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Community Evolved will cover the history of the Halo fan community over the past decade, featuring exclusive interviews and much more.

Community Evolved is a book that will explore the past decade of Halo's fan community whilst interviewing respected members that have made significant contributions to it. We want to explore every aspect of the community from professional e-sports players and fan artists, to film makers, to talk show hosts and everything in between.

We plan on releasing multiple versions of Community Evolved including a digital version to read on your computer, phone, or tablet, and three print versions: a soft-back, hardback, and limited full colour hardback. We wanted to be able to allow as many people to enjoy the book as possible and give folks the option of something tangible and memorable that they can put on their shelves.

To give people an idea of how the book will be laid out and structured, we're providing some PDF examples of the writing that will be included in the final copies. 

Please note that this is early work and we may later re-edit or re-format the content to better suit the needs of the book. This is currently a work in progress and, as you can imagine, nothing is final until it goes to the printers.

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Why do this?

The Halo franchise has brought many people together from all across the world and allowed us to share a mutual passion for the universe, the gameplay, and the story. As the franchise marked its ten year anniversary recently, we decided we wanted to celebrate that milestone by turning the focus to the real people that made it possible... not the developers, but those who made Halo the success it has been: the fans. This has been done through a wide variety of mediums and activities over the years, such as fan fiction, machinima, traditional art, untraditional art, photography, video game level design, song, poetry, and much more. Halo is more than a video game and the community is a lot more than just a collective of video game fans.

We want to make a document that will stand as a testimony to their passion and hard work. 

Who is involved?

Community Evolved will feature interviews with notable members of the Halo community within each of its chapters. These people have contributed to the fan community in numerous significant ways over the past decade and we are happy to recognize their contributions and hear their stories told in their own words. This list is not yet final and we are hoping to expand it over the duration of the Kickstarter.

Some of the guests are as follows:

Claude Errera

Sundance DiGiovanni

Chris Burke

Stephen Loftus

Kelli Dunlap

Peter Cooper

Levi Hoffmeier

Keith Hernandez

Garrett Post

Dustin Pettigrew

Andrew Cook

Adam Grumbo

Zach Wigal

Specific details about the guests are available at

Who are we?

This is being written by three of the staff members of the Halo fan website Forward Unto Dawn (not to be mixed up with the official live action web series produced by 343 Industries and Microsoft!). The staff at Forward Unto Dawn have been writing articles and exploring the fiction and gameplay of the Halo franchise for many years and are deeply and actively involved in the community.


We are offering a wide range of items and rewards for all of our supporters.

A small amount of the content will be available via the Kickstarter campaign page, able to be accessed exclusively by our supporters the moment they have pledged any amount. All physical goods will be mailed out alongside the book when it has been finished. Specific details about the rewards are available at

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Writing a book under normal circumstances can be difficult. When the book involves collaborating with dozens of people across the world and having multiple authors, it can be challenging.

Fortunately, we have had years of experience collaborating on writing projects together on our website. We have the confidence and proven ability to work together and work with the guests we have lined up for the book.

Printing is also a costly enterprise, but we have planned accordingly and have minimized risks wherever possible regarding the overall costs and our rewards tiers.

We are confident we can deliver the project on time and beyond the standards and quality expected from us.


  • Our intention is to feature as many aspects of the Halo community as possible, and while in the end printing space may unfortunately become a limiting factor, it is our goal to make this as complete a record of the Halo community as possible. While our list of all the communities and individuals that will be included is currently a work in progress (as with everything in this project), rest assured that every email and message we receive is much appreciated and helps to make this project something that everyone can be proud of.

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  • Absolutely! Stephen Loftus has an amazing sign collection at HBO which he is continually adding to, and he will be able to recreate your favorite multiplayer emblem from any Halo game both accurately and with your two preferred colors!

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  • At the conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign, we'll be asking all of our backers what name they wish to have represent themselves in the special thanks section of the book. This means that whether you prefer to go by your real name, gamertag, some other nickname, or prefer to remain anonymous in print, we will respect and honor that wish in the final published book.

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