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An inventive dual-scale miniatures board game for 2-4 players that takes place in the golden-age of Sci-Fi space operas!
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Shipping Update 11/09/17

Posted by IDW Games (Creator)

Hello Planeteers!

Dropping in with a shipping update! Please check the regions below to see what's up with Rayguns & Rocketships deliveries:

Asia/Australia: These pledges shipped hot off the presses. They should have all arrived by now. If you have not received you pledge please email our Customer Service at - -

USA: All pledges finished shipping out at the end of October. If you did not receive you pledge yet please email our Customer Service at - -

Canada: All pledges have shipped out! We wanted to clarify and make an apology about the delay in the game's delivery to backers. Our fulfillment partner received the games near the middle of October on the USA side of the border. Then they transported it over to their Canadian warehouse. Apparently it was held in customs longer than expected and this is what caused the delay. We are sorry and know this is frustrating for backers who saw the game in stored before they received their copies. We are equally as disappointed as you are, and hope that you understand that we did our best to avoid this situation. 

If you have not received your copy yet please email us at - -

EU: The container is on the water with an estimated arrival dat of the 14th.  We expect all copies should be delivered by the end of the month. We'll be back with an update when the container lands. 

On another note, if you have found that your copy of Rayguns arrived with any missing or damaged pieces please email - - and we'll get replacements out to you as soon as possible. 

Thanks again for you support. See you in the stars! 

- IDW Games Team

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    1. JiveP

      The game is already for sale in a local shop here in BE ... Which was a surprise because I live in BE, backed the game and haven't received anything yet ...

    2. Luke Roberts on

      My pledge is still "processing" according to backerkit. I've sent several emails to and not heard back.

    3. IDW Games 10-time creator on

      @Charles The Warwulf Mercenaries are inside the box. If your box has the Kickstarter Sticker on it, then they will be inside that box.

      @Chris If people need replacement parts for broken pieces, please have them email us at - - Thanks!

    4. Charles W. Phillips on

      Where are the Warwulf Mercenaries? Are they supposed to be in the box? I received separate envelope with the cloth bags, but they have only the plastic tokens in them.

    5. Chris on

      Just got the game; the box looks cool.
      It is a Christmas present so I won't know until then if everything inside is intact.
      I assume that if there are any problems with missing/damaged pieces then that I could still contact at that time for replacements, right?