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The Legend of Korra: Pro-bending Arena is a strategic sports board game for 2 players taking place in Nickelodeon's Avatar universe.
The Legend of Korra: Pro-bending Arena is a strategic sports board game for 2 players taking place in Nickelodeon's Avatar universe.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Casey Kirk 44 minutes ago

      Wonder if the dates are set to ship yet

    2. Mandrake about 2 hours ago

      I've translated the rulebooks in french. Does anybody get a link for the trick cards and team boardgame to end this translation and be ready to play with my friends when the boxes will be at home?

    3. TheSirSpence Justice for Psirens 3 days ago

      Oh good this is due just before my sons 8th birthday, He will love this!

    4. Missing avatar

      Casey Kirk 6 days ago

      I cant wait to get my copy!!! I am so excited!!!!

    5. Major Glitch on January 11

      @Benjamin - The expansion teams will be available at retail (the only KS exclusives are the base game box art and some of the trick cards). I think it will be unlikely that the base game insert will have space for all planned products - very few board games that I’ve bought have been designed to accommodate planned expansions. Luckily it’s easy to make your own storage solution with foamcore, more design or buy something that can be laser-cut.

    6. Benjamin Goertz on January 10

      @Major Glitch - That is my hope too. Upon additional inspection, it looks like I was mistaken and the insert we see in Update 30 is actually in the base box and not the insert for the Amon expansion.

      I don't recall what has been said from the designers about the additional teams and their retail availability down the line, but if that iwa the plan then one would hope they did design the insert for the base box to hold everything neatly.

    7. Major Glitch on January 10

      My guess is everything will fit in the bigger box. You might need to make a custom storage solution, and store the minis upright (since we’re getting a lot more). It will really just come down to whether or not the minis will fit standing up, imo.

    8. Benjamin Goertz on January 8

      I was just going through the Updates again and I found the image of the two boxes together at the end of Update #30. Amon box seems to be different LxW than base box so no "super-box". That update did have an image of the Amon insert so at least things will stay organized in that set.

      I am still curious to see what the base box organizer looks like and what the actual dimensions are for both boxes.

    9. jo holloway
      on January 8

      @the avatar we already know that they will be seperate when we get them, the question is really how much extra space(if any)is in the boxes after everything is punched out, sorted etc? is this going to be like 'betrayl at house on the hill" where the expansion fit's in the original box and i just use the expansions box top, or like ghostbusters the board games where i had to buy an extra large tool box to sort and carry all of it?

    10. Missing avatar

      The Avatar on January 8

      @Benjamin I'm almost certain the Amon expansion and base set are packed separately

    11. Benjamin Goertz on January 8

      @jo holloway - I am curious if the Length and Width dimensions of the kickstarter box and Amon box are identical while the Depth of the two boxes are offset. If so, I can switch the box bottoms and create a "super-box" that can hold everything. If there are inserts then that makes it easier to store as I can stack the two inserts onto each other in the "super-box" versus having a pile of components stored in multiple layers.

      If the base box somehow has storage for the Amon expansion built in, then that solves my issue entirely, but I imagine that won't be the case given the volume of cards and figures in the KS edition.

    12. jo holloway
      on January 8

      I'm partially with Ben. While I'm neutral on the box measurements, I would like to know if everything can be stored in the main box or at least go into the main & Amon boxes.

    13. Benjamin Goertz on January 8

      I had a side question now that we are getting closer to fulfillment: Can you tell us what the final dimensions (LxWxD) are for the base box and Amon Expansion? This info may have been covered previously but it is a little difficult to parse through Kickstarter comments lol

      I would also be curious to know if the plan is to also have inserts for both boxes capable of storing/organizing the figures and components. I don't think we have seen any "interior" shots of the boxes but I could have missed these as well.

      Thank you in advance!

    14. Missing avatar

      Nope on January 5

      @The Avatar - Perhaps jumping down throats was too strong of language... How about don't panic yet? IDW has not confirmed these are final. It is, however, likely that they are final given the difficulties previously mentioned about approval from Nickelodeon and the time left until shipment. Even if they are finalized, IDW could release a FAQ or Rulebook 1.1 in pdf form to fix these problems.

      Despite what I've found, the rulebook is pretty solid. Trust me, I've read plenty of rule books that are much much worse. You can learn to play the game from the rulebook as is. It's a bit sloppy in proofreading, but the content is all there and well organized. Editing on this has most certainly been done in some capacity, it's just missing a final pass. There are only a few things, as mentioned in the last post, that need to be clarified for gameplay purposes.

      It's also very very likely that IDW or an affiliate will not respond to the list of errors until they have a solid plan for fixing them to avoiding promising something that can't be done.

