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    1. Nana
      7 days ago

      thanks for the reply!! Great to see things are moving along!! very excited!!

    2. Jason T. Lam Creator on May 19


      Yes, we will send a survey before shipment to ask for shipping address etc and will have a chance for you to order the selfie stick then.

      With the Mics, we will be testing later and will find a few great options to recommend. We will try to come up with a mic that matches well with Idolcam as well, but not sure if we can have it ready by the time of shipment.

      We will work hard to get it to a product that you will use all the time! Have a nice weekend!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Nick Adelson on May 19

      I can't wait for this product, I find myself constantly daydreaming about different ways to use it. I could literally open up an event filming company with this tech. Anyways, I know you've answered this several times, but perhaps it will be useful for people who aren't going to dig through your replies... but I got the super early bird package *without* the selfie stick, but now I am regretting that decision, I want the selfie stick that you recommend rather than finding my own on Amazon (most of them are designed to work with phones anyways). You mentioned a survey going out near shipment, but I did not pay the extra $25 (yet), and I can't change my pledge. I don't really want to make a separate pledge on Indigogo (but I will if necessary) as I feel that managing 2 different shipments will just end up being a lot more hassle for you and me. SO! Can you confirm with Kickstarter that we can have the chance to add on extra items closer to the shipping date? As another user pointed out, I'm sure they're not opposed to moving more product through their service :)

      Thanks again for the ill product, and apologies for the long-winded circuitous question. ONE MORE THING! lol. As you progress through development, can you (or any other user here) recommend a microphone to work with the 3.5mm jack? I'm thinking about a lavaliere-style pic (with an option for a big bushy foam "windsock" to cut down on wind if I'm using it while moving fast) that's with wireless and battery powered, or wired and powered by the camera? It would be a bit cumbersome to have a long cable, but I'm imagining the idea setup being running the audio cable down the selfie stick, wrapping around it, then up my shirt to clip the mic on the front of said shirt. What would make this a competent, inexpensive and functional accessory would be if it was manufactured with a "break" in the cable approximately halfway down the audio cable, so that in emergencies, or for convenience, I can just detach the 3.5mm "break" male-female connector and then I can put the selfie stick down and I'm no longer "tethered" to it. This would be a LOT cheaper than getting a battery-powered wireless lav mic setup, and less hassle of having one more thing to sync, and one more battery to have charged. Just a thought.

    4. Jason T. Lam Creator on May 18


      This video is shot on the same FOV setting, but different lens. You will see sample shots of Closeup lens, wide angle and fisheye lens.

    5. Jason T. Lam Creator on May 18


      Also with the case, it should have some kind of case, but we are just that there yet, as we are focusing on finishing and make IDOLCAM as good as we can and then we shift to packaging toward the last 1 to 2 months.

    6. Jason T. Lam Creator on May 18


      We are working on refinements that we find on testing the prototype and will finish the next iteration for an even better IDOLCAM and hopefully can start production in July to August and deliver in October.

    7. Jason T. Lam Creator on May 18


      Will keep that in mind for the next video. That would be good info for people interested in IDOLCAM!


    8. Nana
      on May 18

      Hi Jason! I hope all is going well for the production~ :) I wanna check if there's a hard/semi-hard casing/box included to keep the camera?

    9. Missing avatar

      on May 18

      @Jackson, i would like to see a different lens comparison at the same POV, please make one when you're free. Thanks

    10. Jason T. Lam Creator on May 17


      Thank you very much for the suggestions. Indiegogo reached out to us and helped setup the campaign very quickly. So we thought why not! Have a nice day!!

    11. Kevin R. on May 17

      I was going to suggest that extending the campaign through IGG's in-demand program (they appreciate any traffic they can get ;) ) , but see that a live page has just gone up.

    12. Jason T. Lam Creator on May 16


      We just got to Shenzhen for a few days and will send out a bi-weekly update. Please be patient, it will be a long process.

    13. Nana
      on May 16

      Any updates on the progress?

    14. Jason T. Lam Creator on May 14


      You selected the $350 super early bird package, which doesn't come with selfie stick. Only the $375 super early bird comes with a selfie stick.

    15. Missing avatar

      MOHAMMED A KHAN on May 13


      I'm confused as to why my perk doesn't have selfie stick, when it did at the time when selecting the perk!!

