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Idle Thumbs was a podcast that ran for two years. People liked it, and we liked doing it. We want to bring it back, better than before.
2,602 backers pledged $136,924 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Theo Walther on

      Jared: I'm not a Thumb so don't take this as the word of God or anything, but I'm guessing the main reason behins the 3MA deal is to increase exposure. Currently it's just a bunch of links on a subpage of Troy Goodfellow's blog, and while it's a good blog and all I guess it's not necessarily the first thing people will stumble across when looking for podcasts? I don't know. There's also the benefit of cross pollination as Idle Thumbs readers discover Three Moves Ahead and vice versa. And forums and other infrastructural stuff as mentioned on the ProgressCast.

      For me, Three Moves Ahead is the only podcast I've ever really enjoyed that isn't Idle Thumbs, so it seems like a perfect match to me. I hope the folks from the two casts start appearing as guests on each others' casts more often, too.

    2. Missing avatar

      grumbeld on

      Now I want to play Pikmin 2. :(

    3. Jared on

      I'm not sure I really get the "WE HAVE SUBSUMED THREE-MOVES-AHEAD INTO OUR GLORIOUS BULK" thing.

      Is it a hosting-costs thing? Or a content curation thing? Or a regular guests thing?

      So yes, please name that thing.

    4. Idle Thumbs Creator on

      @Ben: That would be Jake misquoting Jimmy Stewart in Vertigo. He's the only one who ever says it. Jake is a weird guy.

    5. Ben Halliburton on

      I'm thrilled that my two favorite podcasts will be working together, couldn't be more pleased.

      On a complete and utter side note, can I ask where the "color your hair" meme comes from? It's the only one you guys repeat that I can't place. Heavy Rain maybe, judging from the voice?

    6. Idle Thumbs Creator on

      It'll be recorded as it happens and uploaded to our page. No worries!

    7. Brandon Lennie on

      NOOOO!!! I'll be in school when the live stream starts. Would you be able to upload the live stream to or something similar? Just like you did with "Burnin' Down the Wolfman". I need to see this!

    8. George Blott on

      Adding 3MA was a great idea. Cheers to all involved! Also, I wont be around for the countdown, so congrats, thumbs. No pressure ;)

    9. Jonah Gregory on

      I love that you guys still call us "The Readers". It makes your fans sound so ominous.

    10. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    11. notepad on

      thegunrun seems like the coolest guy, always helping

    12. IHaveAShrinkRay on

      Congratulations to the Thumbs on the well deserved success of their Kickstarter. I can't wait for the show proper to come back. Now I have some Three Moves Ahead to listen to.

    13. Missing avatar

      KevinCogneto on

      Listening to my first 3MA podcast now. It's Terrific!™

      In all seriousness, I'm listening to their discussion of Alpha Centauri now and I'm really enjoying it, I can tell that they'll be a perfect fit alongside Idle Thumbs.

    14. EpicVessel Games on

      Congrats on the campaign guys, you deserve it! Can't wait for the live show!