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IDOLCAM Update #11

Posted by Jason T. Lam (Creator)

Dear IDOLCAM supporters

Wish you all have a healthy and joyful Thanksgiving! 

  We are aware the holidays are around the corner and we have been working tirelessly to get IDOLCAM ready for the market asap.  Below are our current progress.

1--All 5 molds should be done this week. The molds will likely need some minor adjustments, which can take some time.

2--Been placing order for all the components for the production.

3--We will first assemble 10 units to make sure there will be no issues before we built the remaining units to stay on the safe side.

4--The 10 set CNC aluminum gimbal should come back by the end of this week.

5--We are redrawing the camera PCB and gimbal PCB with all the updates to create the final PCBs to test on the 10 units.

Thank you for all your support and patients along the way.  We are grateful to have your support to help realize IDOLCAM.  Please enjoy your time with the family!

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    1. Jason T. Lam Creator on

      To everyone,

      With production, we have to first wait till all the molds to be done and test the fit. If there's no problem, then they will take the mold and add a finish texture for it. If we fitting issues, then the mold needs to go back and fix issues.
      --The final PCB is sent out and when it comes back with no issues and we will continue with producing all the PCB, if there are issues, then we will have make another small batch until we didn't find any issues.
      --Once we start assembly, if it's smooth, then we just continue to assemble, but if we find bottleneck, then we have to stop solve the bottleneck and we continue to assembly.

      It's a battle until production especially for a small device like IDOLCAM and pack so many components inside. IDOLCAM have 10PCBs in a tiny camera while most camera have 1 to 2 pcbs. Therefore, we have to be extra careful. But once we get all the production issues iron out, then it will be smooth afterward.
      A lot of these process we learn from companies we are working with, it take a lot of patience, otherwise can ruin the whole production. Thank you for understanding.

    2. Jason T. Lam Creator on


      Thank you, we will try our best to deliver the best product we can.

    3. Chuck Merrihew

      I do agree that it does kinda suck that we might not get the idol cam before the holiday season. I also I just want to thank the IDOLCAM team for not trying to rush it out just to get a less than what is expected product in our hands for Christmas. I have backed to many projects that got to me and just did not live up to the expectation. Thank you Team IDOMCAM.

    4. Jason T. Lam Creator on

      Hi Han,
      we are on the same boat as we also would love to have IDOLCAM ready for the shopping season, it would pretty devastating for a new production to miss the holiday season. At the same time we have get everything right before we can ship it out. Please understand we are on the same side when it comes to deliver asap, but we must also make it the right way, or might later face a lot of repercussions later on.

    5. Missing avatar

      Han Luong Lai on

      Jason, would you be able to send idolcam to us before mid Dec2018? We (believe am speaking for all) would like to use it for the Christmas and year end festive season. Appreciate if you and your team can rush this for us. Thanks! Rick

    6. Jason T. Lam Creator on

      Chris, that's great. I would love to see your footage of New Zealand when we delivers the cam!!

    7. Jason T. Lam Creator on

      Werner, it would be my wish to have it ready before Christmas, we will give a tentative day soon as we get through with assembling the 10 test units and fixed all the issues.

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Looking forward to sharing the pleasure with all your other supporters.
      We are lucky here in New Zealand with summer coming on.

    9. Werner Aubele on

      Thanks, for the update. have a happy thanksgiving. If is it possible to receive the Idolcam before christmas. Thanks.