    16. Jason T. Lam Creator on May 12


      We will announce the winner when we are ready to deliver the IDOLCAM. Thanks for the interest.


    17. Nana
      on May 12

      Thanks for the reply Jason! I noticed that your website is also holding a free giveaway on the IdolCam but I didn't see any update on the winner? Any idea when will you announce it? :)

    18. Jason T. Lam Creator on May 12


      Thanks for the input, will try to keep an bi-weekly update, seem to be a good frequency. I just checked, your ordered package didn't include a selfie stick. But you will have an chance to add the selfie stick when we sent out survey closer to delivery. Have a nice weekend.


    19. Missing avatar

      MOHAMMED A KHAN on May 12

      @creator. Thank you for the response. Please keep a bi-weekly update schedule. This builds trust and transparency with your backers. Also, it gives you a goal to orient yourselves on ensuring everything is on track.

      Also, I pledged the super early bird. I don't see the selfie stick mentioned. Please make sure I have the selfie stick and the other perks added as well.

    20. Jason T. Lam Creator on May 11


      Thank you very much for your support! Hope you have a great weekend!

    21. Missing avatar

      Werner Aubele on May 11

      Jason, Congratulations.

    22. Jason T. Lam Creator on May 10

      Kevin R,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. Yes, we will send out a survey later and give the option to add accessories if you like later on.

      We have also been thinking of adding a counterweight option for the IDOLCAM, so we can offer more lens options, filters, lighting modifiers, etc.


    23. Jason T. Lam Creator on May 10


      You didn't pledged during the time frame of Super early bird, that's why your order at $375 didn't come with a selfie stick.


    24. Jason T. Lam Creator on May 10


      The telephoto lens may be available when we send out the survey before the shipping but not 100 percent positive. We want to get the camera ready first. The lens will be glass not sure on the coating.

    25. Kevin R. on May 9

      Been thinking about the lens situation and filters. Even though they're not officially supported, due to stability issues (might need to tape a coin to the back to help even the weight distribution and of course, any extra load probably isn't great for the mech), the headache of support for use outside of intended parameters that might cause, some other "action cams" have had adapters made to use more standard filters, like a polarizer or ND filters, etc.. There's a a filter adapter for an older model (3, 3+)of that very popular "pro" action camera line, that fits around the lens that I think I might be able to tweak. ;)

    26. Kevin R. on May 9

      I think the base package was the camera, one battery, the ring "beauty" light, a micro USB cable for charge/power/DATA transfer and the 170 and 90 degree lenses. Not certain if the spot-light was an optional later add-on. Not sure about an included HDMI cable, but those are standard and can be gotten anywhere.

      The selfie-stick and extra battery where add-on options. available through the campaign, by adding to your pledge to cover the extra cost. Later, when the surveys would be sent, they'd ask what the extra funds were intended for. Though, from previous experiences I've had with KickStarter and depending how they handle fulfillment, later, it's possible one might be able to add on those items again, when asked in the survey. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if people were to purchase more goodies, maybe even more cameras. ^+^

    27. Missing avatar

      Scott Padbury on May 9

      I would like to know if the $375 price comes with the selfie stick it is not listed in my view pledge but is listed down below?

    28. Nana
      on May 9

      Hoping that your lens will be in glass material and preferably with some UV coatings~ It will produce better quality photos and videos!! :)

      will your tele and close up lens be up as an add on during survey?

    29. Alejandro Mery
      on May 9


    30. Jason T. Lam Creator on May 9

      IDOLCAM supporters,

      Thank you for all your supports and we couldn't do this without your help and supports. Our Kickstarter campaign have ended and we are so excited to move to the next stage of IDOLCAM, the preparation to Manufacturing. We will travel to Shenzhen today to work on the next stage of IDOLCAM, we will keep you updated on the progress. Future comments will be answered in Asia Time. Thanks again.

    31. Kevin R. on May 9

      Hey, congratulations. :)

    32. Nana
      on May 9

      thanks for the reply!! Congrats to your successful campaign!! Can't wait to try this camera out!

    33. Jason T. Lam Creator on May 8


      The selfie is made of aluminum and very solid built with a ball joint for quick change of camera angle and also a 1/4" mounting hole at bottom of the handle to connect to other accessories. The weight of the selfie stick is approximate 130g, I will confirm once I have a scale around.