    15. Missing avatar

      The Avatar on January 5

      @Nope I would say 'jumping down their throats' is a bit extreme especially since every single thing I said was copy and pasted from you lol.

      Nonetheless, people have pointed out that this is the final version. Where that info came from I'm not sure, which is all the more reason to inquire on this now while we still have time. As it stands these rulebooks are a bit sloppy so it would be nice to know if this is what we should be expecting in our game so I can plan accordingly

    16. Missing avatar

      Nope on January 4

      @The Avatar, I wouldn't jump down IDW's throat about the editing just yet. Editing is an iterative process and these rulebooks have most certainly been edited to some degree. There's no denying that it's missing a final level of polish, but most of the things I've found are pretty minor.

      The only things that absolutely need to be addressed for playability purposes in the base game are the two instance where images don't match text on page 12 and 18. For Amon's rulebook only solo Amon's Chi tracker, whether Chi Blockers can be pushed over the sides, and knocking out a Chi blocker counts as a KO for Chi and Momentum purposes need to be addressed.

      Everything else is mostly just spelling, readability, and proper indexing. They certainly should be fixed if possible to present the game more professionally, but they won't affect gameplay if they aren't.

    17. Major Glitch on January 4

      @Piper - Thankfully, the frames just give superfluous information and have no impact on gameplay. All of the basic techniques will have a chi cost of zero, so you can identify them that way. You only have one copy of a bender’s signature technique, so again, it’s easy to identify. But I do agree, it would’ve been cool to have the elemental border change with relation to technique type (more/less element on the edge for each level of tech).

    18. Missing avatar

      The Avatar on January 4

      Additional observations by @Nope posted in the updates section -

      Found a few more errors in the base rulebook regarding page numbers.

      The Table of contents seems to be off by two pages for a number of entries. Check Hits is on page 15, not 17.
      Stay Sharp is on page 17, not 19.
      I'm not sure if the reference to the Example turn at page 15 is accurate. You have many many examples of each phase or step or action of a turn, but never a whole turn.
      Referee calls the match, Advanced rules, custom strategy decks, and trick cards are on page 19, not 21.
      Fantasy Team building and Credits are on page 21, not 23.

      Page 4, Step 2 and Page 5, step 7: Advanced rules are on page 19, not 21.

      Page 6, Win conditions 2, 3, and 4: Referee calls the match is on page 19, not 21.
      Page 6, Play Hard!: Stay Sharp! is on page 17, not 19. There are two instances of this error in this section.
      Page 13, Team Board Breakdown. Trick Card slots are on page 19, not 21.
      Page 17, Stay Sharp! Step 3, part i: Referee calls the match is on page 19, not 21.
      Page 17, Stay Sharp! Step 5: Line Advance is on page 16, not 18.
      Page 21: "Customized Strategy" is on Page 19, not 21. Also, it's called "Custom Strategy Decks" on that page and in the Table of contents.

      Either all these entries are wrong, or that advert for the Amon Expansion is meant to be somewhere in the middle of the rulebook (presumably around pages 14 to 16 given the errors only happen to pages beyond 13) and subsequent page numbers increased by 2.

    19. Missing avatar

      The Avatar on January 4

      People have been pointing out lots of errors within these rule books so iv consolidated them into one sheet -

      Page 14, third line - Counter Bend [A]bility

      Page 12: Follow Up, 2 Adjacent Spaces box. The card and the image say to put two water element tokens, but the text says to put 2 in one space and 1 in a different space.

      Page 17: Stay Sharp!, Step 1: If you played any cards for Chi in the Play Hard! phase, they should already be in the discard pile. The text says to put all 3 technique cards in the discard pile, but some may already be there. A minor quibble, but clearing up the language here could prevent confusion.

      Page 18: The image here does not match the text on page 17. Step 1 is supposed to show discarding of all cards, yet there are only 2 cards shown (and none in the discard pile from playing for Chi). Furthermore, the High Tide card appears not to have been discarded in further steps.
      Step 2 shows the gained Technique card, Spiral Flare Kick, going into a player's hand. It should be going on top of the Main deck. Also, as previously mentioned, High Tide is still in the player's hand for some reason.
      Step 3 shows a card from the right Strategy Deck going into any slot of the Strategy Row. The previous page says it must go into the slot below the Strategy Deck it was drawn from, so there's some confusion there. Also, Spiral Flare Kick has reappeared in the Strategy Row though I'm not sure if that was intentional.
      Step 4 again has High Tide in it for some reason.

      Page 2: Amon is spelled with a dash (Am-on) in the flavor text.

