

      How do we send a private message?

    45. Ali Mahmoud Emam
      on November 28

      Full Name: Ali Mahmoud Mohamed Emam (Mobile 99280371)
      Full address: (BLK 8, STR 84, PLT 219
      Klinger Warba - International Warba Coatings
      1380 South Sabhan, Kuwait
      Phone Number (+96599280371)
      Pledge Description (EARLY BIRD: 1 HOLHO PYRAMID FOR SMARTPHONE in black)

    46. Missing avatar

      on November 28

      How do you send a message versus a comment (as requested)?

    47. Missing avatar

      M.Y DJ on November 28

      Hi ! I've pledged 34$ for an early bird tablet pyramid (26$) + shipping costs to France.
      If I also want to add an early bird smartphone pyramid to my pledge, should I add only 14$ or 19$ (5$ more dollars for additionnal shipping costs ?)

      TYVM on advance for your answer ;)


    48. IMAGINATION FARM USA LLC 9-time creator on November 28

      Hi Jonathan, thanks for your message. Considering the good campaign performance we had a Bank financing to let us to start the pre-production and let us to ship the first ten days in December. Today we will send to all backers a survey to compile with name, address and phone number.

    49. Missing avatar

      Jonathantiedtke on November 27

      Hi awesome product but how will you be able to send this in time for christmas if you process the payment on the 25:th of Dec?

      If this project is successfully funded, we will process your payment to IMAGINATION FARM USA LLC on:
      Mon, Dec 25 2017 8:21 am EST

    50. Missing avatar

      Eric Phung on November 26

      I was wondering how do I buy more projectors? Like 1 or 2 more? Am i able to add that to my current pledge without adding the extra 3 dollars for each?

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