    34. Nana
      on May 8

      thanks jason for the explanation!!! :)

      Is there any special features for the selfie stick that you have as an add on? what's the weight of it btw?

    35. Jason T. Lam Creator on May 8


      We will focus on getting the IDOLCAM package ready first and we will try our best to get the other accessories ready also and hopefully before the shipping.

    36. Oliver Ulerich on May 8

      I hope that some of the accessories that are in development will be ready before the shipping date and backers will be able to pay for them and ship all of them together.

    37. Kevin R. on May 8

      Final day. :)

      A reminder, that if you want to add on a battery pack or a selfie-stick, just click the blue Pledge Management button over on the right-hand side and in the manager, simply add the needed amount to account for that/those item/s. A little while after the campaign has ended, a survey will be sent out, asking how you wish to allocate the extra funds and other pertinent info.

    38. Jason T. Lam Creator on May 8

      Nana, we are working with Sony sensor and Ambarella sensors, so no need to worry about that. Resolution is 3840x2160p. You can download a 4K video clip to see for yourself.

      You can order more batteries now, or IDOLCAM will soon be carry in several retail stores, but will let you know soon as we confirms.

      As for lens, we still have not finalized yet, we will test more lens from different manufacturers in the next few months to select the lenses with the best quality, although the ones we are using in the prototype are performing really well already.

      Idolcam is only equip with wifi for faster transfer of photo and video compare to bluetooth and less interference if bluetooth is also on board.

    39. Nana
      on May 8

      I'm so sorry with all the questions suddenly, late pledger..

      what's the lens material, any coating to all lens?

      Any chance you can also include a bluetooth to the camera so that we can transfer photos, i understand that videos are large, so wifi will be better.

    40. Nana
      on May 8

      Hi Jason, a couple more questions, is there a way for us to verify whether the Sony 117IMX and Ambarella A12 are authentic? Nowadays there are people who use Omnivision OV4689 CMOS and NT96660 and claim that that it is Sony and Ambarella (not accusing that you are doing that, just want to ensure backers' interest due to bad dealers in the market).

      What is the recorded resolution?? I hope that it is NOT 2880x2160. As 2880 is interpolated by the player to 3840 resulting in 3840x2160 to match 4K.

      Looking forward to your clarifications, thank you!

    41. Nana
      on May 8

      does that mean I can't purchase the battery elsewhere?

    42. Jason T. Lam Creator on May 8


      The battery is custom Lipo battery so we can fit the biggest battery inside IDOLCAM. However, you can also power IDOLCAM with any power banks with a micro USB.

    43. Nana
      on May 8

      hi! what kind of battery are you using for Idolcam? possible to buy it from any camera shop? hoping that it's a universal type of battery you're using..

    44. Jason T. Lam Creator on May 7


      We don't have a set time length to release new firmwares. But we will send out new updates as soon as we find issues, or a new fix, or feature updates.

    45. Armando Ed Cartagena on May 7

      how long do to plan to do firmware updates? I just worried that this a first stage camera that will be replaced next year with better software and new features and the old one will never be updated.

    46. Oliver Ulerich on May 4

      I see, thanks ! (I'm new to FOV and lens angle)

    47. Jason T. Lam Creator on May 4


      The 90fov lens have very minimal distortion that most will not notice unless place against straight lines. It's still a wide angle lens after all.

    48. Oliver Ulerich on May 4

      I have one question...the FOV 90 lenses video will be without distorsions ?also at the full resolution or will need crop to reduce distorsions ?

    49. Jason T. Lam Creator on May 4


      Telephone/close-up lens/Portrait lens are all referring to the same lens. This lens will require manual focusing, which we understand not everyone will know how to use it. Therefore, we left it as an option for people who wants it can buy it later. Also it will take more development before it will be ready. The FOV 90 and 150 will cover the full sensor. IDOLCAM currently also have 3 FOV option inside the camera, Wide, medium and narrow. Wide uses the whole sensor, the medium and Narrow crops into the sensor like digital zoom.

    50. Missing avatar

      on May 4

      One more question about F.O.V 90 and 150 to ?mm of full frame?

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