      Page 6, Step 16: The text refers to the yellow background Amon Technique cards as having numbers in the corner. The referenced cards seem to have letters, not numbers.

      Pages 6-7: Step 16 in the bottom black-bordered box of setup continues on page 7 in the top black-bordered box. While this may have been intentional, it's a bit confusing since the boxes extend across the fold, leading a reader to believe they should read an entire box left to right before reading the other. There's a similar thing in the main rulebook, but all steps there are clearly numbered with no overflow so it's not confusing.

      Page 15, Step 2: The word 'alphabetically' is misspelled as 'aphabetically'.

      Page 22: "If a Chi-blocker is moved off any side of the arena, they are removed from play and you can no longer activate them." Does this mean chi-blockers can be knocked off the board from the right and left sides of Zones A and B? Or just from either team's Zone C? Also, does pushing a Chi-blocker off the arena count as a Knock Out (main rules, pg 16), gaining Amon 3 Chi and the opponent the Momentum Token?

      Equalist Team Board (Solo Side): How does Amon track Chi? There doesn't appear to be any Chi tracker on this board. Does Amon even get Chi? If not, how does he gain Technique cards?

      With all this I have to ask - is this really the final version of the rule books? It doesnt really appear to be edited/proofread

    20. Missing avatar

      Piper Thunstrom on January 4

      Finally looking at the rulebook, and I've very concerned that you had no one look at this for accessibility. The "frames" for basic, advanced, and signature techniques are really hard for me to see, and that's without a color blindness based accessibility need.

      I know it's WAY too late to get that changed, but consider for future projects that unique shape is a really strong requirement for information like that.

      Also, one page 21, you reference "Custom Strategy Decks" as being on page 21. It's on page numbered 19.

    21. Missing avatar

      The Avatar on January 3

      First page of Amon expansion im assuming 'am - on and his henchmen -' is meant to be 'Amon - and his henchmen-'?

    22. Missing avatar

      The Avatar on January 3

      Can we get a total card count for the KS exclusive box plus amon expansion, as well as the size of the promotional poster? Id love to get card covers and a frame ahead of time.

      Also - @Nope pointed out quite a few errors in the rulebooks and thats not even including the amon expansion. Are the rulebooks we're seeing here the final versions?

    23. Major Glitch on January 3

      @Jo - I imagine the rule book is final, as they previously stated they couldn’t share beta files due to their liscense agreement with Nickelodeon.

    24. jo holloway
      on January 3

      @creator thanks for the fast reply's. in my defence i have had other creators start posting things literally anywhere except the campaign near it's end, often as a desperate attempt to hide their failures from we the backers. the fact that the update never mentioned any of the pictures being on your web site combined with it only saying they are on face book triggered some serious red flags for me.
      "There was some talk about wanting to see more components and pictures. We went ahead and shared the updated production photos on our social media, check out The Legend of Korra: Pro-bending Arena and Amon's Expansion on our Facebook."
      however, having now seen the pictures on your site my issues are taken care of. when i get the chance i will go through the rule books, both to learn the game, and because i have learned from other kickstarter games that there is no such thing as "too many" proof readings.

    25. IDW Games 6-time creator on January 3

      @Jo I replied to you over in the update too, but I can reply here as well. The photos are shared in multiple places, our website, BGG and social media. With Kickstarter it is difficult to share photos in mass, and we shared some photos of the game in the last update as well.

      Im sorry that you are upset that we shared photos on our social media, but it is much easier for us at this point in the process to share lots of photos for everyone. Hope you enjoyed them and we are excited to deliver the game.


    26. jo holloway
      on January 3

      why the heck are the pictures on face book instead of in the update? last time i checked face book did not fund this game, we the backers did. i could understand posting them AFTER sharing them with us in the update, but putting them ONLY on face book and NOT on the kickstarter at all feel's like a slap in the face. especially after both ghostbusters the board game 2 and TMNT shadows of the past became semi-infamous for doing this to various extents.
      the fact that progress is being made is good, and getting the rule book pdf's is great.(though i hope it's not too late to fix type-o's) that face book bit though... hoo boy!

    27. Major Glitch on January 3

      Oh man, that rulebook is just teasing me. February can’t come soon enough!

    28. IDW Games 6-time creator on January 3

      @Abtin We can help you out. Please follow up with the Support email and lets see whats going on. Thank you

    29. jo holloway
      on January 2

      Why the refund abtin? Everything okay?

    30. Major Glitch on January 2

      @Abtin - I assume you'd have to contact IDW directly at this point, there should be an e-mail address on their bio page here.

    31. Abtin on January 1

      Is there a way to cancel my pledge or pursue a refund?

    32. Missing avatar

      The Avatar on December 29

      Hey @IDW - any chance we can get a total card count for the KS limited edition set plus the Amon expansion? I would love to get card covers ahead of time now that we're approaching February.

      On the subject, can we get the size of the promotional poster as well? I definitely plan on framing that.


    33. Missing avatar

      The Avatar on December 21

      Well said Jo

    34. jo holloway
      on December 20

      I've backed nearly as many campaigns as Steven, and he's not wrong about Chinese New Year delays. (Hence my March estimate) however this should not worry you folks that are new, it's just something that you have to get used to. Getting worried about Chinese New Years delays is a bit like getting worried about delays caused by the cold weather of winter. Personally the one thing I would like to see change in the new year will be an increase in update how often updates are done. Making them weekly or bi-weekly would ease people's concerns, and could be used to hype us up for the game.(can you say full gameplay video?)

    35. IDW Games 6-time creator on December 20

      @Valashi Thank you for your patience on that. I just sent you a reply and we can make sure you are good to go!

    36. Missing avatar

      Valashi on December 20

      Hello IDW,

      I have reached out to the support email for change of address twice now and have not received any response. How can this be addressed?

    37. Steven Remington on December 20

      I'm a long time KS project backer, so if there are any newer backers here reading the comments, you might be blindsided by a little thing called Chinese New Year.

      Essentially everything in China gets shut down for a good 2 weeks as practicality the entire country goes on vacation. This is the thing that ALWAYS causes huge delays for gaming projects that are spouses to deliver first quarter of the year.

      If it ends up happening with Korra, don't be surprised.

    38. Haris H. on December 20

      Update tomorrow? Looking forward to some more production pictures. :-D

    39. IDW Games 6-time creator on December 19

      Hey everyone! Just a quick note, we're still on schedule! If it wasn't clear in our last production update, all of the miniatures and printed materials have been approved (we had a few small changes but nothing major). We're looking good for February still. I promise it won't be Summer! The only snag we hit was tat we felt the tray needed a small redesign after we got another sample in. It is our understanding that would only slow us by a week. We'll give you a full production update with new pictures tomorrow!

    40. Ben on December 19

      @jo - let's hope. If I've learned anything from kickstarter, it's that the lack of production updates (a whole month with nothing?) at this point makes me think summer release.

      Basically I tack a 3 month delay on all KS projects at this point

    41. jo holloway
      on December 19

      It says delivery is expected in February, so I'm expecting it no later than March.

    42. Missing avatar


      When the deliveries will start?

    43. jo holloway
      on December 11

      @brain the money was collected a fair bit ago, if yours was not(or you don't remember it, like I have done with a few campaigns) then you need to contact them ASAP. Considering that we should have the game in hand by winters end, you have relatively little time.

    44. Alexander Burns on December 7

      ...the pledges were already collected.

    45. Brian Pittman LoGiudice
      on December 6

      Yes, when are pledges dude? A lot of people want to know due to financial restraints with the holidays and all

    46. Jessey Collaborator on November 21

      Hey everyone,

      There's a little competition going on over on to see what games are the most anticipated games of 2018. If, like me, you're really excited for this one to arrive, it'd be great if you could pop on over to BGG and give a thumb to the item in the list Pro Bending Arena!

    47. Missing avatar

      The Avatar on November 16

      That makes sense to me Ben I prefer it that way as well. Just as long as it's all consistent I don't mind either way, it just looks strange to have it both ways.

      I do have a question about the card arc lightning if someone wants to take a stab

      The card arc lightning knocks an opposing bender down for a turn and they are unable to active until the following turn. My question is this - does this mean that element tokens on this player are ignored for the turn, or can a knocked down player still interact with elemental tokens and get pushed back? I can't tell from the wording of the card if this is treated as an extreme hold of sorts, or if this acts more like a turn skip for that player?

    48. Ben on November 15

      well...considering counterbend SHOULD be one word, and we can't see the fire ferret board in the updates, maybe they just made them all one word?

      Counterpoint, counterbore, counterattack, etc. All one word.

      Almost no counter- words are two words or even hyphenated

    49. Missing avatar

      The Avatar on November 15

      After zooming in on the update from the other day it looks like counterbend is still one word on the avatar korra board unfortunately. The lore based stuff I can get over and blame on nick but this is just a lazy typo that should have been corrected that's a bit of a shame to be honest. Hopefully no more of these silly issues pop up

    50. Alexander Burns on November 15

      As an editor who's worked on a few tabletop games, minor typos and mistakes are just a thing that happens. Eight people could look a mistake dead on and not notice it. As long as they don't affect gameplay it's not a big deal.

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